Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Neil S. Shore 01970, MAPulmonary Disease1346243698
Asha Anandaiah 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1184627481
Philip H. Thielhelm 01970, MAPulmonary Disease1932101110
Peter A. Kirkpatrick 01970, MAPulmonary Disease1639171812
Faysal M. Hasan 01970, MAPulmonary Disease1508868761
Christine A. Blaski 01970, MAPulmonary Disease1295737468
Po-shun Lee 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1740284702
German Iosif 01830, MAPulmonary Disease1457355208
Christopher F. Harris 01950, MAPulmonary Disease1912901604
Armand John Wolff 06610, MAPulmonary Disease1093719700
Charles Randall 01950, MAPulmonary Disease1881699668
Mohammad Saleem Bajwa 01040, MAPulmonary Disease1235135336
Nancy E Allegar 08844, MAPulmonary Disease1750387494
Francis J Conahan 02062, MAPulmonary Disease1083611024
Henry Yeager 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1760481832
Dina Kianoury 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1891794053
Tunay Kuru 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1063411221
Edward Tsou 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1891794764
Kenneth Einstein 02169, MAPulmonary Disease1972504298
Benjamin W White 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1730181231
Matthew D. Weiss 02190, MAPulmonary Disease1205829967
Frederic J Scoopo 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1750382818
Edward A Dimitry 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1275534323
Erwin J Oei 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1659373421
Robert A Capone 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1528069663
Federico Cerrone 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1184625220
Mark I. Zimmerman 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1447251509
Robert A. Restifo 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1760483804
Vincent Donnabella 07901, MAPulmonary Disease1710988860
Frank J Breslin 02301, MAPulmonary Disease1720072127
Joseph W Walek 01440, MAPulmonary Disease1902891435
Ronald E Coutu 02301, MAPulmonary Disease1548255433
Miguel Jose Divo 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1912993577
Kenneth F Macdonnell 02135, MAPulmonary Disease1598751158
Lawrence A. Kenney 02135, MAPulmonary Disease1053307934
Heywood Medical Group Inc. 01440, MAPulmonary Disease1699762286
Bartolome R Celli 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1699762773
James Woodrow Weiss 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1770571481
Faisal S Hamada 02301, MAPulmonary Disease1851387799
Shilpa Doogal 01854, MAPulmonary Disease1316932858
Lung Specialists Of Merrimack 01854, MAPulmonary Disease1881688323
Beverly A Goldberg 01854, MAPulmonary Disease1154316693
Sridhar H Dasari 02351, MAPulmonary Disease1912991068
Mary Jo S Farmer 01107, MAPulmonary Disease1942296108
Anne Elizabeth O'donnell 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1629066899
Anthony M Smeglin 01247, MAPulmonary Disease1164410122
Williamstown Medical Associates Pc 01267, MAPulmonary Disease1154319200
Mark J. Berenberg 02169, MAPulmonary Disease1942298971
Hampden County Physician Associates, Llc 01107, MAPulmonary Disease1992794770
Payam Aghassi 01453, MAPulmonary Disease1093704298
Aaron B Waxman 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1669461810
Geoffrey Scott Gilmartin 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1770572851
Jaime G. Pareja 02169, MAPulmonary Disease1639168719
David Hillel Roberts 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1558350660
Amjad Husain 01432, MAPulmonary Disease1952391849
Chih Ming Chen 01104, MAPulmonary Disease1083604870
Boyd Taylor Thompson 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1073503884
Salma Batool-anwar 02130, MAPulmonary Disease1285624916
Richard Lawrence Kradin 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1053301325
Christopher Wesley Humphreys 01970, MAPulmonary Disease1447240866
David Murray Systrom 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1003806282
Barry William Levine 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1740270800
Sean Robert Townsend 01655, MAPulmonary Disease1528058617
Diana C Gallagher 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1356331433
Deborah Ann Quinn 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1134110067
Robert S Weinstein 02155, MAPulmonary Disease1801887831
Leo Charles Ginns 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1144211772
Plutarco E Castellanos 01453, MAPulmonary Disease1669463303
Michael Baruch Zack 02155, MAPulmonary Disease1457342198
Sarah Schmidt Grant 02445, MAPulmonary Disease1093706459
David C Christiani 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1295726735
Fiona K Gibbons 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1720079288
Robert Scott Harris 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1336130681
Emily S Wan 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1265423701
Joseph David Zibrak 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1689655714
Salvador Albanese 01801, MAPulmonary Disease1437130630
Manuela Cernadas 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1912988049
Edwin M Trayner 02135, MAPulmonary Disease1356322382
Charlotte M Mckee 02139, MAPulmonary Disease1174504070
Shamim A Najeebi 01104, MAPulmonary Disease1720060098
Aboualkheir Alzaim 02190, MAPulmonary Disease1073595260
Dilip Nataraj 01805, MAPulmonary Disease1881676096
Hartford Physician Services Pc 06106, MAPulmonary Disease1164404117
Robert L Schiffmann 02138, MAPulmonary Disease1225010176
Allan J Walkey 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1427030048
Oren Schaefer 01605, MAPulmonary Disease1649252065
Jayaraj Rajagopal 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1205819299
Meena Mehta 01742, MAPulmonary Disease1285615310
Michael H Cho 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1750363990
Samuel Morris Brown 84107, MAPulmonary Disease1013998947
Westfield Medical Corporation 01085, MAPulmonary Disease1912998444
Lawrence Jay Epstein 02130, MAPulmonary Disease1811978711
Douglas C Johnson 01107, MAPulmonary Disease1710969738
Gary Matthew Hunninghake 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1700877982
Mercy Inpatient Medical Associates Inc. 01104, MAPulmonary Disease1407845282
Kai Saukkonen 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1235112277
P David Jarry 01520, MAPulmonary Disease1144203993
Anne Virginia Laraia 02476, MAPulmonary Disease1215910716
Naimish Ramesh Patel 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1730163296
Jeffrey T Klenz 01805, MAPulmonary Disease1376527630
Annie Lin Parker 01890, MAPulmonary Disease1144204066
Benjamin David Medoff 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1720062300
Jeffrey S Berman 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1083699466
Frederic F. Little 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1609851724
Christine L Campbell-reardon 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1780669671
Robin Gross 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1083699821
John L Berk 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1407831258
Nathan Knight Cobb 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1306822002
Cristina Reichner 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1144205873
Charles Read 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1831175587
Allen Roberts 20007, MAPulmonary Disease1518943273
Harrison W Farber 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1396721841
Jay S. Fleitman 01060, MAPulmonary Disease1306822655
Albert M Loerinc 02747, MAPulmonary Disease1295711653
Darrel Kotton 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1760468714
Jeffrey Mark Drazen 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1003892803
Helen M Hollingsworth 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1538145354
Elizabeth S Klings 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1982681755
Jay S Fleitman 01060, MAPulmonary Disease1114904497
Mystic Medical Group, Inc. 02155, MAPulmonary Disease1245218676
David C. Rishikof 01702, MAPulmonary Disease1750360657
Walter Joseph O'donnell 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1356320758
R. William Corwin 02906, MAPulmonary Disease1245210418
Richard Martin Schwartzstein 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1417937608
Eleanor M. Summerhill 01805, MAPulmonary Disease1720063399
Ronald H Goldstein 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1093791881
Douglas M Beach 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1750366977
Siva Padmanabhan Sivakumar 12550, MAPulmonary Disease1992788442
Daniel Martin 02747, MAPulmonary Disease1720058803
Peter H Bagley 01605, MAPulmonary Disease1003899683
Jennifer Anne Larosa 07960, MAPulmonary Disease1174507024
Daniel Kim 01950, MAPulmonary Disease1912986530
Michael J Mccormick 01747, MAPulmonary Disease1063496982
Anas Wardeh 01089, MAPulmonary Disease1295705598
Rosalind J Wright 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1366412686
Jussi J. Saukkonen 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1568433878
James R. Tierney 01440, MAPulmonary Disease1043281116
Arthur B Atlas 07960, MAPulmonary Disease1578534376
Robert R Ajello Md 01301, MAPulmonary Disease1467424150
John F Mazzotta 02190, MAPulmonary Disease1295707917
Ronald Chiko Silvestri 02215, MAPulmonary Disease1023081569
Donald M Woodford 02190, MAPulmonary Disease1215900543
Sucharita R Kher 02111, MAPulmonary Disease1588637755
Alexandra Flather-morgan Cist 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1659344091
Corey B Saltin 01453, MAPulmonary Disease1871567149
Christina Anderlind 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1497729628
Nasir Alam Bhatti 02169, MAPulmonary Disease1326012576
Erin Danielle Morse 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1891769550
Carey Thomson 02138, MAPulmonary Disease1992779623
Huntington Hospital Association 11743, MAPulmonary Disease1487629069
Gerard B. Hayes 02135, MAPulmonary Disease1942275169
Robert Alan Wainer 02062, MAPulmonary Disease1861468043
Mohammad Ghiath Reda 02452, MAPulmonary Disease1720055536
Ronald P Sen 02176, MAPulmonary Disease1215904107
Hasmeena Kathuria 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1801863485
David Stephen Green 01742, MAPulmonary Disease1598733354
Michael Andrew Gillette 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1619945276
Peter M Barkin 01742, MAPulmonary Disease1144298621
Marya A Koza 02093, MAPulmonary Disease1477522571
Deborah L Ebert Long 02492, MAPulmonary Disease1750350542
Jaime P. Murphy 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1659340016
Miguel A. Rodriguez 01104, MAPulmonary Disease1952370249
Oscar D. Le 02062, MAPulmonary Disease1144289976
Marcella Kuhlman Ruddy 02114, MAPulmonary Disease1487614764
Frank F Davidson 02453, MAPulmonary Disease1831159813
Tonbira Syeda Zaman 01060, MAPulmonary Disease1477522159
Benjamin A Raby 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1245299544
Stanley Fiel 07960, MAPulmonary Disease1497727697
Robert Rae Ajello 01301, MAPulmonary Disease1518930916
Matthew Messina 02747, MAPulmonary Disease1134195191
Jahn A Pothier 02747, MAPulmonary Disease1962478966
Nora Amanda Barrett 02467, MAPulmonary Disease1770552838
Irwin A Buchwald 01852, MAPulmonary Disease1457311011
Thomas D. Wold 01805, MAPulmonary Disease1487616660
Savitha Devi 02190, MAPulmonary Disease1427010446
Susan B Meyer 02360, MAPulmonary Disease1669434627
Romney Kenneth Laderberg 02149, MAPulmonary Disease1326002668
Raul Laguarda 01760, MAPulmonary Disease1427013242
Jerome S Brody 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1932164928
David M. Center 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1932164944
Rebecca Marlene Baron 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1861458515
Gary R Epler 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1184680308
Karen Charlene Lahive 02130, MAPulmonary Disease1346206596
Aaron Deykin 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1255397402
Bijan Sadrnoori 01844, MAPulmonary Disease1639135650
Gerald Lawrence Weinhouse 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1740247337
Daniel J. Gottlieb 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1407813124
Bruce David Levy 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1043277353
Kathleen Joanne Haley 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1225095680
Jesus Blanco 01420, MAPulmonary Disease1275590473
Michael H. Ieong 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1528026598
Marilyn Lilun Moy 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1093772170
Avrum E. Spira 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1548228356
Martin F. Joyce-brady 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1891753182
Hood Medical Group 76048, MAPulmonary Disease1225096472
Jason Matthew Konter 01702, MAPulmonary Disease1518925148
Hilary J Goldberg 02115, MAPulmonary Disease1386602894
Kevin C. Wilson 02118, MAPulmonary Disease1922056001
Inna Ketsler 01453, MAPulmonary Disease1417905720
Armin Ernst 02135, MAPulmonary Disease1912956038


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