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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Fateh U Ahmed OHPulmonary Disease1306844956
Shakil A Khan OHPulmonary Disease1205834868
Carlos R Alcala Munoz PRPulmonary Disease1487652939
Andres Alejandro Redondo FLPulmonary Disease1558369165
South Florida Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates P.a. FLPulmonary Disease1205834710
Glenn Genovese Md Pa TXPulmonary Disease1144228636
David Alan Miller GAPulmonary Disease1265430797
Iraj Akhavan NYPulmonary Disease1598763906
Louis Lovett GAPulmonary Disease1750389102
Purvin Shah FLPulmonary Disease1548268865
Luis Alfredo De Jesus Vargas PRPulmonary Disease1235137589
David Gregory Brown OHPulmonary Disease1740288026
Naeem A Lughmani OHPulmonary Disease1013915263
David I. Jones TXPulmonary Disease1366440596
Harmohinder S Kochar TXPulmonary Disease1720086002
Thaddeus Leland Dunn NCPulmonary Disease1275531428
Alok Kumar FLPulmonary Disease1689672719
Mark Metersky CTPulmonary Disease1881692044
Sanford Howard Sklar MIPulmonary Disease1356349427
David Alan Lavine MIPulmonary Disease1144228214
Kirk E Flury MOPulmonary Disease1467450577
Michael D Waldman GAPulmonary Disease1366440372
Melissa B Rhodes GAPulmonary Disease1396743308
Robert Jay Stein FLPulmonary Disease1457359390
Western Kentucky Heart And Lung Associates Psc KYPulmonary Disease1881692861
Asher Qureshi CTPulmonary Disease1568460434
William Giles Allen NCPulmonary Disease1700884772
Sriram I Paramesh GAPulmonary Disease1912905860
Bimalin Lahiri CTPulmonary Disease1841298700
Daniel Gerardi CTPulmonary Disease1538167424
Bernard R Borbely FLPulmonary Disease1063410991
Donald Auerbach NJPulmonary Disease1225036866
Aaron David Crookshank NJPulmonary Disease1285875633
Ira David Horowitz NJPulmonary Disease1780682278
Arunakumari Penumadu NYPulmonary Disease1275531931
Ives R De Chazal AZPulmonary Disease1891792107
Asser A El-atfy VAPulmonary Disease1710985239
Katherine Sue Little OKPulmonary Disease1821095324
Robert Scanlon GAPulmonary Disease1609874197
Medical Colleagues Of Texas, Llp TXPulmonary Disease1821096413
Patrick William Sturm PAPulmonary Disease1164429593
Susan Louise Weber PAPulmonary Disease1265439608
Patricio F. Viernes WIPulmonary Disease1093713745
Stuart J Simon GAPulmonary Disease1225036122
Brett L Sandifer GAPulmonary Disease1285632190
Jack Edward Rashkin FLPulmonary Disease1851399885
Timothy Robert Killeen KYPulmonary Disease1730187790
Aristidis Iatridis GAPulmonary Disease1952309957
Leonard Jay Dunn FLPulmonary Disease1134127376
Howard Len Lippton LAPulmonary Disease1548267578
Anita Kadikar AZPulmonary Disease1972500288
Thomas Eugene Liao ILPulmonary Disease1356348270
Stephan Alkins NYPulmonary Disease1417954934
Mohammad Reza Nahed CAPulmonary Disease1043218563
Christopher Jude Cortes TXPulmonary Disease1447258959
Wilfred Lewis Vander Roest MIPulmonary Disease1376541441
Andrew Needelman NYPulmonary Disease1831197391
Donald Ross Mcalpine FLPulmonary Disease1154329183
Jorge Martin Mestas FLPulmonary Disease1467450494
Lalaine E Mattison OHPulmonary Disease1366440224
Brian Michael Legere NCPulmonary Disease1427056530
Carter J Childs NCPulmonary Disease1356349435
Paul Edward Bing TXPulmonary Disease1376541870
Imtiaz Ahmad FLPulmonary Disease1174521009
Fortune O Alabi FLPulmonary Disease1124025309
Raymond C Perkins TXPulmonary Disease1548268501
James W Hansen TNPulmonary Disease1275531212
Charles Bryce Hartley GAPulmonary Disease1659379642
Michael Robert Bennett WAPulmonary Disease1629075841
Sahba Maani AZPulmonary Disease1952308686
Adolfo Noe Anchondo TXPulmonary Disease1063410777
Musa A Wadi TXPulmonary Disease1760493001
Somnath Narayan Naik NCPulmonary Disease1790782290
Richard Charles Hale PAPulmonary Disease1104823798
Carlos Raul Orozco TXPulmonary Disease1013915107
Lalit Kumar Gupta FLPulmonary Disease1306844592
Randall J Harris OHPulmonary Disease1497753321
Terrence Obringer PAPulmonary Disease1073510293
Mehrgan Sokhandan SCPulmonary Disease1386641405
Jeffrey L Kaufman OHPulmonary Disease1437157088
Wanda Choy NJPulmonary Disease1730187352
Joseph Leslie Pean TXPulmonary Disease1609873512
Advocare, Llc PAPulmonary Disease1912419458
Barrett D Conner TNPulmonary Disease1326046673
Murray M Arons TNPulmonary Disease1801894142
Orlando Rodriguez TNPulmonary Disease1336147685
Charles J Burch TXPulmonary Disease1831196559
Charles John Gwizdala MIPulmonary Disease1326045840
Gregory Paul Lemense TNPulmonary Disease1912904483
Philip Dean Watson INPulmonary Disease1558368308
Reza M Tehrani MIPulmonary Disease1841298825
Eric Dolven Anderson DCPulmonary Disease1346248382
Samuel Szumstein GAPulmonary Disease1790783603
Martin A Kubiet FLPulmonary Disease1225036155
Seijo Oi TXPulmonary Disease1952309841
Philip Vance Kaplan MIPulmonary Disease1295734044
Riad Dakheel MDPulmonary Disease1528067345
Kevin Carr Kyle MIPulmonary Disease1629077342
Patricia Ann Costanzo GAPulmonary Disease1689672438
Paul A Hamlin NYPulmonary Disease1396743159
Douglas Alan Hanzel GAPulmonary Disease1548268337
Stephen Gregory Hendrix GAPulmonary Disease1154329951
Eduardo Cepeda-davila TXPulmonary Disease1639177454
John Edward Martin ILPulmonary Disease1295734952
Paul Stuart Karlin PAPulmonary Disease1629077334
Roseann M Russo NYPulmonary Disease1043219769
Laurence W Cunningham TXPulmonary Disease1326047952
Khawaja Yassir Rahman NCPulmonary Disease1508865239
Robert B Packer OHPulmonary Disease1679572317
Leo Leon Bennett PAPulmonary Disease1851390306
Christine Wollschlager CTPulmonary Disease1750380200
Southcoast Medical Group, Llc GAPulmonary Disease1467451922
Najma Usmani MOPulmonary Disease1861491342
Sejal A Thaker ILPulmonary Disease1053310540
Stephanie J Blair LAPulmonary Disease1487653804
Ranjit Suri NYPulmonary Disease1992704571
James Lee Jackson KYPulmonary Disease1376542951
James Brad Diestelhorst WAPulmonary Disease1336148766
Allan Perry Freedman PAPulmonary Disease1447259049
Robert Michelson PAPulmonary Disease1427057025
Gary Howard Greenspan FLPulmonary Disease1992704498
Ada I Arias Md Sc ILPulmonary Disease1023017480
Ted W Daughety KSPulmonary Disease1275532657
Gilbert Witte NYPulmonary Disease1598764730
Northeast Michigan Pulmonary Associates MIPulmonary Disease1346249547
Medical Associates Of Pinellas Llc FLPulmonary Disease1619976834
Robert Jay Frank WAPulmonary Disease1538168521
Henry Yeager DCPulmonary Disease1760481832
Aimee Y Yu MDPulmonary Disease1982603940
Tapas Bandyopadhyay CTPulmonary Disease1861491839
Dina Kianoury DCPulmonary Disease1891794053
Tunay Kuru DCPulmonary Disease1063411221
Edward Joseph Morgan HIPulmonary Disease1659370716
Douglas R Livingston KSPulmonary Disease1871592949
Robert Cameron Brethauer NHPulmonary Disease1427057454
Peter Edward Corrigan NHPulmonary Disease1740289776
Jack Michael Mann NYPulmonary Disease1376542217
Kenneth Kyaw-win Sha NYPulmonary Disease1821097932
Joseph Frank Genovese NYPulmonary Disease1699774703
Genaro Vazquez TXPulmonary Disease1629077748
Pulmonary Medicine Associates, Pc NHPulmonary Disease1942209945
Arthur A Cohen TXPulmonary Disease1528067543
Amy Claire Bacchus OKPulmonary Disease1285634154
David H Bruce NYPulmonary Disease1407856388
Bret F Craytor TXPulmonary Disease1649270539
Richard Waldhorn DCPulmonary Disease1477552321
Ibrahim K El-abbassi LAPulmonary Disease1316946262
Edward Tsou DCPulmonary Disease1891794764
Akbarali G. Virani NYPulmonary Disease1437158300
Myriam I. Melendez-rosa PRPulmonary Disease1073512943
Dennis A Gort NYPulmonary Disease1306846274
David L Kamelhar NYPulmonary Disease1891795787
Austin C Lampert WAPulmonary Disease1922007848
Douglas Louis Prisco NYPulmonary Disease1487654323
Michael Nakao NYPulmonary Disease1538169404
Patrick Joseph Perkins MOPulmonary Disease1437159308
Carlos E Marchini ORPulmonary Disease1720088677
David S Palat NYPulmonary Disease1427058320
Chukiat Tansuwan MOPulmonary Disease1457351264
Larry I Emdur CAPulmonary Disease1932109642
Stephen Francis Rowe NHPulmonary Disease1740280536
Chest Diseases Associates Pc INPulmonary Disease1508866245
Southwest Pulmonary Medical Group CAPulmonary Disease1497755011
Edward Fitzpatrick NYPulmonary Disease1891795431
Robert W Hindman PAPulmonary Disease1992705552
Robert O Satriale PAPulmonary Disease1154321719
Barlow Pulmonary Med Grp Inc CAPulmonary Disease1174523831
Peter Lu Brion CAPulmonary Disease1801896311
Nancy Linneman NYPulmonary Disease1003816604
Ann Elizabeth Medinger DCPulmonary Disease1609876143
Scott Herbert Beegle NYPulmonary Disease1437159837
James V Martino PAPulmonary Disease1144220567
Peter G. Polos NJPulmonary Disease1285634501
Dilipkumar J. Patel PAPulmonary Disease1609876010
Orlando A Filos MIPulmonary Disease1407856875
Thomas J O Neill VAPulmonary Disease1467452706
Numan A Arafat TXPulmonary Disease1043210396
Yousuf A Dawoodjee FLPulmonary Disease1639179997
Thomas Morgan Hyers MOPulmonary Disease1629078985
Frazer A Wadenstorer MIPulmonary Disease1861492167
Richard William Pomerantz NCPulmonary Disease1154321321
Rafael Angel Morales PAPulmonary Disease1770583957
M V Thomas MIPulmonary Disease1023018330
Piyush C Patel MIPulmonary Disease1932109246
Joseph K Varghese MIPulmonary Disease1740280049
William W Henderson VAPulmonary Disease1497755680
Erasto Cortes TXPulmonary Disease1154321263
Bradley Rowens MIPulmonary Disease1306846431
Steven Jacoby NJPulmonary Disease1619977667
Kevin K Lee CAPulmonary Disease1245230333
Thomas Daniel Kaelin SCPulmonary Disease1740280841
David Keith Handshoe SCPulmonary Disease1659371755
Gonzalo A Diaz TXPulmonary Disease1134129240
Karl Scott Miller SCPulmonary Disease1902806011
West Pasco Pulmonary Associates, Re Lp Pulmonary Disease1366442410
Jose F Pascual FLPulmonary Disease1801896956
South Carolina Sleep Medicine Llc SCPulmonary Disease1174523286
Bohdan Mykola Pichurko OHPulmonary Disease1538169651
John Wai-ying Yee CAPulmonary Disease1497755466
Bill N Wong CAPulmonary Disease1477553444


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