Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Armand John Wolff 06610, CTPulmonary Disease1093719700
Franklin Medical Group, Pc 06706, CTPulmonary Disease1780686964
M Hasan Yekta 06108, CTPulmonary Disease1669476016
Todd M Bishop 06457, CTPulmonary Disease1497750152
University Of Connecticut Health Center 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1720083769
Raymond J Foley 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1699770453
Nausherwan K Burki 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1821094251
Daniel P Mcnally 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1497751408
Michael G. Genovesi 06051, CTPulmonary Disease1013913995
Marcy L. Goldstein 06053, CTPulmonary Disease1912903808
Nelson Tan Chao 06484, CTPulmonary Disease1619974896
Robert Joseph Bundy 06226, CTPulmonary Disease1962400630
Paul J Licata 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1225036981
Cynthia Curioso-uy 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1790783264
Mark Metersky 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1881692044
Asher Qureshi 06105, CTPulmonary Disease1568460434
Bimalin Lahiri 06105, CTPulmonary Disease1841298700
Daniel Gerardi 06105, CTPulmonary Disease1538167424
Christine Wollschlager 06518, CTPulmonary Disease1750380200
Tapas Bandyopadhyay 06033, CTPulmonary Disease1861491839
Richard Zuwallack 06105, CTPulmonary Disease1033111455
Norwalk Medical Group, Pc 06851, CTPulmonary Disease1700878733
Richard Peter Giosa 06451, CTPulmonary Disease1659363042
Ganesh C Natarajan 06804, CTPulmonary Disease1073506317
Phyllis Schatz 06105, CTPulmonary Disease1851393276
Janet Hilbert 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1275535015
Andrew M Murphy 06851, CTPulmonary Disease1821080375
Larry Stephen Wasser 06804, CTPulmonary Disease1124011457
Daniel Jay Rudolph 06611, CTPulmonary Disease1356335707
Adil Salam 06611, CTPulmonary Disease1508850959
Stephen Peter Caminiti 06010, CTPulmonary Disease1144216045
Olimpia A Radu 06360, CTPulmonary Disease1447247788
Donna Marie Romito 06360, CTPulmonary Disease1134116353
Nelson A Bondhus 06010, CTPulmonary Disease1245227586
Michael Stephen Ptaszynski 06010, CTPulmonary Disease1063409308
Yin Fei Hung 06010, CTPulmonary Disease1588651822
Nagireddy Kamireddy 06226, CTPulmonary Disease1093702334
Steven L Powell 06360, CTPulmonary Disease1356338560
Jonathan Minder Rosen 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1821084419
Paul Mayo 10003, CTPulmonary Disease1831189075
Lawrence Mann Glaubiger 06082, CTPulmonary Disease1497736466
Carlos Fragoso 06516, CTPulmonary Disease1366423063
Rose Malfa 06492, CTPulmonary Disease1275514507
Hartford Physician Services Pc 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1164404117
Carrie A Redlich 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1942282686
Sumangala F Huded 06480, CTPulmonary Disease1316920564
Mridu Gulati 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1548243629
John R Mcardle 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1124001284
Richard A Matthay 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1992788061
Mircea O Badara 06051, CTPulmonary Disease1801877865
Vahid Mohsenin 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1861475931
David G Morris 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1942283015
Jack A Elias 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1053394114
Erica Lyndrup Herzog 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1962485029
Geoffrey Lal Chupp 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1811970577
Prabhash Ganguli 06457, CTPulmonary Disease1326021817
Naseema Merchant 06457, CTPulmonary Disease1679556286
Raymond Schoonmaker 06457, CTPulmonary Disease1609859222
Terence Keith Trow 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1215911722
Lynn T Tanoue 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1538143052
Carolyn L Rochester 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1770567190
Lloyd N Friedman 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1245214287
Ernest D Moritz 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1689659898
Peter R Rogol 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1053396275
Brett J Gerstenhaber 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1831174051
Kevin J Twohig 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1972588911
Margaret Ann Pisani 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1366427213
Lauren E Cohn 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1306821251
Francoise Joelle Roux 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1679558449
Mark Siegel 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1700861598
Marlene Schwartz 06226, CTPulmonary Disease1003892829
William Preskenis 06033, CTPulmonary Disease1104803808
David Grise 06033, CTPulmonary Disease1982681599
John Rodgers 06033, CTPulmonary Disease1588641112
Jose L Mendez 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1689651903
Michael Mcnamee 06052, CTPulmonary Disease1285612622
Steven Prunk 06052, CTPulmonary Disease1396724365
Paul Scalise 06052, CTPulmonary Disease1255310223
Herbert Knight 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1609851815
Lewis Berman 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1699745182
Jonathan Fine 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1326019340
Stephen M Winter 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1447221197
Jonathan Thomas Puchalski 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1215909072
Jock D Lawrason 06762, CTPulmonary Disease1629042296
Charles A Polnitsky 06762, CTPulmonary Disease1609840289
John A Day 06260, CTPulmonary Disease1174599427
Angelapia Degirolamo 06610, CTPulmonary Disease1023087996
John Frederick Anderson 11743, CTPulmonary Disease1740249580
Mario F Perez 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1104891738
Soundview Medical Associates, Llc. 06851, CTPulmonary Disease1306805130
Middlesex Hospital 06457, CTPulmonary Disease1972563138
Margaret E. Woznica 06226, CTPulmonary Disease1154399558
Paul Sachs 06902, CTPulmonary Disease1649232356
Mihai Smina 10462, CTPulmonary Disease1730142936
Wassim H Fares 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1306800099
Kevin W Watson 06051, CTPulmonary Disease1205891280
Richard Niel Krinsky 06790, CTPulmonary Disease1124084819
Windham Family Medical Services, Pc 06226, CTPulmonary Disease1902863749
Samer T Morcos 06226, CTPulmonary Disease1043277890
Debapriya Datta 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1942258975
John-paul Ayala 06611, CTPulmonary Disease1740239912
Northeastern Pulmonary Associates Llc 06066, CTPulmonary Disease1730134305
Faustinus C Onyirimba 06066, CTPulmonary Disease1831145549
Primed Llc 06606, CTPulmonary Disease1023055530
David A Wasserstein 06066, CTPulmonary Disease1841239068
Aydin Uzun Pinar 06511, CTPulmonary Disease1629017959
Mohammed S Anwar 06066, CTPulmonary Disease1669411104
Niall J Duhig 02891, CTPulmonary Disease1578503967
Nicole Regan Weinreb 06457, CTPulmonary Disease1962447136
Robert Aaron Sheiman 06614, CTPulmonary Disease1497791008
Hilary C Cain 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1184651069
Dominic J Roca 06902, CTPulmonary Disease1871521518
Lester J Krasnogor 06902, CTPulmonary Disease1134157787
James S Krinsley 06902, CTPulmonary Disease1386672038
Gregory Myrus Colodner 06706, CTPulmonary Disease1881623288
Saint Raphael Faculty Physicians 06511, CTPulmonary Disease1932138138
Madhu Siddaveere Gowda 06483, CTPulmonary Disease1104856921
Kenneth J Dobuler 06418, CTPulmonary Disease1518997352
Kathleen M Chaisson 06418, CTPulmonary Disease1932130259
Eugene Bunnell 07601, CTPulmonary Disease1770512089
Jonathan Mark Gordon 06877, CTPulmonary Disease1124057005
Sakshi Sethi 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1518270826
Anton N Chinniah 06610, CTPulmonary Disease1265465835
Lifeco Medical, P.c. 11375, CTPulmonary Disease1922031905
Eric Jimenez 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1619902285
John Chronakos 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1609801273
David Oelberg 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1932134400
Alliance Medical Group Of Greater Waterbury Pc 06762, CTPulmonary Disease1750306015
Ann Lorraine Hume 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1710904404
Younus F Masih 06082, CTPulmonary Disease1326065079
Douglas Kahn 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1063431682
Jennifer Papa-kanaan 06030, CTPulmonary Disease1972522076
Stasia J Wieber 06825, CTPulmonary Disease1366461477
Prashant Grover 06105, CTPulmonary Disease1013939214
Michael J Franco 06830, CTPulmonary Disease1750305686
Jo-anne A Cosgriff 06762, CTPulmonary Disease1942224902
A Michael Marino 06830, CTPulmonary Disease1902810583
Sharon A Diamen 06102, CTPulmonary Disease1790791937
Alan L Bier 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1831108380
Louis V Buckley 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1275543043
Jonathan Gordon, Md Llc 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1225040892
Robert J Keltner 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1154436483
Richard S. Silverman 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1679680110
David G. Hill 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1033226584
Robert J Mcdonald 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1023125549
Southeastern Pulmonary Assoc. Pc 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1295754273
Michael B Teiger 06117, CTPulmonary Disease1245343672
Michael B Teiger Md Pc 06002, CTPulmonary Disease1952414385
Donald E Mcnicol 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1912920034
Murugesapillai Ganesan 06460, CTPulmonary Disease1639286073
Philip Simkovitz 06611, CTPulmonary Disease1346358744
Saima J Ansari 06360, CTPulmonary Disease1841309192
John S Urbanetti 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1720181209
Kanagaratnam Jegathesan 06705, CTPulmonary Disease1497859409
Eric Shore 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1932203494
Michael Conway 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1053415505
Erika Cappelluti 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1396840872
Richard A Smith 06451, CTPulmonary Disease1689770950
Amy Marie Ahasic 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1619073210
Charles P Cochran 06851, CTPulmonary Disease1962509489
Ian D Weir 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1548368293
John Votto 06053, CTPulmonary Disease1518059757
Carl B Sherter 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1083706170
Jane Marie Doyle 06241, CTPulmonary Disease1457443236
John Gayloard Teeter 06516, CTPulmonary Disease1316039274
Gold Coast Pulmonary And Sleep Associates, Llc 06320, CTPulmonary Disease1821180621
Christopher Edward Manfredi 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1104910215
Caroline Paula Kurtz 06850, CTPulmonary Disease1720172836
Danielle Elyse Antin-ozerkis 06520, CTPulmonary Disease1336234947
Matthew Miller 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1790871150
Nitai Riegler 06460, CTPulmonary Disease1225124514
Charles Dela Cruz 06513, CTPulmonary Disease1467548396
Fielding Johnson 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1346336237
Michael A Imevbore 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1679660021
David H Bushell 06825, CTPulmonary Disease1144301839
Eric I Gentry 06825, CTPulmonary Disease1134200827
Philip E Greenspan 06825, CTPulmonary Disease1568543288
Kathleen M Akgun 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1114009917
Christine H. Won 06510, CTPulmonary Disease1306923255
Richard M Weinberg 06902, CTPulmonary Disease1477632305
John Lucian Davis 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1124124144
Elizabeth A Mirabile Levens 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1437234622
John Russomanno 06106, CTPulmonary Disease1023112596
Starling Physicians Pc 06051, CTPulmonary Disease1255448155
Starling Physicians, Pc 06067, CTPulmonary Disease1467537290
Day Kimball Healthcare, Inc. 06260, CTPulmonary Disease1265540967
Robert Frederic Knauft 06102, CTPulmonary Disease1619071180
Anuradha Ramaswamy 06519, CTPulmonary Disease1023113644
Pulmonary Physicians Of Norwich Pc 06360, CTPulmonary Disease1457426934
The Greenwich Medical Group 06830, CTPulmonary Disease1558436766
Beata Edyta Popis-matejak 10029, CTPulmonary Disease1013084086
Patricia Ann Tietjen 06810, CTPulmonary Disease1831258656
Saul Joseph Ahola 06241, CTPulmonary Disease1659431716
Michael David Parker 06069, CTPulmonary Disease1144382664
Meir Kryger 06492, CTPulmonary Disease1609938919
Curtland Chester Brown 06489, CTPulmonary Disease1366594913
Paul M. Greif, M.d., L.l.c. 06360, CTPulmonary Disease1780726158
Toshita Kumar 06010, CTPulmonary Disease1447392485
Michael J Franco, Md, Llc 06830, CTPulmonary Disease1144364571
Waterbury Pulmonary Associates 06708, CTPulmonary Disease1669501532


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