Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jay H Weiner 20877, MDPulmonary Disease1346243920
Frank J Mayo 20877, MDPulmonary Disease1811991144
Steven T Kariya 20895, MDPulmonary Disease1881696946
Joseph A Ball 20877, MDPulmonary Disease1447254230
Libuse Heinz-momcilovic 20877, MDPulmonary Disease1952305740
Irving Mizus 20877, MDPulmonary Disease1881698686
William D. Trainor 21620, MDPulmonary Disease1134123771
Alan Stuart Chanales 20850, MDPulmonary Disease1093719023
Alfred Munzer 20912, MDPulmonary Disease1144224593
David Ogola Nyanjom 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1235134370
Kaiser Amir Ahmad 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1770588832
Samuel Kleiman 20744, MDPulmonary Disease1407851124
Fernando C De Leon 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1922003060
Carmen Salvaterra 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1285639336
Francis Chuidian 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1497750541
Louis Edward Steinberg 20740, MDPulmonary Disease1245235258
Asefa Jejaw Mekonnen 20854, MDPulmonary Disease1306841812
Moti L Koul 20748, MDPulmonary Disease1124024526
William Addison Warren 20723, MDPulmonary Disease1669478285
Ira Lawrence Berger 20854, MDPulmonary Disease1013913284
Alan Ricky Pollack 20854, MDPulmonary Disease1790781979
Eric Dolven Anderson 20007, MDPulmonary Disease1346248382
Riad Dakheel 20716, MDPulmonary Disease1528067345
Aimee Y Yu 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1982603940
Richard Waldhorn 20007, MDPulmonary Disease1477552321
Lloyd E Halvorson 21704, MDPulmonary Disease1033110028
Allen J Gilson 21704, MDPulmonary Disease1346241346
Neil V Waravdekar 21704, MDPulmonary Disease1780685784
Michael A Tolino 21704, MDPulmonary Disease1932100930
Steven C Resnick 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1477555134
Fiona F Meller-azrieli 21244, MDPulmonary Disease1659363885
Theodore E Igwebe 21029, MDPulmonary Disease1760484281
Richard St.clair Squires 20912, MDPulmonary Disease1861485047
Sevag Bananian 20895, MDPulmonary Disease1770578460
Hassan M Makhzoumi 21204, MDPulmonary Disease1912993031
Carmen Anthony Fratto 21228, MDPulmonary Disease1609862754
Natvarlal Rajpara 21157, MDPulmonary Disease1629065305
Joshua Marc Fiss Rubenfeld 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1639164494
Robert Durkin 21811, MDPulmonary Disease1114915535
Sharon Reilly O'brien 20007, MDPulmonary Disease1477541647
Vincent Anthony Giminaro 21015, MDPulmonary Disease1730179722
William Joseph Nagel 21801, MDPulmonary Disease1154311561
Gregory Noel Thompson 21801, MDPulmonary Disease1184614505
George David Reeder 21801, MDPulmonary Disease1760472153
Caleb Rodney Layton 21801, MDPulmonary Disease1083604482
Tania Lynn Hudson 21801, MDPulmonary Disease1386634798
Robert Thomas Chasse 21801, MDPulmonary Disease1619967049
Natasha Anna Lamming-lee 20912, MDPulmonary Disease1750372835
Bahram Redjaee 20748, MDPulmonary Disease1073504700
Raymond P Diphillips 20010, MDPulmonary Disease1588655831
Kamal Batcha 21061, MDPulmonary Disease1528049152
Thirumalairaj Jeevan 21061, MDPulmonary Disease1306827936
Howard Terry Jacobs 21208, MDPulmonary Disease1316928641
Michael Wayne Lansing 21208, MDPulmonary Disease1962483230
Peter G Hamm 20815, MDPulmonary Disease1457334401
Ylene A Larsen 20815, MDPulmonary Disease1336122381
Carlos E Picone 20815, MDPulmonary Disease1861475840
D Scott Cohen 20815, MDPulmonary Disease1710960794
Michael N Solomon 20815, MDPulmonary Disease1205819026
Shaheen Iqbal 21742, MDPulmonary Disease1194709394
Muhammad Ashraf 21742, MDPulmonary Disease1952385155
Abdul Waheed 21742, MDPulmonary Disease1851375042
Kalim Ahmed 21742, MDPulmonary Disease1194709204
Elliott Gorbaty 21061, MDPulmonary Disease1528043049
Johny Alencherry 21742, MDPulmonary Disease1952387300
Mary Susan Bollinger 21157, MDPulmonary Disease1215913595
Steven R Smith 21502, MDPulmonary Disease1205812013
Raymon A Noble 20639, MDPulmonary Disease1164400164
Ira M Weinstein 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1023097680
Saiyad Aleem Sarkar 21237, MDPulmonary Disease1689654824
Surjit Singh Julka 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1831178771
Alexander A Schult 22911, MDPulmonary Disease1871573568
Zahir Yousaf 20639, MDPulmonary Disease1104806462
Gregory John Argyros 20832, MDPulmonary Disease1437129137
Kenneth N Olivier 20892, MDPulmonary Disease1669443792
Amandeep S Bawa 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1720059645
Meredith Christine Mccormack 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1003887803
Joel Anthony Nations 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1811969314
Robert F Browning 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1518931831
Edward William Schaefer 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1275507444
Stuart Allen Roop 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1174599856
Bernard Patrick Farrell 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1437126539
Howard S. Freeland 21239, MDPulmonary Disease1871561415
Humera P Mujahid 20785, MDPulmonary Disease1861460305
Raja E Ayash 21218, MDPulmonary Disease1285603498
William E Randall 21093, MDPulmonary Disease1720047988
Angeline Abraham Lazarus 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1871552158
Anthony Martinez 21229, MDPulmonary Disease1639139686
Joel Posner 19342, MDPulmonary Disease1891764692
Felix Dipinto 21811, MDPulmonary Disease1912973405
Abbas O Omais 20695, MDPulmonary Disease1699748046
William Frances Kelly 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1316915390
Song C Chon 20695, MDPulmonary Disease1821069204
Pamela Jayne Amelung 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1215998281
Steven Mark Scharf 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1992766547
Sjoerd Beck 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1477514016
Mark Jeffery Cowan 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1609837145
Uday B Nanavaty 21228, MDPulmonary Disease1922069434
Ko-pen Wang 21225, MDPulmonary Disease1669434981
Robert T Peterson 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1073575379
David A Mishkin 21208, MDPulmonary Disease1962464909
Boyd Edwin Sprenkle 21502, MDPulmonary Disease1306808159
Mark Allen Sagin 21502, MDPulmonary Disease1750343505
Christopher John Lettieri 20814, MDPulmonary Disease1689637787
Mary Purucker 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1417911405
Jay Gerstenblith 21229, MDPulmonary Disease1750346409
Mai Chi Nguyen 21044, MDPulmonary Disease1679538987
Keith E. Goulet 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1831154079
Patrice M Becker 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1801851712
Matthew Park 21061, MDPulmonary Disease1437114451
John Wiley 21061, MDPulmonary Disease1720043755
Henry Jay Silverman 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1922064476
William Joseph Martin 20892, MDPulmonary Disease1992762843
Michael Bradley Drummond 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1689631541
Michael Patrick Boyle 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1548227135
Joshua N Aaron 21921, MDPulmonary Disease1396703351
Roy G Brower 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1295793776
Melissa L Means 20814, MDPulmonary Disease1932157195
George A. Bedon 21286, MDPulmonary Disease1487602421
Tet Wei Chan 20814, MDPulmonary Disease1851349401
Nadia Hansel 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1447209465
Christian Avery Merlo 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1538118393
Paul Hassoun 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1083664387
Edward S Chen 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1508816919
Theresa Marie Michele 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1720038698
David Robert Moller 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1205887536
Sylvain Delisle 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1417908807
Susan Gerhardt Andrews 21811, MDPulmonary Disease1295786184
William Han 21209, MDPulmonary Disease1558325316
Linda F Barr 21286, MDPulmonary Disease1629033212
Philip Clay Buescher 21286, MDPulmonary Disease1952369449
Sean Aaron Mckay 20889, MDPulmonary Disease1417918004
Maureen Horton 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1861446189
Aldo T Iacono 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1962456392
Jeffrey D. Hasday 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1720034580
Susheel Pandit Patil 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1477500403
Heidi Abdelhady 21229, MDPulmonary Disease1437106481
William Krimsky 21237, MDPulmonary Disease1578510814
Hamid Rabb 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1801833736
Noah Lechtzin 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1932147964
Vseolod Y Polotsky 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1407894157
Albert John Polito 21202, MDPulmonary Disease1417995853
Michael Patrick Coppola 21061, MDPulmonary Disease1790724052
Jonathan Brett Orens 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1871532341
Carl Barton Shanholtz 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1598705790
Landon King 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1346281326
Christopher Earley 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1003857384
Jonathan Klein 21208, MDPulmonary Disease1417998493
Chi-shiang Chen 21202, MDPulmonary Disease1598706814
Nevins W Todd 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1245272095
Maria L Jison 20895, MDPulmonary Disease1326080193
Jean G Ford 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1851334668
Audrey Hanyi Liu 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1750324935
Sarah Eve Smith 21204, MDPulmonary Disease1194768119
Catharine Crockett Curran 21204, MDPulmonary Disease1578507760
Norton A Elson 20912, MDPulmonary Disease1912941063
Sonye Karen Danoff 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1720023534
Gregory Bruce Diette 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1023053881
Nader Habashi 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1164467957
Charles Wiener 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1598700916
Atif Zeeshan 21811, MDPulmonary Disease1033154125
Randi Lynn Cohen 21204, MDPulmonary Disease1992740021
George M Boyer 21202, MDPulmonary Disease1750326815
Mark Liu 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1790721488
Revathy Murthy 20785, MDPulmonary Disease1558307348
Rex Yung 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1750327128
Ari Zaiman 21401, MDPulmonary Disease1104862572
Virginia Weaver 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1578509808
Avelino Catalino Verceles 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1063448322
Jason Marx 21204, MDPulmonary Disease1417984626
Henry Eric Fessler 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1265469555
Robert Wise 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1003843657
Jonathan Sevransky 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1730116146
Joseph Herman Miller 21229, MDPulmonary Disease1316976756
John Edward Brown 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1215968516
Jimmie Sylvester 21287, MDPulmonary Disease1134150865
Pajman Alexander Danai 21742, MDPulmonary Disease1437180528
David Bennett Pearse 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1538109731
Khalid Puthawala 21014, MDPulmonary Disease1356397442
Daniel Lawrence Shinners 21237, MDPulmonary Disease1205877552
Nidhi S Nikhanj 20850, MDPulmonary Disease1275589285
William Robert Hammond 22911, MDPulmonary Disease1740223320
Nimesh S Shah 20850, MDPulmonary Disease1740227990
Philip Smith 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1144252479
Peter Terry 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1558396366
Ajit Philip Kuruvilla 20852, MDPulmonary Disease1568487247
Penelope Scott 21239, MDPulmonary Disease1295750628
Safy Mananalan John 20850, MDPulmonary Disease1982629739
Alan Schwartz 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1639194392
Joseph B Mizgerd 20912, MDPulmonary Disease1336165927
Kiran Mehta 20636, MDPulmonary Disease1275552853
Jyoti Shah 20636, MDPulmonary Disease1922027754
Naveed Hussain Shah 21208, MDPulmonary Disease1477575546
Nirav G. Shah 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1821011370
Bo Soo Kim 21224, MDPulmonary Disease1649294695
Orn Eliasson 21237, MDPulmonary Disease1205859667
Vikramaditya Reddy 20850, MDPulmonary Disease1154335362
Steven Henry Rappaport 20832, MDPulmonary Disease1043226194
Lewis Rubinson 21201, MDPulmonary Disease1396752481
Mulai T. Yohannes 20706, MDPulmonary Disease1942217781


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