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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Malik C. Spady LARheumatology1649259789
Harvinder S Luthra MNRheumatology1285614321
Robert G Fafalak NYRheumatology1982683041
Salem B Foad OHRheumatology1821077926
Aaron R Holmgren MNRheumatology1386624310
Southeastern Integrated Medical Pl Rheumatology1871573949
Deirdre A. Gramas MERheumatology1467432583
Rafia Khalil MIRheumatology1114907912
Joseph Duffy MNRheumatology1770563769
Walter M Downs VARheumatology1992785729
Nisha J Manek MNRheumatology1437139151
Larry M Greenbaum INRheumatology1316927072
Walter F Chase TXRheumatology1013997758
Carolina Bone & Joint Pa NCRheumatology1932189545
Tanaz A Kermani CARheumatology1720068448
Rheumatology Associates Of Dothan, Pc Rheumatology1588644009
Alfred Petrocelli CARheumatology1588644025
Sherry Ann Guardiano NHRheumatology1043290596
Michael Abel LARheumatology1841270204
John A Magaldi CTRheumatology1740260058
Asha J. Thomas TXRheumatology1568442960
Andre Babajanians CARheumatology1255311676
Myron Chu NJRheumatology1376523837
Mahmood Pazirandeh CARheumatology1134109390
Terrence George Foley OHRheumatology1164402319
Richard B Tompkins MNRheumatology1578533725
Stephen Burnstein NJRheumatology1447220520
Alan H Mallace AZRheumatology1659341667
Hallmark Health Medical Associates Inc Rheumatology1770563900
Everett Hunter Allen TXRheumatology1609846641
James Barry Lesser MIRheumatology1023088929
Nils Siegfried Erikson TXRheumatology1417927401
Henry Y Chow NCRheumatology1871563775
Barbara Jacks ILRheumatology1548230451
Basanti Mukerji ILRheumatology1497725345
Jeff Chung NJRheumatology1083684088
Vijay R Mhatre KSRheumatology1700856697
Rowansom Dept Of Rheumatology Rheumatology1467422287
James Helmut Leibfarth TXRheumatology1407831555
Marc R Chevrier DERheumatology1821068909
Jess David Edison NERheumatology1548246952
Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute Pa Rheumatology1518943364
Alexandra Popescu ILRheumatology1396720744
William Blaylock VARheumatology1811973423
James W Levine CORheumatology1093793838
Garvin C Murray CORheumatology1972581692
Jennifer Lee CARheumatology1275519092
Ronald Martin Schlansky PARheumatology1558341727
Jan G Dohlman MARheumatology1528046943
Mark Mansour CARheumatology1073597241
Franciscan Physician Network Rheumatology1316310535
Robert Tierney MNRheumatology1992782882
Irene Z Whitt NCRheumatology1609856624
David P Petros TXRheumatology1154306603
Jack Jicchak Berger NYRheumatology1770568719
Mary Ann R Domingo INRheumatology1053396127
Maha M Dawood GARheumatology1730166851
Lynn I. Demarco MORheumatology1164408779
Kenneth Stuart O Rourke NCRheumatology1972588309
Claudio Straus Lehmann TXRheumatology1508844176
Abdul Aziz FLRheumatology1811973696
Lilliam Enid Ayala Garcia FLRheumatology1871572511
Stacey L Fitch PARheumatology1760462063
Tauseef G Syed NCRheumatology1033194857
Nicholas Ralph Straniero INRheumatology1083698591
Julio A Ramos PARheumatology1275519530
Daniel Douglas Ricciardi NYRheumatology1851374839
Arnaldo Torres FLRheumatology1437132263
James L. Burns TNRheumatology1235118803
Kenny R Sizemore TNRheumatology1346229861
Anne Liebling NYRheumatology1184600371
Daniel Swink Sager ORRheumatology1114906815
Nosheen Mazhar FLRheumatology1558347146
Karen E Zagar FLRheumatology1902889587
John T. Ader IDRheumatology1992789564
Iowa Physicians Clinic Medical Foundation Rheumatology1366425274
Paul Alan Gertler MDRheumatology1811974710
Johnathan Paul Vansant ORRheumatology1104804863
Shreyasee Amin MNRheumatology1316917552
Thomas G Mason MNRheumatology1104805522
Clement J Michet MNRheumatology1063491298
Kevin G Moder MNRheumatology1235109323
Steven R Ytterberg MNRheumatology1083691083
Charles R Mills ARRheumatology1689659674
David B Staub IARheumatology1255319422
Allison Sentelle Lipsey SCRheumatology1265417596
Hector J Mena PRRheumatology1255315990
Kenneth B Wasser NJRheumatology1881670321
Sukanya Pachaidee FLRheumatology1326022427
Elaine Elizabeth Batchlor CARheumatology1992214837
James L Baker TNRheumatology1477530301
Rakesh C. Patel NCRheumatology1295712305
Roland Chan MARheumatology1912986100
Gail Davidson MARheumatology1649250481
Michael Egan MARheumatology1538149281
Michael Hait MARheumatology1326028085
Daniel Small FLRheumatology1245217512
Androniki Bili PARheumatology1104802719
Robert T Schoen CTRheumatology1689652208
Ruth Ditzian-kadanoff ILRheumatology1891772760
John Stephen Thompson CORheumatology1972581502
Kishorkumar A Desai KYRheumatology1124005038
Juan Garza LARheumatology1821072323
Richard Israel Andron NJRheumatology1811977762
Francis M Williams TXRheumatology1275519449
Robert L Ikeman FLRheumatology1407831498
Ronald I Weitzner FLRheumatology1942285937
Yoel Drucker FLRheumatology1790760783
Nancy R. Delaney VARheumatology1063492874
Arthritis Center Of Orlando Pa FLRheumatology1134595093
John Franklyn Babich NCRheumatology1649254434
Elana R Eisner PARheumatology1881671980
Charles H Pritchard PARheumatology1023095114
Nilamadhab Mishra NCRheumatology1104801232
Rheumatic Disease Associates,ltd PARheumatology1235116344
David J Chesner PARheumatology1548247679
Ashrito Dayal SCRheumatology1306820105
Alan Jay Jacobs NERheumatology1386614907
Melvin Albert Churchill NERheumatology1710957311
Arthritis Center Of Nebraska Rheumatology1164492641
Suzanne Ellen Enloe-whitaker CARheumatology1720058415
Rick Charles Chatwell NERheumatology1841260478
Robert Michael Valente NERheumatology1437129905
Lennig Wilfred Chang MARheumatology1932179637
William Fryer Winchell MARheumatology1831169531
Fu Bai NJRheumatology1740250141
Thomas Lee Irvin GARheumatology1083684369
Joanna Marie Davies CARheumatology1699746958
William Thomas Tatum GARheumatology1023088465
Karl H. Hempel TXRheumatology1588634836
Robert Lewis Wortmann NHRheumatology1811967284
Imad Alazem MIRheumatology1265402630
Trent H. Smith AZRheumatology1336110576
Ronald Peter Reichman CARheumatology1487625562
Philip Schwartz DERheumatology1144291212
Ora Orthopedics, Pc ILRheumatology1912978214
Ora Orthopedics Pc ILRheumatology1114998416
Mohammad Hussain TXRheumatology1326019555
John Paul Huff TXRheumatology1912978933
Lloyd B. Klickstein MARheumatology1467423418
Cristiana M Boieru OHRheumatology1881665792
James B. Lesser, Md Pllc Rheumatology1639140536
Harry Dinerman MARheumatology1063483931
Edwin Victor Martinez De Andino SCRheumatology1841261526
Foothills Rheumatology Rheumatology1073584769
Achini Perera Dingman IDRheumatology1174594758
Peter James Weis CARheumatology1639140296
Lorne A Runge NYRheumatology1124099718
Laurie A Dawley INRheumatology1942271531
James Newman DERheumatology1689645319
Christine Ellen Codding OKRheumatology1811968399
Corey Wyn Walker UTRheumatology1295707677
Jay Brent Higgs TXRheumatology1538130067
Alan L. Epstein PARheumatology1346211844
Robert W Simms MARheumatology1235101429
Dana P Ascherman FLRheumatology1720050123
Norman M. Bress MARheumatology1407828734
Dennis Joel Levinson ILRheumatology1720050016
David Kevin Asa MSRheumatology1619949682
Alan Mark Berg PARheumatology1770555815
Mitchell David Forman NVRheumatology1891767638
James Wild TXRheumatology1659343291
Ellen R Shammash MNRheumatology1760455208
Syed S Ahmed MARheumatology1407829948
Deana Dawn Hoganson IARheumatology1487626990
Thomas Martin Bush CARheumatology1821061334
Hyman Arthur Silverman CARheumatology1588637946
Randel K Miller FLRheumatology1265405583
Stephen Joseph Di Martino NYRheumatology1184697518
Rosemarie Desantis NJRheumatology1336112606
Dennis W Ozment ILRheumatology1881667152
Braulio Quintero PRRheumatology1477526796
William Wade White TXRheumatology1467425686
Scott J Harris NVRheumatology1942273099
Arthritis Consultants, P.a. SCRheumatology1023081189
Angus Mckay Brabham SCRheumatology1841263910
Steven D Meed NYRheumatology1114990082
Steven D. Meed Md Rheumatology1487627352
Caromont Medical Group Inc Rheumatology1356314272
Richard H Kim PARheumatology1699748459
William Kim NVRheumatology1407829385
Asim Razzaq TNRheumatology1790758514
Jill P Buyon NYRheumatology1316910169
Kenneth A Epstein AZRheumatology1366415036
Jane D Cooper CTRheumatology1356314066
David N Podell CTRheumatology1619940327
Robert E Boyd SCRheumatology1801869458
Howard M Belmont NYRheumatology1992779441
Francisco J Garriga MORheumatology1164496618
Alan Hilgeman WIRheumatology1730152372
Daniel James Holden SCRheumatology1649243254
Kimberly P Liang PARheumatology1871566505
Farooq Hassan PARheumatology1598739104
Stephen A Smiles NYRheumatology1154395671
Anthony S Padula CARheumatology1235103813
Steven B Abramson NYRheumatology1144294687
Richard Charles Welton VARheumatology1578537916
Henry J Davis INRheumatology1174597538
The Mount Vernon Hospital Rheumatology1538133939
Gary E Solomon NYRheumatology1134193451


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