Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nihad M Boutros 44708, OHPulmonary Disease1508869454
Eyad Nashawati 44708, OHPulmonary Disease1619970563
Jeffrey B Miller 44708, OHPulmonary Disease1083617724
George H Kefalas 44708, OHPulmonary Disease1912909235
Javier Francisco Pere 45801, OHPulmonary Disease1588668347
Susan D Borchers 43235, OHPulmonary Disease1386648186
Ashok Ramadugu 44035, OHPulmonary Disease1063417269
Sastry Panchagnula 44053, OHPulmonary Disease1760487953
The Millhon Clinic, Inc 43235, OHPulmonary Disease1023013133
Ashok P Makadia 44053, OHPulmonary Disease1013912211
William A Castaldo 45373, OHPulmonary Disease1588669139
Georges S Yacoub 45373, OHPulmonary Disease1487659041
Ronald J Wainz 43606, OHPulmonary Disease1447256839
James P Adamo 43701, OHPulmonary Disease1194721993
Satyasagar Morisetty 43953, OHPulmonary Disease1699771527
Todd Loren Astor 43205, OHPulmonary Disease1477550903
Navin K Jain 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1083611875
Nasir Ali 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1447257282
Abdul-karim Y Haffar 43528, OHPulmonary Disease1174520985
Mohammad Mahboob 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1164429924
Fateh U Ahmed 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1306844956
Shakil A Khan 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1205834868
David Gregory Brown 43130, OHPulmonary Disease1740288026
Naeem A Lughmani 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1013915263
Lalaine E Mattison 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1366440224
Randall J Harris 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1497753321
Jeffrey L Kaufman 43228, OHPulmonary Disease1437157088
Robert B Packer 44708, OHPulmonary Disease1679572317
Bohdan Mykola Pichurko 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1538169651
Ghulam Rabbani Aziz 43920, OHPulmonary Disease1366443343
Eric Pacht 43055, OHPulmonary Disease1063411809
Alan Rudick 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1508866971
David V Skirball 44122, OHPulmonary Disease1932101474
David V. Skirball, M.d 44122, OHPulmonary Disease1154323699
Abdul Basit 44601, OHPulmonary Disease1578555769
Kenneth L Wehr 45013, OHPulmonary Disease1619969896
Kenneth R Kretchmer 44304, OHPulmonary Disease1891787313
Mohammed Mazen Dallal 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1366434995
Thomas J Donnelly 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1255323895
Thomas G Olbrych 44304, OHPulmonary Disease1538151089
Randall M Fulchiero 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1275525693
Dharmesh V Gandhi 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1417949835
James P Graham 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1013909399
Richland Pulmonary And Critical Care Associates Inc 44903, OHPulmonary Disease1962494302
James J Murphy 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1457343733
Ralph Francis Huller 41017, OHPulmonary Disease1154313518
Neal J Moser 41017, OHPulmonary Disease1295727618
Guy L Blaser 44646, OHPulmonary Disease1922090612
M Nizar Orfahli 45891, OHPulmonary Disease1780676981
Peter R Bachwich 43235, OHPulmonary Disease1366435463
Erie Coast Chest Physicians, Inc 44053, OHPulmonary Disease1316930811
Kowriah N Amirthalingam 44484, OHPulmonary Disease1699769968
Rajesh C Patel Md Inc 45415, OHPulmonary Disease1467446369
Daniel Drake Center For Post acute Care, Llc 45216, OHPulmonary Disease1558355487
Farooq Sattar 43113, OHPulmonary Disease1972597821
Umur S Hatipoglu 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1720073612
Anand Vardhan Khandelwal 44256, OHPulmonary Disease1285629824
Jeffrey Paul Renston 44121, OHPulmonary Disease1457347890
Madhu Sasidhar 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1124015698
Physicians For Pulmonary & Critical Care Corp 44124, OHPulmonary Disease1659369452
Youngsook Yoon 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1023004272
Dan Emil Olson 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1568458578
Jeffrey R Hammersley 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1639165897
James C Willey 43614, OHPulmonary Disease1821084831
Ragheb A Assaly 43614, OHPulmonary Disease1134115389
Chaitanya Mandapakala 41017, OHPulmonary Disease1568783090
University Of Toledo Physicians Llc 43614, OHPulmonary Disease1942296033
Syed S Razmi 44125, OHPulmonary Disease1265420533
David M Weiner 44125, OHPulmonary Disease1063400232
Paul Terry Tsivitse 44304, OHPulmonary Disease1083602262
Raymond John Salomone 44060, OHPulmonary Disease1962490235
Fred Arthur Wagshul 45342, OHPulmonary Disease1336137595
Glenn Joseph Meden 44124, OHPulmonary Disease1972591121
Khalid J Kafilmout 44115, OHPulmonary Disease1710976154
Robert A Cain 45429, OHPulmonary Disease1427047570
John S Belany 44484, OHPulmonary Disease1265422174
Srinivas Katragadda 43608, OHPulmonary Disease1861483521
Raheel Jamal 43608, OHPulmonary Disease1669463329
James A Tita 43608, OHPulmonary Disease1811988579
Nauman Naeem 43608, OHPulmonary Disease1093706764
Vijay K Mahajan 43608, OHPulmonary Disease1568453959
Robert Erik Kose 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1093796294
Pulmonary And Critical Specialists Inc 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1144201294
Bassam J Sarrouj 43623, OHPulmonary Disease1073594024
Hesham H El Gamal 43402, OHPulmonary Disease1285615245
Karl Shane Fernandes 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1497736441
Perry G Nystrom 45428, OHPulmonary Disease1083695886
Hany J Jacob 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1992786677
Daniel John Pipoly 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1598746125
James D. Heddleson 44903, OHPulmonary Disease1538141759
Dean Manuel Bernardo 43537, OHPulmonary Disease1073595203
Adi Abraham Gerblich 44122, OHPulmonary Disease1669460838
Ohiohealth Corporation 43016, OHPulmonary Disease1578545273
Mohamed A Swedeh 44857, OHPulmonary Disease1962491613
Timothy F Kowalski 44060, OHPulmonary Disease1639167802
Ghazaleh Bigdeli 15219, OHPulmonary Disease1003806134
David William Hauswirth 43081, OHPulmonary Disease1588653646
Marc James Dinga 44060, OHPulmonary Disease1760470751
Rama K. Mallampalli 43221, OHPulmonary Disease1447248398
John Patrick Mitchell 45433, OHPulmonary Disease1164405247
Joseph H Cunningham 43219, OHPulmonary Disease1619950474
Paresh J Timbadia 43219, OHPulmonary Disease1508849100
Central Ohio Pulmonary Disease Inc 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1720062805
William M Chinn 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1801870985
Michael L Corriveau 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1841274925
Kar-ming Lo 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1760467112
Anthony F Dimarco 44024, OHPulmonary Disease1730164740
Primecare Of Southeastern Ohio, Inc. 43701, OHPulmonary Disease1417932294
Fred K Branditz 43701, OHPulmonary Disease1558347005
David R Ralston 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1164408472
James B Fagan 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1073599387
Christopher Sheridan Ryckman 43130, OHPulmonary Disease1912984105
Roy Carl St John 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1558348839
Eric J Adkins 43221, OHPulmonary Disease1528046232
Manuel M Bautista 44512, OHPulmonary Disease1093793689
Eastern Ohio Pulmonary Consultants Inc 44512, OHPulmonary Disease1235117276
St Elizabeth Medical Center Inc 41017, OHPulmonary Disease1932187937
Fernando G Chaves 44483, OHPulmonary Disease1285613208
Joseph G Parambil 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1497735526
Ralph P White 44333, OHPulmonary Disease1508846114
Marc S. Rovner 45801, OHPulmonary Disease1093795668
Ahmed E. Mostafa 45242, OHPulmonary Disease1538139423
Steven Lawrence Chambers 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1588649206
Median Ali 45342, OHPulmonary Disease1649253113
Liam Alexander Briones 44114, OHPulmonary Disease1982681433
Evan L Ramser 04240, OHPulmonary Disease1831178482
Ann Marie Romaker 45219, OHPulmonary Disease1386621548
Pulmonary Medicine Of Dayton Inc. 45342, OHPulmonary Disease1205806403
Laurie A Mooney 43050, OHPulmonary Disease1386623999
Rebecca S Bailey 44512, OHPulmonary Disease1801866439
Ritha Kartan 44512, OHPulmonary Disease1760452304
Prakash C Goyal 45215, OHPulmonary Disease1598735029
Lawrence S Goldstein 44512, OHPulmonary Disease1134199433
Jeffrey A Marsh 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1073585956
Hamilton Ancillary Services 45014, OHPulmonary Disease1003888587
Shahrokh Javaheri 45242, OHPulmonary Disease1407829757
James Robert Powell 44805, OHPulmonary Disease1396718672
Gail E Mutchler 43214, OHPulmonary Disease1407821325
Terence Kilroy 44107, OHPulmonary Disease1346216033
Robert V Sibilia 44691, OHPulmonary Disease1487620910
Timothy N Taylor 44145, OHPulmonary Disease1851368914
Joe Georges Zein 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1326015405
Stephen R Moore 45042, OHPulmonary Disease1083681076
Jerome E Stasek 43210, OHPulmonary Disease1689642597
Akhil Prutap Bindra 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1720057615
Nizar Zahi Nader 44125, OHPulmonary Disease1679542567
Robert Michael Hines 44203, OHPulmonary Disease1851360226
Timothy Colin Murray 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1063481596
Herzig Krall Medical Group Inc. 45014, OHPulmonary Disease1285693010
Edgar H. Sanchez, Md, Inc. 43952, OHPulmonary Disease1972562494
David George Monjot 45504, OHPulmonary Disease1316906811
Gregory Colangelo 45014, OHPulmonary Disease1083674220
Promedica Central Physicians Llc 43560, OHPulmonary Disease1043270150
South Dayton Acute Care Consultants, Inc 45429, OHPulmonary Disease1669442950
Prasadarao Kondapalli 44107, OHPulmonary Disease1336116565
Hitesh Makkar 44236, OHPulmonary Disease1184693046
Muhammad Ali Raza 44111, OHPulmonary Disease1881661593
Sanjiv P Patel 45014, OHPulmonary Disease1144293036
Charles A Pue 43228, OHPulmonary Disease1447228705
Akron Pulmonary Associates, Inc 44304, OHPulmonary Disease1558321117
Bryan Veynovich 44512, OHPulmonary Disease1104887413
Loutfi S Aboussouan 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1790747715
Mansoor Ahmed 44130, OHPulmonary Disease1275595944
Thomas R Gildea 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1164485959
Marie M Budev 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1528022266
Mark A Aronica 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1124082821
Raed A Dweik 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1982668505
Alejandro C Arroliga 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1598729113
Daniel A. Culver 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1154385516
Peter Mazzone 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1033173554
Jeffrey T. Chapman 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1992769442
Serpil C Erzurum 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1477517621
Michael S Machuzak 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1851355085
Beverly V O'neill 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1891750626
Mesfin Seifu 43222, OHPulmonary Disease1942265426
Mushtaq Ahmad 43302, OHPulmonary Disease1508822446
Mahmoud Qadoom 43082, OHPulmonary Disease1336105113
George Gateley Burton 45429, OHPulmonary Disease1255397956
Neurological & Sleep Disorders Inc Sleep Management Institute 45236, OHPulmonary Disease1477519973
University Internal Medicine Associates, Inc. 45219, OHPulmonary Disease1588620850
Amy Hyoun Joung Lee 43235, OHPulmonary Disease1821055575
James K Stoller 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1548227176
Ann M Leano 44302, OHPulmonary Disease1194783134
Gina Renee Dorlac 45219, OHPulmonary Disease1316905300
Yisa Sunmonu 44004, OHPulmonary Disease1528026531
Elie M Saab 45662, OHPulmonary Disease1447218169
Murthy V Gollamudi 45409, OHPulmonary Disease1114985439
Blanchard Valley Medical Associates, Inc. 45840, OHPulmonary Disease1407814775
Joseph Golish 44122, OHPulmonary Disease1609834290
Herbert P Wiedemann 44195, OHPulmonary Disease1982662664
Vijay Reddy 43219, OHPulmonary Disease1164480802
Bruce Colston Trapnell 45219, OHPulmonary Disease1134177314
Franklin D Krause Md Inc 44118, OHPulmonary Disease1205884046
Rick D Watson 45840, OHPulmonary Disease1649228537
Raymond G. Russell 45429, OHPulmonary Disease1750339685
Manica Isiguzo 44122, OHPulmonary Disease1932158078
Matthew Cheng 44460, OHPulmonary Disease1801845524
Karthikeyan Kanagarajan 45219, OHPulmonary Disease1497704936
Amaresh Rajeshwar Nath 45005, OHPulmonary Disease1023067543
Sunil K Dama 45219, OHPulmonary Disease1801845334


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