Providers with Taxonomy: Radiation Oncology in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Radiation Oncology
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lawrence J. Scharf 19406, PARadiation Oncology1174526214
Wolfgang Hans Baerwald 17959, PARadiation Oncology1902808009
Chitti R. Moorthy 10595, PARadiation Oncology1962406512
Harmar D. Brereton 18512, PARadiation Oncology1972507648
Michael J. Greenberg 08003, PARadiation Oncology1548264120
Sangeeta K Tyerech 19111, PARadiation Oncology1356347504
Hung-chi Ho 16001, PARadiation Oncology1205833480
Judith H Figura 15224, PARadiation Oncology1861499048
West Penn Radiation Oncology Associates, Pc 15224, PARadiation Oncology1851398036
Mohsen A Isaac 15063, PARadiation Oncology1225035348
Victor G Onufrey 16001, PARadiation Oncology1144227265
Barbara C Carton 01104, PARadiation Oncology1992703623
The Regional Cancer Center 16505, PARadiation Oncology1336147990
Suman Tiwari 19464, PARadiation Oncology1326046293
Michael Lambo 19464, PARadiation Oncology1932107893
Ann Marie Borofski Siegal 19380, PARadiation Oncology1063410959
Jo Ann Chalal 19111, PARadiation Oncology1316944424
Hudson Valley Oncology Associates Pllc 12601, PARadiation Oncology1104825793
Albert Denittis 19096, PARadiation Oncology1134129349
Marisa Weiss 19096, PARadiation Oncology1457351660
Rachelle Lanciano 19026, PARadiation Oncology1114927365
Deborah Markiewicz 19026, PARadiation Oncology1780684845
Louis Potters 11572, PARadiation Oncology1083614184
Antonio J. Ambrad 15236, PARadiation Oncology1205837143
Fayette Oncology Associates 15401, PARadiation Oncology1003817958
Elmer Raul Cano 15401, PARadiation Oncology1841291770
Harry Robert Katz 15203, PARadiation Oncology1740281682
Pottstown Regional Radiation Oncology Pc 19464, PARadiation Oncology1326046178
Main Line Radiation Oncology Pc 19096, PARadiation Oncology1962402172
Sierra Radiation Oncology A Medical Corporation 95945, PARadiation Oncology1528068731
David J Kraus 95945, PARadiation Oncology1710987953
Victor Eric Chen 19107, PARadiation Oncology1912433632
Mark L. Sobczak 19111, PARadiation Oncology1164422523
Jose L Pino-y-torres 18337, PARadiation Oncology1053310672
Northeast Radiation Oncology Center 18512, PARadiation Oncology1891794467
Srinivas Kottapally 15401, PARadiation Oncology1962404343
Kevin Andrew Fisher 16505, PARadiation Oncology1073505244
Joseph Wang 18508, PARadiation Oncology1578564613
Pal Radiation Oncology Associates Ltd 19013, PARadiation Oncology1437142817
John P Lamond 19013, PARadiation Oncology1982697371
Southeast Radiology Ltd 19013, PARadiation Oncology1790779684
Nancy Neidlinger Low 07840, PARadiation Oncology1639163306
Central Pennsylvania Radiation Oncology, Pc 17109, PARadiation Oncology1346234895
John A Spera 06810, PARadiation Oncology1306831813
David J Moylan 17959, PARadiation Oncology1447245899
Radiation Medicine Of Hackettstown 07840, PARadiation Oncology1497740625
Cancer Treatment Associates, Pc 17701, PARadiation Oncology1174518328
Gary A Fisher 17901, PARadiation Oncology1801881875
Steve Karp 17815, PARadiation Oncology1831184787
Bernard R Rogers 17044, PARadiation Oncology1134115504
Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates Inc 17339, PARadiation Oncology1609863893
James Allen Tegeler 17403, PARadiation Oncology1184611196
Francis M Powers 17701, PARadiation Oncology1689669202
Kenneth Glaser 17701, PARadiation Oncology1922093541
Westchester Radiation Medicine, Pc 10595, PARadiation Oncology1255328324
Ronald H Malcom 17015, PARadiation Oncology1750378238
Leroy J Korb 16365, PARadiation Oncology1770572430
Allentown Radiation Oncology Associates Pc 18103, PARadiation Oncology1275515686
Victor R Risch 18105, PARadiation Oncology1811970296
Jeanette M Blauth 18105, PARadiation Oncology1356324735
Charles F Andrews 18103, PARadiation Oncology1427031657
Vincent Capostagno 17340, PARadiation Oncology1013990167
Dan Roger Cornell 15132, PARadiation Oncology1609857028
Steven J Perch 18103, PARadiation Oncology1912980939
Ronald D Ennis 10019, PARadiation Oncology1780668400
Louis B Harrison 10003, PARadiation Oncology1932184231
Lawrence R Coia 08050, PARadiation Oncology1093791683
Cherry Tree Physician Associates Pc 17331, PARadiation Oncology1770569147
Ephrata Regional Radiation Oncology Pc 17522, PARadiation Oncology1720064991
Central Kansas Cancer Institute Pa 66502, PARadiation Oncology1285610477
Russell Reitz 66502, PARadiation Oncology1902882194
Kenneth G. Berkenstock 17602, PARadiation Oncology1821076571
John A. Stryker 17043, PARadiation Oncology1023096799
Radiation Medicine Specialists Of Northeast Pennsylvania P C 18704, PARadiation Oncology1104804889
Ranjit S Dhaliwal, Phy, Pllc 14843, PARadiation Oncology1770561888
Alex H Frank 12801, PARadiation Oncology1003895699
Martin Hightower 18960, PARadiation Oncology1972582617
William R Rate 19104, PARadiation Oncology1548249287
Penn View Radiation Oncology, Ltd 18914, PARadiation Oncology1114906856
Northeastern Radiation Oncology 12801, PARadiation Oncology1770562571
Edward M Farhangi 12401, PARadiation Oncology1255310751
Thomas V Mazzilli 12401, PARadiation Oncology1194704601
Kingston Radiation Oncology 12401, PARadiation Oncology1356320972
Jano Radiation Oncology Group Pc 15701, PARadiation Oncology1437138831
Carolyn J Horowitz 08080, PARadiation Oncology1275512600
Heartland Radiation Oncology 67502, PARadiation Oncology1275512535
Taik H Kim 12401, PARadiation Oncology1487633723
Sun H Liauw Md Pc 13676, PARadiation Oncology1720067945
Durgesh Hajela 07834, PARadiation Oncology1619957867
Sanjeev Bahri 15601, PARadiation Oncology1245200138
Usha Babaria 19102, PARadiation Oncology1346229705
Mid hudson Valley Radiation Oncology Llp 12601, PARadiation Oncology1700865342
William P Levin 19104, PARadiation Oncology1316920234
Donald F Cann 07834, PARadiation Oncology1992785141
Bernard Eden 16365, PARadiation Oncology1427035716
Brian J. Karlovits 16335, PARadiation Oncology1619955291
Ali M Tunio 15905, PARadiation Oncology1962481374
Sushil Beriwal 15213, PARadiation Oncology1538139134
Razvan N Gramatovici 16346, PARadiation Oncology1922079193
Steven A Burton 15232, PARadiation Oncology1942271242
Kristina Gerszten 15232, PARadiation Oncology1780655944
Michael J Dougherty 15301, PARadiation Oncology1306817564
Shu-jei Chen 15237, PARadiation Oncology1386615292
James David Kolker 19104, PARadiation Oncology1568433373
Kiran Mehta 15237, PARadiation Oncology1265403752
Jack D Schocker 16601, PARadiation Oncology1356313852
Gary Miller Proulx 18840, PARadiation Oncology1194798165
Seema C Sanghavi 06810, PARadiation Oncology1992778732
Pesara P Reddy 16505, PARadiation Oncology1548233190
Carol J Scicutella 15108, PARadiation Oncology1467425074
Ryan P Smith 15232, PARadiation Oncology1144294539
Robert S Werner 15243, PARadiation Oncology1801860911
University Of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Cancer Services 15232, PARadiation Oncology1427025840
Mountain View Cancer Associates 15601, PARadiation Oncology1013984376
Upmc/jameson Cancer Center 16105, PARadiation Oncology1689641847
Upmc/conemaugh Cancer Center 15901, PARadiation Oncology1326015538
Jefferson/upmc Cancer Associates 15025, PARadiation Oncology1134197130
Celestin Jules Rominger 19023, PARadiation Oncology1548238629
Radiation Medicine Associates Of Hazleton Pc 18201, PARadiation Oncology1477512028
John Anthony Clement 17821, PARadiation Oncology1144280298
The Milton S Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group 17033, PARadiation Oncology1154396505
Robert Earle Krisch 19104, PARadiation Oncology1144298563
Leslie Tupchong 19401, PARadiation Oncology1578531653
Penny Anderson 19111, PARadiation Oncology1811969868
Fornance Physician Services, Inc. 19401, PARadiation Oncology1417927187
Arthur Morris Greenbaum 16121, PARadiation Oncology1528036688
Joseph H Lanzillo 17522, PARadiation Oncology1760472823
Thomas J Gergel 18840, PARadiation Oncology1255309944
Edward M Choi 18201, PARadiation Oncology1932169869
Anthony L Hovenden 15009, PARadiation Oncology1083675243
Sacred Heart Healthcare System 18102, PARadiation Oncology1073574778
Felicia E Snead 15243, PARadiation Oncology1912968587
Kp Oncology Llp 17815, PARadiation Oncology1003878232
Joseph Ravalese 06010, PARadiation Oncology1376505081
Mohammed Mohiuddin 18711, PARadiation Oncology1780647909
Nita C. Natividad 18711, PARadiation Oncology1902869894
University Of Pittsburgh Physicians 15213, PARadiation Oncology1790743110
Einstein Practice Plan Inc 19141, PARadiation Oncology1326006982
Rabc Therapy Llc 08060, PARadiation Oncology1598714792
Sparta Cancer Center Llc 07871, PARadiation Oncology1649220690
John W Ames 11706, PARadiation Oncology1952352072
Igor M Poltinnikov 15601, PARadiation Oncology1003868159
Omar Yumen 18840, PARadiation Oncology1376596007
Nalini Mehta 18102, PARadiation Oncology1487607750
Nimisha Deb 18015, PARadiation Oncology1932152089
Nicholas M Cardiges 18015, PARadiation Oncology1831142124
Patrick M Tripp 19104, PARadiation Oncology1467403121
Lesley Ann Hughes 17522, PARadiation Oncology1508818808
Jeffrey Bitterman 06010, PARadiation Oncology1922061134
Estella F. Graeffe 19406, PARadiation Oncology1750332300
Stephanie E. Weiss 19111, PARadiation Oncology1154388841
Waterbury Radiation Oncology Associates, Pc 06708, PARadiation Oncology1053373605
Bristol Radiation Oncology Center 06010, PARadiation Oncology1467414169
Maria Jacobs 21202, PARadiation Oncology1073567210
Patrick R Thomas 17033, PARadiation Oncology1457306037
Radiation Oncology Assoc Of North Jersey Pa 07960, PARadiation Oncology1972558344
Siloam Llc 62918, PARadiation Oncology1720033046
Erik D Assarsson 19010, PARadiation Oncology1306891338
Rajesh V Iyer 08755, PARadiation Oncology1558317149
Voichita Bar Ad 19107, PARadiation Oncology1730135393
Saint Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, PARadiation Oncology1427004746
Univ Of Penn Radiation Oncology 19104, PARadiation Oncology1356397483
University Of Penn rad Onc 19104, PARadiation Oncology1942257068
John Peter Vakios 18840, PARadiation Oncology1598702375
Grae Lee Schuster 15801, PARadiation Oncology1831137751
Abington Radiation Oncology, Pc 19001, PARadiation Oncology1265470850
Aruna G Patel 08755, PARadiation Oncology1225077381
Richard Carella 19010, PARadiation Oncology1386683670
Jack T Sandford 62918, PARadiation Oncology1801835913
Sang E Sim 07740, PARadiation Oncology1902845464
Mitchell F Weiss 07740, PARadiation Oncology1982643458
Precision Radiation Oncology Pc 08240, PARadiation Oncology1467492736
Jorge Cassir 08240, PARadiation Oncology1356381636
Luther W Brady Md & Assoc 19102, PARadiation Oncology1457391823
Jonathan A Haas 11501, PARadiation Oncology1023058989
Neha Vapiwala 19104, PARadiation Oncology1407898893
Anil K Dasyam 15213, PARadiation Oncology1881637106
Stephen A Arrigo 19013, PARadiation Oncology1467496877
Franco M Nichini 19102, PARadiation Oncology1467497651
Diana C. Stripp 19104, PARadiation Oncology1962439976
Oaktree Cancer Care Inc 15243, PARadiation Oncology1376571927
Gary Kao 19104, PARadiation Oncology1023048014
Et-tsu Chen 19312, PARadiation Oncology1508894510
Amit Maity 19104, PARadiation Oncology1730119728
Zelig A Tochner 19104, PARadiation Oncology1801822598
East Coast Radiation Oncology Associates Pa 08755, PARadiation Oncology1871549501
Christopher John Gallagher 18901, PARadiation Oncology1669409587
Andrew T Turrisi Iii 18704, PARadiation Oncology1013954007
John B. Mcday 19085, PARadiation Oncology1700828662
Suneel N Nagda 19104, PARadiation Oncology1356388839
Wallace A Longton 17015, PARadiation Oncology1437197183
Henry Wagner 17033, PARadiation Oncology1154375145
Jeffrey G Rosenstock 19107, PARadiation Oncology1245262567
Rosewood Cancer Care Inc 15236, PARadiation Oncology1730112806
Grand View Radiation Oncology, Ltd 18960, PARadiation Oncology1063446086
Karen L Straus 19301, PARadiation Oncology1467477299
Philadelphia Radiation Oncology, P.c. 19140, PARadiation Oncology1225054208
Andre Konski 19104, PARadiation Oncology1407873219
Jessie W. Dinome 19063, PARadiation Oncology1134149677
Gary Mitchel Freedman 19104, PARadiation Oncology1073534830


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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