Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Victor G. Ghobrial 34208, FLPulmonary Disease1194728279
Aluino Lawrence Ochoa 32796, FLPulmonary Disease1215939509
Lee Clarke Kirkman 33607, FLPulmonary Disease1568465953
S M S Do Pa 34668, FLPulmonary Disease1346244100
Jimmy C Chan-pong 33803, FLPulmonary Disease1144224718
Jeremy S Breit 33487, FLPulmonary Disease1275538944
Aaron Schwartz 33351, FLPulmonary Disease1184629800
Ricardo Rivera-morales 32796, FLPulmonary Disease1801892245
Dennis L College 33756, FLPulmonary Disease1285630806
Aung Naing 33803, FLPulmonary Disease1124023635
Mathew Vadaparampil 33803, FLPulmonary Disease1750387296
Mohamed Omar Radwan 32207, FLPulmonary Disease1063746873
Jirayos Chintanadilok 32446, FLPulmonary Disease1568469062
Sigfredo Aldarondo 32789, FLPulmonary Disease1346247467
Jorge Sanchez-masiques 33145, FLPulmonary Disease1376541961
Andres Alejandro Redondo 33145, FLPulmonary Disease1558369165
South Florida Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates P.a. 33145, FLPulmonary Disease1205834710
Purvin Shah 32256, FLPulmonary Disease1548268865
Alok Kumar 34652, FLPulmonary Disease1689672719
Robert Jay Stein 34695, FLPulmonary Disease1457359390
Bernard R Borbely 32086, FLPulmonary Disease1063410991
Jack Edward Rashkin 34695, FLPulmonary Disease1851399885
Leonard Jay Dunn 34698, FLPulmonary Disease1134127376
Donald Ross Mcalpine 33990, FLPulmonary Disease1154329183
Jorge Martin Mestas 33912, FLPulmonary Disease1467450494
Imtiaz Ahmad 33908, FLPulmonary Disease1174521009
Michael Robert Bennett 33408, FLPulmonary Disease1629075841
Gary Howard Greenspan 34698, FLPulmonary Disease1992704498
Yousuf A Dawoodjee 34285, FLPulmonary Disease1639179997
West Pasco Pulmonary Associates, Re Lp 34667, FLPulmonary Disease1366442410
Jose F Pascual 34667, FLPulmonary Disease1801896956
Stephen Bagnoli 32216, FLPulmonary Disease1649270638
Jack Jerry Salah 32216, FLPulmonary Disease1336140938
Eduardo Andre 33027, FLPulmonary Disease1548606437
Krishna Rao 34471, FLPulmonary Disease1881694339
John S Suen 32960, FLPulmonary Disease1710987292
Lawrence M Gilliard 32720, FLPulmonary Disease1043211220
Radhika Madaan Verma 32763, FLPulmonary Disease1801898325
Edward K Scanlon 32763, FLPulmonary Disease1699777128
Allen Edwin Rosen 33418, FLPulmonary Disease1710989140
Edward Michaelson 33309, FLPulmonary Disease1013909977
Karen M Stroh 34208, FLPulmonary Disease1295727162
Humberto R Delgado 34748, FLPulmonary Disease1639161490
Felipe O Ortiz 34748, FLPulmonary Disease1811989569
Stephen F. Jacobs 33305, FLPulmonary Disease1912999632
Amir A Noorani 34653, FLPulmonary Disease1710979364
Daniel J Schwartz 33612, FLPulmonary Disease1891788006
Zahid M Akram 34653, FLPulmonary Disease1154314821
Pulmonary Practice Associates Md Pa 32763, FLPulmonary Disease1114929643
Paul T Smith 32763, FLPulmonary Disease1568464006
Juan Carlos Rodriguez 33026, FLPulmonary Disease1386646966
Khaled R Magdy 32073, FLPulmonary Disease1346232691
Joseph Anthony Giaimo 33410, FLPulmonary Disease1083615736
Kevin D Deboer 32803, FLPulmonary Disease1649272402
Theodore R Amgott 32901, FLPulmonary Disease1861485518
David Auerbach 32605, FLPulmonary Disease1700870888
Kirk G. Voelker 34239, FLPulmonary Disease1770577702
Joseph John Kaminski 34292, FLPulmonary Disease1497749311
Glenn D. Adams 34239, FLPulmonary Disease1588658231
Jose M Goyos 33328, FLPulmonary Disease1992799431
Rosemary A Cirelli 32778, FLPulmonary Disease1043205552
Francisco J Montoya 32778, FLPulmonary Disease1841285343
Sunil N Lalla 33912, FLPulmonary Disease1407841760
Vinubhai C Pansuriya 33713, FLPulmonary Disease1730174400
Amaravadi & Amaravadi Md Pa 34655, FLPulmonary Disease1790770360
Paul Morton Gustman 33173, FLPulmonary Disease1952397333
Robert E. Thacker 33705, FLPulmonary Disease1881680973
Sivakumar V Amar 34655, FLPulmonary Disease1023004298
Jorge Miguel Ortega 33126, FLPulmonary Disease1508852674
Raymond L Parker 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1639165533
Barry Reed 33173, FLPulmonary Disease1003802059
Javier Perez-fernandez 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1659367696
Raul Valor 33126, FLPulmonary Disease1982690939
Rene Daniel Gonzalez 33126, FLPulmonary Disease1699761650
Juan Francisco Rodriguez-moran 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1700873437
Brenda Gonzalez 33146, FLPulmonary Disease1639165319
Jose Salazar 33133, FLPulmonary Disease1740276443
Raul Moas 33133, FLPulmonary Disease1104812916
Reginald Pereira 33126, FLPulmonary Disease1952397762
Robert J. Mezey 33186, FLPulmonary Disease1336135144
Ignacio Cendan 33126, FLPulmonary Disease1194711861
Carlos Manuel Moas 33133, FLPulmonary Disease1588650204
James Philip Krainson 33186, FLPulmonary Disease1174519987
Ernesto E Fonts 33013, FLPulmonary Disease1831185628
Fred Grynberg 33125, FLPulmonary Disease1083600803
Jenny Stay Machuca 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1578550943
Robert A Fasoli 34209, FLPulmonary Disease1790772770
David E Law 34209, FLPulmonary Disease1952398943
Javier Francisco Aduen 32086, FLPulmonary Disease1699762641
Louis T Gidel 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1790771723
Lake Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders Clinic P.a. 34748, FLPulmonary Disease1962497545
Youssef Salim Anid 34606, FLPulmonary Disease1902891864
Juan Carlos Acevedo-crespo 33134, FLPulmonary Disease1720074545
Lung Consultant Of South Florida, Llc 33134, FLPulmonary Disease1184086019
Nitin Anand Dhaon 34471, FLPulmonary Disease1710972203
Fabriccio Melanio Letellier 33176, FLPulmonary Disease1285620088
Pulmonary Physicians Of South Florida Llc 33156, FLPulmonary Disease1902892060
Howard David Diener 34233, FLPulmonary Disease1326033895
Jeremy Tabak 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1609862515
Hudman A. Hoo 33704, FLPulmonary Disease1396730339
Taiwen Chen 32073, FLPulmonary Disease1629062385
John T. Peters 34205, FLPulmonary Disease1376531103
Amikam Zighelboim Nieman & Goodman Md P A 33180, FLPulmonary Disease1396733655
Dennis R Stevenson 32792, FLPulmonary Disease1942298179
Richard M Goodman 33180, FLPulmonary Disease1164411799
Roland E Nieman 33180, FLPulmonary Disease1740279363
Antonio L. Rodriguez 32750, FLPulmonary Disease1053300590
Adriana Petretska 32224, FLPulmonary Disease1366431728
Michael Dean Seeman 34209, FLPulmonary Disease1477542413
Floyd W Wells 34209, FLPulmonary Disease1497744411
Mariette Lee Peiris 32224, FLPulmonary Disease1801886734
Cesar Ariel Keller 32224, FLPulmonary Disease1720078579
Jesse Romeu-velez 33880, FLPulmonary Disease1215918420
Dines Chandra Das 34744, FLPulmonary Disease1942281944
Eli H Freilich 33756, FLPulmonary Disease1477534303
Daniel A Orlando 33756, FLPulmonary Disease1043291982
Bay Area Chest Physicians P A 33756, FLPulmonary Disease1972584829
Ressa M Mcdonald 33504, FLPulmonary Disease1619958543
Lake Pulmonary Critical Care P A 32778, FLPulmonary Disease1851372494
John A Masson 33756, FLPulmonary Disease1134100605
Thongadi R Chandrahasa 33952, FLPulmonary Disease1992786594
Mark Peter Scott 32503, FLPulmonary Disease1295717015
Jonathan I Greene 33484, FLPulmonary Disease1073595591
Fares Qureiyeh 33462, FLPulmonary Disease1619959186
Deborah R Baum 33487, FLPulmonary Disease1215919733
Mercy Medical Development Inc 33133, FLPulmonary Disease1992787576
Ann Marie Cholowski 33760, FLPulmonary Disease1194707661
Ralph Palumbo 33487, FLPulmonary Disease1295717718
Robert Alan Greenberg 32605, FLPulmonary Disease1568445997
Lourdes Teresa Bosch 33126, FLPulmonary Disease1053394247
Manuel J Hernandez-abril 33144, FLPulmonary Disease1265420657
Edgar B Bolton 33024, FLPulmonary Disease1487635462
Antony Mathew 33990, FLPulmonary Disease1770572836
Mark Arthur Vollenweider 32806, FLPulmonary Disease1356331698
Respiratory Specialists Pl 34695, FLPulmonary Disease1164411427
Shirish Kamalakar Kirtane 32714, FLPulmonary Disease1982693115
Himanshu V Chandarana 33710, FLPulmonary Disease1114915444
Anthony Ottaviani 33770, FLPulmonary Disease1467441451
Devendra N Amin 33764, FLPulmonary Disease1508847070
Raymundo Idea Caparros 34119, FLPulmonary Disease1265413801
Eric A Lang 33136, FLPulmonary Disease1982685624
David Kevin Denholm 34285, FLPulmonary Disease1699763870
Erick Abdiel Palma 33143, FLPulmonary Disease1720061500
Tri county Pulmonary & Multi specialty Group P A 32159, FLPulmonary Disease1003890294
Michael H.c. Wei 33950, FLPulmonary Disease1952385643
Glenn R Singer 33316, FLPulmonary Disease1831174499
Keane V Arney 32504, FLPulmonary Disease1164407607
Perwaiz Hussain Rahim 33830, FLPulmonary Disease1629053988
Homer Phillips Stall 32901, FLPulmonary Disease1558346601
John G Wagner 32504, FLPulmonary Disease1528043536
Constantino Costarangos 33173, FLPulmonary Disease1730165200
Joseph Louis Covelli 32751, FLPulmonary Disease1548246366
Shahid Samy 34761, FLPulmonary Disease1285610188
Charles L Bryan 32503, FLPulmonary Disease1063499614
Rajesh Agrawal 33781, FLPulmonary Disease1295712602
Juan Luis Barrio 33173, FLPulmonary Disease1003894692
Respiratory Critical Care And Sleep Medicine Association,inc 32207, FLPulmonary Disease1386622629
John Daniel Grigas 32207, FLPulmonary Disease1457339772
Frank V Messina 32504, FLPulmonary Disease1851370837
Central Florida Pulmonary Group Pa 32803, FLPulmonary Disease1104805951
David Scott Trochtenberg 33027, FLPulmonary Disease1366421984
Mariselly Medina-irizarry 32819, FLPulmonary Disease1144209669
Hamlet Hma Physician Management, Llc 28345, FLPulmonary Disease1902886013
Robert Douglas Menzies 32512, FLPulmonary Disease1679553788
Raymond Manuel Pumarejo 32204, FLPulmonary Disease1104806892
Pulmonary & Sleep Associates Of South Florida Pa 33487, FLPulmonary Disease1669442570
Ian J Morales 33328, FLPulmonary Disease1861471641
John M Bray 32503, FLPulmonary Disease1811972359
David E Phillips 32459, FLPulmonary Disease1962487991
Kamal Anjum 33024, FLPulmonary Disease1619947652
Ahmed Masood 32803, FLPulmonary Disease1528047305
Francisco J Remy 32825, FLPulmonary Disease1679552459
Syed I Mobin 32803, FLPulmonary Disease1689653479
Eugene L Go 32825, FLPulmonary Disease1730166125
Francisco J Calimano 32701, FLPulmonary Disease1194704965
Yitzhak D Haim 32803, FLPulmonary Disease1831178698
Daniel T Layish 32803, FLPulmonary Disease1659350320
Samuel Gurevich 33331, FLPulmonary Disease1134109044
Orlando I Ruiz Rodriguez 32806, FLPulmonary Disease1962480830
Carlos E Maas 33980, FLPulmonary Disease1710957907
Walter Clifford Rustmann 32547, FLPulmonary Disease1235116054
Richard Alton Reid 32207, FLPulmonary Disease1417935735
Mark Alden Crowe 32207, FLPulmonary Disease1598743791
Sunil S Desai 60440, FLPulmonary Disease1740267954
Michael C Ott 32542, FLPulmonary Disease1629052725
Christopher Todd Lewis 32512, FLPulmonary Disease1639140692
Michele Maholtz 32960, FLPulmonary Disease1205807161
Baldev Singh, Md,pa 33024, FLPulmonary Disease1760453377
Lisa M Jones 32209, FLPulmonary Disease1538131842
Kathryn Corrigan 33612, FLPulmonary Disease1275506750
Marshall Jay Brumer 33313, FLPulmonary Disease1922071141
Richard Leslie Rutherford 33805, FLPulmonary Disease1861465262
Mahmoud F Bakeer 32819, FLPulmonary Disease1487627667
James W. Wynne 32610, FLPulmonary Disease1407820681
Pulmonary Physicians Of Gainesville, Pa 32605, FLPulmonary Disease1750355830
Ashok Mittal 33709, FLPulmonary Disease1164496055
Thomas Peter Howard 32940, FLPulmonary Disease1629042676
Oliver K Sevilla 34429, FLPulmonary Disease1871567669
Burnes Lynn Feaster 33701, FLPulmonary Disease1083688899
Sunoj Abraham 34429, FLPulmonary Disease1194790857


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