Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Vermont

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Vermont:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carol A Loeffler 05255, VTPsychologist Clinical1306842125
Hollie Hurewitz 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1356341804
Karin E Bleecker 17520, VTPsychologist Clinical1053312264
William Alfred Goodman 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1407840648
Thomas George Kyle 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1194719229
Janice Murakami 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1912991407
Elliott Benay 05465, VTPsychologist Clinical1376537860
Geoffrey Kane 05302, VTPsychologist Clinical1780671719
William Knorr 05302, VTPsychologist Clinical1922095967
Percy Ballantine 05302, VTPsychologist Clinical1871580779
Timothy Rowland 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1194712034
Joyce A. Walsleben 05408, VTPsychologist Clinical1306834007
Mary K Mcdowell 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1760470256
Joan Sharon Johnson 05472, VTPsychologist Clinical1265423396
Marcia W Hemley 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1922089010
Sandra Campbell 05302, VTPsychologist Clinical1427039866
Linda Vieth Rosenblad 05482, VTPsychologist Clinical1477535219
Brianne Heyer 05478, VTPsychologist Clinical1750763090
Evelyn M Smith 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1336123918
Michael Checkoff 05673, VTPsychologist Clinical1528044088
William David Lax 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1548247570
Richard W. Davis 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1194703868
Charles R. Myers 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1669990529
Marcia Hill 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1912979394
Kate Jessamyn Longmaid 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1609848324
Jodie Lyn Bisson 05452, VTPsychologist Clinical1073587960
Stephen Michael Broer 05478, VTPsychologist Clinical1255306528
Oliver A Quayle 05478, VTPsychologist Clinical1366417511
David Mellinger 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1700851722
Robert Lewis Keith 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1972579027
Samuel David Standard 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1588631543
Kenneth Steven Moore 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1710358445
Steven B Mann 05255, VTPsychologist Clinical1699743799
Brian Ashley, Ma, Plc 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1851809099
David W. Warman 05641, VTPsychologist Clinical1386605384
Rebecca Owen Ruid 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1154382042
Marc A. Cecil 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1831151687
William Bentley Nash 05495, VTPsychologist Clinical1689639742
Richard B Does 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1558327346
Hope Cannon 05091, VTPsychologist Clinical1720045578
Jeffrey J Allen 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1548226665
Steve R. Lewis 05495, VTPsychologist Clinical1497703508
Emily P Murphey 05667, VTPsychologist Clinical1932158268
Charlotte R Mcgray 05753, VTPsychologist Clinical1619926631
Barbara Myril Darshan 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1346290475
Marc Kessler 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1942250451
Miriam Freda Stoll 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1720039860
Sara N Burchard 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1710938865
Julia A Molson 05495, VTPsychologist Clinical1679524664
Laura E Gibson 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1992757280
Allen Ross 05302, VTPsychologist Clinical1366495624
Mario Hasaj 05353, VTPsychologist Clinical1043263809
Doreen Mary Forney 01267, VTPsychologist Clinical1306899158
Bruce Jeffrey Chalmer 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1982667275
Clifford Miles Karmiohl 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1114983939
Lee Daniel Rosen 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1396796439
Rex L Forehand 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1982657532
Karen Marie Fondacaro 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1225081243
Kathleen Brunvand Kennedy 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1902857048
John Penoyar 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1548215122
Bernard M Bandman 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1013962315
Matrix Health Systems P.c. 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1104872712
Sheryl Foxman 05452, VTPsychologist Clinical1598712457
Robert A. Reimondi 05452, VTPsychologist Clinical1184661092
Helen Klemchuk 05478, VTPsychologist Clinical1427096338
Harold Leitenberg 05405, VTPsychologist Clinical1588602072
Miriam Judith Voran 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1225078041
Jason Herbert Fechter 05661, VTPsychologist Clinical1134160310
Cherie Troyen 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1275575979
Carol J. Mcknight 05766, VTPsychologist Clinical1538103734
Dario J Lussardi 05363, VTPsychologist Clinical1285679985
Ellen Catherine Collins-reed 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1275578155
Amy L. Handy 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1578590501
Thomas Hersh 05345, VTPsychologist Clinical1952338097
Anthony R Quintiliani 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1255369237
Marlene Tamar Maron 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1568491371
Erik Converse Thompson 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1811926439
Lori P Gurney 05156, VTPsychologist Clinical1629008842
Patricia Ann Mccullagh 05255, VTPsychologist Clinical1255361267
Paul A Hagar 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1205868841
Michael James Richards-bradt 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1609231638
Christine Marie Diblasio 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1689621922
Lauren Jeanne Johnson 05661, VTPsychologist Clinical1548290992
Nancy Ann Field 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1497787824
Augustus E. Jordan 05753, VTPsychologist Clinical1639102551
Jay Mireault 05677, VTPsychologist Clinical1417980228
Jilisa Snyder 05302, VTPsychologist Clinical1962436527
Helen A. Oetjen 05452, VTPsychologist Clinical1639103328
Gosha Donnelly 05055, VTPsychologist Clinical1760416101
Franklin Goodkin 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1427083591
Anne Louise Unangst 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1477588994
Margaret E Joyal 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1578589867
Richard Allen Witte 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1598781247
Richard Wellington Root 05156, VTPsychologist Clinical1902823636
Kraig Libstag 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1427076660
Mary Christine Crenshaw 05055, VTPsychologist Clinical1861410888
Nancy C Bernardy 05009, VTPsychologist Clinical1922027036
Robin Bennett Osborne 05043, VTPsychologist Clinical1437179025
Frances Waters Griffis 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1215957717
Thomas Simek 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1699796102
Laura Budde 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1023039922
Suzanne Dence 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1548281454
Irene Sharp 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1235151663
Cynthia Leigh Lariviere 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1396767802
Benjamin D. Skolnik 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1629091707
Donald J. Hunt 05819, VTPsychologist Clinical1962416198
James M Tallmadge 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1578577508
Ellen M Bailey 05641, VTPsychologist Clinical1285658799
Alexandra Harding Thomsen 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1477569580
Harvey Liss 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1134135734
Jayne A Parker 05641, VTPsychologist Clinical1821005398
Kathleen Mcbeth 05641, VTPsychologist Clinical1952318149
Judith Rae Gerber 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1659387363
Diana Washburn Mcleod 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1770590663
Meredith Bernstein 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1770591208
Claudia Brown 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1902814700
Nancy Banfield 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1659389443
Mary Pat Mazzola 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1457360877
Colin O'connor 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1700895158
Alix Goldschmidt 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1396754040
Nancy T Silberg 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1457360752
Teresa Canal Meyer 05482, VTPsychologist Clinical1285643833
Kenneth C Thunberg 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1689684029
Nancy Shea Cotton 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1124038211
Jane Kunin 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1780694091
Paul Stitelman 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1205846540
Gary Wayne Watulak 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1952312373
Peter Donald Mills 05009, VTPsychologist Clinical1255342655
Jane Borin Grayson 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1881606184
Neil Allen Jepson 05446, VTPsychologist Clinical1689687709
Susan Marie Sweeney 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1427061431
Amy Lynn Harris 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1427161587
Deer Creek Psychological Associates, Pa 03755, VTPsychologist Clinical1992818439
Raymond J. Chin 03755, VTPsychologist Clinical1417060963
Rhea M. Mckay 03755, VTPsychologist Clinical1245343698
Thomas B. Gamble 03755, VTPsychologist Clinical1164535530
Joann C Joy 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1972618841
Beth Erin Robbins 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1801901608
Margaret Pehle 05679, VTPsychologist Clinical1548376569
Heather Wilson 05478, VTPsychologist Clinical1639550502
Jeanne Marie Adams 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1114948411
Susan Lee Pierce 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1336158724
James Peter Reilly 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1427068733
Doris M Russell 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1134140635
Susan M Fortier 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1871519520
Paul Foxman 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1679591895
Wayne F Tyrrell 05486, VTPsychologist Clinical1639669013
Michael A. Italia 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1285741207
Deborah E Iazzo 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1114034295
Marilyn L Turcotte 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1629185731
David M. Drazin 05001, VTPsychologist Clinical1740397405
William Henry Farrell 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1760591333
Beth Anne Wermuth 05482, VTPsychologist Clinical1710099791
David R Ritter 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1184735466
Wendy Lavalley 01053, VTPsychologist Clinical1114038502
Laurance Thompson 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1336259365
David S. Brown 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1366553828
Catherine Jane Kutter 05009, VTPsychologist Clinical1740391168
Priscilla A. Hutchins 05819, VTPsychologist Clinical1326140526
Diane Montgomery-logan 05404, VTPsychologist Clinical1962504183
Rosalind Larrabee Jones 05009, VTPsychologist Clinical1518069616
Mary Willmuth 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1821190380
Eleanor J Anderson 05055, VTPsychologist Clinical1942303938
Richard William Wren 05001, VTPsychologist Clinical1962505925
Martha S Stretton 05143, VTPsychologist Clinical1376646208
David James Brosell 05664, VTPsychologist Clinical1487758504
Jessica Hamblen 05001, VTPsychologist Clinical1922103746
Mark J Detzer 05001, VTPsychologist Clinical1215032214
Ann Dreher Fisher 05443, VTPsychologist Clinical1992800684
Janet Brown 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1194821579
John William Donnelly 05495, VTPsychologist Clinical1114023322
Grace V Mcgrath 05753, VTPsychologist Clinical1386740710
Robert J Mcgrath 05753, VTPsychologist Clinical1487751103
William Lawther Cunningham 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1316044506
Jacquelyn Ellen Bode 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1780782375
Douglas Steven Andrews 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1427156926
Lisa Angstman 05495, VTPsychologist Clinical1104924265
Karen L Kurrle 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1720187735
Paul Louis Candido 05482, VTPsychologist Clinical1790885846
Michael D Caulin 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1518058585
Ronald Edward Thompson 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1225129919
Nancy M. Hodgkins 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1326139908
Jeannette D Keenan 05819, VTPsychologist Clinical1629169099
J. David Long 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1255423927
Cecily M. Monro 05089, VTPsychologist Clinical1710070115
Lisa M Pezzulich 05201, VTPsychologist Clinical1417040767
Camille Irene Parker 05143, VTPsychologist Clinical1356434690
Sally Louise Mattson 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1548353808
Shoshanna S Shelley 05055, VTPsychologist Clinical1639262447
Donald Ray Ferrell 05251, VTPsychologist Clinical1952495442
Ronald B Miller 05446, VTPsychologist Clinical1720173370
Patricia F Irish 05401, VTPsychologist Clinical1932294378
Edward George Xippolitos 05255, VTPsychologist Clinical1699869669
Pamela Ann Mccauley 05250, VTPsychologist Clinical1508951674
Rodger S Kessler 05602, VTPsychologist Clinical1730276346
Robert Macy Goodman 05403, VTPsychologist Clinical1154418663
Martin James Fino 05701, VTPsychologist Clinical1053408518
Judith A. Davidson 05301, VTPsychologist Clinical1427145465
Laurie Farr Hanks 05001, VTPsychologist Clinical1992894810
Gerda Lenselink 05156, VTPsychologist Clinical1497844419


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