Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Pulmonary And Critical Care Of Northwest Michigan, P.c. 49684, MIPulmonary Disease1679575971
Mohammad Waseem Farra 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1609871771
Deborah Jo Ochs 49684, MIPulmonary Disease1518964030
Cynthia L Glines 49684, MIPulmonary Disease1770580953
Sanford Howard Sklar 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1356349427
David Alan Lavine 48146, MIPulmonary Disease1144228214
Patricio F. Viernes 53227, MIPulmonary Disease1093713745
Wilfred Lewis Vander Roest 48640, MIPulmonary Disease1376541441
Reza M Tehrani 49017, MIPulmonary Disease1841298825
Philip Vance Kaplan 48375, MIPulmonary Disease1295734044
Kevin Carr Kyle 48235, MIPulmonary Disease1629077342
Orlando A Filos 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1407856875
Frazer A Wadenstorer 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1861492167
M V Thomas 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1023018330
Piyush C Patel 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1932109246
Bradley Rowens 48374, MIPulmonary Disease1306846431
Charles Easton 49707, MIPulmonary Disease1548253545
Upendra Dhanjal Md Plc 48328, MIPulmonary Disease1346614773
Bruce Ian Millman 48083, MIPulmonary Disease1306835202
Kewal K Aggarwal 48307, MIPulmonary Disease1023007176
Harvey W Organek 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1881675833
Farzana Haque 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1336121151
Michael R Laffer 48071, MIPulmonary Disease1639153497
Howard M Kaplan 48088, MIPulmonary Disease1609852276
Tariq Omar 48076, MIPulmonary Disease1144208174
Larry F Rawsthorne 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1881674554
Alan M Atkinson 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1649250879
Elias I Sharba 48124, MIPulmonary Disease1558331447
Michael E Burnett 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1730169418
Jennifer R Ely 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1467422618
Kevin Potts 48088, MIPulmonary Disease1750366605
Peter Y Hahn 49519, MIPulmonary Disease1588642359
Jeffrey F Parker 95503, MIPulmonary Disease1689650889
Gary L Berg 48071, MIPulmonary Disease1083698997
John R Armstrong 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1831169697
David K Young 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1548230329
Kenneth Kar-hon Ho 48075, MIPulmonary Disease1831167535
Stephen E Jefferson 49048, MIPulmonary Disease1235108390
Michael A Warlick 49048, MIPulmonary Disease1740259811
Robert Begle 48073, MIPulmonary Disease1548239023
Paul A Lange 49048, MIPulmonary Disease1609835313
Shelly J Neitzel 48104, MIPulmonary Disease1861451262
Satya B Chaparala 49015, MIPulmonary Disease1457311300
Christine L Curran 48197, MIPulmonary Disease1790745669
Vijil K Rahulan 49418, MIPulmonary Disease1710953666
Robert L Marchese Md Diseases Of The Lung Pllc 48066, MIPulmonary Disease1578534061
Vasken S Artinian 48060, MIPulmonary Disease1922074863
Michael A Basha 48060, MIPulmonary Disease1598732430
Ali H Haidar 48060, MIPulmonary Disease1104892058
Paul S Harkaway 48197, MIPulmonary Disease1992765861
Michael Lazar 48202, MIPulmonary Disease1114987815
Fazal Ahmad 48326, MIPulmonary Disease1740243757
Leonard J Rosenthal 48341, MIPulmonary Disease1700849791
Ali K Najar 48326, MIPulmonary Disease1760445688
Haamid Hussain Siddique 48073, MIPulmonary Disease1427012160
Mark I Pensler 48192, MIPulmonary Disease1043274814
Carl Ashley Smoot 49801, MIPulmonary Disease1861457889
William Dominic Hanna 48066, MIPulmonary Disease1740246222
James Brown Chauncey 49201, MIPulmonary Disease1053377044
Mark James Ivey 49456, MIPulmonary Disease1962450981
Elfateh Mohamede- Hassan Seedahmed 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1619925120
Fadi-jean Saad 48066, MIPulmonary Disease1174573810
Michael Nagtalon Gamiao 48154, MIPulmonary Disease1134179880
Mohammad Javaid Yousuf 48154, MIPulmonary Disease1124078779
Channakeshava Rayan Indira 48603, MIPulmonary Disease1972555977
Physician Healthcare Network, Pc 48059, MIPulmonary Disease1750334405
Gregory J Streff 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1558314005
Lake Shore Pulmonology, Plc 49456, MIPulmonary Disease1245283696
Michigan Medical Patient Care 49546, MIPulmonary Disease1073567806
William F Patton 48197, MIPulmonary Disease1053371922
Thomas R Gravelyn 48197, MIPulmonary Disease1760442636
Joel C. Seidman 48301, MIPulmonary Disease1669433678
Gregory R Neagos 49519, MIPulmonary Disease1497716633
Ziad Tahawi 48124, MIPulmonary Disease1669425633
K P. Ravikrishnan 48073, MIPulmonary Disease1881654424
Avinash M Desai 48328, MIPulmonary Disease1861455172
Ascension Providence Hospital 48075, MIPulmonary Disease1235194291
Robert G Vaclav 48193, MIPulmonary Disease1205880192
Majid M. Mughal 48864, MIPulmonary Disease1992750723
Wayne Couwenhoven 49546, MIPulmonary Disease1508812322
Critical Care Pulmonary Medicine, Pc 49017, MIPulmonary Disease1679520712
Chaitanya Acharya 49546, MIPulmonary Disease1902853880
Macomb Physicians Group, Pllc 48312, MIPulmonary Disease1255388898
Muhammad M Aboudan 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1457308702
Borgess Medical Center 49080, MIPulmonary Disease1821045212
Suresh K Gehani 48230, MIPulmonary Disease1407803646
Daniel L Maxwell 49707, MIPulmonary Disease1093752156
Gregory Sandman 49546, MIPulmonary Disease1366481046
Mohammad B Zalt 48081, MIPulmonary Disease1851331037
Bertram B Rabinowitz 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1710929948
Lawrence Livernois Joseph Macdonald 48377, MIPulmonary Disease1104868967
Thomas Piskorowski 48235, MIPulmonary Disease1518909597
John Haapaniemi 48235, MIPulmonary Disease1154363133
St. Francis Hospital 49829, MIPulmonary Disease1629011622
Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates Pc 48315, MIPulmonary Disease1598700932
Gregory S Stone 48197, MIPulmonary Disease1588690309
Sanford J. Rautbort 48322, MIPulmonary Disease1366479677
Kamran F. Sheikh Md Pc 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1205862513
Jay L Summer 48708, MIPulmonary Disease1720016918
Shahzad Manawar 48708, MIPulmonary Disease1710915939
Munson Medical Center 49684, MIPulmonary Disease1205864220
Complete Health Systems Inc 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1790713741
Michigan Lung And Critical Care Specialists, Pc 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1013948686
Muhammad Ali Ehtesham 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1881625960
Pulmonary Associates, Pc 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1669428926
Bing Xue 48197, MIPulmonary Disease1407882988
M Safwan Badr 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1568409563
Willane S Krell 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1326085317
Ayman Omar Soubani 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1861439358
Dana G Kissner 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1497793574
Basim A Dubaybo 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1588690119
Susmita Chowdhuri 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1356380620
Ghulam Saydain 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1154368645
Richard Lovy 49301, MIPulmonary Disease1407882855
Sjmh Medical Practice smhc 48341, MIPulmonary Disease1346284684
Mid Michigan Diagnostic Corp 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1508800822
Timothy Daum 49519, MIPulmonary Disease1700832615
James Hoekwater 49546, MIPulmonary Disease1518906163
Lobelia Samavati 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1053358549
Elie M Obeid 48858, MIPulmonary Disease1770517534
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Consultants Pc 48346, MIPulmonary Disease1851330773
Robin L Elkus 48341, MIPulmonary Disease1780630905
Omg 1pc 48071, MIPulmonary Disease1891737466
Hillsdale Community Health Center 49242, MIPulmonary Disease1730115940
Terrance William Barnes 49519, MIPulmonary Disease1891735981
Ascension Macomb Oakland Hospital 48093, MIPulmonary Disease1134176472
Hassan Makki 48235, MIPulmonary Disease1104864784
Chest Specialists, P.c. 48322, MIPulmonary Disease1245263698
John Haapaniemi& Barry Lesser Ptr,haapaniemi Lesser Associated 48235, MIPulmonary Disease1346273372
Maan Jamal 48093, MIPulmonary Disease1326072471
Paul D Harris 49503, MIPulmonary Disease1033144266
Andrew M Staricco 48081, MIPulmonary Disease1750306742
Kevin J Grady 48081, MIPulmonary Disease1821013723
John W Lee 48081, MIPulmonary Disease1053336057
William A Ventimiglia 48081, MIPulmonary Disease1376568915
Richard A Herbert 48315, MIPulmonary Disease1881619625
Christopher W Hughes 48081, MIPulmonary Disease1194740936
Michael P Watta 48315, MIPulmonary Disease1669497319
Mahmoud Alhadidi 48307, MIPulmonary Disease1437177227
William H Nichols 49007, MIPulmonary Disease1285656017
Eiad Kseibi 48214, MIPulmonary Disease1356363311
Pulmonary Medicine And Sleep Specialists Pc 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1427071489
Geeta D Rode 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1033132188
Richard Sherman Fine 48021, MIPulmonary Disease1376566596
Daniel E Mcdonnell 49770, MIPulmonary Disease1295749323
Gary Thomas Ferguson 48152, MIPulmonary Disease1922016385
John William Gobel 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1235148362
Hasan Shanawani 48202, MIPulmonary Disease1285643163
Irina Omarievna Shanidze 48336, MIPulmonary Disease1518977198
Kanwar Virender Mendiratta 48034, MIPulmonary Disease1518978394
Butchi Babu Paidipaty 48601, MIPulmonary Disease1659484772
John C Liao 48413, MIPulmonary Disease1700990314
Melissa Anne Miller 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1639283245
John Joseph Osterholzer 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1669588083
Peter Campbell Moody 48532, MIPulmonary Disease1346356102
Center For Sleep Health, Llc 49015, MIPulmonary Disease1821103359
Midmichigan Medical Center Gratiot 48858, MIPulmonary Disease1801813373
Wa Foote Memorial Hospital, Inc 49201, MIPulmonary Disease1831123728
Jane C. Deng 48105, MIPulmonary Disease1891720520
Anil K Thomas 48038, MIPulmonary Disease1972619179
Steven F Ramus 48092, MIPulmonary Disease1215960125
David A Listello 49525, MIPulmonary Disease1508973538
William Marc Katz 49519, MIPulmonary Disease1013024140
Jeffrey L Wilt 49008, MIPulmonary Disease1033226097
Sleep Diagnostics Of Northern Michigan P C 49686, MIPulmonary Disease1881703098
Salah E. Aboubakr 48910, MIPulmonary Disease1235249772
Mohammed Ghiath Bayasi 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1528170073
Genesee Lung Associates Pc 48509, MIPulmonary Disease1922110477
Ahmad Taha Hannan 48439, MIPulmonary Disease1104938638
Fahim Khorfan 48509, MIPulmonary Disease1497867931
Hossam E Gouda 48602, MIPulmonary Disease1346352697
John William Dircks 49007, MIPulmonary Disease1205930773
Thomas Abey Abraham 49008, MIPulmonary Disease1972607422
Arthur F Saari 49855, MIPulmonary Disease1477651891
Steven J Danek 49855, MIPulmonary Disease1306944715
Jeon W Lee 49855, MIPulmonary Disease1316046154
Robert Oh Go P.c. 48307, MIPulmonary Disease1548361116
Sleep Associates, Inc 48603, MIPulmonary Disease1164523361
Robert Rush Burke 48202, MIPulmonary Disease1578656203
Marquette General Hospital, Inc. 49855, MIPulmonary Disease1730275132
Pulmonary And Critical Care Consultants, Pllc 48912, MIPulmonary Disease1366530461
Gauresh H Kashyap 48910, MIPulmonary Disease1265520415
Chandra M Gera 48910, MIPulmonary Disease1609966621
Paul J Christensen 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1619058765
Anjali Kumar 48201, MIPulmonary Disease1902988942
Margaret R Gyetko 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1386726297
Vibha N Lama 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1255413167
Thomas H Sisson 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1851473375
Robert G Sitrin 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1750463279
Marc L Peters-golden 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1235211756
Steven B Rubin Md Pllc 48076, MIPulmonary Disease1871677716
Metro Diagnostic Imaging, Pllc 48312, MIPulmonary Disease1043395494
Jeffrey Louis Curtis 48109, MIPulmonary Disease1578649018
Ravinder Gandhi 48192, MIPulmonary Disease1003995689
Oximetry Co Llc 48038, MIPulmonary Disease1376612515
John C Hall 48895, MIPulmonary Disease1558430025
Pulmonary And Primary Care Associates 49801, MIPulmonary Disease1871663443
Allergy Immunology And Pulmonary Critical Care Pc 48307, MIPulmonary Disease1205937786
Giovi Nmi Grasso Knight 97239, MIPulmonary Disease1518054543
Andrew Covington Kleaveland 49444, MIPulmonary Disease1508961384


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