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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey Scott Lessar VAPulmonary Disease1194726521
Michael J Shea NYPulmonary Disease1689666471
Dennis Maestri Dale LAPulmonary Disease1780685453
Lee Gardie Jean PAPulmonary Disease1346233624
Chand Khanna CAPulmonary Disease1699776302
Jeff Hales VAPulmonary Disease1457344764
David Duhamel VAPulmonary Disease1609869932
Rebecca L Shriver MOPulmonary Disease1740282516
Raul M Sanchez Leon TXPulmonary Disease1598758476
M Nizar Orfahli INPulmonary Disease1780676981
Maria Cristina Betancourt Quiles PRPulmonary Disease1982696746
Zamir Hassan PAPulmonary Disease1891788188
Richard W Hazen TXPulmonary Disease1285627539
Mythili T Venkataraman VAPulmonary Disease1093717860
Edward P Schuman PAPulmonary Disease1891797742
Soterios G Polychronopoulos ILPulmonary Disease1346232493
C N Held Md Ltd NVPulmonary Disease1437141637
Hr Physician Services PAPulmonary Disease1992707962
Shannon Turnbow TXPulmonary Disease1366444721
Juan Carlos Rodriguez FLPulmonary Disease1386646966
Jesus M Roman PRPulmonary Disease1497748156
Heather Lynn Misra INPulmonary Disease1639171671
Khaled R Magdy FLPulmonary Disease1346232691
Sandeep Dhand PAPulmonary Disease1295737146
Frederic J Scoopo NJPulmonary Disease1750382818
Edward A Dimitry PAPulmonary Disease1275534323
Erwin J Oei NJPulmonary Disease1659373421
Bipin D Sarodia SCPulmonary Disease1467444752
Frederic A Acevedo PAPulmonary Disease1164424800
Istvan Hajduk PAPulmonary Disease1174525927
Robert A Capone NJPulmonary Disease1528069663
John Wesley King GAPulmonary Disease1669465860
Jon R Simala INPulmonary Disease1588666564
William Bruce Bunn NYPulmonary Disease1285626986
Community Memorial Hospital Pulmonary Disease1932100393
Oscar Fernando Figueroa VAPulmonary Disease1801889720
Trudy M Shady ILPulmonary Disease1417940354
Philip D Carey PAPulmonary Disease1366435984
Lewis R Kline PAPulmonary Disease1508868241
Valentino Fj Fernandes TXPulmonary Disease1144213489
Thamer Sartawi ILPulmonary Disease1639540669
Joseph Anthony Giaimo FLPulmonary Disease1083615736
John Wayne Thompson ARPulmonary Disease1871594663
Charles Nelson Held NVPulmonary Disease1427040187
The Iowa Clinic Pc Pulmonary Disease1346233178
Olanrewaju Olusola Esan NYPulmonary Disease1861494239
Girendra V Hoskere TNPulmonary Disease1710970793
Covenant Medical Group Llc GAPulmonary Disease1194235853
Diana S Dark MOPulmonary Disease1831181254
George C Yu CAPulmonary Disease1245231968
Felicia Relkin NJPulmonary Disease1720089303
Ketan Jani AZPulmonary Disease1679575054
Kevin D Deboer FLPulmonary Disease1649272402
Morohunfolu E Akinnusi GAPulmonary Disease1356334668
Andrew M Murphy CTPulmonary Disease1821080375
Jonathan D Ruzi AZPulmonary Disease1093708935
Arun Adlakha SCPulmonary Disease1366435422
Jean M Weaver INPulmonary Disease1457353591
Dianne K Litwin KYPulmonary Disease1598757957
Theodore R Amgott FLPulmonary Disease1861485518
Rachel Sue Hinerman VAPulmonary Disease1699768952
Kinston Pulmonary Associates Pa NCPulmonary Disease1588665970
Lasandra Magail Barton LAPulmonary Disease1699777615
Valencia Pulmonary Medical Group Inc. Pulmonary Disease1932100070
Mario Anthony Casolaro VAPulmonary Disease1033102363
Michael I Shapiro INPulmonary Disease1164424966
Ada I. Arias ILPulmonary Disease1306848171
Ralph Francis Huller KYPulmonary Disease1154313518
Neal J Moser KYPulmonary Disease1295727618
Peter Lawrence Fort NVPulmonary Disease1932191319
Thomas G Ferry INPulmonary Disease1194726406
Gordon H Downie NCPulmonary Disease1275534992
Larry Stephen Wasser CTPulmonary Disease1124011457
Guy L Blaser OHPulmonary Disease1922090612
Keith R. Dixon CTPulmonary Disease1982606810
Malcolm A Smith TXPulmonary Disease1174525174
Gustavo Delaluz NJPulmonary Disease1255333043
Jeffrey Miskoff NJPulmonary Disease1245232032
Andry Van De Louw PAPulmonary Disease1750627022
Andrew R Freedman NJPulmonary Disease1598766743
Jeffrey Warren Hamilton ILPulmonary Disease1912990052
Semil B. Mehta ILPulmonary Disease1972596021
Federico Cerrone NJPulmonary Disease1184625220
Michael Bendele Blackmon INPulmonary Disease1043202849
Brent D Bergen MOPulmonary Disease1629070693
Johnathan R Grant INPulmonary Disease1740272251
Ghassan Louis Wardeh NJPulmonary Disease1255332789
Frank A Brancaccio TXPulmonary Disease1013918234
Robert R Orr AZPulmonary Disease1003809930
Abdullah M Yonan AZPulmonary Disease1255324182
Pulmonary And Medical Associates Of Northern Virginia Ltd Pulmonary Disease1821081167
Edwin Carmouche Md Pllc KYPulmonary Disease1225030224
Asha Narasimhan Chesnutt ORPulmonary Disease1124020987
Richard I Sternberg OHPulmonary Disease1356333470
Stephen N Finberg AZPulmonary Disease1285626374
Erie Coast Chest Physicians, Inc OHPulmonary Disease1316930811
Clyde Harry Koontz WAPulmonary Disease1184617607
George J Kanes GAPulmonary Disease1124012554
Harry G Lipham NCPulmonary Disease1922092352
Arthur Saul Turetsky CTPulmonary Disease1467446807
Frank J Breslin MAPulmonary Disease1720072127
Medical Specialists' Clinic, Pa NCPulmonary Disease1992799308
Harvey W. Mcclung COPulmonary Disease1710971122
Gideon Besson NCPulmonary Disease1164415584
Walter Dwayne Brown LAPulmonary Disease1053305482
Daniel Jay Rudolph CTPulmonary Disease1356335707
Kenneth T Defusco NJPulmonary Disease1790779148
Adil Salam CTPulmonary Disease1508850959
Mahmoud Aboualaiwa IAPulmonary Disease1609860006
Dumont F. Clark COPulmonary Disease1093709412
Barry Edward Coalson NCPulmonary Disease1275526683
Edgar Ardila CAPulmonary Disease1295729648
Steven Grundfast NYPulmonary Disease1710971049
Gateway Medical Group Lc FLPulmonary Disease1124012422
Kowriah N Amirthalingam OHPulmonary Disease1699769968
Gangacharan R. Dubey NYPulmonary Disease1477547669
Kaushik Jayantilal Patel ILPulmonary Disease1861486987
Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers Pulmonary Disease1952395121
Kenneth Berger NYPulmonary Disease1659365880
Nicholas Rummo NYPulmonary Disease1902890163
Rodney Parry SDPulmonary Disease1508850785
Bryan A Avery WIPulmonary Disease1548254568
Eyad M Abu-hamda VAPulmonary Disease1619961638
Francesco Califano NJPulmonary Disease1972597995
Eyad Abu hamda Mdpc VAPulmonary Disease1851385926
Moinuddin Ahmed NYPulmonary Disease1255325346
Moinuddin Ahmed NYPulmonary Disease1336133420
David Auerbach FLPulmonary Disease1700870888
Kirk G. Voelker FLPulmonary Disease1770577702
Conemaugh Health Initiatives Pulmonary Disease1043204191
Adam John Glazier IAPulmonary Disease1437143427
Waverly Syndor Green NHPulmonary Disease1235123191
Donald M Rabil NCPulmonary Disease1144214917
Neil H Inhaber NYPulmonary Disease1831183615
John T Pender TXPulmonary Disease1134113913
Rajen I Udani NJPulmonary Disease1245224039
Rajesh C Patel Md Inc Pulmonary Disease1467446369
Toni Sicenica PAPulmonary Disease1235123159
Daniel Drake Center For Post acute Care, Llc OHPulmonary Disease1558355487
Farooq Sattar OHPulmonary Disease1972597821
Paul David Laman PAPulmonary Disease1093709909
Joseph John Kaminski FLPulmonary Disease1497749311
Ana Krieger NYPulmonary Disease1922092899
Bradley L Lauderdale WIPulmonary Disease1871587667
Russell Nelson Hirst UTPulmonary Disease1871587774
The Medical Specialists Of Ky, Psc Pulmonary Disease1487648200
Samir A. Fahmy NYPulmonary Disease1831183599
Bradley Keith Bittle MOPulmonary Disease1760476519
Shirin Muzaffar ILPulmonary Disease1902890635
Mitchell C Kuppinger TXPulmonary Disease1174517809
Glenn D. Adams FLPulmonary Disease1588658231
Igal Staw CTPulmonary Disease1013901602
Kerim F Razack TXPulmonary Disease1881688331
Raleigh R Gleason TXPulmonary Disease1316931876
William Byron INPulmonary Disease1700870276
Andre D Sotelo NYPulmonary Disease1982698577
Jose M Goyos VAPulmonary Disease1992799431
Stuart D Mcdonald TXPulmonary Disease1518951151
David H Plump TXPulmonary Disease1306831888
Rosemary A Cirelli FLPulmonary Disease1043205552
Victor Manuel Salcedo TXPulmonary Disease1336133834
Mauricio A Reinoso TXPulmonary Disease1972597474
Stephen M Menitove NYPulmonary Disease1497740815
Joseph W Walek MAPulmonary Disease1902891435
Timothy L Grode OKPulmonary Disease1639164163
Cardiovascular Consultants Of Vincennes, Pc Pulmonary Disease1134114622
Luis Fernando Guerra TXPulmonary Disease1295720787
James A. Mahoney NYPulmonary Disease1841285319
Joseph Austin TXPulmonary Disease1083609572
Tony H Su TXPulmonary Disease1366437865
Francisco J Montoya FLPulmonary Disease1841285343
Jack Goetz Gilbey TXPulmonary Disease1922093426
David L Hodes NYPulmonary Disease1295720647
Marwan Mouammar ORPulmonary Disease1891780201
Wake Internal Medicine Consultants, Inc. Pulmonary Disease1699760926
Nader Kamangar CAPulmonary Disease1922093285
Barton L Schneyer NYPulmonary Disease1003801309
Randall R Hanson IAPulmonary Disease1093700486
Scott D Nygaard WIPulmonary Disease1124013537
Sunil N Lalla FLPulmonary Disease1407841760
Aamir Ahmed Faruqui CAPulmonary Disease1184619447
Mitchell Pfeiffer INPulmonary Disease1366437634
Robert Allen Latimer ALPulmonary Disease1558356881
Community Physicians Assoc Inc Pulmonary Disease1538154869
Ramin Khashayar CAPulmonary Disease1003801358
Ronald Reisman INPulmonary Disease1609861988
Harold Z Bencowitz TXPulmonary Disease1629063912
Nathaniel J Alford TXPulmonary Disease1902891187
Andrew J Aldrich TXPulmonary Disease1811982093
Frederick William Kahn MTPulmonary Disease1942295134
James Oldham Mcmeekin MTPulmonary Disease1104811298
Medsouth Healthcare Pc Pulmonary Disease1578558698
Charles J Donlan VAPulmonary Disease1346235579
Seton Health System, Inc NYPulmonary Disease1811982911
Theodore L Mclemore TXPulmonary Disease1780679803
Jory J Goldberg NJPulmonary Disease1407841638
Richard Ackart VAPulmonary Disease1194710335
James Lund Mcdaniel VAPulmonary Disease1255326492
Carlos Mauricio Llanes TXPulmonary Disease1073508222
Thomas Lee Munzel VAPulmonary Disease1740275965


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