Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jason Boothe 78745, TXPsychologist Clinical1538162722
William Gregory Keilin 78746, TXPsychologist Clinical1326041120
Health And Human Services Commission 78028, TXPsychologist Clinical1588671481
Edward H. Kotin 78666, TXPsychologist Clinical1689677239
Ralph E. Casazza 77042, TXPsychologist Clinical1851394381
Cherisse Flanagan 79601, TXPsychologist Clinical1386013878
Patrick John Dattore 78666, TXPsychologist Clinical1710981477
W. Truett Smith 76903, TXPsychologist Clinical1699779256
Steven W Finlay 76661, TXPsychologist Clinical1275537664
Dan G Polk 77401, TXPsychologist Clinical1942205299
Frank Anthony Pugliese 76504, TXPsychologist Clinical1225032790
Ellen M Bajorek 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1063417541
Jules Cary Weiss 75501, TXPsychologist Clinical1326044801
Jean-claude I Wakim 75248, TXPsychologist Clinical1114923562
Javier G. Villanueva 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1144226457
Joe Mac Jeffers 76904, TXPsychologist Clinical1245236421
Larry Dwayne Thomas 77833, TXPsychologist Clinical1508862780
Michele K Steigleder 75028, TXPsychologist Clinical1902802044
Vivian Alice Collins 75020, TXPsychologist Clinical1285630251
Kathryn Wortz 75708, TXPsychologist Clinical1700882339
Elizabeth Levy 78748, TXPsychologist Clinical1982609400
Ron L. Cohorn 79720, TXPsychologist Clinical1295732626
Charles A Haskovec 76107, TXPsychologist Clinical1134126279
Stuart Joel Nathan 77063, TXPsychologist Clinical1700883626
Avanell Power Oates 75904, TXPsychologist Clinical1164420709
Magaly Victoria Marrero 78230, TXPsychologist Clinical1457359051
Joseph Reese Nicolini 78332, TXPsychologist Clinical1013915628
Mary Ann Schaffer 76541, TXPsychologist Clinical1871591487
Candida Jane Lutes 75219, TXPsychologist Clinical1952309395
Ronald L Klinger 78750, TXPsychologist Clinical1528066842
John Robert Gould 78701, TXPsychologist Clinical1588662621
David Allen Coffman 78701, TXPsychologist Clinical1336147495
Anthony W Arden 79102, TXPsychologist Clinical1508864398
James B. Quinn 75042, TXPsychologist Clinical1477552966
Vincent J Nerviano 76006, TXPsychologist Clinical1932108420
Marcia M. Abbott 79414, TXPsychologist Clinical1558360958
Michael J Ratheal 79414, TXPsychologist Clinical1003815341
Ray H. Brown 79414, TXPsychologist Clinical1164421350
Johnny Worley 76301, TXPsychologist Clinical1811996085
D. Wilson Manning 76501, TXPsychologist Clinical1245230101
Howard Michael Cunningham 75087, TXPsychologist Clinical1275533812
Patricia Nadja Mahon 75090, TXPsychologist Clinical1053311654
Thomas Arlo Norris 75605, TXPsychologist Clinical1477553089
Deborah Ann Brock 76701, TXPsychologist Clinical1750381067
Barry W Bullard 75503, TXPsychologist Clinical1215937313
Donald J. Brix 75204, TXPsychologist Clinical1154321149
Harry Fitch Klinefelter 76107, TXPsychologist Clinical1700887528
Patricia Jane Micklos 76701, TXPsychologist Clinical1033110812
Karen Mae Snaufer 77339, TXPsychologist Clinical1376917336
Rhonda Joy Polakoff 75206, TXPsychologist Clinical1235130964
Monica L Jeter Johnson 75206, TXPsychologist Clinical1851392583
Waymon Ray Hinson 79601, TXPsychologist Clinical1952302671
Greta L Kerwin 75225, TXPsychologist Clinical1871594523
Lara A Hastings 75206, TXPsychologist Clinical1760483416
Roger A Russell 79601, TXPsychologist Clinical1396746947
Sharon M Berliner Phd Pc 77014, TXPsychologist Clinical1194726729
Barbara J Inman 75206, TXPsychologist Clinical1003817669
Judith Ann Allen 75013, TXPsychologist Clinical1134120538
William Mark Venable 75090, TXPsychologist Clinical1528069929
Bobbie H Lilly 76033, TXPsychologist Clinical1215938428
Robert Dean Morgan 79401, TXPsychologist Clinical1548261753
Susan Diane Fischer 75090, TXPsychologist Clinical1487655593
Janet H Luedeker 76712, TXPsychologist Clinical1699777607
Betty Jane Devers 76712, TXPsychologist Clinical1962404970
Thomas M. Grant 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1891787842
Saleem Stifan Ateek 75225, TXPsychologist Clinical1326030420
Scott Michael Nelson 75240, TXPsychologist Clinical1164414033
M. Theresa Emerson 76710, TXPsychologist Clinical1942292719
David A. Stulman 76541, TXPsychologist Clinical1508858085
Barry D. Berger 78574, TXPsychologist Clinical1780677575
Raymond F Finn 76109, TXPsychologist Clinical1275526907
Scot D Engel 76513, TXPsychologist Clinical1649263187
Walter Scott Newsom 78757, TXPsychologist Clinical1275526212
Kevin Mark Correia 77706, TXPsychologist Clinical1194718650
Burton A Kittay 78411, TXPsychologist Clinical1811989338
Lynn E Fisher-kittay 78411, TXPsychologist Clinical1669464186
Frankie Jo Clark 75904, TXPsychologist Clinical1447244546
Thomas Dennis Geary 77090, TXPsychologist Clinical1689668774
Robert Ashby Rogers 77090, TXPsychologist Clinical1518951516
Jeffery James Jones 77090, TXPsychologist Clinical1487648481
George Munkachy 76311, TXPsychologist Clinical1336133123
Beverly Dolenz Walsh 77047, TXPsychologist Clinical1578557450
Pushpa N Chauhan 75043, TXPsychologist Clinical1013901727
Jeff G Napier 75087, TXPsychologist Clinical1922092634
Carolyn May Bates 78759, TXPsychologist Clinical1528053832
Victoria Jenice Sloan 77036, TXPsychologist Clinical1043205198
Barbara T. Sanford 77802, TXPsychologist Clinical1225023013
Joyzelle Herod Mccreary 75231, TXPsychologist Clinical1003801630
Charles F Gray 77074, TXPsychologist Clinical1518953173
Monty Timothy Baker 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1053308528
Gregory S Hupp 78003, TXPsychologist Clinical1962499814
Karen Elizabeth West 77063, TXPsychologist Clinical1144218918
E. Clifton Davis, Ed.d., & Associates, P.c. 75252, TXPsychologist Clinical1538157318
Elizanda Monica De La Sota 78746, TXPsychologist Clinical1306834825
Shari L Hogue 76548, TXPsychologist Clinical1477546992
James W. Davidson 44094, TXPsychologist Clinical1598753295
Felix Carrion 79902, TXPsychologist Clinical1154315588
Sharon M. Sanders Braun 78218, TXPsychologist Clinical1871589788
Carol A. Sheffield 75230, TXPsychologist Clinical1154319515
Michael Heffernan 78358, TXPsychologist Clinical1457349920
Miguel L Desocarraz 78382, TXPsychologist Clinical1760470249
Robert Alan Ruchinskas 75390, TXPsychologist Clinical1528056736
Gary H. Chase 75034, TXPsychologist Clinical1003805078
Nicole Caldwell 75248, TXPsychologist Clinical1215927108
Chrisotpher Lloyd Hansen 76544, TXPsychologist Clinical1699765495
John W. Beach 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1457341356
Lorenzo Foster Luckie 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1235129024
Harry Paul Howitt 78217, TXPsychologist Clinical1780674416
Dennis Joseph Grill 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1164412516
Claire E Jacobs 78232, TXPsychologist Clinical1043200496
Harold H Lecrone 76710, TXPsychologist Clinical1699765008
Henry D Hardt 76710, TXPsychologist Clinical1033109442
Michael Alexander Howe 76710, TXPsychologist Clinical1871583294
June J Brooks 76033, TXPsychologist Clinical1629069620
Barbara Jane Abramowitz 77006, TXPsychologist Clinical1316938012
Richard L Flournoy 75455, TXPsychologist Clinical1235120692
Lisa Judith Mersky 78757, TXPsychologist Clinical1548251846
Constance Susan Byers 76132, TXPsychologist Clinical1902887144
Arlene M Greathouse 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1851372965
Nancy Barber 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1821079831
Mary Kight 75243, TXPsychologist Clinical1245211036
Stephen Robert Harris 72601, TXPsychologist Clinical1497736458
Theresa Kellam 76120, TXPsychologist Clinical1841271772
Catherine A.y. Vriend 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1780665620
James L Linn 78746, TXPsychologist Clinical1013998657
Mavis Anne Bryant 75090, TXPsychologist Clinical1558342063
G. Dick Miller 76021, TXPsychologist Clinical1720069255
Diana Quintana 77018, TXPsychologist Clinical1700867231
Jesse C Ingram 75237, TXPsychologist Clinical1407837024
Sharon T. Morgan 77021, TXPsychologist Clinical1215919022
Roberta Meinhold Diddel 77005, TXPsychologist Clinical1518949163
Diane L Dougherty 77521, TXPsychologist Clinical1558343939
Rebecca Massey Leblanc 77014, TXPsychologist Clinical1487636833
Jan Evans Miller 76116, TXPsychologist Clinical1003899444
Debra Ann Bruce 77401, TXPsychologist Clinical1508849704
Samuel J. Dreeben 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1972977718
Monte C Miller 78257, TXPsychologist Clinical1467443432
Sylvia Maria Cupp 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1760473607
Raquepaw Enterprises, Inc. 77005, TXPsychologist Clinical1649252917
Carmen Kay Keefe 75248, TXPsychologist Clinical1407839434
Virginia Lee Bonnefil 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1396728374
George Lazar 77074, TXPsychologist Clinical1700860251
University Of Texas Health Science Center At Houston 77021, TXPsychologist Clinical1073597548
Grace P Davidson 75075, TXPsychologist Clinical1093790586
John V Elwood 76502, TXPsychologist Clinical1902881550
Roberta S. Berger 75243, TXPsychologist Clinical1558346163
William Claude Whitehead 75093, TXPsychologist Clinical1669457149
Family Behavioral Health Associates 76543, TXPsychologist Clinical1932184389
Linda L. Galindo 75204, TXPsychologist Clinical1407831860
Yolanda G. Kraynick 75204, TXPsychologist Clinical1245215615
Jacqualene J. Stephens 75204, TXPsychologist Clinical1932184306
Alan John Maiers 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1508841727
Jo Ann Mitchell 78501, TXPsychologist Clinical1891770863
Blake P Mitchell 75248, TXPsychologist Clinical1043296544
Bernard J. Gotway 75080, TXPsychologist Clinical1396721700
London Scott Richard 76311, TXPsychologist Clinical1174509558
Karen D Rasile 77833, TXPsychologist Clinical1972580637
Robin Marie Lewis 78419, TXPsychologist Clinical1316924319
Mary Alison Alvarez 77546, TXPsychologist Clinical1972580876
Patricia P Gunn 77546, TXPsychologist Clinical1558349415
Michell L Griffith 78247, TXPsychologist Clinical1194703983
Marlin Kem Moore 79720, TXPsychologist Clinical1467430207
Robert Karl Klepac 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1912985375
Robert Dangelo 77002, TXPsychologist Clinical1346228608
Cindy A. Mcgeary 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1689652810
Donald Douglas Mcgeary 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1730167966
Julie Michelle Storey 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1154309367
James Snowden 76302, TXPsychologist Clinical1699753657
Carla M Herren 75149, TXPsychologist Clinical1104804103
John Patrick Kegerreis 75160, TXPsychologist Clinical1487633202
Martha J Kennedy 77058, TXPsychologist Clinical1174503247
Leslie Lynn Pauley 76311, TXPsychologist Clinical1598745606
Marie-elise Du Buisson 78045, TXPsychologist Clinical1073593075
Dennis M Raymond 75254, TXPsychologist Clinical1790765048
Alexandra Burch 77055, TXPsychologist Clinical1376523613
Belinda Jane Ambrose 77008, TXPsychologist Clinical1376523514
Belgin Tunali Kotoski 77401, TXPsychologist Clinical1386614493
Robert L Bell 77055, TXPsychologist Clinical1003886961
Christina Diann Whitmire 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1932179918
Gerardo Gonzalez 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1417344961
William Veith 78735, TXPsychologist Clinical1942285648
Jasmine Ross Burton 77401, TXPsychologist Clinical1215337282
Michael A Roman 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1255315693
Charles E Gutierrez 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1760467963
Dennis L Coburn 77380, TXPsychologist Clinical1598741662
Richard Paul Schobitz 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1285610436
Alice Inman 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1336124544
Samantha Timm 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1326022864
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXPsychologist Clinical1457339525
Nicole Grandjean 75093, TXPsychologist Clinical1447688726
Lasandra Ward 76104, TXPsychologist Clinical1558833871
Michelle Lurie 75252, TXPsychologist Clinical1407826290
Joann Catherine Ondrovik 75462, TXPsychologist Clinical1104896778
Frank B Wichern, Phd 75080, TXPsychologist Clinical1073583589
Pamela Horton 78628, TXPsychologist Clinical1811967581
Lisa C Mcelroy 75019, TXPsychologist Clinical1245201581
Elizabeth Ann Heron 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1700857612
Teresa Mead Hughes 78217, TXPsychologist Clinical1033181136
Ingrid Charmaine Lim 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1669444386
Beryl Rushefsky 78759, TXPsychologist Clinical1811960222


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