Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Olusola Olanrewaju Oguntolu 37209, TNPulmonary Disease1346244324
John Michael Bolds 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1659375467
William C Thompson 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1306840004
Stephen A Capizzi 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1366446171
Chace T Carpenter 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1164426979
Hanson B Cowan 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1144224981
Michael E Niedermeyer 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1457355257
Mark D Peacock 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1427052224
Stephen J Heyman 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1104820760
Tomasz Adam Zurawek 37055, TNPulmonary Disease1558366815
Anesthesia Medical Group, Pc 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1215932413
Emmel B. Golden 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1669478103
Michael D Wilons 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1710983259
Robert William Schriner 38017, TNPulmonary Disease1891791349
Joy C Burbeck 38017, TNPulmonary Disease1578569034
Gary F Trew 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1790781144
Sanjay Ratnakant 38671, TNPulmonary Disease1578569935
Clyde Hugh Everhart 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1316943665
Charles Michael Smith 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1578569687
Garrettson S Ellis 38157, TNPulmonary Disease1336145317
Steven G Bentley 38017, TNPulmonary Disease1790781870
John W Forman 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1366449506
Barrett D Conner 37207, TNPulmonary Disease1326046673
Orlando Rodriguez 37207, TNPulmonary Disease1336147685
Bret F Craytor 75503, TNPulmonary Disease1649270539
Mid South Medical Associates 38104, TNPulmonary Disease1457343485
Methodist Healthcare Memphis Hospitals 38104, TNPulmonary Disease1043202088
John Gordon Byers 37620, TNPulmonary Disease1619960515
Michael B Baron 37620, TNPulmonary Disease1962495879
Roger J Mcsharry 37620, TNPulmonary Disease1063405736
Lisa A Mckinney 37620, TNPulmonary Disease1528051299
Edwin J Rao 37403, TNPulmonary Disease1912909763
Girendra V Hoskere 37620, TNPulmonary Disease1710970793
Mid state Pulmonary Associates, Pllc 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1225023393
Robert Gilroy 38301, TNPulmonary Disease1629063227
Kirksville Clinic Corp 63501, TNPulmonary Disease1538155817
Oscar Gonzalo Hernandez-cano 37398, TNPulmonary Disease1649266453
Summit Sleep And Lung Associates, P.c. 37076, TNPulmonary Disease1336136779
Kumar P Yogesh 38225, TNPulmonary Disease1366430993
Robert J Mangialardi 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1477548675
Salim Suhayl Mehio 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1427043645
David A Jarvis 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1457346132
Celso T Ebeo 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1104812734
Mohammad A Alsoub 37055, TNPulmonary Disease1063407534
Phillip Wayne Jones 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1871588806
Nathan H Mull 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1588653208
B Daniel Harnsberger 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1780673590
John W Boldt 37403, TNPulmonary Disease1629067335
Kelly A Carden 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1811978737
Joseph A Blythe 38111, TNPulmonary Disease1689665903
Daniel R Smith 37403, TNPulmonary Disease1043209265
Samuel S Jacobson 37403, TNPulmonary Disease1326020843
Scott Joseph Coole 85202, TNPulmonary Disease1497744577
Keith P Young 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1417939414
Toby Ray Smith 37076, TNPulmonary Disease1932190360
Yune-gill Jeong 37421, TNPulmonary Disease1497744114
Anja A Patton-evans 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1750364204
Vincent A Viscomi 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1982689493
Darryl Jordan 37208, TNPulmonary Disease1124007919
David Scott Trochtenberg 33027, TNPulmonary Disease1366421984
Bruce B Ludwig 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1649250580
Edwin O Taylor 38157, TNPulmonary Disease1144200999
Harsha Nonavinakere Shanthaveerappa 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1093795858
Ronnie Lee Jackson 37172, TNPulmonary Disease1174500896
Paul Alexis Talley 37208, TNPulmonary Disease1518946102
Mandeep S Bakshi 37743, TNPulmonary Disease1669458857
Elliott S Cohen 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1497730501
Luis R Urbina 38501, TNPulmonary Disease1609855063
William T Faith 37066, TNPulmonary Disease1235101809
Arnold Richard Hudson 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1770555229
William Phillip Powers 37934, TNPulmonary Disease1093787590
Bradley S Rust 37066, TNPulmonary Disease1104890003
John P Gunter 37363, TNPulmonary Disease1558335737
Dana D Hager 38301, TNPulmonary Disease1992772255
Ronald F Taylor 38301, TNPulmonary Disease1275501561
Earl V Campbell 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1821066341
Ronald R Cherry 37874, TNPulmonary Disease1386613511
Deaconess Physician Services Llc 73120, TNPulmonary Disease1427017862
Mary Agnes Mcelaney 37211, TNPulmonary Disease1861452138
Karl P Kuhn 37211, TNPulmonary Disease1003876236
Nashville Lung Center, Inc 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1952361065
Ray Charles Johnson 37129, TNPulmonary Disease1124096904
Frank Blonvil Louthan 37129, TNPulmonary Disease1609844489
Richard Earl Parrish 37129, TNPulmonary Disease1033187810
Jigme M. Sethi 37403, TNPulmonary Disease1891760708
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TNPulmonary Disease1386619641
Randy Scott Lovelace 37909, TNPulmonary Disease1154393619
Ann Steciw 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1912962416
Scott E Sinclair 38132, TNPulmonary Disease1518924596
Amado X Freire 38132, TNPulmonary Disease1447217401
Gianfranco Umberto Meduri 38132, TNPulmonary Disease1326005398
Muthiah Pugazhenthi Muthiah 38132, TNPulmonary Disease1831156801
John P Griffin 38132, TNPulmonary Disease1114984747
Muhammad K Zaman 38132, TNPulmonary Disease1154388718
Rajiv Dhand 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1538118872
Pulmonology & Critical Care Associates Inc 38401, TNPulmonary Disease1780635995
George Vraney 38305, TNPulmonary Disease1356392054
Bruce S Grover 37660, TNPulmonary Disease1518919745
Alabama Hma Physician Management, Llc 36203, TNPulmonary Disease1003868712
Mark W Emery 37660, TNPulmonary Disease1801849674
Larry J Foster 37660, TNPulmonary Disease1023061884
Robert W Mccain 37211, TNPulmonary Disease1851351514
Lucinda Miller 37660, TNPulmonary Disease1174577464
Ahmad Machhour Ibrahimbacha 37311, TNPulmonary Disease1043266752
Blue Ridge Pulmonary Medicine, Pc 37311, TNPulmonary Disease1487601019
Asa Clyde Heflin 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1033156310
Grafton Hunt Thurman 37207, TNPulmonary Disease1013955707
Thomas W Ellis 38301, TNPulmonary Disease1932147774
Jeffrey G. Wright 38017, TNPulmonary Disease1235179177
John S. Jaggers 37311, TNPulmonary Disease1568403178
Robert F. Marcum 37311, TNPulmonary Disease1659311231
Elie Mansour, Md, Pc 37766, TNPulmonary Disease1366483299
Istvan David Wollak 38671, TNPulmonary Disease1619919305
Parkridge East Specialty Associates Llc 37412, TNPulmonary Disease1760424949
Kenneth Azuka Okpor 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1801830849
Richard Hal Hughes 37830, TNPulmonary Disease1982640009
Elie Mansour 37766, TNPulmonary Disease1942246145
Vincent A. Viscomi, Md Pc 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1336175736
Michael Dean Brunson 37919, TNPulmonary Disease1679500102
Jayant B Mehta 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1265460034
Jeff R Farrow 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1942238746
Charles Pittman Cole 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1023046737
East Tennessee Medical Group, Pc 37701, TNPulmonary Disease1942238902
Memphis Lung Physicians, P.c. 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1053340166
East Tennessee Pulmonary And Critical Care Physicians 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1528098282
Maria Carmina Garcia 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1649201997
Miguel Antonio Ossorio 37684, TNPulmonary Disease1972534410
Luis Ivan Portilla 37067, TNPulmonary Disease1184655268
Mark T. Peters 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1386686137
Jon J Tumen 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1831139799
Charles Jackson Wray 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1285662148
Angelo E. Canonico 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1407896749
Ryland Pratt Byrd 37684, TNPulmonary Disease1659308112
Summit Medical Group, Pllc 37909, TNPulmonary Disease1699722470
John Lucius Mcgehee 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1265470462
Mohammed Humayun Kabir 37762, TNPulmonary Disease1598795833
Wendy K. Zouras 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1770539868
Sally M Wooten 41041, TNPulmonary Disease1558306761
Blount Memorial Physician Group, Inc. 37804, TNPulmonary Disease1699710194
Susan Gary Taylor 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1558391326
Jaideep Sood 37909, TNPulmonary Disease1184666505
Thomas Michael Roy 37614, TNPulmonary Disease1013949031
Carlos E Baleeiro 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1841223039
Cheryl Fields-ossorio 37604, TNPulmonary Disease1932133626
Douglas W Kane 38501, TNPulmonary Disease1659306611
Tullahoma Hma Physician Management, Llc 37388, TNPulmonary Disease1831114099
Prewitt Medical Care Clinic Pc 38024, TNPulmonary Disease1477578235
St. Thomas Medical Group Pllc 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1467472258
Zachary V. Coller 37122, TNPulmonary Disease1548281124
Sibaji Shome 37403, TNPulmonary Disease1922022672
Lata Shah 37857, TNPulmonary Disease1275547234
Bellevue Pulmonary Associates Pc 38104, TNPulmonary Disease1720093859
Thomas Allen Sullivan 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1235144718
James Edward Shamiyeh 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1093720435
Shelbyville Clinic Corp 37160, TNPulmonary Disease1366458754
Paul Branca 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1700893252
Michael Timothy Mccormack 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1114934676
Elise Emery Schriver 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1891701322
East Tennessee Pulmonary Associates Pc 37830, TNPulmonary Disease1992717599
Michael Joseph Dimeo 37830, TNPulmonary Disease1871505495
Baptist Memorial Health Services, Inc. Of Mississippi 39705, TNPulmonary Disease1063525434
Paul David Banick 37919, TNPulmonary Disease1114941770
Tina Maureen Dudney 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1285641746
J. Francis Turner 37920, TNPulmonary Disease1114948528
Smyrna Pulmonary And Sleep Associates Pllc 37167, TNPulmonary Disease1467475871
James K Poliner 37129, TNPulmonary Disease1861405409
Prakashchandra B Patel 37167, TNPulmonary Disease1558384099
Bernadette L Hee 38501, TNPulmonary Disease1902839806
Louis V Eberle 38119, TNPulmonary Disease1326071804
Alberto Gonzalez-bernal 37207, TNPulmonary Disease1952415499
Jeffrey P Mccartney 38120, TNPulmonary Disease1902820004
Rachel Marie Kingree 37076, TNPulmonary Disease1114020336
Yasser Moussa Aleech 38119, TNPulmonary Disease1871698639
Pulmonary Medicine Of Dickson, Llc 37055, TNPulmonary Disease1972608537
Sriram Krishnasamy 37043, TNPulmonary Disease1114024908
James Loyd 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1356440796
Bonnie Slovis 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1730288168
Carl A Green 37129, TNPulmonary Disease1992896435
James Snell 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1396837704
Laura Forester Hunt 37067, TNPulmonary Disease1114019528
Richard Light 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1902998321
Jackson Pulmonary Care, Pa 38305, TNPulmonary Disease1588759500
Michael Todd Czarnecki 37404, TNPulmonary Disease1780774083
Gary Keith Lovelady 37388, TNPulmonary Disease1619057528
Appalachia Health Services 37762, TNPulmonary Disease1568542009
Brenda Butka 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1497839518
Augusta Physician Services Llc 30904, TNPulmonary Disease1568547586
Julie Anne Bastarache 37212, TNPulmonary Disease1649358581
William Edward Lawson 37212, TNPulmonary Disease1982782207
Ramesh Chadalavada 37172, TNPulmonary Disease1487723342
Susan Kay Garwood 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1801973490
Stacey Louise Vallejo 37205, TNPulmonary Disease1831289255
Aaron Milstone 37067, TNPulmonary Disease1134211550
Summit Medical Group, Pllc 37909, TNPulmonary Disease1548349186
Jennifer A Johnson 37203, TNPulmonary Disease1225120926
Jack Coggeshall 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1841387941
Elisabeth Donlevy Willers 37232, TNPulmonary Disease1043300288
Louis Frederick Vossel 38501, TNPulmonary Disease1609969294
Firas A Koura 40324, TNPulmonary Disease1790888683
Kamel Madaraty 38133, TNPulmonary Disease1407925472


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