Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Wyoming

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Wyoming:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Richard Dolby 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1609875285
Nicolas Prat 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1699776401
Debra Williams 82009, WYPsychologist Clinical1841643913
Hallie Denise Landreth 82005, WYPsychologist Clinical1316932916
Jeffrey P. Clark 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1063403822
Theresa Anne Faulkner 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1104807593
Kim Knox Faulkner 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1215928965
Christine W Gray 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1033190152
Maria L Mores 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1649254863
Rebecca Bailly 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1366422206
Robert J Bayuk 82401, WYPsychologist Clinical1538136304
Linda Ann Meeker 82072, WYPsychologist Clinical1255308979
Eric H Siiteri 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1235108994
Eric Siiteri Phd Llc 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1932178696
Hans V Ritschard 82005, WYPsychologist Clinical1992765358
Frances L Price 82009, WYPsychologist Clinical1912964487
Barbara Logan Ziegler 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1801844550
Counseling Consulting & Mediation Llc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1346299260
Gloria Diane Rutt 82009, WYPsychologist Clinical1417906850
Victor Hyman Ashear 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1780614677
Carol J. Erickson, Psyd., P.c. 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1912937749
Thomas M Schnatterbeck 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1023045614
Mary Jo Jeffres 82501, WYPsychologist Clinical1629013784
Ruth Ann Van Vranken 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1235156043
David Carl Webster 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1124047469
Kurt P Benson 82807, WYPsychologist Clinical1073536801
Drs Marshall & Bougsty Psychologists 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1730281221
Prudy Marshall 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1811099302
Thomas Bougsty 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1801998398
Judith K. Olson 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1841399383
Timothy A Blaney 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1407955503
Marilyn K. Yee 82072, WYPsychologist Clinical1437259017
Gloria D Rutt Psyd Pc 82009, WYPsychologist Clinical1063504611
Stephen Dixon Ross 82005, WYPsychologist Clinical1386737146
Gibson Buckley Condie 82435, WYPsychologist Clinical1750478376
Rodney J Haug 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1124115670
Alicia Clark 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1134216690
Wendy Elaine Laakmann 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1740361880
Mark Tanner Gibson 82935, WYPsychologist Clinical1225115561
Windy Ridge Psychological Services, Pc 82604, WYPsychologist Clinical1407933328
Charles W Rodgers Phd Pc 82501, WYPsychologist Clinical1033298500
John R Sink 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1144399056
Stephen Blaine Cook 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1821194580
Thomas Andrew Wilkinson 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1891890117
Caroljean Bongo 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1134220189
Theo A Riley 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1831266329
Theo Riley Phd Llc 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1861569360
Robert Joseph Innes 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1891854709
Douglas John Scambler 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1871652248
Grant Robert Fleming 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1679633788
Stephen N Finzo 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1760544381
Gregory John Wheeler 82514, WYPsychologist Clinical1366507550
Rachel Rae Kraft 82435, WYPsychologist Clinical1275699431
Phillip Kent Rector 82514, WYPsychologist Clinical1952468043
Pamela R Fuller 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1053469452
Juliet L Jett 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1346398732
Cora Courage 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1215087200
Roland Hart 82514, WYPsychologist Clinical1780735357
Melinda Carole Losee 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1114078383
Abby Bowen-rodda 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1013060193
Denise Debarre 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1912051806
Cora Klotzbach 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1356495808
Julia Goldensohn 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1932253291
Ronald L Sprinkle 82072, WYPsychologist Clinical1487709119
William Fredrick Heineke 82717, WYPsychologist Clinical1083751416
Kenneth Bell 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1598803413
Jacques P. Herter 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1932249935
Christine Winter 82701, WYPsychologist Clinical1710028899
Rose Margaret Hochheiser 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1295877165
Carla Ingrid Gibson 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1376686394
Suzanne Petren 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1356486245
Mark Joseph Watt 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1427184605
Kathryn Anderson 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1528194115
Cathy Buckwell 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1912033515
Martha Esther Schilling 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1053449512
Cheryl Annette Wise 82520, WYPsychologist Clinical1316076656
Candyce Lynn Shields 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1265562482
Carol A. Pastore-watkins 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1255458295
Raymond G. Leugers 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1669599619
Eric R Askins 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1801913868
Steven Newman 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1760543979
Alternative Counseling Associates 82520, WYPsychologist Clinical1093857260
Steven Andrew Nelson 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1538211388
Michael J Bjornson 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1558411025
Mary Jo Jeffres Phd, Llc 82501, WYPsychologist Clinical1962563361
Victoria M. Towers 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1114067931
Adam K Fuller 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1255476131
Donald Roger Rardin 82931, WYPsychologist Clinical1548389091
Shawn David Powell 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1447372461
Charles W Denison 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1831211184
Greg Scott Rich 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1912122219
Vivian Gay Deitrich-maclean 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1003030511
Donald Howard Benson 82604, WYPsychologist Clinical1235356288
Ralph Henry Louis 82410, WYPsychologist Clinical1225256027
Psychology Clinic Pc 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1225257215
Deirdre Danette Rainer 82520, WYPsychologist Clinical1982825337
Mary Jane Woods 82240, WYPsychologist Clinical1730393489
Judith Lynn Naginey 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1134333651
Big Horn Basin Mental Health Group 82435, WYPsychologist Clinical1366658601
Brett Deacon 82071, WYPsychologist Clinical1275740763
Michael Enright 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1508073834
Marian Jones Butcher 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1548470255
Chaitra Wirta-leiker 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1235333667
Medea Laurel Isaacson Woods 82301, WYPsychologist Clinical1881890291
Carol Jane Erickson 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1255537296
Robert Dudley Matzelle 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1578750014
Mark Holland 82604, WYPsychologist Clinical1265629430
Wyoming Creative Counseling Options, Inc. 82301, WYPsychologist Clinical1033306097
Carol Lynn Coleman 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1457532277
Edith Esther Saville 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1639356306
Cheryl A Godley 82604, WYPsychologist Clinical1184802175
Tanya L Tom 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1639347701
John Patterson Thorn 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1356511562
Abby Bowen rodda Ph.d., Pc 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1023289485
Alison Ohashi 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1235302324
Cynthia M Hartung 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1174798375
Timothy Robert Devereaux 82240, WYPsychologist Clinical1497922967
Larry James Carlson 82901, WYPsychologist Clinical1609043223
Madeleine Jeanne Pitsch 82901, WYPsychologist Clinical1386802577
Terresa Marie Humphries-wadsworth 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1811155880
Richard Scott Norton 82520, WYPsychologist Clinical1669633228
Christopher L Herron 82009, WYPsychologist Clinical1306007620
Daniel Seiki Cossaboon 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1578727855
Earl H Faulkner 82005, WYPsychologist Clinical1578784377
Heather Finkel 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1194268227
Caroljean Bongo Psyd Llc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1821297102
Seth Michael Tippin 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1558527481
Summit Health Associates, Llc 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1164670626
Anne C Bunn Phd Llc 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1639328040
Donald Kevin Rentz 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1215187075
Shawn Powell, Ph.d., Llc 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1689824492
Charles W Rodgers 82501, WYPsychologist Clinical1265683155
Sharon Kay 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1538311089
Sheri J Fluellen 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1477707321
Abintra Psychological Associates, Llc 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1710122908
Jamie E Brass 82901, WYPsychologist Clinical1023253911
Stephen Stuart Lottridge 83002, WYPsychologist Clinical1134364094
Todd Hamilton Burdick 82009, WYPsychologist Clinical1114164175
Mark B Pommer 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1033358981
Susan Elizabeth Fisher 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1114168762
Ohashi poynter P.c. 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1154565992
Ronna J Dillinger 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1811131501
Melissa Leeann Jenkins 82609, WYPsychologist Clinical1952536120
Valerie Bates 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1003042979
Park Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, Llc 82604, WYPsychologist Clinical1851624662
Roxy Hart 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1538493598
Big Horn Psychological Services Lc 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1336473859
Todd M Wahl Psyd Llc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1295060614
Brian Alan Daskivich 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1114254240
Peaceful Families Pc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1932424488
Brooke L England 82716, WYPsychologist Clinical1942525951
Frances L Price, Phd, P.c. 82072, WYPsychologist Clinical1104137819
Wellness Centers, Llc 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1992013619
A Step Forward L.l.c. 82637, WYPsychologist Clinical1043529662
Northeast Wyoming Boces 82716, WYPsychologist Clinical1275834467
University Of Wyoming Wyoming Institute For Disabilities 82071, WYPsychologist Clinical1154622355
Summit Psychological Services Llc 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1659672616
Peaceful Families Pc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1205137163
Catholic Charities Of Wyoming Inc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1326341827
Mind Spa, Pc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1427351873
Marc Douglas Mclaughlin 82501, WYPsychologist Clinical1164726766
Janclaudette Gilman-owens 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1831494244
Psychological Services 82401, WYPsychologist Clinical1588960108
Northern Star Counseling, Llc 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1881991388
Neuropsychological Consults Of Northern Colorado Llc 80525, WYPsychologist Clinical1851684013
Casper Community Care, Inc. 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1356620579
Tina Denise Lawson 82716, WYPsychologist Clinical1215205190
Michael John Kurtz 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1578833778
Kenneth E. Bell 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1386915528
Life Strategy Center 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1770718033
Living Well Pc 82609, WYPsychologist Clinical1326342023
Bryan K Mickelson 82401, WYPsychologist Clinical1033440466
Specialty Counseling & Consulting 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1538462783
Vivianne L Tran 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1831325794
Eldon Clifford 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1457644478
Behavorial Science Investigations Llc 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1518286756
Caitlin O'leary 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1871094425
Jason Tyser 82604, WYPsychologist Clinical1285153189
Brandon William Maynard 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1114215746
Laura Lea Perez 83014, WYPsychologist Clinical1205197043
Ashleigh Choi Bott 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1770844524
A Positive Solution Counseling Center, Llc 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1932458734
Haug & Associates 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1427301134
Dan Cossaboon Group 82414, WYPsychologist Clinical1881948800
David Stephens 82301, WYPsychologist Clinical1538413356
Dr. Michael Bjornson 82601, WYPsychologist Clinical1922352756
Tara Clapp 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1255675815
Jbg Consulting 83001, WYPsychologist Clinical1972840379
Wyssmann Psychological & Counseling, Llc 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1619214475
Action Life Services, Llc 82834, WYPsychologist Clinical1518206465
Step By Step Family Therapy, Inc 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1508207796
Piedmont Psychological Practice Llc 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1508298555
Kds & Associates 82401, WYPsychologist Clinical1497182851
Cornerstone Programs 82001, WYPsychologist Clinical1164850699
Eric R. Askins 82801, WYPsychologist Clinical1003245655
Pratt Lovercheck Practice 82240, WYPsychologist Clinical1538588645
Sean W. Harrell 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1679984132
Carol Christine Kramer 82718, WYPsychologist Clinical1649671371
Lauren Silberstein 82930, WYPsychologist Clinical1154724318
Kelly Petrino, Psyd 82070, WYPsychologist Clinical1548656523


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