Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin Mark Correia 77706, TXPsychologist Clinical1194718650
Devon Madison 29401, TXPsychologist Clinical1356886626
Sylvia Maria Cupp 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1760473607
Charles E Gutierrez 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1760467963
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXPsychologist Clinical1457339525
Nicole Grandjean 75093, TXPsychologist Clinical1447688726
Beatrice Marie Chapa 78266, TXPsychologist Clinical1588626154
James C Berkshire 76904, TXPsychologist Clinical1770543258
Kimberly M Rennie 77030, TXPsychologist Clinical1336193341
Jasmine Ghannadpour 75024, TXPsychologist Clinical1215448709
Jeremy J. Saenz 78744, TXPsychologist Clinical1104300482
Ginger Marie Kinsey 76548, TXPsychologist Clinical1164463865
Willie Mae Lewis 77054, TXPsychologist Clinical1356383244
Margaret M Keenan 77338, TXPsychologist Clinical1265441802
Traci L Jordan 78411, TXPsychologist Clinical1205851995
Parnell E. Ryan 76013, TXPsychologist Clinical1407878671
John A Miller 78550, TXPsychologist Clinical1518075928
Robert E Holmes 76092, TXPsychologist Clinical1689754541
Andrea Lyn Todd 39560, TXPsychologist Clinical1518049238
Patricia Mcbride-houtz 76104, TXPsychologist Clinical1134214877
Sherry D Fleming 79606, TXPsychologist Clinical1366551475
Mario George Nicolas 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1043380116
Annette Helmcamp 75007, TXPsychologist Clinical1992889554
Peter Fernandez 79930, TXPsychologist Clinical1972678332
David L. Falkstein, Ph.d., L.l.c. 75013, TXPsychologist Clinical1174672836
Jerome Silvio Caroselli 77027, TXPsychologist Clinical1386782803
Christie Brewton 77098, TXPsychologist Clinical1316421548
Charles Gutierrez, Phd, Ltd, Llp 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1750587499
Sandra L Hotz 77024, TXPsychologist Clinical1649393562
Robert Edwin Miles 76107, TXPsychologist Clinical1689834186
Michael Daniel Gomez 79413, TXPsychologist Clinical1316121320
Shannon T. Boyer 77535, TXPsychologist Clinical1124224894
Emily Strassner Greenspahn 78723, TXPsychologist Clinical1700108818
Shannan Crawford 76248, TXPsychologist Clinical1679875322
Michael Gerard Selders 75235, TXPsychologist Clinical1851531925
Toni R Hill 76051, TXPsychologist Clinical1174812903
Stephanie Guadalupe Duran 75071, TXPsychologist Clinical1871728592
Esther Olene Lockart 76180, TXPsychologist Clinical1164654570
Marivelisse Rodriguez-rivera 75230, TXPsychologist Clinical1871879445
Ieshea Daniella Jarmon 75104, TXPsychologist Clinical1033407291
Jennifer Mcadams 78722, TXPsychologist Clinical1649712035
Lauren Pasqua 77380, TXPsychologist Clinical1336473586
David Michael Latini 77006, TXPsychologist Clinical1932404464
Jack Tsan 78757, TXPsychologist Clinical1639441850
Christine Mayumi Hamilton 80918, TXPsychologist Clinical1801167903
Blossom Center For Children Llc 78216, TXPsychologist Clinical1881991990
Haley Ford 80538, TXPsychologist Clinical1245581826
Kathleen Nadelson 76034, TXPsychologist Clinical1336584341
Wright Wellness Pllc 76015, TXPsychologist Clinical1992106561
Jacquelyn Monique Strait 77546, TXPsychologist Clinical1124373188
John Clayton Moring 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1275891715
Sadie Vandehey 76450, TXPsychologist Clinical1639543127
Aisha D Baker 30542, TXPsychologist Clinical1730423898
Susan Kent-arce 75013, TXPsychologist Clinical1295102978
Lance Dixon 76201, TXPsychologist Clinical1164825709
Travis Stannard 76544, TXPsychologist Clinical1508926767
Jennifer Alison Lemmer 78240, TXPsychologist Clinical1144452178
Ashley Sanford 77002, TXPsychologist Clinical1457789166
Eleonora Bass 75070, TXPsychologist Clinical1689105025
Eliot Dennard Phd 79414, TXPsychologist Clinical1417492372
Daniela M. Vela 75390, TXPsychologist Clinical1972038016
Nadia T Hasan 60654, TXPsychologist Clinical1699123075
Daisy Blagg 75020, TXPsychologist Clinical1417407537
Hill Psychological Services, Pllc 76051, TXPsychologist Clinical1689115297
Integrity Psychology Of Austin Pllc 78613, TXPsychologist Clinical1639699754
Chelsea Gilts Ratcliff 77030, TXPsychologist Clinical1295257418
Richard Frederick Dangel 75201, TXPsychologist Clinical1598272619
Carolyn Sasano 76021, TXPsychologist Clinical1578701074
Mark T Barisa 75069, TXPsychologist Clinical1417960840
Crystal Lee Beadle 75056, TXPsychologist Clinical1871953273
Bret Andrew Moore 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1558407932
Julie Chambers 75034, TXPsychologist Clinical1770010290
Jantel Jordan 75001, TXPsychologist Clinical1891281275
Raymond Lee Carger 78006, TXPsychologist Clinical1811473754
Esther Odamah 77054, TXPsychologist Clinical1043796618
Modern Psychological & Allied Services, Pllc 77036, TXPsychologist Clinical1811341902
Devon James Superville 77036, TXPsychologist Clinical1487964706
Diane Laverne Coalson 78232, TXPsychologist Clinical1063990976
Staci Durik 76226, TXPsychologist Clinical1164900874
Stefanie Anne Gray 78247, TXPsychologist Clinical1730698903
Kevin Yeates 45433, TXPsychologist Clinical1467905174
Kimberly Mccain 75287, TXPsychologist Clinical1235612284
Katherine Kolacki 76544, TXPsychologist Clinical1518247527
Evelyne Kimbriel Fitzgerald 77301, TXPsychologist Clinical1770097271
Ursula Hays Alford 78613, TXPsychologist Clinical1992023105
Erika Jane Vivyan 78746, TXPsychologist Clinical1952886962
Laronda Starling 76017, TXPsychologist Clinical1487082533
Mariel Smith Cannady 78745, TXPsychologist Clinical1063921708
Dr. Hoar's Psychological & Consultation Services, Pllc 79602, TXPsychologist Clinical1730660432
Irena Milentijevic 77054, TXPsychologist Clinical1285107078
John Merrill Manning 99703, TXPsychologist Clinical1306380928
Marissa Rudolph 55417, TXPsychologist Clinical1255782272
Kristy L Lacko 76542, TXPsychologist Clinical1427321314
Dallas Independent School District (youth And Family Centers) 75228, TXPsychologist Clinical1760522510
Specialized Assessment & Consulting, Llc 77065, TXPsychologist Clinical1659702082
Christine Nautscher 96205, TXPsychologist Clinical1265882203
Shena Smith, Ph.d., Pllc 79423, TXPsychologist Clinical1487140695
Lindsey B Overstreet 77024, TXPsychologist Clinical1780949024
Kellesha K Stinson 75024, TXPsychologist Clinical1982163788
John Richard Jones 31098, TXPsychologist Clinical1750826558
Elizabeth Sosa 98431, TXPsychologist Clinical1831559426
Natalie Kingsley, Dclinpsych, Pllc 75243, TXPsychologist Clinical1629541933
Travis White 78240, TXPsychologist Clinical1972902625
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Son 79404, TXPsychologist Clinical1346348463
Connections Counseling & Psychological Services 75904, TXPsychologist Clinical1245796564
Julie Symons Luke 77706, TXPsychologist Clinical1518077619
Kimberly Patricia Cuddy 29577, TXPsychologist Clinical1447653415
Gina N Dunckel Smith 77573, TXPsychologist Clinical1518374982
Carrie Christine Thomas 78232, TXPsychologist Clinical1073532685
Debra J Archuleta 78217, TXPsychologist Clinical1720274186
Lyn George Mcdonald 78209, TXPsychologist Clinical1982268595
Elisabeth Troffo Fountain 75082, TXPsychologist Clinical1043613698
Adriane De Freitas Barroso 77063, TXPsychologist Clinical1134696826
Charis Psychological Services & Christian Counseling, Pllc 76043, TXPsychologist Clinical1235620691
Melinda Gaye Lewis 76043, TXPsychologist Clinical1801125646
Norma Lopez 78748, TXPsychologist Clinical1093826927
Lopez Wellness Center Llc 78748, TXPsychologist Clinical1336437326
Allyson Wade 75243, TXPsychologist Clinical1104350297
Katrina L Hallmark 78232, TXPsychologist Clinical1285708420
Dr. Barbara Lee Corff Pllc 78750, TXPsychologist Clinical1215446067
Barbara Corff 78750, TXPsychologist Clinical1326557091
Lindsey Marie Mitchell 77356, TXPsychologist Clinical1689234411
Anna Wright Stowell 75230, TXPsychologist Clinical1851353809
Nicolas Carrasco 78752, TXPsychologist Clinical1588703813
Elizabeth Marnix 78705, TXPsychologist Clinical1003231135
Clayton Hoi-yun Mcclintock 94121, TXPsychologist Clinical1184285074
Robert Michael Cross 75090, TXPsychologist Clinical1235111063
Robert Joseph Vanecek 78236, TXPsychologist Clinical1881677300
Beth Boone 33613, TXPsychologist Clinical1982768693
Natalie Friedrich 75001, TXPsychologist Clinical1427483288
Clarissa M Aguilar 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1184703639
Jana C Mccormick 78240, TXPsychologist Clinical1538502109
Avina Khiatani 73069, TXPsychologist Clinical1023453586
Austen Anderson 76711, TXPsychologist Clinical1346892601
Carolina Jimenez 77005, TXPsychologist Clinical1619340775
Donna Carpenter, Phd, Pllc 78731, TXPsychologist Clinical1013560754
Behavioral Health Of North Texas Llp 75231, TXPsychologist Clinical1699328195
Piero Peirano Ambut 77074, TXPsychologist Clinical1598214447
Laura Cain Wahlstrom 78746, TXPsychologist Clinical1467886895
Beth Dohoney Kennard 75235, TXPsychologist Clinical1043272800
Wyatt R Evans 76092, TXPsychologist Clinical1184147555
Michelle Linn Grigsby 78247, TXPsychologist Clinical1851554729
Laura Rae Sanders 75019, TXPsychologist Clinical1104231463
Lauren Yurish-crittenden 80840, TXPsychologist Clinical1235624065
Emmanuel Mascorro-pinto 78240, TXPsychologist Clinical1083152656
Davitta R Love 75071, TXPsychologist Clinical1780878744
Maria H Anastasiades 32258, TXPsychologist Clinical1740752435
Sarah D Hobbs 76092, TXPsychologist Clinical1316596513
Hni Medical Services 78735, TXPsychologist Clinical1366735169
Laurie Ann Walker 76116, TXPsychologist Clinical1710247135
Andrew James Dimond 73523, TXPsychologist Clinical1366934523
Liza Yvette Maldonado 78240, TXPsychologist Clinical1215248422
Amy Lynn Guillen 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1184105587
Shruti Surya 78744, TXPsychologist Clinical1346736543
Aaron Hands 75206, TXPsychologist Clinical1003398074
Lisa Christine Cavanagh 96706, TXPsychologist Clinical1710303318
Michael Caruso 76054, TXPsychologist Clinical1992926968
Robert H Weiner 75080, TXPsychologist Clinical1669562799
Michael F Caruso Ed D Psychologist 76054, TXPsychologist Clinical1659914026
Aliya Sheriff 75034, TXPsychologist Clinical1629226410
Colleen Sevilla 78759, TXPsychologist Clinical1073884540
Morgan Irene Carey Grahovec 75033, TXPsychologist Clinical1316483423
Lance Evans 30912, TXPsychologist Clinical1235179078
Deborah Christine Cheshire 03462, TXPsychologist Clinical1518110436
Tammy Lynn Jackson 77845, TXPsychologist Clinical1619958758
Natasha G Benatti 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1184178568
Tricia Merkley 85013, TXPsychologist Clinical1275944308
Marnie Richard 75080, TXPsychologist Clinical1851765473
Mary Elaine Mcfarlane 76513, TXPsychologist Clinical1154322832
Temora Gray 78223, TXPsychologist Clinical1871950048
Jennifer Catherine Mckinley 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1669869947
Justin Garber 07463, TXPsychologist Clinical1659751725
Lynn Rae Herr 76054, TXPsychologist Clinical1174554380
Melody Ann Houston 76109, TXPsychologist Clinical1689187031
Alison R Walls 78382, TXPsychologist Clinical1134384316
Stamilie Trucking,inc. 77036, TXPsychologist Clinical1750927034
Michelle Varon 78503, TXPsychologist Clinical1275045361
Elias Barghash 76711, TXPsychologist Clinical1497285043
Karolina Przegienda 78544, TXPsychologist Clinical1295260420
Neurocognitive Specialty Group, Pllc 77058, TXPsychologist Clinical1346700275
Maritza Milan 79413, TXPsychologist Clinical1427064245
Antonio Cepeda-benito 05405, TXPsychologist Clinical1639239965
Joshua D Essery 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1003071408
Journeys Counseling Services, Pllc 78666, TXPsychologist Clinical1346723418
Karl David Koch 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1184703977
Daniel Stephen Steinberg 78229, TXPsychologist Clinical1982248456
Susanna G Bernat 94705, TXPsychologist Clinical1801017900
Lori Lyn Gulley 78234, TXPsychologist Clinical1730454042
Katherine Winderman 77401, TXPsychologist Clinical1538703996
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso 79905, TXPsychologist Clinical1124047295
Yoshiko Hall 63117, TXPsychologist Clinical1003272659
Aisha Armstrong 75001, TXPsychologist Clinical1235682568
Houston Medical Management Llc 77338, TXPsychologist Clinical1245862531
Brooke P. Halpern 60201, TXPsychologist Clinical1528571593
Tara Elizabeth Casady 62226, TXPsychologist Clinical1568808194
Alan D Stephenson 75211, TXPsychologist Clinical1235179359
Kyle Howard Miller 78759, TXPsychologist Clinical1891328308
Arthur A Flores 78239, TXPsychologist Clinical1346539269
Joseph Jacob Whitehouse 75708, TXPsychologist Clinical1952935389
Kandi Stull 78613, TXPsychologist Clinical1700411824


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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