Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Jay Klein 93901, CAPulmonary Disease1093718165
John Frederick Rinderknecht 93901, CAPulmonary Disease1194728261
Ricardo Rafael Vega 92590, CAPulmonary Disease1982607750
Jagan Bansal 90042, CAPulmonary Disease1932102456
Michael Steven Davis 95336, CAPulmonary Disease1225031693
Sherif Gabriel Henein 91360, CAPulmonary Disease1225031784
Ronald Sean Batin 95482, CAPulmonary Disease1114920733
Jarnail S Gugga 91790, CAPulmonary Disease1598769846
Herve J. Dumont 90029, CAPulmonary Disease1982608238
Paul Ronald Block 91360, CAPulmonary Disease1598767550
Lawrence Arthur Baker 91360, CAPulmonary Disease1922000983
Allan Douglas Siefkin 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1033113758
Gibbe Hull Parsons 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1932103520
Edward M. Omron 95037, CAPulmonary Disease1134123755
H. Babaali, M.d. Medical Inc. 90404, CAPulmonary Disease1649274093
Ronald A Kass 95210, CAPulmonary Disease1043215270
Henry Hinchung Tan 94705, CAPulmonary Disease1366447369
Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates A Medical Corporation 94062, CAPulmonary Disease1720083157
Philip Westbrook 92661, CAPulmonary Disease1801891684
Ashok Kumar 90250, CAPulmonary Disease1518963032
Raed A Al-naser 91942, CAPulmonary Disease1770589293
George R Hancock 92243, CAPulmonary Disease1326044637
Shailesh S Patel 91505, CAPulmonary Disease1174520761
Steven B. Leven 92868, CAPulmonary Disease1538166780
Lakeside Medical Associates, A Medical Group, Inc. 91505, CAPulmonary Disease1861499535
Mohammad Reza Nahed 91345, CAPulmonary Disease1043218563
Larry I Emdur 92120, CAPulmonary Disease1932109642
Southwest Pulmonary Medical Group 91914, CAPulmonary Disease1497755011
Peter Lu Brion 94015, CAPulmonary Disease1801896311
John Wai-ying Yee 94588, CAPulmonary Disease1497755466
Bill N Wong 94588, CAPulmonary Disease1477553444
Christopher K Ho 90026, CAPulmonary Disease1578563797
Robert T Savage 92024, CAPulmonary Disease1881694891
Saqib Rashid 93274, CAPulmonary Disease1922009752
Kuldeep S Gill 93720, CAPulmonary Disease1184623969
David R Nelson 90026, CAPulmonary Disease1700886975
Andrew Ross Weymer 93030, CAPulmonary Disease1689675514
William Scott Sageman 95501, CAPulmonary Disease1417957168
Gang Bao 92120, CAPulmonary Disease1922008598
Charanjit Saroa 91321, CAPulmonary Disease1720089469
Navid Hakimian Md A Professional Corp 90045, CAPulmonary Disease1619979606
Thomas Carey Farrell 92055, CAPulmonary Disease1992707830
Thomas E Lawrie 92123, CAPulmonary Disease1124020755
John R. Lemoine 92123, CAPulmonary Disease1073505707
David C Willms 92123, CAPulmonary Disease1285626747
Davies Wong 92123, CAPulmonary Disease1841282407
Gregory B. Tirdel 96161, CAPulmonary Disease1821080144
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95816, CAPulmonary Disease1437142692
Charles F. Landers 92123, CAPulmonary Disease1336132331
Ann M Lee 93105, CAPulmonary Disease1619960556
Chand Khanna 91321, CAPulmonary Disease1699776302
George C Yu 93010, CAPulmonary Disease1245231968
Valencia Pulmonary Medical Group Inc. 91321, CAPulmonary Disease1932100070
Edgar Ardila 92505, CAPulmonary Disease1295729648
Nader Kamangar 94598, CAPulmonary Disease1922093285
Aamir Ahmed Faruqui 94598, CAPulmonary Disease1184619447
Ramin Khashayar 94598, CAPulmonary Disease1003801358
Shan Chu 91754, CAPulmonary Disease1760477939
Eric Owusu Buadu 94598, CAPulmonary Disease1316932965
Roger Amerian 91307, CAPulmonary Disease1033105614
Mark D Weissig 92835, CAPulmonary Disease1649266032
Antony G Rodas 90266, CAPulmonary Disease1265428189
Guy Shir Livnat 94904, CAPulmonary Disease1881682656
Lorraine Marlin Massa 94010, CAPulmonary Disease1770571549
Prima Medical Foundation 94904, CAPulmonary Disease1548258106
Joaquim S Tavares 89148, CAPulmonary Disease1437147295
Wael Eid 89148, CAPulmonary Disease1285622068
Kimberley A Marquis 94609, CAPulmonary Disease1154315331
Harbhajan Singh 95336, CAPulmonary Disease1225025760
Steven John Escobar 92037, CAPulmonary Disease1245226117
Arthur Wai Sung 11215, CAPulmonary Disease1942297809
Muhammad Raees 94509, CAPulmonary Disease1205820420
Merrill Ralph Nisam 94904, CAPulmonary Disease1205824067
Bao Quoc Luu 92037, CAPulmonary Disease1871588020
Robert S Wright 93105, CAPulmonary Disease1962498550
Jeffrey Leon Kupperman 93105, CAPulmonary Disease1104810738
Ronald G Ungerer 93105, CAPulmonary Disease1255327813
Gregg Garner 92103, CAPulmonary Disease1023006418
Richard M. Sankary 94564, CAPulmonary Disease1861481541
Oxnard Camarillo Pulmonary And Internal Medicine Medical Group 93030, CAPulmonary Disease1093705279
Bennet Lipper 93030, CAPulmonary Disease1235129420
John R Walters 93030, CAPulmonary Disease1013907203
Donald R Doyle 94533, CAPulmonary Disease1699766220
Theodore G Hostetler 93030, CAPulmonary Disease1265423859
Rakesh Chander Gupta 92583, CAPulmonary Disease1871574996
Laura Elise Alexander 92093, CAPulmonary Disease1952382046
David J Campisi 90732, CAPulmonary Disease1346221199
Paul J Marks 94574, CAPulmonary Disease1669454310
Kam Yung Lau 92506, CAPulmonary Disease1821070632
Marc B. Schenker 95616, CAPulmonary Disease1225010622
Caryn Lum 94612, CAPulmonary Disease1497738884
David R Riker 92103, CAPulmonary Disease1164405528
Sara Rachael Kossuth 91307, CAPulmonary Disease1417930603
David James Carlson 94535, CAPulmonary Disease1043292238
Charles C. Mcdonald 94115, CAPulmonary Disease1477543155
Earl S. Young 91106, CAPulmonary Disease1639151830
Kin C Wong Md A Professional Corp 91203, CAPulmonary Disease1013998616
Atul Malhotra 92103, CAPulmonary Disease1982695169
Harvey Victor Brown 90015, CAPulmonary Disease1235111717
Timothy Eugene Albertson 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1184607236
Divya Thai 90503, CAPulmonary Disease1861475808
Nicholas J Kenyon 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1689657512
Susan Murin 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1063495935
Gary Jordan Leeds 95603, CAPulmonary Disease1417930967
Richart William Harper 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1659355980
Mark Velimir Avdalovic 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1649254467
Terese Catherine Hammond 93901, CAPulmonary Disease1407831829
Andrew Chan 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1114902426
Brian Michael Morrissey 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1992780209
Michael Schivo 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1164407318
Samuel Louie 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1811972920
Seth Philip Robinson 95695, CAPulmonary Disease1891770798
H William Bonekat 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1992780787
David Z Tzeng 95816, CAPulmonary Disease1780660324
Carroll E Cross 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1639155930
Michael John Thornton 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1003892233
Central Coast Chest Consultants A Medical Corporation 93401, CAPulmonary Disease1740267574
Babatunde Adekunle Otulana 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1306823166
Eric Jeffrey Schultz 93401, CAPulmonary Disease1114904919
Kimberly A Hardin 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1235116732
George L Schiffman 92691, CAPulmonary Disease1104803188
Mustafa Michael Kazemi 94583, CAPulmonary Disease1861479768
David L Balfe 90048, CAPulmonary Disease1265410146
Laura R Morgan 92211, CAPulmonary Disease1023096831
Laura R Morgan Md Inc 92211, CAPulmonary Disease1225016843
Scott Alan Eisman 92024, CAPulmonary Disease1275511420
Pulmonary Disease Ct 92801, CAPulmonary Disease1811975832
Edward Jay Bold 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1174502009
Khalid Mohamed Eltawil 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1396724399
John Takeo Abe 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1578542569
Mayur C Patel 91505, CAPulmonary Disease1669451571
Robert Sing-yick Chang 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1902885833
Deren Mark Sinkowitz 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1619957750
Brian Keith Wong 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1316926488
Nicholas S Stollenwerk 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1376523472
Christian E Sandrock 95816, CAPulmonary Disease1013997030
Hugh B Black 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1376523498
Kara Rakoczy-byun 94612, CAPulmonary Disease1912987934
Don Hodges 95062, CAPulmonary Disease1437139284
Amir Arfaei 93003, CAPulmonary Disease1841270584
Franciscus Marius Delen 94114, CAPulmonary Disease1770563041
Rakesh K Bhola 92801, CAPulmonary Disease1518937754
Forest H Mealey 94609, CAPulmonary Disease1780664136
Don M Fernandez 95815, CAPulmonary Disease1972583755
Adnan Begovic 92103, CAPulmonary Disease1093791014
Mario J Cole 93901, CAPulmonary Disease1356328991
Robert Llewellyn Owens 92103, CAPulmonary Disease1972589265
Jeffrey F Parker 95503, CAPulmonary Disease1689650889
John S Millar 95817, CAPulmonary Disease1023092871
Shan A Nathan 93534, CAPulmonary Disease1396724985
Jason Y Lin 92404, CAPulmonary Disease1588634059
John Frederick Shield 95370, CAPulmonary Disease1033189634
Thomas Michael Hellwig 92404, CAPulmonary Disease1275503963
Richard Casaburi 90502, CAPulmonary Disease1639149289
Dennis Eugene Amundson 92024, CAPulmonary Disease1477524403
Kenneth Lee Eisenberg 92134, CAPulmonary Disease1134190945
David A. Bradshaw 92134, CAPulmonary Disease1104897800
Robert E Thompson 91325, CAPulmonary Disease1982675666
Michael Stimson Tripp 92134, CAPulmonary Disease1467424671
John Scott Parrish 92134, CAPulmonary Disease1073585899
Steven Y Chang 07103, CAPulmonary Disease1376515023
Richard M Effros 90502, CAPulmonary Disease1306818885
Vinod Kumar Ghai 91754, CAPulmonary Disease1104899368
Nicholas E Vlahakis 55905, CAPulmonary Disease1598738601
Thomas D Lei 95128, CAPulmonary Disease1225001027
Atul Aggarwal 93065, CAPulmonary Disease1275506859
William Wayne Hooper 92024, CAPulmonary Disease1720052988
Gilbert Seda 92134, CAPulmonary Disease1568436350
Sanjay V. Vadgama 91403, CAPulmonary Disease1679548556
Chitra Ramakrishnan 91106, CAPulmonary Disease1134194186
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group 94110, CAPulmonary Disease1336114495
John E. Hodgkin 94576, CAPulmonary Disease1285609172
Lawrence Alan Coskey 94010, CAPulmonary Disease1942276738
Mehran Farid-moayer 94010, CAPulmonary Disease1184690984
Steven Michael Taback 91505, CAPulmonary Disease1225004021
Dinesh M Kumar 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1043286842
James Joseph Roach 91505, CAPulmonary Disease1083680896
Bernard Jay Steyer 94010, CAPulmonary Disease1699741454
Sharad S Patel 91505, CAPulmonary Disease1548236243
Tyler S Jung 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1194791772
Donald Ho 94010, CAPulmonary Disease1316913973
Chan-chou Chuang 90505, CAPulmonary Disease1073589248
Donald Mark Kroe 91106, CAPulmonary Disease1811963762
Elton Sadao Katagihara 91007, CAPulmonary Disease1275509135
Linda Shen 91106, CAPulmonary Disease1700852696
Harish Hk Murthy 95124, CAPulmonary Disease1922074061
Peter Meade Browne 91007, CAPulmonary Disease1730156670
Pratap Saraf 91007, CAPulmonary Disease1356317242
John Patrick Carmody 91106, CAPulmonary Disease1598732448
John Joseph Vandyke 91106, CAPulmonary Disease1225005192
David Richard Ratto 91007, CAPulmonary Disease1528035417
Delbert Henry Meyer 95608, CAPulmonary Disease1801863766
Carlos Garcia Makabali 90640, CAPulmonary Disease1104893072
Robert B. Shpiner 90095, CAPulmonary Disease1427025303
Emiro Burbano 95116, CAPulmonary Disease1790752293
Kiumars Saketkhoo 90602, CAPulmonary Disease1093782518
Houman Dahi 92103, CAPulmonary Disease1598732604
Raymond J Casciari 92868, CAPulmonary Disease1467420273
Deborah Helen Milligan 90806, CAPulmonary Disease1568430098
John Z Metcalfe 94110, CAPulmonary Disease1154399350


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