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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Radiation Oncology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael J Dougherty PARadiation Oncology1306817564
Eric Sutphen MORadiation Oncology1932170859
James David Kolker PARadiation Oncology1568433373
Jennifer Sutton NVRadiation Oncology1558332254
Seagate Radiation Oncology Radiation Oncology1639140254
Mskcc Regional Network Radiation Oncology1740251297
Memorial Sloan kettering Cancer Center At St Francis Mercy Radiation Oncology1679544134
Joshua Noah Halpern NYRadiation Oncology1649241100
Memorial Sloan kettering Cancer Center Physicians At Phelps Radiation Oncology1902877467
Michele M Lohr SDRadiation Oncology1215908686
Kenneth S Bergman WARadiation Oncology1669443032
Farida Rajput IARadiation Oncology1871565226
Kiran Mehta PARadiation Oncology1265403752
David T Owens MNRadiation Oncology1275505638
E. Sutphen Md Llc MORadiation Oncology1144291659
Michael D Soronen WARadiation Oncology1861463242
Radiation Oncology Central Llc MORadiation Oncology1902878143
Sheryl Green NYRadiation Oncology1629040829
Mary E Conti WVRadiation Oncology1255303558
Radiation Oncology Specialists Of Central Virginia Plc Radiation Oncology1831161843
Johnny Kao NYRadiation Oncology1639141476
James G Blom AKRadiation Oncology1871565556
Kyle Colvett TNRadiation Oncology1437121100
Fabio Emiliano Valenzuela Sosa TXRadiation Oncology1578535217
Jack D Schocker PARadiation Oncology1356313852
Michael W Brown MERadiation Oncology1235101825
Phillip M Vigneri NYRadiation Oncology1669445110
Michael J Miller INRadiation Oncology1225001688
David H Kim INRadiation Oncology1043283401
Deirdre Cohen AZRadiation Oncology1518930999
Conrado C Gonzalez VARadiation Oncology1083687479
Wilson B Sprenkle VARadiation Oncology1700859196
Shona Dougherty AZRadiation Oncology1124091368
Brazos Radiation Oncology, P.a. Radiation Oncology1568435774
John M Anderson TNRadiation Oncology1053384362
Joseph Thurmond Meyer TNRadiation Oncology1962475277
Alvin Lee Schlichtemeier TXRadiation Oncology1366415416
Gregory Alan Dean NVRadiation Oncology1477526465
Oncotherapeutic Resources Pa Radiation Oncology1780657767
Rakesh Magan Nathu NVRadiation Oncology1316910326
Pi-ju Christina Liu HIRadiation Oncology1851364897
Beatrice Bloom NYRadiation Oncology1962475038
Gary Miller Proulx PARadiation Oncology1194798165
Ritchie Neil Stevens NVRadiation Oncology1578536579
Scott D.m. Moon HIRadiation Oncology1366415309
Karanita Mary Ojomo VARadiation Oncology1033182845
Seema C Sanghavi CTRadiation Oncology1992778732
Mark T. Kanemori HIRadiation Oncology1033182613
Pesara P Reddy PARadiation Oncology1548233190
Michael Richard Forrest CARadiation Oncology1700859352
Moises B. Domingo INRadiation Oncology1609840248
Laeton J. Pang HIRadiation Oncology1083687685
Devdas N. Sheth INRadiation Oncology1669446217
Benjamin David Smith CTRadiation Oncology1891769402
Carol J Scicutella PARadiation Oncology1467425074
Laurie E Blach FLRadiation Oncology1184698664
Leonard Toonkel Md & Associates Pa FLRadiation Oncology1487628806
Michael Samuels FLRadiation Oncology1235103425
Michael Stephen Schwartz NJRadiation Oncology1740254945
Ryan P Smith PARadiation Oncology1144294539
Robert S Werner PARadiation Oncology1801860911
John W Rogers VARadiation Oncology1184698110
Margaret T Macdowell SCRadiation Oncology1437123288
William A Collins SCRadiation Oncology1851365605
Mark K Ono AZRadiation Oncology1427022144
Anthony Abner MARadiation Oncology1487629127
Carolyn Lamb MARadiation Oncology1033184783
Bruce B Borgelt MARadiation Oncology1770557498
Susan Michelle Pierce VARadiation Oncology1568436293
Charles Woo AZRadiation Oncology1811961543
Gregory A Maggass AZRadiation Oncology1124093539
Emily J Grade AZRadiation Oncology1437124922
Jeffrey G Richmond AZRadiation Oncology1184699688
Daniel R Reed AZRadiation Oncology1053386466
Sundera V Ariathurai CARadiation Oncology1750356176
Eric R Ellis TNRadiation Oncology1477528644
Ronald Lutsic MIRadiation Oncology1215902382
Madhu J John CARadiation Oncology1588639702
William J Podolsky CARadiation Oncology1588639710
Veena H Ramsinghani CARadiation Oncology1871568097
Ch Amar Inalsingh FLRadiation Oncology1720053820
Joseph P Imperato, M D, P C Radiation Oncology1295700037
Joseph Imperato ILRadiation Oncology1346215183
Stanley V. Hoover ILRadiation Oncology1710952569
John T Triantafyllos IARadiation Oncology1720053705
Ramesh Kadekoppal Rao TNRadiation Oncology1831164862
Elmhurst Radiation Oncology Services, Pc Radiation Oncology1336114248
John A. Kalapurakal ILRadiation Oncology1780659748
Bharat B. Mittal ILRadiation Oncology1558337295
Morgan Barrett MORadiation Oncology1154397891
Krystyna D. Kiel ILRadiation Oncology1679549349
Maryanne H. Marymont ILRadiation Oncology1447226105
Pranab Ray FLRadiation Oncology1649246471
Gary K Griffis FLRadiation Oncology1437125242
Marc Posner ILRadiation Oncology1871569574
Arizona Radiation Therapy Management Services, Inc. Radiation Oncology1851367494
Northwest Baltimore Radiation Therapy Regional Center, Llc Radiation Oncology1639145279
Darrell Louie Speed ARRadiation Oncology1003882499
Vinita Patanaphan Md Pa Radiation Oncology1255307815
Darrell L. Speed, M.d,, Inc Radiation Oncology1326014721
Thomas P Canty AZRadiation Oncology1275509846
Diane C Recine AZRadiation Oncology1295701894
Greenbelt Radiation Oncology Associates, Llc Radiation Oncology1063488385
Ross Abrams ILRadiation Oncology1356317564
Alan Travis Monroe CORadiation Oncology1932175155
David Erik Greene CARadiation Oncology1285600403
Rush University Medical Center Radiation Oncology1992771117
Robert C Heath VARadiation Oncology1639145642
Abhijit A Patel CTRadiation Oncology1942276076
James Thomas Richardson GARadiation Oncology1265409072
Oncology Hematology Radiation Care Llc Radiation Oncology1083681837
Judith Samuels FLRadiation Oncology1578530440
Randal O Hess VARadiation Oncology1225005903
Mark S. Sinesi VARadiation Oncology1396712923
Cardella W Coleman MDRadiation Oncology1124095625
Gerald H Sokol FLRadiation Oncology1174590707
Florida Institute Of Research Medicine And Surgery Pa Radiation Oncology1053388538
University Of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Cancer Services Radiation Oncology1427025840
Mark E Shaves VARadiation Oncology1447227764
Mountain View Cancer Associates Radiation Oncology1013984376
Tracy A Balboni MARadiation Oncology1720055932
Upmc/jameson Cancer Center Radiation Oncology1689641847
Upmc/conemaugh Cancer Center Radiation Oncology1326015538
Lawrence P Menache LARadiation Oncology1932176153
Donald Calvin Arwood TNRadiation Oncology1770550907
Ellen E Bellairs MNRadiation Oncology1952378044
Paul D Monsour LARadiation Oncology1184691271
Hugh G. Merriman SCRadiation Oncology1942277058
Rose Y Byland NYRadiation Oncology1760459879
Mh Radiation Oncology Associated, P.a. Radiation Oncology1124095245
Jefferson/upmc Cancer Associates Radiation Oncology1134197130
Marian G Jordison Boxer MIRadiation Oncology1932176906
Donald C Shina NMRadiation Oncology1548238314
Luis A Linares LARadiation Oncology1891763694
Sarah Elizabeth Hoffe FLRadiation Oncology1114995917
Joseph B Krueger NYRadiation Oncology1881662518
Basia A Mcanaw MARadiation Oncology1801864483
North Florida Radiation Oncology Associates Pa Radiation Oncology1659349033
Highlands Radiation Oncology Assoc Pl Radiation Oncology1447228804
John R Steel FLRadiation Oncology1083682488
Centennial Radiation Oncology, P.c. Radiation Oncology1942278361
Poudre Valley Radiation Oncology Llc Radiation Oncology1538137955
Joanne L Bujnoski Do Pa Radiation Oncology1164490462
Emerald Coast Radiation Oncology Radiation Oncology1891763108
Joann Marie Leahy NDRadiation Oncology1972571032
Youssef A Hanalla CARadiation Oncology1437127545
Jondavid Pollock WVRadiation Oncology1831167048
Frederick W Willison OKRadiation Oncology1932177011
Celestin Jules Rominger PARadiation Oncology1548238629
Noel Melitta Kramer NJRadiation Oncology1801864095
Daniel Rueda Halili FLRadiation Oncology1366411480
Alex V Hnatov FLRadiation Oncology1225006463
Irene M Gordon INRadiation Oncology1659349728
Clare S Bertucio WARadiation Oncology1942278007
Judy M Jackson CARadiation Oncology1376512145
Silvio Antonio Aristizabal AZRadiation Oncology1750350401
Elaine K Nordhues OKRadiation Oncology1073582896
Elizabeth J Syzek OKRadiation Oncology1053380873
Gregory Stephen Merrick WVRadiation Oncology1992774673
Reshma Jagsi MIRadiation Oncology1376512954
David Watson Rice TNRadiation Oncology1821067430
Warren A Mcguire MNRadiation Oncology1386613818
Timothy E Cloninger NCRadiation Oncology1083683510
Mark Kirsch NCRadiation Oncology1225007784
Steven R. Plunkett NCRadiation Oncology1750350112
Donald Brabbins MIRadiation Oncology1639148018
Edgardo M Sayoc INRadiation Oncology1366411795
John W Gebert NYRadiation Oncology1235198425
John Ross Dehner INRadiation Oncology1447219647
Craig Haveman ORRadiation Oncology1942269170
Radiation Oncology Group Consultants, Pc Radiation Oncology1396714515
Robert W. Fraser NCRadiation Oncology1376502534
Eric Mullen ORRadiation Oncology1164481321
Robert C Gaston OKRadiation Oncology1619946068
Abhijit Roychowdhury MARadiation Oncology1972572329
Linda J Hathaway OKRadiation Oncology1235108689
Mark A Palmer MNRadiation Oncology1588633838
Ravinder Malik SCRadiation Oncology1649249814
Jere Sandefur ORRadiation Oncology1790744928
John Salvatore Ravita FLRadiation Oncology1518926740
Mark Patrick Ezekiel SCRadiation Oncology1376502518
Kenneth Haugen ORRadiation Oncology1710946959
Donald C S Tan KSRadiation Oncology1033178108
Arvind Kumar INRadiation Oncology1447219506
Angela Zhu KSRadiation Oncology1679532741
Gregory C. Mitro NCRadiation Oncology1215996236
Jaya Vishwanath Soni KSRadiation Oncology1639138589
Scott P. Lankford NCRadiation Oncology1780643791
Kevin S Roof NCRadiation Oncology1528027547
Michael R. Haake NCRadiation Oncology1760441703
Lamar Scott Mcginnis NCRadiation Oncology1639138688
Atmaram S Paipanandiker CARadiation Oncology1871552950
Bradley T. Mccall NCRadiation Oncology1316906381
Robert M. Doline NCRadiation Oncology1871552778
Helen R. Maddux NCRadiation Oncology1760441687
Stuart H. Burri NCRadiation Oncology1508825506
Charles J. Meakin NCRadiation Oncology1881653855
John C Frich WVRadiation Oncology1972562627
Gordon Metz ORRadiation Oncology1649239435
Yvonne Mack NCRadiation Oncology1144289752


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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