Providers with Taxonomy: Radiation Oncology in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Radiation Oncology
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cengiz Aygun 21237, MDRadiation Oncology1174528798
Kwok C. Lee 21701, MDRadiation Oncology1477550986
Brian Collins 20007, MDRadiation Oncology1417956640
Gregory Gagnon 21702, MDRadiation Oncology1407854268
Brown, Croft, Frazier, Pa 21401, MDRadiation Oncology1902807324
Albert L Blumberg 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1205837390
Eva Sara Zinreich 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1154322279
Robert K Brookland 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1548261647
Marcos Tepper 21209, MDRadiation Oncology1376544494
Radiation Oncology Healthcare, Pa 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1447252416
Sylwester J Dziuba 21229, MDRadiation Oncology1841291978
Richard S Hudes 21229, MDRadiation Oncology1891796926
Angel E Torano 21401, MDRadiation Oncology1174525935
Mary E Young 21401, MDRadiation Oncology1619979366
Kin Sing Au 20176, MDRadiation Oncology1730172362
Robert Kyler 22939, MDRadiation Oncology1396746715
Manoj Jain 21811, MDRadiation Oncology1285620369
Baltimore Washington Medical Center Inc. 21061, MDRadiation Oncology1124016696
Lawrence P. Shombert 21801, MDRadiation Oncology1679555452
Shenandoah Valley Radiation Oncology Associates, Pc 22801, MDRadiation Oncology1811978422
Chan K Chung M D P A 20912, MDRadiation Oncology1831172758
Berlin Radiation Threapy Treatment Center, Llc 21811, MDRadiation Oncology1558341974
Jeanette Adelle Linder 21215, MDRadiation Oncology1417922006
Northwest Baltimore Radiation Therapy Regional Center, Llc 21117, MDRadiation Oncology1639145279
Vinita Patanaphan Md Pa 21017, MDRadiation Oncology1255307815
Greenbelt Radiation Oncology Associates, Llc 20770, MDRadiation Oncology1063488385
Cardella W Coleman 21215, MDRadiation Oncology1124095625
Ankur Markand Sharma 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1649757006
Scott Watkins Md Pc 21502, MDRadiation Oncology1568423556
Scott Victor Watkins 21502, MDRadiation Oncology1811959349
James D Bridges 20850, MDRadiation Oncology1295799252
Fariba Asrari 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1073578837
Sheela D Modin 20902, MDRadiation Oncology1477519403
Boris G Naydich 20603, MDRadiation Oncology1467419820
University Of Maryland Radiation Oncology Associates Pa 20832, MDRadiation Oncology1386697787
Andrew Satinsky 20735, MDRadiation Oncology1619920477
University Of Maryland Radiation Oncology Associates Pa 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1780637272
Robert Savary Malyapa 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1295796761
Ashima Saini 20603, MDRadiation Oncology1285682757
Maria Jacobs 21202, MDRadiation Oncology1073567210
Marlana Ottinger 21202, MDRadiation Oncology1427002609
Saint Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, MDRadiation Oncology1427004746
Vladimir Ioffe 20770, MDRadiation Oncology1700824794
Deborah Anne Frassica 21093, MDRadiation Oncology1366480246
Lawrence Kleinberg 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1952342214
21st Century Oncology Of Harford County Maryland, Llc 21017, MDRadiation Oncology1063454783
Theodore Leslie Deweese 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1528003373
Luther Lorenzo Ampey 20832, MDRadiation Oncology1063457372
William K Woods 21801, MDRadiation Oncology1275561011
Harry Quon 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1184654253
Matthew L Snyder 20715, MDRadiation Oncology1720018682
Gail Cs Anderson Md 21801, MDRadiation Oncology1730119983
John Philip Mastandrea 21601, MDRadiation Oncology1518999697
Pradip P Amin 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1215961727
Wendla K Citron 21061, MDRadiation Oncology1477588846
Pamela Dawn Randolph Jackson 20010, MDRadiation Oncology1801813407
Loudoun Medical Group Pc 20176, MDRadiation Oncology1679591440
Sean P Collins 20007, MDRadiation Oncology1396764965
Sally B Cheston 21044, MDRadiation Oncology1568476745
Michael C Garofalo 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1306850755
Young Kwok 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1215941901
William F Regine 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1104831957
Robert G Slawson 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1013923937
Neelofur Q Shah 20715, MDRadiation Oncology1578597845
Richard Charles Niemtzow 20762, MDRadiation Oncology1275624785
Deedee Kay Smart 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1831280130
Stephen C Greco 20817, MDRadiation Oncology1659463750
Stinson And Greco Md, Pa 20817, MDRadiation Oncology1356433403
Susan F Stinson 20817, MDRadiation Oncology1578656625
Gail C.s. Anderson 21801, MDRadiation Oncology1871678870
Zeljko Vujaskovic 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1427132349
Laurie Herscher 20850, MDRadiation Oncology1750473856
Denise Renee Gooch 20770, MDRadiation Oncology1023115326
C. Norman Coleman 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1881768240
William Edgar Dickerson 20889, MDRadiation Oncology1245306018
Giuseppe Sanguineti 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1104988690
Therapeutic Radiology Asso, P.a. 21742, MDRadiation Oncology1386791200
Lee Oncology, Pa 21701, MDRadiation Oncology1518014935
Kristin Janson Redmond 21231, MDRadiation Oncology1508902784
Russell K Hales 21224, MDRadiation Oncology1033255138
Loudoun Medical Group Pc 20176, MDRadiation Oncology1083738579
Jaroslaw Hepel 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1790805968
Luqman K Dad 21401, MDRadiation Oncology1013136886
Geoffrey A Neuner 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1548464001
Pablo Luis Gonzalez Lavagnini 21014, MDRadiation Oncology1417148297
Catherine Anderson North 21131, MDRadiation Oncology1063608735
Phuoc T Tran 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1376739037
Victoria Jane Croog 20016, MDRadiation Oncology1275791618
Elizabeth May Nichols 21044, MDRadiation Oncology1396903761
Ana Ponce Kiess 21231, MDRadiation Oncology1770744716
University Of Maryland Community Medical Group, Inc. 21061, MDRadiation Oncology1447419049
Anand Shah 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1164683710
Jeffrey John Meyer 21231, MDRadiation Oncology1598938516
Jean Lundberg Wright 20016, MDRadiation Oncology1053579870
Eastern Shore Radiation Oncology Assoc., P.a. 21601, MDRadiation Oncology1386832129
Mark Vikas Mishra 21014, MDRadiation Oncology1790932630
Delnora Erickson 20889, MDRadiation Oncology1194954503
Northeast Radiation Oncology Center Llc 18508, MDRadiation Oncology1477786804
Alison Lavigne 20715, MDRadiation Oncology1104152297
Kevin Camphausen 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1043541295
Deborah Citrin 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1295055481
Pranshu Mohindra 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1336451921
Amar Rewari 20876, MDRadiation Oncology1336458942
Carroll Regional Cancer Center Physicians, Llc 21157, MDRadiation Oncology1609167998
Gagnon Oncology, Llc 21701, MDRadiation Oncology1376814293
Kruti Patel 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1780905968
Matthew Michael Ladra 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1164674214
Aaron D Reed 20889, MDRadiation Oncology1588897300
Amol Narang 21231, MDRadiation Oncology1871884916
Khinh Ranh Voong 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1245477884
Neha Pradip Amin 21014, MDRadiation Oncology1619204534
Sara Alcorn 21224, MDRadiation Oncology1871813204
Matthew Jacob Boyer 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1043586142
Meredith Hope Wernick 21702, MDRadiation Oncology1720386469
Sarah Anne Mcavoy 50314, MDRadiation Oncology1144549015
Beant Singh Gill 20603, MDRadiation Oncology1770874513
Akshar Nareshroy Patel 21061, MDRadiation Oncology1902199391
Andra Valentina Krauze 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1528319209
Alan Howard Epstein 21702, MDRadiation Oncology1992059422
Upper Chesapeake Radiation Oncology, Llc 21014, MDRadiation Oncology1417392499
Anne Arundel Physician Group, Llc 21401, MDRadiation Oncology1912324831
Skin Cancer Eb, Llc 21117, MDRadiation Oncology1538546262
Dan Kunaprayoon 21061, MDRadiation Oncology1043449762
Vinita Patanaphan 21017, MDRadiation Oncology1356323570
Bhadrasain Vikram 20855, MDRadiation Oncology1871790741
Sarah Zuckoff Hazell 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1619364734
Edward Jung 21742, MDRadiation Oncology1003011941
Ariel E Marciscano 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1760744577
Rajal Patel 20902, MDRadiation Oncology1548608334
Kaveh Zakeri 20622, MDRadiation Oncology1326380486
Jason Kyle Molitoris 21204, MDRadiation Oncology1265876973
Heather A Curry 21921, MDRadiation Oncology1184606196
Vladimir Ioffe Md, Llc 17331, MDRadiation Oncology1487106720
Abebe Haregewoin 20902, MDRadiation Oncology1750459590
Aileen Kim 20622, MDRadiation Oncology1770993255
Matthew Jeffrey Ferris 21014, MDRadiation Oncology1265851323
Aradhana Kaushal 20892, MDRadiation Oncology1629240627
Avani Dholakia Rao 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1295006567
Christina Irene Tsien 20016, MDRadiation Oncology1528151990
Associates In Radiation Medicine, Pc 20715, MDRadiation Oncology1154351021
Union Hospital Of Cecil County Oncology Inc. 21921, MDRadiation Oncology1194172940
Jacquelyn B. Dunmore-griffith 20706, MDRadiation Oncology1831166487
Melissa Ana Liriano Vyfhuis 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1801214689
Leslie R. Holmes 21215, MDRadiation Oncology1598788721
James William Snider 35233, MDRadiation Oncology1295092351
Marie K Gurka 20850, MDRadiation Oncology1154558377
Mohan Suntha 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1568477248
Amanda June Walker 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1972804524
Aditya Halthore 20016, MDRadiation Oncology1053686279
Najeeb Crossley 21215, MDRadiation Oncology1871988261
Daniel Song 21231, MDRadiation Oncology1275563041
William Kevin Conley 23708, MDRadiation Oncology1346477205
Radiation Oncology Services Of Northwest Baltimore, Llc 21215, MDRadiation Oncology1043274905
St Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, MDRadiation Oncology1497821839
University Physicians Inc 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1629127501
Lindsey Sloan 55455, MDRadiation Oncology1073991840
Emily Shea Kowalski 21601, MDRadiation Oncology1376939017
Nicola Joseph Nasser 10467, MDRadiation Oncology1023548831
Capital Radiosurgery Centers Llc 21227, MDRadiation Oncology1174130454
Nilesh Shantilal Patel 37917, MDRadiation Oncology1679637946
Genesiscare Usa Of Prince Georges County, Maryland Llc 20770, MDRadiation Oncology1508984097
Kathleen M. Settle 20622, MDRadiation Oncology1518001163
Khadijeh S. Zarkoob 83501, MDRadiation Oncology1295705630
John Romeo Mansueti 21811, MDRadiation Oncology1699776955
Heather M Lee 20706, MDRadiation Oncology1518922459
Shaan Kataria 20190, MDRadiation Oncology1609294156
Robert Lee Hong 22205, MDRadiation Oncology1952572604
Charlton Alan Smith 78234, MDRadiation Oncology1083052062
Johns Hopkins University 21287, MDRadiation Oncology1710106414
Arpit Chhabra 21201, MDRadiation Oncology1396006599
Nadim M Nasr 22205, MDRadiation Oncology1831369289
Arlington Radiation Oncology Pllc 22205, MDRadiation Oncology1841439908
Mohammed Asghar Hussain 17522, MDRadiation Oncology1225126535
Randi Jill Cohen 19111, MDRadiation Oncology1366570228
Daniel James Durand 94305, MDRadiation Oncology1558407825
Mohamad Hassan Fakhreddine 78229, MDRadiation Oncology1790128783
Adam S Reese 19141, MDRadiation Oncology1457586232
Ryan Matthew Phillips 55905, MDRadiation Oncology1184011348
Alan R. Schulsinger 17201, MDRadiation Oncology1093793655
Amarpreet Bhowra 85258, MDRadiation Oncology1962842989
Courtney Lewis Bui 27607, MDRadiation Oncology1992861751


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