Providers with Taxonomy: Pulmonary Disease in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pulmonary Disease
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James E Pearl 84103, UTPulmonary Disease1417959206
Russell Nelson Hirst 84320, UTPulmonary Disease1871587774
George P Pappas 98104, UTPulmonary Disease1174510655
Brydon J.b. Grant 84094, UTPulmonary Disease1962490128
Samuel Morris Brown 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1013998947
Patricia L Nelson 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1629051206
William Beninati 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1902880685
David G Dienhart 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1184601940
Ali Ahmed Fazili 84103, UTPulmonary Disease1013994813
Paul T Teman 84108, UTPulmonary Disease1700858727
Theodore Hyunsub Moon 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1568438455
Mustufa T Saifee 84770, UTPulmonary Disease1568428357
Lara Lynelle Hardman 84105, UTPulmonary Disease1659325348
John D Muir 32034, UTPulmonary Disease1710936943
David Klein 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1124075437
Gary K Goucher 84403, UTPulmonary Disease1043257140
Heart And Lung Institute Of Utah Inc 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1013954411
Christopher K Anderson 84403, UTPulmonary Disease1497794150
Jeffrey A Abel 84403, UTPulmonary Disease1730129941
John Wade Shigeoka 84148, UTPulmonary Disease1629010079
Mark R. Elstad 84148, UTPulmonary Disease1275577736
Jeffrey A Kurrus 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1275561045
Sandeep Chowdhary 84088, UTPulmonary Disease1891726162
Alan R Abdulla 84404, UTPulmonary Disease1720025281
Charles Thomas Ivester 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1376585372
Mark S Shockey 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1902839657
Pulmonary Internal Medicine Pc 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1417980178
U u Pulmonary Division 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1003849241
George E. Thomsen 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1083648414
Nathan C. Dean 84102, UTPulmonary Disease1063437770
Michael R Kline 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1073531331
St Mark's Professional Services, Llc 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1912925629
Roger Paulman 84403, UTPulmonary Disease1760404974
Lewis Taub 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1730102963
Steven W Lewis 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1255354437
Jamile Sarah Woods 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1114931540
Tracy A Hill 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1992711253
Michael John Pearce 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1568478832
Douglas S Ross 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1780690198
Dixie L Harris 84003, UTPulmonary Disease1740296730
Clark Thorpe Bishop 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1841206844
Carl H Lawyer 84057, UTPulmonary Disease1073523791
Kevin C Shilling 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1144233214
Brad V Rasmusson 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1346254091
Hildegard K Smith 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1003820754
Amrapali M Shah 84103, UTPulmonary Disease1407889033
Scott Aberegg 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1164434486
Leah Smith 98029, UTPulmonary Disease1578674412
Samer Abdelwahab Saleh 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1205931037
Chakravarthy B Reddy 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1508962176
Imad S Farrukh 84088, UTPulmonary Disease1851498273
Charles Gregory Elliott 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1538253372
Tom V Cloward 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1053407726
Karl Alan Sanders 84148, UTPulmonary Disease1871682542
Mary Beth Scholand 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1639269251
Guy A. Zimmerman 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1508956194
Estelle S. Harris 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1558451153
Richard E. Kanner 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1063502664
Theodore Geh-lu Liou 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1588754196
Wayne M. Samuelson 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1730279357
Barbara C. Cahill 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1396835989
Holly J. Carveth 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1376633966
John Reginald Hoidal 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1710077318
Joel Eric Pittman 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1871675132
Mark Kimball Goddard 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1124101621
Edward Joseph Campbell 84102, UTPulmonary Disease1386741833
Matthew Kent Topham 84112, UTPulmonary Disease1275613721
Gregory Patrick Dupont 84088, UTPulmonary Disease1306943121
William Joseph Walsh 84088, UTPulmonary Disease1730374604
Robert L Mazzola 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1629142898
Peter Fredrick Crossno 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1083761936
Elisabeth M Carr 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1184777104
Christopher Robert Dale 98029, UTPulmonary Disease1700922143
Lynette Mardel Brown 84157, UTPulmonary Disease1902943988
Ihc Health Services, Inc 84105, UTPulmonary Disease1508904947
Ihc Health Services Inc 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1932234036
Ihc Health Services Inc 84094, UTPulmonary Disease1164558847
Ihc Health Services Inc 84003, UTPulmonary Disease1225165087
Ihc Health Services Inc 84102, UTPulmonary Disease1629107305
Ihc Health Services Inc 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1497885453
Ihc Health Services Inc 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1700901790
Gregory D Hammond 84047, UTPulmonary Disease1942374020
Michael John Lanspa 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1275740078
Bryce Lyman Ferguson 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1700094380
Ryoma Tanaka 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1922294214
Ihc Health Services Inc 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1740478445
Matthew Black Sperry 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1871773168
Barbara Ellen Jones 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1316115082
Cheryl Bond Shannon Pirozzi 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1871762138
Bountiful Internal Medicine & Pulmonology Associates Llc 84010, UTPulmonary Disease1124293808
Branden Douglas Rosenhan 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1912160060
Garrett Reed Bird 84088, UTPulmonary Disease1164638573
David Wayne Guidry 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1912116674
William Taylor Sadler 84010, UTPulmonary Disease1154543155
Sun-jung Lim 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1700044377
Andrew Leigh Freeman 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1376720326
Sanjeev Murthi Raman 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1619121019
William T Sadler Md Pc 84010, UTPulmonary Disease1104061191
Health Force One 84738, UTPulmonary Disease1568794162
Internal Med micu/department Of University Of Utah 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1457670788
Ihc Health Services Inc 84094, UTPulmonary Disease1902126204
Sleep And Lung Clinic Of Utah, Inc. 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1992009799
Healthtrust Utah Mgmt Services, Inc 84047, UTPulmonary Disease1710273297
Aidin Iravani 14905, UTPulmonary Disease1639405129
Ithan D Peltan 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1558598003
Christopher H Strawter 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1457678427
Blake Austin Mann 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1629210059
Coralynn Shayna Sack 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1265669147
Heather Howe 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1396990123
Matthew Robert Crull 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1285890475
Mazzola Dascomb P.c. 84117, UTPulmonary Disease1306107289
Granger Medical Clinic, Inc. 84020, UTPulmonary Disease1174968051
Mark L Martinez 84143, UTPulmonary Disease1508861964
Vivian Y Lee 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1740201300
John R. Michael 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1720178338
Pulmonary & Sleep Clinic 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1114390846
Ian Mecham 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1568751519
Anthony Edwards 75390, UTPulmonary Disease1598024275
Christopher R Gilbert 98104, UTPulmonary Disease1104034453
Lois Gail Clary 28739, UTPulmonary Disease1013983345
Sharukh Lokhandwala 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1902100969
Ann Jefferds 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1386691558
Ihc Health Services Inc 84103, UTPulmonary Disease1487124624
Cynthia Ann Jumper 79430, UTPulmonary Disease1437148947
Physician Group Of Utah Inc 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1154883668
Ashley Lauren Garrett 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1134563729
Kathryn W Hendrickson 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1750730743
Brian Poole 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1770973489
Brittany Mary Scarpato 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1841651742
Sarah Elizabeth Stern 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1194171942
Lindsay Mccauley Leither 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1285878256
Timothy Ronald Leclair 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1598054124
Ogden Pulmonary Associates Pllc 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1457596801
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Lubbock 79430, UTPulmonary Disease1609825991
Ashley Nelson 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1235348699
Gurjeet S Grover 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1972721801
Mark Whitney Dodson 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1710275599
Robert Lindsay Young 84107, UTPulmonary Disease1659427243
Gary J Alexander 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1265418024
Valerie Zaugg 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1538617964
Boaz Alexander Markewitz 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1740370352
Tanner Memorial Clinic 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1447239355
Jorge N Glass 32034, UTPulmonary Disease1235107681
Brady John Tucker 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1174884290
Tala'at Al-shuqairat 84653, UTPulmonary Disease1104875574
Joshua D Lee 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1902295694
Bonnie Ronish 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1417375213
James A Rasmussen 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1770661712
Wojciech C Janowski 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1316150477
Terrence Wayne Andrews 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1811258601
Mohammad Omer Syed 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1497977722
Gaurav Dagar 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1508027541
Jaskaran S. Sethi 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1730596925
Robert Cheney 84041, UTPulmonary Disease1386059574
Craig P. Cook 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1902347198
Nigeen H. Janisch 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1396199246
Katarina Wrzos 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1013364744
Darragh S O'mahony 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1730191727
Jonathan Kyle Callaway 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1568882959
Akshu Balwan 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1831404136
Lakeview Professional Billing Llc 84010, UTPulmonary Disease1972674232
Utah Lung Center, Llc 84088, UTPulmonary Disease1093923591
Jay S Cowen 84057, UTPulmonary Disease1497710388
Jason Roy Carr 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1104244714
Ihc Health Services Inc 84660, UTPulmonary Disease1225632003
Kurt F Francis 84124, UTPulmonary Disease1578588018
Western Peaks Physician Group 84105, UTPulmonary Disease1134725500
Ihc Health Services Inc 84790, UTPulmonary Disease1477821304
Ihc Health Services Inc 84604, UTPulmonary Disease1295862951
Gregory Radin 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1275823387
Wei Peng 84102, UTPulmonary Disease1295831865
Mustafa Amjad Akbiek 34102, UTPulmonary Disease1679989115
University Of Utah Adult Services 84132, UTPulmonary Disease1093119893
David Matthew Fedor 84403, UTPulmonary Disease1568571461
Nathan John Parker 98104, UTPulmonary Disease1013232560
Baptist Pulmonary Specialists Inc 32207, UTPulmonary Disease1689817405
Ian A Smith 98104, UTPulmonary Disease1588770655
Joseph M Adler 98122, UTPulmonary Disease1578839932
Nicole Porter Harlan 03756, UTPulmonary Disease1679866560
Sarah Elizabeth Neill 42303, UTPulmonary Disease1518301514
Michael J Given 32547, UTPulmonary Disease1104898980


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