Providers with Taxonomy: Radiation Oncology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Radiation Oncology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathy Radie Keane 02904, CARadiation Oncology1912900879
Central Coast Medical Oncology Corp 93454, CARadiation Oncology1588668271
Afshin Akhavan Safa 90095, CARadiation Oncology1790789287
Uri Martin Zisblatt 91723, CARadiation Oncology1114921616
David Chia-ont Khan 90245, CARadiation Oncology1649274150
Michael Lee Steinberg 90095, CARadiation Oncology1457355984
Kenneth Kan Tin Wong 90089, CARadiation Oncology1184628695
Ellis James Andras 95816, CARadiation Oncology1306842299
Seth Allen Rosenthal 95816, CARadiation Oncology1881690584
Anthony Tswenty Pu 95816, CARadiation Oncology1720084395
Susan Weishenn Lee 95819, CARadiation Oncology1710983358
David Edward Linstadt 95816, CARadiation Oncology1265438964
Jeffrey H Suplica 95816, CARadiation Oncology1245237692
Garrick Chi-rey Chang 95816, CARadiation Oncology1952308041
Roger Mills Gilbert 95608, CARadiation Oncology1518964642
Franklin Banker 95682, CARadiation Oncology1841297959
Geffrey Alan Graham 91786, CARadiation Oncology1598762270
Harvey Brian Wolkov 95816, CARadiation Oncology1164420808
Yonina Tova 92101, CARadiation Oncology1558369017
Esmond Ka-wai Chan 93901, CARadiation Oncology1083612626
Young Joe Kwon 92404, CARadiation Oncology1699773275
Gina J Mansy 91914, CARadiation Oncology1326046855
Sara G Rosenthal 92101, CARadiation Oncology1043218589
Ronald T. Davis 92101, CARadiation Oncology1184622532
Sharon Dutton 95661, CARadiation Oncology1871591743
Mark David Logsdon 95816, CARadiation Oncology1669479853
Judith A Harrison-monge-reiner 92867, CARadiation Oncology1306845946
Mahesh C Pant 96001, CARadiation Oncology1609875756
Vidya S Bobba 96001, CARadiation Oncology1659370799
Wayne A.l. Koll 96001, CARadiation Oncology1548269699
Young Soo Lee 92835, CARadiation Oncology1710986260
Mark Harris Leibenhaut 95816, CARadiation Oncology1932108263
Sierra Radiation Oncology A Medical Corporation 95945, CARadiation Oncology1528068731
Catherine L Salem 94305, CARadiation Oncology1578563383
David J Kraus 95945, CARadiation Oncology1710987953
Skyler K. Lindsley 98026, CARadiation Oncology1396746657
Patrick Swift 94704, CARadiation Oncology1053312355
Robert Irl Fishburn 93405, CARadiation Oncology1508858465
Jeffrey M Rodnick 93003, CARadiation Oncology1972595882
Jon S. Prescott 44142, CARadiation Oncology1437141207
Eugene S Ahn 91361, CARadiation Oncology1912999533
James F Longo 93465, CARadiation Oncology1083606602
Paul J Miller 91360, CARadiation Oncology1992797526
Michael J. Faer 94609, CARadiation Oncology1932192242
Charles E. Fiske 94609, CARadiation Oncology1013900331
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CARadiation Oncology1235122250
Zahora Nicola Ally 94531, CARadiation Oncology1306839915
Jonathan R Stella 93405, CARadiation Oncology1790787141
Thomas D Fogel 93003, CARadiation Oncology1619969524
Robert Niteen Sinha 94040, CARadiation Oncology1699767939
Vijaykumar Ramchandra Kini 92780, CARadiation Oncology1417940198
Randall A Scharlach 91367, CARadiation Oncology1477545093
Mark A Bisignani 95482, CARadiation Oncology1487655882
David W Hodgens 92037, CARadiation Oncology1063406080
Eva Lean 92081, CARadiation Oncology1487648572
Jean M Mefferd 92037, CARadiation Oncology1629062625
Theodore D. Masek 92211, CARadiation Oncology1720073935
David Gallardo 93274, CARadiation Oncology1114913282
Anita Lee 95051, CARadiation Oncology1790773448
Patrick W Linson 92081, CARadiation Oncology1184618175
Anuradha Koka 92081, CARadiation Oncology1538153549
Rosalyn Michelle Morrell 77024, CARadiation Oncology1700871860
Kenneth T Shimizu 92121, CARadiation Oncology1326032129
John R Salzman Md Inc 94609, CARadiation Oncology1255329637
John Richard Salzman 94609, CARadiation Oncology1457349342
Los Gatos Radiation Oncology Medical Associates 95032, CARadiation Oncology1477544229
Barry Maurice Chauser 94115, CARadiation Oncology1902897515
Roy Eugene Abendroth 94115, CARadiation Oncology1811988421
Clarence Dale Young 94062, CARadiation Oncology1649261371
Steven Marc Kurtzman 94401, CARadiation Oncology1114918851
Lisa Kristen Boohar 94062, CARadiation Oncology1063403707
Marjaneh Moini 94520, CARadiation Oncology1023009438
Bay Area Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology Assoc Med Grp Inc 94520, CARadiation Oncology1013908425
Michael Lewis Levine 94520, CARadiation Oncology1942291356
Vincent Massullo 94520, CARadiation Oncology1730170143
Richard John Carmel 94520, CARadiation Oncology1902897317
John W Lee 94115, CARadiation Oncology1316938657
Mark Carlton Rounsaville 94115, CARadiation Oncology1033100284
Northern California Radiation Therapists & Oncologists Medical Group 94115, CARadiation Oncology1720069891
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95608, CARadiation Oncology1558342667
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95819, CARadiation Oncology1538140645
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95603, CARadiation Oncology1144201252
Daniel Marc Chinn 94520, CARadiation Oncology1063493757
Meiwen Wu 94115, CARadiation Oncology1255312880
Northern Arizona Radiation Oncology 86001, CARadiation Oncology1336120963
Gary Y Yang 92354, CARadiation Oncology1447231915
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95661, CARadiation Oncology1194706689
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95661, CARadiation Oncology1154302651
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95682, CARadiation Oncology1861473365
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95816, CARadiation Oncology1922089424
John Leslie Meyer 94115, CARadiation Oncology1164403416
Joseph Charles Poen 94904, CARadiation Oncology1972585941
Lloyd Tomoaki Miyawaki 94904, CARadiation Oncology1497737464
Sara Mien Huang 94115, CARadiation Oncology1053393033
Ernest Wayne Torigoe 94904, CARadiation Oncology1720060700
Francine Erna Halberg 94904, CARadiation Oncology1275515256
Marin Radiation Oncology Medical Group 94904, CARadiation Oncology1184606162
Zelanna Goldberg 95817, CARadiation Oncology1669454385
Allan Chen 95678, CARadiation Oncology1174506406
Tony S Quang 95817, CARadiation Oncology1457334534
Stephen Anthony Weller 94040, CARadiation Oncology1154312890
Loan Ngoc Tran 94040, CARadiation Oncology1043292410
Alessandra M Amadeo 90503, CARadiation Oncology1225011034
Bernard S Lewinsky 91411, CARadiation Oncology1417930140
Phillip J Beron 90095, CARadiation Oncology1083698237
Case H Ketting 93454, CARadiation Oncology1033193297
Patrick A Kupelian 90095, CARadiation Oncology1144205881
C Jane Breeden Marmor 94062, CARadiation Oncology1669458014
Radiation Medicine Specialists Of Northeast Pennsylvania P C 18704, CARadiation Oncology1104804889
Young Md And Boohar Md Inc 94062, CARadiation Oncology1568440881
Sheri D Marquez 93454, CARadiation Oncology1538149224
Nancy A Ellerbroek 91355, CARadiation Oncology1821071507
Paul Gliedman 10019, CARadiation Oncology1285618926
David N Lowther 95350, CARadiation Oncology1902880818
Raymond Charles Tan 93720, CARadiation Oncology1104809946
David John Tate 94574, CARadiation Oncology1336123504
Harry Michael Moyses 92618, CARadiation Oncology1376522300
Rex Hoffman 91604, CARadiation Oncology1497739650
Dechen Dolkar 90089, CARadiation Oncology1861475683
Stephen W Doggett 92780, CARadiation Oncology1982675021
Michael Richard Forrest 94568, CARadiation Oncology1700859352
Gregory A Maggass 85258, CARadiation Oncology1124093539
Sundera V Ariathurai 91205, CARadiation Oncology1750356176
Madhu J John 93720, CARadiation Oncology1588639702
William J Podolsky 93720, CARadiation Oncology1588639710
Veena H Ramsinghani 93277, CARadiation Oncology1871568097
David Erik Greene 92134, CARadiation Oncology1285600403
Youssef A Hanalla 93277, CARadiation Oncology1437127545
Judy M Jackson 92262, CARadiation Oncology1376512145
Atmaram S Paipanandiker 92121, CARadiation Oncology1871552950
Carl Craig Van Wey 94568, CARadiation Oncology1922071844
Paul L Duong 90095, CARadiation Oncology1790750768
Dotun Oyedijo 60450, CARadiation Oncology1164498812
Richard Heath Foxlee 98370, CARadiation Oncology1063480358
Li Liu 93720, CARadiation Oncology1619946753
Northwest Cancer Specialists Pc 98683, CARadiation Oncology1407828114
Daphne Palmer 96161, CARadiation Oncology1205896024
Ray Lin 92037, CARadiation Oncology1437110996
Eamonn Patrick Dunphy 95128, CARadiation Oncology1003878182
Radiation Oncology Associates Medical Group, Inc. Dba. Oncology Care P 93720, CARadiation Oncology1962464586
Morteza Dowlatshahi 95116, CARadiation Oncology1437112158
Dasarahally Mohan 94080, CARadiation Oncology1750344453
Joseph I Song 94080, CARadiation Oncology1679537906
William Bruce Ethridge 85364, CARadiation Oncology1205890530
Giatri Dave 93720, CARadiation Oncology1316901663
Marc T Fields 94928, CARadiation Oncology1730143066
Donald Charles Karon 92708, CARadiation Oncology1982668216
Nathalie T Nguyen 95670, CARadiation Oncology1205890498
Jorge Alejandro Garcia-young 95355, CARadiation Oncology1902860802
Harold Michael Klem 90813, CARadiation Oncology1336103209
Thomas Charles Gates 90813, CARadiation Oncology1023072915
Manouchehr Azad 95355, CARadiation Oncology1376508044
Timothy A. Oconnor 93030, CARadiation Oncology1982669396
Ventura County Radiation Oncology Medical Group, Inc. 93030, CARadiation Oncology1386609725
Henry Z Montes 93030, CARadiation Oncology1215992193
John Chi-hang Lau 95128, CARadiation Oncology1912963638
Christopher Robert Neville 95355, CARadiation Oncology1790743136
Stephen L. Seagren 92093, CARadiation Oncology1386692424
Westside Radiation Oncology Medical Group Inc 90048, CARadiation Oncology1952350993
Stanford Hospital And Clinics 94305, CARadiation Oncology1225088677
Behrooz Hakimian 90048, CARadiation Oncology1609826098
Christiane Michele Jeanne Burnison 90048, CARadiation Oncology1366492498
Wonsuk Warren Suh 93105, CARadiation Oncology1023068541
Crookshank Cancer Center Ltd 45238, CARadiation Oncology1205887015
Eastgate Cancer Center Llc 45245, CARadiation Oncology1316999337
Brian S Kim 92663, CARadiation Oncology1316990567
Craig A Cox 92663, CARadiation Oncology1134172398
Peter Vun Chen 92663, CARadiation Oncology1720031800
James Lawrence Rembert 94704, CARadiation Oncology1124080916
Rakesh R Patel 95032, CARadiation Oncology1992768519
Francisco S. Pardo 92101, CARadiation Oncology1699844621
Uc Regents Department Of Radiation Oncology 92868, CARadiation Oncology1386692473
Oncology Group Inc. 95370, CARadiation Oncology1316993405
Steven A Wahlen 95926, CARadiation Oncology1457308769
Pearl J Compaan 45245, CARadiation Oncology1063469211
Pamela J Vanderwall 86001, CARadiation Oncology1225075609
North Valley Radiation Medical Group Inc 95926, CARadiation Oncology1093753055
North Valley Radiation Oncology Medcial Group Inc 95966, CARadiation Oncology1528006228
North Valley Radiation Oncology Medical Group Inc 95991, CARadiation Oncology1336187038
North Valley Radiation Oncology Medical Group Inc 95901, CARadiation Oncology1255379814
North Valley Radiation Oncology Medical Group Inc 95966, CARadiation Oncology1972541530
Jean L. Nakamura 94143, CARadiation Oncology1154369551
Yuchi Peter Peng 93534, CARadiation Oncology1023058195
Phillip G Zentner 91911, CARadiation Oncology1063452415
David A. Larson 94538, CARadiation Oncology1457391641
Victor H Jung 95901, CARadiation Oncology1528009503
Newport Coast Radiation Oncology Medical Group, Inc 92663, CARadiation Oncology1518908847
William M. Wara 94115, CARadiation Oncology1831131754
Theodore L. Phillips 85756, CARadiation Oncology1710929963
Harvey A Gilbert 94920, CARadiation Oncology1972546695
North Valley Radiation Oncology Medical Group Inc 95901, CARadiation Oncology1528001054
Alexander R. Gottschalk 94115, CARadiation Oncology1790728137
North Valley Radiation Oncology Medical Group Inc 95926, CARadiation Oncology1689617045
Lawrence W. Margolis 94010, CARadiation Oncology1396788279
I-chow Joe Hsu 94115, CARadiation Oncology1144263039
John P Einck 91911, CARadiation Oncology1831133321
Woodhouse & Karon, A Medical Corporation 92801, CARadiation Oncology1922044874
Michael M Lock 92691, CARadiation Oncology1154357564
Elizabeth C Hyden 92691, CARadiation Oncology1780610196
Santa Clarita Radiotherapy Medical Group 91355, CARadiation Oncology1497782692


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