Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Debbie Bardwell 99212, WAPsychologist Clinical1801899109
William Craig Hall 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1760486211
Katherine E Holmes 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1053316372
Laurie Ann Sheerer 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1538164587
Lisa M Koch 99204, WAPsychologist Clinical1003811712
Ann Carter 98133, WAPsychologist Clinical1083167647
Beth Waddel 83843, WAPsychologist Clinical1881699536
Darrelle Morgan Volwiler 99201, WAPsychologist Clinical1306841960
Allen Wayne Ratcliffe 98409, WAPsychologist Clinical1598760134
Leslie Anne Savage 98383, WAPsychologist Clinical1831195486
Mark C Michael 98102, WAPsychologist Clinical1508864166
James D. Goodwin 98801, WAPsychologist Clinical1104824218
Lisa Bess Christian 99204, WAPsychologist Clinical1588662530
Karen Hye 98002, WAPsychologist Clinical1710348511
Lee Mitchell Faver 98663, WAPsychologist Clinical1518964824
Maxwell R Knauss 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1295735108
Kristi Breen 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1477553386
Jodi Howell Nagy 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1962402206
Paul A Nelson 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1477553733
Stephen A Klein 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1700886082
Philip J. Frank 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1174523435
Comer Larue 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1679573935
Barry Eben 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1619977766
Jeffrey T Reiter 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1083614861
Jimmye Dell Angell-erickson 99362, WAPsychologist Clinical1932101581
Robin Annette Ladue 98055, WAPsychologist Clinical1427050996
Richard Warren Borton 98003, WAPsychologist Clinical1881686087
Suz Gabrielle Coan 98034, WAPsychologist Clinical1730171042
Brian Ross Campbell 99204, WAPsychologist Clinical1245223270
Paul J Domitor 99204, WAPsychologist Clinical1861486342
John K Haygeman 98133, WAPsychologist Clinical1760477194
Patrick J Nalbone 98502, WAPsychologist Clinical1174518658
Mary E Galaszewski-slotkin 98003, WAPsychologist Clinical1154316552
Maria Elena Lara 98188, WAPsychologist Clinical1659367282
Audrey A. Glenn 98402, WAPsychologist Clinical1184610735
Arthur Lloyd Miller 99011, WAPsychologist Clinical1144216706
H Stanton Thatcher 99362, WAPsychologist Clinical1457347288
Frederick W. Silver 98372, WAPsychologist Clinical1962499095
Janet L Nix 98506, WAPsychologist Clinical1942297882
Gregory J. Charboneau 99223, WAPsychologist Clinical1790773463
Kathryn M Johnson 98201, WAPsychologist Clinical1780672030
Anthony Christopher Zold 98225, WAPsychologist Clinical1821086125
Nancy Huenefeld Gese 98006, WAPsychologist Clinical1780672857
Howard Lundsten Leonard 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1861480816
Sharon Ann Baker 98104, WAPsychologist Clinical1013906502
Carolyn D. Logsdon 98125, WAPsychologist Clinical1871582544
Thomas C Petek 98003, WAPsychologist Clinical1609865989
John David Gilbert 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1801885827
Angelique Grayson Tindall 99206, WAPsychologist Clinical1912997800
James Matthew Sardo 97239, WAPsychologist Clinical1366432643
Joy Rebecca White Martinez 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1881685683
Albert B Paige 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1053302539
Launi Ann Treece 98006, WAPsychologist Clinical1649261157
Robert J Hunter 98663, WAPsychologist Clinical1144211335
Alton J Couturier 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1114908449
Randall J Strandquist 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1932181716
Marsha H Blasingame 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1861474686
W Timm Fredrickson 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1679555411
Daniel J Lord-flynn 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1255313920
Patricia L. Gunderson 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1053393652
Trevor D Travers 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1538141148
Cherie M. Valeithian 98031, WAPsychologist Clinical1417939992
John J Williams 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1619959194
Robert J Maurer 99204, WAPsychologist Clinical1346222759
Susan B Sterling 98027, WAPsychologist Clinical1912980343
Temperance Wick Evans 98034, WAPsychologist Clinical1972585305
P Laurine Marcinkowski 99011, WAPsychologist Clinical1538142732
Thomas Taylor Mitchell 99204, WAPsychologist Clinical1760473029
Kevin V Connolly 98057, WAPsychologist Clinical1407838758
Darlene E. Walsh-martin 99022, WAPsychologist Clinical1023091329
Georganna R Sedlar 98027, WAPsychologist Clinical1477535789
Holly Day Hunter 98431, WAPsychologist Clinical1780673046
Lane Van Der Sluis 98663, WAPsychologist Clinical1043293855
James A Roubos 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1356325724
Holly Noel Galbreath 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1508840984
Frances Josephine Lexcen 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1770567158
Patricia M Fantoni-salvador 33322, WAPsychologist Clinical1063496115
Signe Harold Weedman 98004, WAPsychologist Clinical1831173848
Pamela Elin Kurthy 98632, WAPsychologist Clinical1265416820
Brock Brandon Weedman 98004, WAPsychologist Clinical1558346502
Karen Elyse Karpman 99163, WAPsychologist Clinical1427033323
Lisa M Hardebeck 98402, WAPsychologist Clinical1306823398
Teresa Sweeney 98119, WAPsychologist Clinical1649258518
Richard J Wyma 98371, WAPsychologist Clinical1902884877
Shannon Jill Johnson FPO A, WAPsychologist Clinical1376521427
Robert John Arnone 98208, WAPsychologist Clinical1619956133
Mikhail Y Ziskin 98378, WAPsychologist Clinical1972582252
Frances Kristine Ketz 99201, WAPsychologist Clinical1043299332
Jessica Leigh Viergutz-cavagnetto 99163, WAPsychologist Clinical1619956844
Mary Josephine Hendrickson 98027, WAPsychologist Clinical1699755561
Carolyn J. Wyatt 83843, WAPsychologist Clinical1437139607
Donna Marie Smith 98541, WAPsychologist Clinical1609846799
Heidi M Vander Pol 98027, WAPsychologist Clinical1700866936
Evan Brick Freedman 98225, WAPsychologist Clinical1588634406
Karen C. Lindner 98366, WAPsychologist Clinical1558345884
Carole Ann Demarco 98335, WAPsychologist Clinical1649254061
Marcel A Van Eerd 98225, WAPsychologist Clinical1114903705
David Charles Wiesner 27607, WAPsychologist Clinical1265410286
Ana Maria Sierra 98403, WAPsychologist Clinical1982688362
Jan Garver Bacon 98499, WAPsychologist Clinical1457335820
Anne Wright 98005, WAPsychologist Clinical1033192877
Robert E Parker 98148, WAPsychologist Clinical1750365060
Ellen Y Ahana 98007, WAPsychologist Clinical1558332577
Yamile Jana 98370, WAPsychologist Clinical1720050974
Eric Tecumseh Smeltz 99224, WAPsychologist Clinical1972575108
Catherine Strong 98225, WAPsychologist Clinical1629040571
Ronald J. De Vries 98188, WAPsychologist Clinical1790757292
Lorin Lee Frank 98431, WAPsychologist Clinical1710950126
Jody Ann Veltkamp 98226, WAPsychologist Clinical1447223763
James D Johnson 98278, WAPsychologist Clinical1740253905
Rosann Marie Pieper 98660, WAPsychologist Clinical1538132410
David Federico Fittante 93944, WAPsychologist Clinical1538132428
Gregory Alan Gahm 98431, WAPsychologist Clinical1184698839
Darrow Art Chan 98033, WAPsychologist Clinical1033184684
Mary Kathryn Hamilton 98402, WAPsychologist Clinical1902871320
Charles Joseph Meade 98407, WAPsychologist Clinical1073588497
Paul B Hastings 99258, WAPsychologist Clinical1124093497
Mary Gentile 99223, WAPsychologist Clinical1093780348
Martha Whitfield Davis 98198, WAPsychologist Clinical1104891977
Jody Fay Sweeney 99201, WAPsychologist Clinical1306812169
Christopher Martell 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1730155417
Dana M Myers 98387, WAPsychologist Clinical1114994076
Steven D Koffman 99258, WAPsychologist Clinical1154397115
Thomas M. Stallone 98660, WAPsychologist Clinical1144296104
Brenda` Marie Wilson 98374, WAPsychologist Clinical1386611168
Walter B Hollow 98115, WAPsychologist Clinical1316914716
Christopher Roberts Meagher 98506, WAPsychologist Clinical1972570315
Glen A Frese 98801, WAPsychologist Clinical1972570257
Monica M Van Hoomissen 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1386611606
Burton T Kerr 98493, WAPsychologist Clinical1700854635
Steven Charles Parkison 98431, WAPsychologist Clinical1407824386
Dan R Lowe 99352, WAPsychologist Clinical1245208925
Ellen A. Begley 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1326016635
James William Ethier 98801, WAPsychologist Clinical1245208404
Melissa M Dannelet 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1396714770
Jeffrey A Fong 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1326017708
Robert W Lenigan 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1780653196
Natasha Estelle Chung 98003, WAPsychologist Clinical1366411761
Phyllis M Knopp 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1346219748
Indra A Finch 98499, WAPsychologist Clinical1275502650
Regina M Harrington 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1760451157
Jae H Cho 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1295794493
Carolyn M Campbell 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1134198492
Marylouise Evans Jones 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1467411678
Ronald Murray Hart 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1285693499
Chad M Kuipers 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1174582381
Sheryl A Lamberton 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1619936820
Duncan A Chambers 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1790744993
Linda K Bowman 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1700855061
Thomas C Lecompte 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1780643783
Rebecca Rudner Quinn 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1366401226
Carol Griffin Jung 98101, WAPsychologist Clinical1417916495
Rick C Mehlman 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1992764898
Marilyn Ann Ronnei 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1922067784
Mark E Soelling 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1851350623
Donald G Slone 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1417916289
Larry E Arnholt 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1760441257
Wayne F Winters 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1063471449
Ted Joe Stagner 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1881653236
Walter W Tunstall 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1912966375
Nancy Louise Larsen 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1770542029
Ellie Sternquist 98335, WAPsychologist Clinical1073573374
Jeremiah Patrick Norris 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1013977313
Robert W Powers 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1619936903
William C Proctor 98433, WAPsychologist Clinical1881653178
David Stanton Olegar 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1699735902
Carl D Redick 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1134189327
Charaine Emily Herald 98466, WAPsychologist Clinical1144289216
Cornelia F Jones 98431, WAPsychologist Clinical1720010143
Mark Reger 98493, WAPsychologist Clinical1891760849
Jill Hangen 98116, WAPsychologist Clinical1578928412
Susan Rahman 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1073573275
Lawrence Alfred Edwards 98335, WAPsychologist Clinical1467426700
Shawn Horn 99202, WAPsychologist Clinical1487620266
Kimberly M Chupurdia 99201, WAPsychologist Clinical1083680870
Robin Barre 98237, WAPsychologist Clinical1184160541
Stacey Ellen Prince 98115, WAPsychologist Clinical1548237068
John Bradford Powell 98502, WAPsychologist Clinical1194793737
Linda Joyce Thomas 98584, WAPsychologist Clinical1851351613
Stephen Anthony Wagner 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1871553644
Gary L Percival 99011, WAPsychologist Clinical1659331262
Steven Marquez 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1902866361
David Forrest 98103, WAPsychologist Clinical1174584841
Gerald H. Hermanson 98502, WAPsychologist Clinical1831150499
Karen Lee Nussbaum 98105, WAPsychologist Clinical1215999453
Richard Agosto 98663, WAPsychologist Clinical1699737452
Lisa Estelle 99218, WAPsychologist Clinical1942263298
Patricia L Sowards 98498, WAPsychologist Clinical1316900244
Carl Richard Westphal 98383, WAPsychologist Clinical1366406969
Kim Kendall 98122, WAPsychologist Clinical1104880459
Dan E Dunlap 98383, WAPsychologist Clinical1013971902
Peter Endyke 99208, WAPsychologist Clinical1508821042
David Franklin Bachman 99352, WAPsychologist Clinical1871558080
Susan Anderson 98239, WAPsychologist Clinical1477518512
William John Rarick 98383, WAPsychologist Clinical1093770026
Richard Dwight Buckham 98383, WAPsychologist Clinical1053376095
Shann Ferch 99258, WAPsychologist Clinical1700842523
Sheela Stocks 98502, WAPsychologist Clinical1942267562
Mary Pashyo 98531, WAPsychologist Clinical1194782367
Melvin Watt 98405, WAPsychologist Clinical1821055096


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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