Providers with Taxonomy: Radiation Oncology in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Radiation Oncology
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Darcy Ross Mcbride 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1366447468
Jeannette Louise Wilcox 55369, MNRadiation Oncology1649275777
Kenneth Dornfeld 55805, MNRadiation Oncology1174524300
Jeffrey S Herman 55432, MNRadiation Oncology1689666497
Kimberly K Mccollow 55337, MNRadiation Oncology1760474514
Douglas J Olson 55434, MNRadiation Oncology1740272210
Mid minnesota Radiation Oncology, Pa 55435, MNRadiation Oncology1215921408
Paul W Sperduto 55387, MNRadiation Oncology1891789053
Linda K Wilmarth 55435, MNRadiation Oncology1700870961
Wayne T Spears 55426, MNRadiation Oncology1588658744
Eitan Medini 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1962493643
Barbi L Kaplan-frenkel 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1992796148
Andre L Mitchell 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1902887037
Hee J. Yoon 56187, MNRadiation Oncology1417930363
David T Owens 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1275505638
Ellen E Bellairs 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1952378044
Highlands Radiation Oncology Assoc Pl 33870, MNRadiation Oncology1447228804
Warren A Mcguire 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1386613818
Mark A Palmer 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1588633838
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55114, MNRadiation Oncology1528035995
Janel A Cox 55105, MNRadiation Oncology1124082136
Natarajan V Raman 55415, MNRadiation Oncology1912957036
Kathryn E. Farniok 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1114978335
Margaret M Barnes 56537, MNRadiation Oncology1699726349
Elizabeth H Cameron 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1275570566
Nathan Earl Hilton 56401, MNRadiation Oncology1770526188
David Mcnaney 55805, MNRadiation Oncology1316971864
Chinsoo Lawrence Cho 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1588683676
Gregory Evan Meyers 55435, MNRadiation Oncology1295759009
Joaquin Jaime Silva 55417, MNRadiation Oncology1942213004
Radiation Oncology Centers Of Southwest Florida Llc 34209, MNRadiation Oncology1730296229
Radiation Oncology Centers Of Southwest Florida Llc 34208, MNRadiation Oncology1083722789
James B Orner 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1174628770
Xin Wang 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1275627820
Minnesota Radiation Oncology Group Pa 55407, MNRadiation Oncology1275614927
Paul Lindholm, Pc 55746, MNRadiation Oncology1235211822
Nelson L Adamson 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1720155336
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1376686774
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55404, MNRadiation Oncology1518000918
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55125, MNRadiation Oncology1427191824
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55435, MNRadiation Oncology1336282730
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55387, MNRadiation Oncology1447394424
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1609911205
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55337, MNRadiation Oncology1467595868
Kadir Mullings 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1639611288
Stephanie Krejcarek Childs 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1528267853
Brenda Aika Shoo 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1992993455
Charles Raymond Shideman 55101, MNRadiation Oncology1841466026
Fawaad O Iqbal 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1578711164
Cole Robert Kreofsky 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1497021158
Christopher Bruce Miller 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1114201514
Jessica Wynn Rooney Sawyer 55805, MNRadiation Oncology1992935084
Christopher Thomas Wilke 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1790077584
Daniel Alexander Wattson 55435, MNRadiation Oncology1386872547
Aurelie Garant 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1376065169
Stephanie Terezakis 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1053550228
Minnesota Oncology Hematology Pa 55441, MNRadiation Oncology1235498619
Benjamin Mou 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1194167189
Vladimir Kogan 55417, MNRadiation Oncology1184708638
Kristofer William Roberts 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1023403490
Megan Gentry Hodges 56303, MNRadiation Oncology1831535863
Richard Lee 55415, MNRadiation Oncology1679838403
James Lee Ecker 55443, MNRadiation Oncology1396909404
Sumit Sean Sood 55092, MNRadiation Oncology1063858769
Ryan Kevin Funk 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1871856641
Ryan Schaefer Youland 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1396181731
Daniel James Tandberg 55805, MNRadiation Oncology1306280573
Kai Jiang 55902, MNRadiation Oncology1669031423
David James Schwartz 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1215914379
Muhammad Shuja 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1649811167
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55109, MNRadiation Oncology1770123697
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1598305427
Paul Allen Lindholm 55746, MNRadiation Oncology1972610939
Sanford Clinic 56187, MNRadiation Oncology1174716245
Jiasen Ma 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1992185177
Safia K. Ahmed 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1548609910
Alexander Kellington Bratt 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1265876445
Paul D Brown 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1861479156
Chunhee R Choo 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1114905353
Kimberly Sara Corbin 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1770608762
Brian J Davis 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1730150277
Yolanda I Garces 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1871571653
Michael G Haddock 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1518943307
Christopher Leigh Hallemeier 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1134383417
Sarah Elizabeth James 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1376809814
Timothy F Kozelsky 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1790762128
Nadia Nicole Issa Laack 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1710966999
Scott Christopher Lester 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1013337054
Daniel J Ma 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1801093778
Anita Mahajan 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1457457194
James A Martenson 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1679550958
Kenneth Wing Merrell 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1952693293
Robert Wesley Mutter 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1780894634
Michelle A Neben Wittich 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1215914783
Lydia W Ng 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1174879076
Kenneth Richard Olivier 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1063474245
Dawn Owen 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1790032423
Sean Sunghun Park 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1447464078
Ivy A Petersen 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1538132816
Ryan Matthew Phillips 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1184011348
Thomas M Pisansky 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1235118415
David Routman 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1063806347
Jann N Sarkaria 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1225018419
Dean A Shumway 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1649597378
Ron S Smith 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1841264645
Scott Latham Stafford 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1255318432
Bradley Jerome Stish 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1649562984
Abigail Lauren Stockham 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1730352550
Mark Waddle 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1275910812
Elizabeth Yan 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1346490497
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1245373646
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1548303647
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1457494551
Kimberly Gergelis 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1336675180
Roman Kowalchuk 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1962965608
Na Smith 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1811350218
William Breen 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1437683562
Elizabeth Belle Jeans 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1154852135
Lindsey Sloan 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1073991840
Carl Rydell Jenson 63901, MNRadiation Oncology1659317097
Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Pa 55439, MNRadiation Oncology1043204233
Lindsay Kaye Morris 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1447747431
Danielle Anne Cunningham 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1962997700
Hunter Gits 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1578069464
Robert Wei Gao 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1245893122
Larry R Past 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1629042916
Anna Kathryn Olson 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1790992295
David J Monyak 55407, MNRadiation Oncology1932285988
Patsa H Sullivan 55407, MNRadiation Oncology1013093061
St. Luke's Hospital Of Duluth 55802, MNRadiation Oncology1174577878
Nils D Arvold 55802, MNRadiation Oncology1962607499
Kaitlin W Qualls 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1366904989
Carris Health Llc 56201, MNRadiation Oncology1134632680
Reed Evans Cope 65201, MNRadiation Oncology1801214267
Margaret A Reynolds 55455, MNRadiation Oncology1487661336
James L Leenstra 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1174593982
Allison E Garda 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1003278243
Mohamed Hassan Khattab 55439, MNRadiation Oncology1275957755
Allina Health System 55102, MNRadiation Oncology1629646211
Daniel K Ebner 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1972131522
Jessica Frances Burlile 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1811523327
Yasamin Sharifzadeh-moghaddam 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1407476435
Robert E Haselow 55426, MNRadiation Oncology1861484669
Raul Fernandez-gonzalez 55337, MNRadiation Oncology1225269020
Jenna Borkenhagen 55432, MNRadiation Oncology1114345279
Somu Suppiah 55426, MNRadiation Oncology1508205311
Duncan Ross Dickson 55433, MNRadiation Oncology1508858309
Kurt W Nisi 55422, MNRadiation Oncology1881686491
Philip O Doescher 55439, MNRadiation Oncology1447255641
Richard F Diaz 55435, MNRadiation Oncology1831190412
John A Kosiak 55433, MNRadiation Oncology1033101886
Glenn L Applegate 54017, MNRadiation Oncology1659362184
Robert L Foote 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1043299506
Amanda Marnholtz 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1679142756
Tyler Wilhite 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1700263274
Krishan Ratilal Jethwa 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1194136713
Timothy Kirsch Mckone 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1629070420
Mauricio Emilio Gamez Haro 55905, MNRadiation Oncology1295016004
Robert Miller 32224, MNRadiation Oncology1114904430
Zachary Charles Wilson 54703, MNRadiation Oncology1265669980
Bradley Robert Prestidge 92121, MNRadiation Oncology1134126220


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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