Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Adebambo Dolapo Olajitan 10314, NYPulmonary Disease1598768905
John Thomas Pellicone 10029, NYPulmonary Disease1104828169
Swarn Kumar Gupta 11432, NYPulmonary Disease1093719742
Carl Bertram Friedman 11516, NYPulmonary Disease1306840038
Sakshi Dua 10029, NYPulmonary Disease1639173065
Tracy E. Barrett-tangoren 13224, NYPulmonary Disease1215932686
Gary C Garfield 12701, NYPulmonary Disease1700881349
Jonathan R. Weiss 12701, NYPulmonary Disease1417952052
Lewis M Levin 11040, NYPulmonary Disease1851396329
Robert L Carlin 11702, NYPulmonary Disease1609872167
Sanford Miles Ratner 11021, NYPulmonary Disease1528064961
Samuel A. Deleon 10459, NYPulmonary Disease1770589111
Teekaram Persaud 11375, NYPulmonary Disease1992701270
Vlassi Baktidy 11803, NYPulmonary Disease1295731800
Peter Alex Weil 11803, NYPulmonary Disease1356347967
Stephan Alkins 13210, NYPulmonary Disease1417954934
Souheil H Samaha 10028, NYPulmonary Disease1508863721
Aman Hourizadeh 11746, NYPulmonary Disease1750388781
Robert W Irwin 12866, NYPulmonary Disease1205833068
Arunakumari Penumadu 11102, NYPulmonary Disease1275531931
Andrew Needelman 12601, NYPulmonary Disease1831197391
Iraj Akhavan 10019, NYPulmonary Disease1598763906
Paul A Hamlin 11030, NYPulmonary Disease1396743159
Roseann M Russo 11030, NYPulmonary Disease1043219769
Ranjit Suri 10028, NYPulmonary Disease1992704571
Gilbert Witte 14760, NYPulmonary Disease1598764730
Jack Michael Mann 11361, NYPulmonary Disease1376542217
Kenneth Kyaw-win Sha 11354, NYPulmonary Disease1821097932
Joseph Frank Genovese 11021, NYPulmonary Disease1699774703
David H Bruce 12180, NYPulmonary Disease1407856388
Akbarali G. Virani 11236, NYPulmonary Disease1437158300
Dennis A Gort 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1306846274
David L Kamelhar 10016, NYPulmonary Disease1891795787
Douglas Louis Prisco 11042, NYPulmonary Disease1487654323
Michael Nakao 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1538169404
David S Palat 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1427058320
Edward Fitzpatrick 11204, NYPulmonary Disease1891795431
Nancy Linneman 10941, NYPulmonary Disease1003816604
Scott Herbert Beegle 12208, NYPulmonary Disease1437159837
Michael Chisdak 13790, NYPulmonary Disease1295735561
Maryann Park 10940, NYPulmonary Disease1942201793
Xiaojun Yan 11234, NYPulmonary Disease1033110788
Larry L Schulman 10032, NYPulmonary Disease1699776948
Community Memorial Hospital 13346, NYPulmonary Disease1932100393
Sunil Nath 11355, NYPulmonary Disease1760483077
Theodore Casper 10461, NYPulmonary Disease1457352593
Charlotte Malasky 10461, NYPulmonary Disease1831190982
Shobharani C. Sundaram 12180, NYPulmonary Disease1861494858
David A Strumpf 12180, NYPulmonary Disease1356343339
Louis H Gold 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1003818071
Pulmonary Medicine, Pc 10461, NYPulmonary Disease1073515060
Charles Lawrence Fishman 10461, NYPulmonary Disease1730181728
Jamie L Masson 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1962404871
Arthur W Hammer 11234, NYPulmonary Disease1528060324
Rajesh Sk Rao 13021, NYPulmonary Disease1528060472
Chaim J Bernstein 11234, NYPulmonary Disease1548262348
Olanrewaju Olusola Esan 11552, NYPulmonary Disease1861494239
Robert S. Wang 12866, NYPulmonary Disease1679565808
Martin Seymour Bernstein 11210, NYPulmonary Disease1144212275
John Mesch 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1396737193
William Bruce Bunn 12901, NYPulmonary Disease1285626986
Andrew M Murphy 06851, NYPulmonary Disease1821080375
South Shore Comprehensive Medical Group, Pc 11702, NYPulmonary Disease1740272087
Nuveed Loqman 11102, NYPulmonary Disease1194717439
Pedro H Calves 11702, NYPulmonary Disease1861484115
Joseph Farooq 12180, NYPulmonary Disease1538152814
Ali Hmidi 10941, NYPulmonary Disease1619960630
Riaz A Chaudhry 12550, NYPulmonary Disease1992798003
Edward Eden 10019, NYPulmonary Disease1679566673
Ethan D Fried 10025, NYPulmonary Disease1245223155
Hassan E Khouli 10019, NYPulmonary Disease1124011051
Raymonde E Jean 10019, NYPulmonary Disease1497748305
Charles Scott Hall 11706, NYPulmonary Disease1386637163
Ruth Minkin 11215, NYPulmonary Disease1699768408
Gopal Narayanswami 10025, NYPulmonary Disease1205829017
Mary M O'sullivan 10025, NYPulmonary Disease1962495788
Harold M Sokol 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1316930894
Anthony J Cagino 12205, NYPulmonary Disease1790778280
Steven Grundfast 10941, NYPulmonary Disease1710971049
Gangacharan R. Dubey 11203, NYPulmonary Disease1477547669
Maria B Gesualdo 13413, NYPulmonary Disease1407840614
Kenneth Berger 10016, NYPulmonary Disease1659365880
Omar E. Burschtin 10010, NYPulmonary Disease1821082058
Nicholas Rummo 10549, NYPulmonary Disease1902890163
Michael J. Akerman 11206, NYPulmonary Disease1821082074
Moinuddin Ahmed 12771, NYPulmonary Disease1255325346
Deborah A Shapiro 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1043204084
Moinuddin Ahmed 12771, NYPulmonary Disease1336133420
Neil H Inhaber 12054, NYPulmonary Disease1831183615
Leon S Harris 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1881688851
Ana Krieger 10021, NYPulmonary Disease1922092899
Samir A. Fahmy 11203, NYPulmonary Disease1831183599
Inna Kogan 04240, NYPulmonary Disease1700870433
Andre D Sotelo 10023, NYPulmonary Disease1982698577
Stephen M Menitove 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1497740815
Walfredo J. Leon 11203, NYPulmonary Disease1881689313
James A. Mahoney 11203, NYPulmonary Disease1841285319
David L Hodes 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1295720647
Jack W Horng 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1922093376
Benjamin Gee Chang 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1669467023
Jeffrey A Greenhouse 13905, NYPulmonary Disease1790770048
Geoffrey L Serfilippi 13905, NYPulmonary Disease1942295290
Seton Health System, Inc 12180, NYPulmonary Disease1811982911
Julia A Miller 13790, NYPulmonary Disease1619962883
Regina Frants 13790, NYPulmonary Disease1891780979
Joseph Quist 11203, NYPulmonary Disease1053306902
Stephanie N Gilleran 11772, NYPulmonary Disease1902892581
Qazi Qaisar Afzal 11772, NYPulmonary Disease1083600670
Marion J Bergman 11772, NYPulmonary Disease1386630960
Sachal H Badlani 11103, NYPulmonary Disease1770579260
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. 11103, NYPulmonary Disease1871589200
Clement Y Osei 10994, NYPulmonary Disease1902892326
Thomas Clinton Smith 12208, NYPulmonary Disease1134115306
Simon Daniel Spivack 10461, NYPulmonary Disease1366438475
Tatyana Antonevich 13413, NYPulmonary Disease1528054368
Haitham Nsour 10941, NYPulmonary Disease1306833959
Richard Baron 13760, NYPulmonary Disease1659368215
Jonathan Marvin Raskin 10028, NYPulmonary Disease1538156989
Samuel Thomas Jennings 14905, NYPulmonary Disease1164419636
Mark J Ivanick 14905, NYPulmonary Disease1629065198
Pulmonary Associates Of The Southern Tier, P.c. 14905, NYPulmonary Disease1548257025
Negin Hajizadeh 10016, NYPulmonary Disease1760479190
Kyungmee Kim 11355, NYPulmonary Disease1518954957
Earl P Robinson 14905, NYPulmonary Disease1992792238
Arthur Wai Sung 11215, NYPulmonary Disease1942297809
David M Katz 11042, NYPulmonary Disease1447247317
Anil Mattoo 11772, NYPulmonary Disease1356339139
Eric Makolo 10550, NYPulmonary Disease1558359935
Edwin Salsitz 10003, NYPulmonary Disease1780672964
Booth Medical Associates Pc 11355, NYPulmonary Disease1912996703
Vikram Dhawan 10029, NYPulmonary Disease1609865195
James L Bruno 10308, NYPulmonary Disease1780673244
Park Avenue Medical Pllc 10016, NYPulmonary Disease1003805219
Mustafa Salehmohamed 11355, NYPulmonary Disease1033108303
Komgrit Chukiert 13502, NYPulmonary Disease1528057502
Benjamin Leeman 11580, NYPulmonary Disease1174513998
Steven A. Levine 13501, NYPulmonary Disease1366432064
Paul Mayo 10003, NYPulmonary Disease1831189075
Jane Falkenstein 10003, NYPulmonary Disease1083604227
Samuel Q Acquah 10003, NYPulmonary Disease1700876943
Frank Acerra 10301, NYPulmonary Disease1750371993
Patricia C Villamena 10003, NYPulmonary Disease1790775930
David M. Rapoport 10029, NYPulmonary Disease1164412359
Eric Yoss 13502, NYPulmonary Disease1679563795
Mark Rosen 10023, NYPulmonary Disease1861482960
James Alan Avery 10001, NYPulmonary Disease1265422398
Rany Condos 10016, NYPulmonary Disease1053302117
New York University 10016, NYPulmonary Disease1689665697
David Edward Ost 10065, NYPulmonary Disease1174504120
Zia H Shah 13905, NYPulmonary Disease1750362380
South Nassau Communities Hospital 11572, NYPulmonary Disease1295716835
Marc Stewart Tarras 11559, NYPulmonary Disease1215918818
New Century Medical Assoc Pllc 12601, NYPulmonary Disease1124009535
Nathan Ira Rothman 11559, NYPulmonary Disease1285616136
Jonathan Drew Altus 11510, NYPulmonary Disease1871575647
Lourdes Marie E. Flaminiano 10013, NYPulmonary Disease1700868270
Andras J Vari 14221, NYPulmonary Disease1598748683
Jeffrey Allen Vorsanger 11229, NYPulmonary Disease1306829429
James G Lampasso 14221, NYPulmonary Disease1902889090
Alan I Blum 11563, NYPulmonary Disease1699758631
Ciro A Ciccarelli 11563, NYPulmonary Disease1548243579
Steve A Mermelstein 11563, NYPulmonary Disease1275516205
Nassau Queens Pulmonary Associates Pc 11042, NYPulmonary Disease1104809813
Siva Padmanabhan Sivakumar 12550, NYPulmonary Disease1992788442
Roxanna Jimenez 11206, NYPulmonary Disease1972586428
Pulmonary & Critcal Care Consultants, P.c. 11563, NYPulmonary Disease1376527812
Sanjay Chawla 10021, NYPulmonary Disease1487638672
Edward Stanley Pineles 11379, NYPulmonary Disease1144204215
Anna Melynne Youngblood 13601, NYPulmonary Disease1730163619
Wojciech Skrzypiec 10305, NYPulmonary Disease1861476715
Jeffery R Neu 14221, NYPulmonary Disease1184608911
Peter Terry 10305, NYPulmonary Disease1205810157
Celestino Pietrantoni 14221, NYPulmonary Disease1689658312
Tihomir Stefanec 10065, NYPulmonary Disease1396729976
Mohammed A Aziz 12540, NYPulmonary Disease1992780456
David J Shaz 10468, NYPulmonary Disease1568447977
Steve Salzman 11501, NYPulmonary Disease1881679884
Thomas E O'mara 13108, NYPulmonary Disease1588649412
Bruno Francesco Dicosmo 10580, NYPulmonary Disease1669458998
James Joseph Doyle 10580, NYPulmonary Disease1164408365
Marc Spero 10022, NYPulmonary Disease1831175009
Nalini J Namassivaya 13502, NYPulmonary Disease1003892134
Arun Agarwal 10509, NYPulmonary Disease1073590493
Jeffrey Beechert 10509, NYPulmonary Disease1407833833
Janet M Shapiro 10025, NYPulmonary Disease1871570762
Buffalo Cardiology & Pulmonary Assoc Pc 14221, NYPulmonary Disease1407834872
Magdi Sadek Sourour 11570, NYPulmonary Disease1174501431
James P Watts 13215, NYPulmonary Disease1780662981
Heart And Lung Associates, Pc 11361, NYPulmonary Disease1053399006
Mehdi Mohammed Oloomi 10029, NYPulmonary Disease1659350684
Steven M. Meixler 10604, NYPulmonary Disease1659350593
Marc Xavier Bowen 10022, NYPulmonary Disease1205815032
Madhav A Gudi 11215, NYPulmonary Disease1104805712
Joseph T Paglia 10580, NYPulmonary Disease1487633277
Petr Bezdicek 10924, NYPulmonary Disease1528047057
Salvatore J Devincenzo 10924, NYPulmonary Disease1154300689
Deogenes G De Leon 10924, NYPulmonary Disease1598744039
Robert John Rosenblatt 10924, NYPulmonary Disease1649259052
Alan Edward Schaffer 10924, NYPulmonary Disease1255310678
Salama Salama 11204, NYPulmonary Disease1073592226


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