Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Chick 75801, TXPulmonary Disease1295738466
Shahrukh A Kureishy 75069, TXPulmonary Disease1528061108
Joyce M Shotwell 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1770586331
Jamal A Razzack 77079, TXPulmonary Disease1831192319
Wolfgang Walter Schmidt-nowara 87505, TXPulmonary Disease1669475208
Laura K Gilbey 78727, TXPulmonary Disease1932102316
Harold D Cain 78727, TXPulmonary Disease1225031669
Timberland Medical Group 76086, TXPulmonary Disease1528061157
James Lee Boysen 78745, TXPulmonary Disease1699779330
Ahammed Hashim 75961, TXPulmonary Disease1235134420
David A Schenk 78229, TXPulmonary Disease1255336061
Sean C Gilbey 78749, TXPulmonary Disease1184628828
Michael W Wooley 78240, TXPulmonary Disease1396749743
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1205831898
Terry Lynn Kilgore 75460, TXPulmonary Disease1972508570
Healthtexas Provider Network 75160, TXPulmonary Disease1063417699
Healthtexas dallas Diagnostic Association 75093, TXPulmonary Disease1245235886
Loyd G. Whitley 75965, TXPulmonary Disease1821093360
Healthtexas Provider Network dallas Diagnostic Association 75042, TXPulmonary Disease1255337275
Hendrick Medical Center 79601, TXPulmonary Disease1861498735
Ashok S. Kirumaki 75230, TXPulmonary Disease1831195650
Sambasiva Rao Sukhavasi 77627, TXPulmonary Disease1508862954
Cynthia D Brown 75455, TXPulmonary Disease1932106150
Jairo A Melo 78240, TXPulmonary Disease1912904079
Juan P Calero 78550, TXPulmonary Disease1760489850
Charles P Andrews 78229, TXPulmonary Disease1467459578
Glenn Genovese Md Pa 76208, TXPulmonary Disease1144228636
David I. Jones 75701, TXPulmonary Disease1366440596
Harmohinder S Kochar 77008, TXPulmonary Disease1720086002
Christopher Jude Cortes 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1447258959
Paul Edward Bing 77450, TXPulmonary Disease1376541870
Adolfo Noe Anchondo 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1063410777
Musa A Wadi 76301, TXPulmonary Disease1760493001
Carlos Raul Orozco 78628, TXPulmonary Disease1013915107
Joseph Leslie Pean 78596, TXPulmonary Disease1609873512
Charles J Burch 78240, TXPulmonary Disease1831196559
Seijo Oi 78028, TXPulmonary Disease1952309841
Eduardo Cepeda-davila 78212, TXPulmonary Disease1639177454
Leo Leon Bennett 78234, TXPulmonary Disease1851390306
Genaro Vazquez 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1629077748
Arthur A Cohen 79912, TXPulmonary Disease1528067543
Bret F Craytor 75503, TXPulmonary Disease1649270539
Numan A Arafat 78503, TXPulmonary Disease1043210396
Erasto Cortes 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1154321263
Gonzalo A Diaz 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1134129240
Mark Wilson Geneser 78404, TXPulmonary Disease1831198381
Emilio Gonzalez-ayala 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1366441701
Jaime A Quesada 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1578563862
Kenneth A Ausloos 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1154322386
John Michael Jordan 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1295736437
Kenneth Terrell 78229, TXPulmonary Disease1164423307
David L Luterman 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1629079751
Benjamin Interiano 77074, TXPulmonary Disease1144222159
Mark W Millard 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1609877737
Robert D Black 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1902808827
Kwaku A Osafo-mensah 76116, TXPulmonary Disease1053313882
Hernando Garcia 79902, TXPulmonary Disease1922000314
Pulmonary Associates Of Lubbock Llp 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1871595231
Gary D Smith 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1568454791
Srinivas P Kadiyala 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1275535635
Mark W Johnson 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1205838653
Naidu K Chekuru 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1073515433
Samuel F Boushy 77056, TXPulmonary Disease1558353367
Jonathan Adam Markowitz 75701, TXPulmonary Disease1386636017
Joel David Johnson 75701, TXPulmonary Disease1922090497
Amit Annamaneni 77090, TXPulmonary Disease1124010616
Shahid Q Mallick 77479, TXPulmonary Disease1396738415
Mark Allen Co 75218, TXPulmonary Disease1912990987
Tyrus Schroeder 78130, TXPulmonary Disease1326031154
Syamala Chekuru 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1790787158
Raul M Sanchez Leon 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1598758476
Mythili T Venkataraman 75071, TXPulmonary Disease1093717860
Shannon Turnbow 79410, TXPulmonary Disease1366444721
Malcolm A Smith 75503, TXPulmonary Disease1174525174
David H Plump 76012, TXPulmonary Disease1306831888
Victor Manuel Salcedo 77074, TXPulmonary Disease1336133834
Mauricio A Reinoso 77479, TXPulmonary Disease1972597474
Harold Z Bencowitz 77702, TXPulmonary Disease1629063912
Nathaniel J Alford 77702, TXPulmonary Disease1902891187
Andrew J Aldrich 77702, TXPulmonary Disease1811982093
Theodore L Mclemore 75460, TXPulmonary Disease1780679803
Carlos Mauricio Llanes 78041, TXPulmonary Disease1073508222
Jennifer Diane Brody 78258, TXPulmonary Disease1609862127
Kenneth George Gould 77069, TXPulmonary Disease1629065578
Mahmood O Dweik 77598, TXPulmonary Disease1245228741
Sandip R Desai 77479, TXPulmonary Disease1497741037
Ermilo D Dilley 76014, TXPulmonary Disease1528054723
Olusegun A Oseni 76086, TXPulmonary Disease1982699005
Luigi Terminella 77598, TXPulmonary Disease1063400406
Southeast Texas Pulmonary Associates Llp 77702, TXPulmonary Disease1578551859
Warren William Simi 77027, TXPulmonary Disease1255329561
Robert Thomas Solis 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1093703217
Mohsin K Bajwa 77090, TXPulmonary Disease1497743462
Ather J Siddiqi 77380, TXPulmonary Disease1700874716
Salah Y Ghobrial 77090, TXPulmonary Disease1518955525
Steven Dunning Brown 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1700874682
Eugene Chandler Deal 78550, TXPulmonary Disease1033108840
David B Coultas 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1285623884
Mohammad J Baba 77598, TXPulmonary Disease1699764811
Thomas Mannion Mcgowan 77024, TXPulmonary Disease1417947409
Michael James Morris 78234, TXPulmonary Disease1861482416
Lisa Lynn Zacher 78234, TXPulmonary Disease1760472427
Julia Ann Morgan 78234, TXPulmonary Disease1184615247
David Graham Bell 78234, TXPulmonary Disease1669463659
Kenneth Ray Kemp 78234, TXPulmonary Disease1295726107
Karin Larissa Nicholson 76544, TXPulmonary Disease1871584540
Preston Leigh Pate 79601, TXPulmonary Disease1144211368
Tamren Ann Pate 79601, TXPulmonary Disease1417948639
Peter A Petroff 78229, TXPulmonary Disease1588645659
Independent Medical Associates, P.a. 78229, TXPulmonary Disease1649251752
David R Herrmann 76180, TXPulmonary Disease1649251497
Maydee Annette Rosario-reglero 76712, TXPulmonary Disease1437130077
William John Ryan 78006, TXPulmonary Disease1841271319
Nelson Antonio Fernandez 77081, TXPulmonary Disease1881675122
Northwest Internal Medicine Specialists,pllc 77070, TXPulmonary Disease1396726709
Kenneth L Toppell 77004, TXPulmonary Disease1386626695
Pankaj J Patel 79703, TXPulmonary Disease1124009766
William M Girard 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1871582270
Joseph Padinjarayveetil John 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1740270560
James Martin Stocks 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1558344903
Leslie Ann Couch 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1689663387
Steven Idell 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1366431538
Rodney Charles Richie 76712, TXPulmonary Disease1750362398
Wael Asi 77380, TXPulmonary Disease1578551537
Scott G Donaldson 75080, TXPulmonary Disease1285625087
Pradyumna Chary Mummady 78041, TXPulmonary Disease1538159538
Jefy M Mathew 77380, TXPulmonary Disease1083602080
Robert Ralph Springer 76712, TXPulmonary Disease1023091873
Richard John Pohil 77079, TXPulmonary Disease1982687760
Robert Ming-cheug Wang 77036, TXPulmonary Disease1235113119
Phuong-dung Julie Nguyen 77054, TXPulmonary Disease1962486878
Varsha S Taskar 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1831173426
Christopher Arnold Bailey 75503, TXPulmonary Disease1063497634
Victor M Gomez 75230, TXPulmonary Disease1326023862
Janice L Miles 39563, TXPulmonary Disease1295710598
Divina M Tuazon 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1669457826
Farouk Barbandi 77521, TXPulmonary Disease1700861887
Timothy C Hiebert 39563, TXPulmonary Disease1609851492
Joyce Tolles Hohn 75237, TXPulmonary Disease1750367397
Martin L Kaplan 77004, TXPulmonary Disease1588640171
Lorenzo Martin 78401, TXPulmonary Disease1598742355
Charles R Martin 75601, TXPulmonary Disease1780661892
John B. Silman 78028, TXPulmonary Disease1407834245
Satish Chada 76301, TXPulmonary Disease1215915558
Lowell Harvey 76301, TXPulmonary Disease1790763969
Jagadeshwar G Reddy 76104, TXPulmonary Disease1649250960
Dereje Ayo 76028, TXPulmonary Disease1295705325
Noble U. Ezukanma 76135, TXPulmonary Disease1295705291
Adesubomi Agoro 76104, TXPulmonary Disease1073583076
Sridhar Krishnamurthy Iyer 76201, TXPulmonary Disease1043299712
Ethan Errol Emmons 78266, TXPulmonary Disease1265416325
Tehmina Ahmed Badar 77074, TXPulmonary Disease1639154883
Lung And Asthma Clinic, P.a. 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1396723896
Aamir S Malik 78205, TXPulmonary Disease1689658833
Alexander N Stadnyk 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1043280365
Bhadresh B Shah 77479, TXPulmonary Disease1770555682
John P Gunter 37363, TXPulmonary Disease1558335737
David Ostransky 76109, TXPulmonary Disease1396710984
Gilbert G Berdine 79430, TXPulmonary Disease1225003791
Robert K Emerson 78758, TXPulmonary Disease1558337006
Peter S. Fornos 78215, TXPulmonary Disease1639145667
Neeta Singla 77065, TXPulmonary Disease1386611549
Joseph V Surdacki 75010, TXPulmonary Disease1174591986
Vivek A Padegal 75234, TXPulmonary Disease1427026236
Mustansir Vejlani 77375, TXPulmonary Disease1194793851
Abraham Cheriyan Md Pa 75904, TXPulmonary Disease1598733990
Craig Steven Glazer 75390, TXPulmonary Disease1497714521
Tanveer Ahmed 75246, TXPulmonary Disease1265491724
Rama Devi Nayini 75601, TXPulmonary Disease1598724940
Krishna Reddy & Rama D Nayini,ptr east Texas Heart & Lung Clinic 75601, TXPulmonary Disease1750340097
F Adam Kawley 77598, TXPulmonary Disease1811963267
James P Loftin 75010, TXPulmonary Disease1194793612
Prakash Palimar, M.d.,pa 78503, TXPulmonary Disease1538132287
Shibu Thomas 75208, TXPulmonary Disease1366402265
Mohammad A Khalil 75092, TXPulmonary Disease1962473660
Mohan P Philip 75402, TXPulmonary Disease1124093471
Richard S Kronenberg 75708, TXPulmonary Disease1720052749
Muhammad Talib 78233, TXPulmonary Disease1700855640
Shekhar A Ghamande 76508, TXPulmonary Disease1366412090
Carl David Boethel 76508, TXPulmonary Disease1417916255
Dureshahwar J Fernandez 78624, TXPulmonary Disease1609848274
Tayler H Long 75093, TXPulmonary Disease1699743401
James Alan Barker 76528, TXPulmonary Disease1750358719
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TXPulmonary Disease1386619641
Dominic R. Dekeratry 78626, TXPulmonary Disease1326007816
Jeb S. Pickard 78236, TXPulmonary Disease1952378143
Rafael Rivera-rivera 76301, TXPulmonary Disease1669432209
Niranjan G Iyer 77598, TXPulmonary Disease1174583751
Alexander Tiu 77339, TXPulmonary Disease1164482519
Dennis L. Myers 76508, TXPulmonary Disease1376503748
Jeana D. Obrien 76508, TXPulmonary Disease1942261896
William G. Petersen 76508, TXPulmonary Disease1770544579
Julye Nesbitt Carew 75231, TXPulmonary Disease1780647883
Christian Maluf Mdpa 78503, TXPulmonary Disease1518920370
Jonathan C Weissler 75390, TXPulmonary Disease1740245463
Carlos Eduardo Girod 75390, TXPulmonary Disease1104881929
Khalid F Almoosa 77030, TXPulmonary Disease1578528956
Sfm, Inc 64131, TXPulmonary Disease1972568103
Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders Consult. Pa 77339, TXPulmonary Disease1952366049
Said F Mahmoud 64131, TXPulmonary Disease1194781948


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