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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Scott L. Shofer NCPulmonary Disease1538156070
Ima, Inc. INPulmonary Disease1710974266
Jenny Stay Machuca FLPulmonary Disease1578550943
Pulmonary Associates Of The Southern Tier, P.c. NYPulmonary Disease1548257025
Negin Hajizadeh MAPulmonary Disease1760479190
Kyungmee Kim NYPulmonary Disease1518954957
Summit Sleep And Lung Associates, P.c. Pulmonary Disease1336136779
Olimpia A Radu CTPulmonary Disease1447247788
Gerald Luger ILPulmonary Disease1992792253
David Fitzgerald Jones VAPulmonary Disease1194712414
Donna Marie Romito CTPulmonary Disease1134116353
Nelson A Bondhus CTPulmonary Disease1245227586
Michael Stephen Ptaszynski CTPulmonary Disease1063409308
Yin Fei Hung CTPulmonary Disease1588651822
Nagireddy Kamireddy CTPulmonary Disease1093702334
Steven L Powell CTPulmonary Disease1356338560
William M Anderson PAPulmonary Disease1245227339
Thomas J Gross IAPulmonary Disease1861489973
Herbert A Berger IAPulmonary Disease1366439473
Dwight C Look IAPulmonary Disease1386631430
Robert A Fasoli FLPulmonary Disease1790772770
Franklin J Myers PAPulmonary Disease1780671784
Jose Medina GAPulmonary Disease1417944513
Heidi A Berdin AZPulmonary Disease1659368751
Bartolome R Celli MAPulmonary Disease1699762773
David E Law FLPulmonary Disease1952398943
Robert C Gilroy PAPulmonary Disease1063409068
Richard G Lupton NCPulmonary Disease1326035353
Javier Francisco Aduen FLPulmonary Disease1699762641
Kenneth George Gould OHPulmonary Disease1629065578
Arturo A Meade ARPulmonary Disease1639166556
David R Nichols ARPulmonary Disease1528055449
Marshall Scott Irby LAPulmonary Disease1679560411
George Ira Grayson VAPulmonary Disease1285621060
Thomas Henry Scott VAPulmonary Disease1528056249
Kenneth R Lander PAPulmonary Disease1154318988
Kent S Kapitan ILPulmonary Disease1194713958
Guy Shir Livnat CAPulmonary Disease1881682656
Lorraine Marlin Massa CAPulmonary Disease1770571549
Lanie E Eagleton ILPulmonary Disease1205824059
Anil Mattoo NYPulmonary Disease1356339139
Physicians For Pulmonary & Critical Care Corp Pulmonary Disease1659369452
Emil J Ros PAPulmonary Disease1548258171
Kumar P Yogesh TNPulmonary Disease1366430993
James Woodrow Weiss MAPulmonary Disease1770571481
Bapu Premchand Arekapudi ILPulmonary Disease1811985401
Mahmood O Dweik TXPulmonary Disease1245228741
Christopher J Begley PAPulmonary Disease1679561179
Salman S Sheikh AZPulmonary Disease1396731493
Louis T Gidel FLPulmonary Disease1790771723
Bolling Cross Haygood LAPulmonary Disease1396731915
Paul G Gianaris INPulmonary Disease1528052974
Francisco X Tamayo INPulmonary Disease1982691804
Robert J Mangialardi TNPulmonary Disease1477548675
David A Jarvis TNPulmonary Disease1457346132
Lake Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders Clinic P.a. FLPulmonary Disease1962497545
Faisal S Hamada MAPulmonary Disease1851387799
Prima Medical Foundation CAPulmonary Disease1548258106
Joaquim S Tavares NVPulmonary Disease1437147295
Wael Eid NVPulmonary Disease1285622068
Michael J. Akerman NYPulmonary Disease1821082074
Raymond E Lewis SCPulmonary Disease1861488538
Michael Patrick Simons AZPulmonary Disease1881681534
Indira Sastry LAPulmonary Disease1659367175
Good Samaritan Hospital Pulmonary Disease1790771343
Mohammad Sameer Shafi ILPulmonary Disease1528052792
Upendra Dhanjal Md Plc MIPulmonary Disease1346614773
Youssef Salim Anid FLPulmonary Disease1902891864
Charles J Grodzin GAPulmonary Disease1215904859
Kimberley A Marquis CAPulmonary Disease1154315331
Peter Karczmar RIPulmonary Disease1124015813
Michael Pomerantz RIPulmonary Disease1437146131
Sandip R Desai TXPulmonary Disease1497741037
Craig S. Shapiro COPulmonary Disease1386638799
Gracia Louis Nabhane MOPulmonary Disease1184610917
Harbhajan Singh ILPulmonary Disease1225025760
Juan Carlos Acevedo-crespo FLPulmonary Disease1720074545
Sachal H Badlani NYPulmonary Disease1770579260
Lung Consultant Of South Florida, Llc FLPulmonary Disease1184086019
Coastal Medical Inc Pulmonary Disease1609863828
Joseph K Rosman ILPulmonary Disease1760478754
Nitin Anand Dhaon FLPulmonary Disease1710972203
Joanne C Kirby ILPulmonary Disease1629061114
Jack W Horng NYPulmonary Disease1922093376
Sean Kevin Mcveigh PAPulmonary Disease1497749378
Annette M Colavita PAPulmonary Disease1164410718
Samuel Thomas Jennings NYPulmonary Disease1164419636
Benjamin Gee Chang NYPulmonary Disease1669467023
Fabriccio Melanio Letellier FLPulmonary Disease1285620088
Ralph Lewis Haynes GAPulmonary Disease1114912706
Pulmonary Physicians Of South Florida Llc Pulmonary Disease1902892060
Ermilo D Dilley TXPulmonary Disease1528054723
Lung Specialists Of Merrimack Pulmonary Disease1881688323
Beverly A Goldberg MAPulmonary Disease1154316693
Howard David Diener FLPulmonary Disease1326033895
Jeremy Tabak FLPulmonary Disease1609862515
Jonathan Minder Rosen CTPulmonary Disease1821084419
Hudman A. Hoo FLPulmonary Disease1396730339
Robert Leon Clark WAPulmonary Disease1508850181
Steven John Escobar CAPulmonary Disease1245226117
Eric Trueblood INPulmonary Disease1215924675
Earl P Robinson NYPulmonary Disease1992792238
Sridhar H Dasari MAPulmonary Disease1912991068
Tareq Jamil NVPulmonary Disease1750379541
Jaime L Ibarrola AZPulmonary Disease1780671198
Barry Forrest Tillman LAPulmonary Disease1457349110
Celso T Ebeo TNPulmonary Disease1104812734
Robin Stacey Lucas NJPulmonary Disease1841286697
Kunwar P Vohra INPulmonary Disease1215922596
Taiwen Chen PAPulmonary Disease1629062385
Maria B Gesualdo NYPulmonary Disease1407840614
Emory H Robinette VAPulmonary Disease1942296645
Arthur Wai Sung LAPulmonary Disease1942297809
Jeffrey A Greenhouse NYPulmonary Disease1790770048
Muhammad Raees CAPulmonary Disease1205820420
Ram K Puri GAPulmonary Disease1174518856
G Andrew Sulit AZPulmonary Disease1588657910
Roy N Everett NCPulmonary Disease1316930787
Merrill Ralph Nisam CAPulmonary Disease1205824067
John T. Peters FLPulmonary Disease1376531103
Alan Wesley Purvis ALPulmonary Disease1932193414
Brian Reynolds Sinclair ALPulmonary Disease1013901594
Marvin Walker Sexton ALPulmonary Disease1659365138
Huw Owen-reece NCPulmonary Disease1609860188
Richard G Evans PAPulmonary Disease1003803099
Akshay Sood NMPulmonary Disease1083602841
Geoffrey L Serfilippi NYPulmonary Disease1942295290
Robert M Gordon OKPulmonary Disease1093701658
Mohammad A Alsoub TNPulmonary Disease1063407534
Philippe G. Lopez COPulmonary Disease1497740591
Robert M Zaccagnini PAPulmonary Disease1134116866
Wallace Dale Prophet MTPulmonary Disease1942294426
Craig Michael Rundbaken AZPulmonary Disease1720072903
Jyotir K. Mehta GAPulmonary Disease1306830203
Bao Quoc Luu CAPulmonary Disease1871588020
Dan Emil Olson OHPulmonary Disease1568458578
Ronald Gilman RIPulmonary Disease1346237039
James Myers RIPulmonary Disease1578550265
Jeffrey R Hammersley OHPulmonary Disease1639165897
James C Willey OHPulmonary Disease1821084831
Mary Jo S Farmer MAPulmonary Disease1942296108
Martin Joseph Leidinger AZPulmonary Disease1780672329
Phillip Wayne Jones TNPulmonary Disease1871588806
Emil A Deliere PAPulmonary Disease1952395873
William Robert Sims PAPulmonary Disease1790779494
Ragheb A Assaly OHPulmonary Disease1134115389
Angela Sue Collins IAPulmonary Disease1629061130
Katrina A Guest IAPulmonary Disease1346234341
Amerlon L Enriquez IAPulmonary Disease1689668949
Robert S Wright CAPulmonary Disease1962498550
Jeffrey Leon Kupperman CAPulmonary Disease1104810738
Ronald G Ungerer CAPulmonary Disease1255327813
Joseph Q Henkle ILPulmonary Disease1629066477
Leon S Harris NYPulmonary Disease1881688851
Deborah A Shapiro NYPulmonary Disease1043204084
Olusegun A Oseni TXPulmonary Disease1982699005
Joshua Marc Fiss Rubenfeld MDPulmonary Disease1639164494
Mitchell Pfeiffer INPulmonary Disease1366437634
Frank Casty PAPulmonary Disease1114915683
Robert Durkin MDPulmonary Disease1114915535
Luigi Terminella TXPulmonary Disease1063400406
Selwyn Spangenthal NCPulmonary Disease1710975297
Gregg Garner CAPulmonary Disease1023006418
Eric Makolo NYPulmonary Disease1558359935
John K Naylor WAPulmonary Disease1467440727
Timothy Michael Chestnut WAPulmonary Disease1376531632
Syed S Razmi OHPulmonary Disease1265420533
Frank Henry Arlinghaus NJPulmonary Disease1528056793
Southeast Texas Pulmonary Associates Llp Pulmonary Disease1578551859
Anne Elizabeth O'donnell DCPulmonary Disease1629066899
David M Weiner OHPulmonary Disease1063400232
Paul Terry Tsivitse OHPulmonary Disease1083602262
Girish Himatlal Mehta AZPulmonary Disease1508854787
Edwin Salsitz NYPulmonary Disease1780672964
Raj Kishore Mulpuri AZPulmonary Disease1669460853
Iraj Delfani ILPulmonary Disease1336137710
Warren William Simi TXPulmonary Disease1255329561
Robert Thomas Solis TXPulmonary Disease1093703217
Amikam Zighelboim Nieman & Goodman Md P A Pulmonary Disease1396733655
Raymond John Salomone OHPulmonary Disease1962490235
Dennis R Stevenson FLPulmonary Disease1942298179
Sharon Reilly O'brien DCPulmonary Disease1477541647
Brydon J.b. Grant NCPulmonary Disease1962490128
Byron T Westerfield KYPulmonary Disease1205824372
Glenn Joseph Meden OHPulmonary Disease1972591121
Intermed Medical Consultants Inc Pulmonary Disease1003804139
Anthony M Smeglin MAPulmonary Disease1164410122
Mohsin K Bajwa TXPulmonary Disease1497743462
Seyed Ahmed Javadpoor AZPulmonary Disease1194713263
Williamstown Medical Associates Pc Pulmonary Disease1154319200
Christopher Mark Blais LAPulmonary Disease1861480915
Ubaldo Martin PAPulmonary Disease1447248497
Ramon G Canto WAPulmonary Disease1386632487
John Curtis Perry VAPulmonary Disease1952399073
Ather J Siddiqi TXPulmonary Disease1700874716
Salah Y Ghobrial TXPulmonary Disease1518955525
Mark J. Berenberg MAPulmonary Disease1942298971
Steven Dunning Brown TXPulmonary Disease1700874682
John J Chabalko DEPulmonary Disease1467440354
Gary W Hunninghake IAPulmonary Disease1619965522


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