Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Patric William Mattek 53066, WIPsychologist Clinical1477540243
David L Nichols 53177, WIPsychologist Clinical1063409852
Frederick C. Robinson 23606, WIPsychologist Clinical1083676977
William B Hitch 54301, WIPsychologist Clinical1063454502
Psychiatric Services Of Racine, Llp 53177, WIPsychologist Clinical1699791988
Valerie Amelie Delain 54911, WIPsychologist Clinical1548355084
Jodi Streicher-bremer 53711, WIPsychologist Clinical1689758005
Karen J Berte 53154, WIPsychologist Clinical1952496812
Beth Colleen Long 32806, WIPsychologist Clinical1164515532
Shoshana Hellman 60601, WIPsychologist Clinical1588753503
David J. Wakely 53548, WIPsychologist Clinical1134228802
Brandon B Hayes 54914, WIPsychologist Clinical1114025343
Child & Family Therapeutic Systems S.c. 53220, WIPsychologist Clinical1922176395
David Brian Smothers 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1902931132
Lynn Ann Catlin 53711, WIPsychologist Clinical1831376011
Dawn H.s. Reinemann 53073, WIPsychologist Clinical1730397100
Melissa L. Gregory 53074, WIPsychologist Clinical1851585418
Lesley Baird Chapin 53704, WIPsychologist Clinical1457575524
Kelli-lee Kimone Harford 30324, WIPsychologist Clinical1750533303
Kevin F Mcsorley 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1225321607
David Radovich 53186, WIPsychologist Clinical1649588872
Jessica Lynn Brumm-larson 53223, WIPsychologist Clinical1699089490
Joni L. Downs 54601, WIPsychologist Clinical1386957371
Emily R. Anastasio 55414, WIPsychologist Clinical1730479874
Amy Sosa 53548, WIPsychologist Clinical1033584404
Adam Nelson Moriwaki 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1306184171
Carol Lynn Brown 53217, WIPsychologist Clinical1922473065
Barbara Claire Sieck 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1144699364
Lee Edward Hildebrand 53092, WIPsychologist Clinical1487903597
Moeketsi Molaoli 53818, WIPsychologist Clinical1275008088
Tammy L. Hietpas 54952, WIPsychologist Clinical1396055307
Laurie Donnell Bjustrom 53186, WIPsychologist Clinical1902358120
Kelsey Stange 53901, WIPsychologist Clinical1407380116
Angela Petersen 92037, WIPsychologist Clinical1831547496
Christian Life Counseling Llc 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1659466860
Melissa Metzger 53405, WIPsychologist Clinical1356838650
Nicole L Bickham 54115, WIPsychologist Clinical1134666514
Jane Baillargeon 55104, WIPsychologist Clinical1972013894
Joseph Grasso 94104, WIPsychologist Clinical1699186858
Savannah Whitemarsh 54601, WIPsychologist Clinical1780122739
Emily Cahill Forscher 53704, WIPsychologist Clinical1760967145
Pkm Clinical Solutions Llc 53150, WIPsychologist Clinical1295202976
Jennifer L Swanson 53066, WIPsychologist Clinical1942722061
Angela M Orvis 53223, WIPsychologist Clinical1083188122
Samantha Lavarda 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1407162340
Bradley Boivin 53548, WIPsychologist Clinical1952856072
Robert Enoch 95123, WIPsychologist Clinical1740632223
Clare Marie Lewandowski 54601, WIPsychologist Clinical1407207764
Anupama Harvey 60045, WIPsychologist Clinical1417316670
Integrative Psyche, Llc 53227, WIPsychologist Clinical1255704565
Kelsey Novak 85209, WIPsychologist Clinical1427554732
Sarah E. Trost 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1609920586
Sara B Pillay 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1972090462
Julie A Bobholz 54311, WIPsychologist Clinical1982659538
Ifrah Hameed 53212, WIPsychologist Clinical1467095703
Nathaniel William Gump 97333, WIPsychologist Clinical1265714133
Samantha Hurkmans 53227, WIPsychologist Clinical1215416227
Jesse Frederick Peterson 54301, WIPsychologist Clinical1457996910
Gary J Plato 53215, WIPsychologist Clinical1497902555
Gregory D Schramka 53051, WIPsychologist Clinical1548377831
Erich A Roush 53213, WIPsychologist Clinical1407236300
Sherilynn Chan 45229, WIPsychologist Clinical1932581725
Byron C Bloemer 53092, WIPsychologist Clinical1316081698
Peter John Graskamp 53295, WIPsychologist Clinical1023024791
Stacy Lee Weber 95008, WIPsychologist Clinical1831591098
Kimberly Arlene Young 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1265634505
Trina Willetta Cox 53218, WIPsychologist Clinical1538791058
Jonathan C. Hoistad 55104, WIPsychologist Clinical1588779292
Hitomi Gunsolley 54915, WIPsychologist Clinical1477104388
Bellin Psychiatric Center Inc. 54301, WIPsychologist Clinical1598728776
Christian Life Counseling Llc 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1023056009
Daniel Elliot Flave-novak 53295, WIPsychologist Clinical1457800625
Ashli Ellis 95616, WIPsychologist Clinical1437676020
Danielle Defreese 53142, WIPsychologist Clinical1396039632
Nicholas David Young 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1659700508
Kimberly Anne Norden 53220, WIPsychologist Clinical1760007009
Kathryn L Lapierre 96706, WIPsychologist Clinical1578778858
Kathrine Lyn Patterson 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1508239773
Ashley Rae Sheeter 54143, WIPsychologist Clinical1467839464
Donald Norman Roth 53711, WIPsychologist Clinical1336224989
Patrick J Stumbras 54115, WIPsychologist Clinical1326473240
Michele Ries 54703, WIPsychologist Clinical1396018990
Sarah Thompson Trane 54601, WIPsychologist Clinical1902846744
Chelsea M Ale 54601, WIPsychologist Clinical1831452069
Marcel Tassara 53204, WIPsychologist Clinical1265801740
Trisha Renee Osheim 56007, WIPsychologist Clinical1477747053
Lori N Greer 53901, WIPsychologist Clinical1922042126
Johvannette M. Evertsz Molina 00610, WIPsychologist Clinical1831678713
Pamela A Xiong 53406, WIPsychologist Clinical1821346800
Janice A Cain 53715, WIPsychologist Clinical1114963816
Abigail Nass 80229, WIPsychologist Clinical1487951794
Mary Christine Majors 54935, WIPsychologist Clinical1891054441
Brian J Cagle 54301, WIPsychologist Clinical1073598314
Melissa Hernandez 60657, WIPsychologist Clinical1871809509
Kimberly Davies-robinet 54901, WIPsychologist Clinical1518151653
Christina Casnar 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1063017895
David R Derus 54481, WIPsychologist Clinical1295169381
William R Stewart 53715, WIPsychologist Clinical1568406023
Greg Anderson 54015, WIPsychologist Clinical1790157469
Joseph M Cunningham 53215, WIPsychologist Clinical1386653434
Lisa M. Baker 53715, WIPsychologist Clinical1821044033
Susanne Gill 53593, WIPsychologist Clinical1417914300
Brianna A Smith 53227, WIPsychologist Clinical1003394784
Jessica M Brooks 53562, WIPsychologist Clinical1346457231
Megan Kay Higinbotham 90505, WIPsychologist Clinical1003398868
Amber Nicole Hall 53719, WIPsychologist Clinical1790132793
Mollie Nicole Moore 53717, WIPsychologist Clinical1811444573
Monica L Gremillion 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1376068379
Susan E Barbour 17601, WIPsychologist Clinical1861489841
Tiffany Lynn Born 54115, WIPsychologist Clinical1023498649
Dakota J Kaiser 54403, WIPsychologist Clinical1033566088
David William Thompson 53105, WIPsychologist Clinical1508896606
Mary Christine Foskett 53072, WIPsychologist Clinical1861719460
Jennifer L Specht 53081, WIPsychologist Clinical1831300508
Jamie Roberts 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1578843405
Nicholas Christopher Heck 46135, WIPsychologist Clinical1013430495
County Of Trempealeau Tchcc 54773, WIPsychologist Clinical1215268552
County Of Dunn 54751, WIPsychologist Clinical1588667406
The Counseling Center Of Milwaukee, Inc. 53212, WIPsychologist Clinical1245238633
Brewer Counseling And Wellness 53097, WIPsychologist Clinical1649784638
Robert Chucka Psyd Llc 53202, WIPsychologist Clinical1962867812
St Vincent Hospital hospital Sisters third Order Of St Francis 54304, WIPsychologist Clinical1285613638
Appleton Cardiology Associates Sc 54911, WIPsychologist Clinical1619927837
Richard W. Hurlbut 54481, WIPsychologist Clinical1487691341
Midlands Psychological Associates, Llc 53555, WIPsychologist Clinical1285676593
Achievement Associates, Ltd 53092, WIPsychologist Clinical1154365971
Psychological Health Services Llc 53045, WIPsychologist Clinical1417983917
Bellin Psychiatric Center Inc 54301, WIPsychologist Clinical1801824305
Milwaukee Center For Independence Inc 53214, WIPsychologist Clinical1750326518
Fort Healthcare Inc 53538, WIPsychologist Clinical1417993361
Bcs Care Solutions, Llc 53224, WIPsychologist Clinical1215426382
Catholic Charities Of The Diocese Of Lacrosse, Inc. 54602, WIPsychologist Clinical1558393009
Alliance Psychological And Family Services Llc 53144, WIPsychologist Clinical1750314159
Lighthouse Clinic, Inc. 53211, WIPsychologist Clinical1265451280
Inner Resources Inc. 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1932120029
Moresco goniu Psychological Services Llc 53072, WIPsychologist Clinical1942215421
Synergy Counseling Services, Inc 54166, WIPsychologist Clinical1033127444
Capitol Associates, Sc 53711, WIPsychologist Clinical1992718589
Omne Clinic, Inc. 54703, WIPsychologist Clinical1619081437
Randi L. Erickson 54016, WIPsychologist Clinical1376659201
Washington County Wisconsin 53095, WIPsychologist Clinical1609801778
Psychiatric Consultants & Therapists, Sc 53202, WIPsychologist Clinical1700818119
Juliette Martin thomas Phd Sc 53223, WIPsychologist Clinical1063433951
Fort Healthcare Inc 53038, WIPsychologist Clinical1083623383
Midwest Rehabilitation Associates, S.c. 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1598877375
Shorehaven Behavioral Health Inc 53209, WIPsychologist Clinical1891887055
Charis Counseling, Llc 54401, WIPsychologist Clinical1427144054
Linda I Garrity 53703, WIPsychologist Clinical1659467538
Hansen Therapy, Llc 53188, WIPsychologist Clinical1093805095
Sonas Behavioral Health Llc 53719, WIPsychologist Clinical1841370384
Lakefront Wellness Center, Sc 53072, WIPsychologist Clinical1316024847
Lutheran Counseling And Family Services Of Wisconsin Inc 53222, WIPsychologist Clinical1184703290
Psychological & Counseling Services Inc 53406, WIPsychologist Clinical1477623643
North Shore Psychotherapy Associates Iv 53217, WIPsychologist Clinical1194809574
Foundations Health And Wholeness Inc 54303, WIPsychologist Clinical1497840607
Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Service, Inc 53022, WIPsychologist Clinical1083786628
Fort Healthcare, Inc 53190, WIPsychologist Clinical1679632004
Encompass effective Mental Health Services, Inc 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1356402291
Stillwater Counseling Center 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1053474510
Coachingpositivity, Llc 54220, WIPsychologist Clinical1053475251
Lifespan Family Services 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1992860035
Family Therapy Center Of Madison, Inc. 53711, WIPsychologist Clinical1164587150
Associated Women Psychotherapists, Sc 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1801952700
Harbor Community Psychological Associates Sc 54303, WIPsychologist Clinical1720132806
Beverly K. Yahnke Dba Christian Counseling Svcs 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1720134927
Cumberland Memorial Hospital 54829, WIPsychologist Clinical1982745774
Glassman & Stanik Consulting Psychologists, Llc 53219, WIPsychologist Clinical1720105877
Shore Counseling And Consulting Clinic, S.c. 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1588710073
The Centre For Human Flourishing, P.l.l.c. 53202, WIPsychologist Clinical1891810602
Janesville Psychiatric Clinic Main Inc 53548, WIPsychologist Clinical1659447704
Behrend Counseling And Psychological Services Llc 53703, WIPsychologist Clinical1437221470
Pediatric Psychology Associates Llc 53222, WIPsychologist Clinical1124193065
County Of Milwaukee 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1942362066
Empower Counseling Of Milwaukee, Llc 53222, WIPsychologist Clinical1093870370
Fort Healthcare Inc 53538, WIPsychologist Clinical1831252196
Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Inc 53215, WIPsychologist Clinical1518092410
Baycare Clinic, Llp 54956, WIPsychologist Clinical1003388208
Healthcare Psychology Consultants Llc 53211, WIPsychologist Clinical1063532380
Elmbrook Family Counseling Center Llp 53005, WIPsychologist Clinical1831211309
Elkhart Psychological Services, Llc 53716, WIPsychologist Clinical1265554430
Center For Anxiety Disorders 53066, WIPsychologist Clinical1881716108
County Of Waukesha 53188, WIPsychologist Clinical1629292651
Actualized Clinical Services Consulting, Inc. 53122, WIPsychologist Clinical1205050903
Katz gilbertson Psychotherapy Associates, Llc 53092, WIPsychologist Clinical1114145539
Deborah A Stec Phd Inc 53188, WIPsychologist Clinical1326268236
Psychiatric & Psychotherapy Clinic L I Newman Md Sc Gen Ptr 53144, WIPsychologist Clinical1932312212
Wisconsin School Of Professional Psychology 53225, WIPsychologist Clinical1902011257
Suburban Counseling Services 53029, WIPsychologist Clinical1760685820
Wisconsin Psychological Center 53711, WIPsychologist Clinical1346446259
Bonnie J Behee semler Phd Sc 53209, WIPsychologist Clinical1568668390
Riverside Psychiatric Group Sc 54115, WIPsychologist Clinical1154520203
Christian Community Resources, Llc 54701, WIPsychologist Clinical1104026665
Academic & Family Services, Llc 53225, WIPsychologist Clinical1841490364
Ecumenical Health Center 54303, WIPsychologist Clinical1396936175
Psychiatric Services Sc 53705, WIPsychologist Clinical1902098957
Milwaukee Public Schools 53208, WIPsychologist Clinical1346433927
Neurobehavioral Health Clinic 53217, WIPsychologist Clinical1245425354
Lauri Gebhard 53226, WIPsychologist Clinical1104012244
Minnesota Early Autism Project 55369, WIPsychologist Clinical1902093834
Marriage & Family Health Services, Ltd 54701, WIPsychologist Clinical1467649921


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