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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Rheumatology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carlos A. Pantojas PRRheumatology1144299074
Xiaoyin Tang NJRheumatology1437128568
Joan T Merrill OKRheumatology1962471813
Eugene Miknowski DCRheumatology1457329567
Kamran A Chaudhary ILRheumatology1356310338
George J Halko NJRheumatology1932178928
Emily R Pineda TXRheumatology1376512368
Anne M Bacon VARheumatology1801865779
Tracy L Lovell GARheumatology1821066952
Gerald Theodore Rosenberg TXRheumatology1649249624
Matthew Edward Mosbacker TXRheumatology1558330530
Leslie S Staudt TXRheumatology1912976689
Ira N Targoff OKRheumatology1215906920
Thomas M. Harrington PARheumatology1740259522
Albert Sm Manlapit MIRheumatology1205805900
Claribel K Tan AKRheumatology1649249483
R Hal Scofield OKRheumatology1821067562
Verlene Joyce Gauthier WARheumatology1730158478
Lourdes S Aponte DERheumatology1144299959
Michael H Weisman CARheumatology1093784670
Rodolfo Molina TXRheumatology1104895713
Alex Dejesus TXRheumatology1013986629
Maurice F Mccarthy FLRheumatology1346219870
Petrina Joslin OKRheumatology1790754240
Sandeep Gupta NYRheumatology1194794305
Harley Morton Ellman OHRheumatology1700845906
Mary M Hagerty VARheumatology1942279195
Victor M Mcmillan GARheumatology1679542013
Richard Alan Wilmot NYRheumatology1831168277
Gregory A Kujala VARheumatology1598734733
Nancy J Olsen PARheumatology1215996343
David Ross Karp TXRheumatology1326007444
Stephen Edward Plotnick VARheumatology1972562056
Prachi Anand NYRheumatology1306805213
Michael W Skehan INRheumatology1962461905
Rodolfo Victor Curiel DCRheumatology1982663878
Mythili Seetharaman PARheumatology1023077856
Ajoy Chhabra TXRheumatology1780643247
Katerina Teller NYRheumatology1275592727
Maria L Recurt PRRheumatology1750340253
James N Dreyfus INRheumatology1083673552
Paul J Killian PARheumatology1659330181
Edmund John Maclaughlin MDRheumatology1912966268
Andreas Reimold TXRheumatology1801856133
Munazza Afzal NYRheumatology1447219795
Edward B. Herzig OHRheumatology1073573218
Dennis Suarez PRRheumatology1194785477
Burhan F Chinikhanwala AZRheumatology1871553982
Roberto Rivera Rivera PRRheumatology1255391306
Warren C Rizzo AZRheumatology1053371153
Tina J Horwitz MARheumatology1386604379
Jorge J Carrillo FLRheumatology1740258359
Michael A. Friedman GARheumatology1295703486
Bertha Anne Bauer NYRheumatology1982678710
George R. Mount ORRheumatology1740254200
Daniel E Hathaway MNRheumatology1386618874
J. Desmond O'duffy FLRheumatology1588636153
Ruth A. Craddock ILRheumatology1891764643
Scott Blumberg NJRheumatology1104897339
David Rosenstock TXRheumatology1760451884
Emilio J. Rodriguez TNRheumatology1578531851
Steven W Baak MORheumatology1598738262
Sylvia Duby ILRheumatology1780659227
David J Pierangelo MARheumatology1861467748
Steven J Cohen TXRheumatology1063485886
Elena Maria Weinstein CORheumatology1962474882
Jeffrey S. Neal KYRheumatology1164496568
Gene Lee Watterson ALRheumatology1225001449
Kelly K. Cole KYRheumatology1124092234
Antonio A Achkar PARheumatology1770555922
Noah Samuel Bass PARheumatology1114999026
Kenneth N Gold PARheumatology1891768420
Terence W Starz PARheumatology1841265873
Edward Joel Fudman TXRheumatology1255305694
Anthony M Reginato MARheumatology1134195043
Shauna Frances O'sullivan INRheumatology1033181490
Matthew Herbert Ornstein NYRheumatology1598737066
Debendra N Pattanaik TNRheumatology1447222880
Barry Michael Schimmer PARheumatology1396716122
Zarmeena Ali MORheumatology1538137708
Phillip D Klahr MARheumatology1821066432
Cynthia Anderson Weaver SDRheumatology1932172533
Columbus Brown ARRheumatology1558321612
Thomas William Howard WVRheumatology1396713137
Edward V.h. Skol CARheumatology1255304630
Michael Naarendorp NYRheumatology1740256908
Eric L Matteson MNRheumatology1982677563
Steven M Rosner NJRheumatology1669441929
Patrick J Riccardi NYRheumatology1255303533
Linda Warnowicz NYRheumatology1912979246
Nadezhda Shagumova NYRheumatology1255309761
Sukran Ergin-yanmaz MARheumatology1184690711
Abigail Rebecca Neiman TXRheumatology1043280381
Martin E Garber MIRheumatology1306818059
Pooja Banerjee TXRheumatology1538138011
Robert A Kimelheim TXRheumatology1508837766
Rovinder Singh Saini ILRheumatology1568436574
James Halla SCRheumatology1497721393
Brigid Maura Freyne CARheumatology1689640856
David Bruce Faber CORheumatology1902879240
Richard Anthony Hoppmann SCRheumatology1154399848
Raymond Scalettar MDRheumatology1609844745
Hal Jeffrey Mitnick NYRheumatology1306819784
James Wilks Fant SCRheumatology1699742825
Carrie A Edelman NJRheumatology1821061110
Leslie E Wilson TXRheumatology1861466815
Carmen M Perez-masuelli TXRheumatology1770557795
Katherine H.y. Nguyen CARheumatology1356319875
Patricia Joy Papadopoulos WARheumatology1386617074
Susan Manzi PARheumatology1538133285
Mary Chester Morgan Wasko PARheumatology1598731945
Robert A Yood MARheumatology1013983006
Ana Kumar OKRheumatology1215905971
Niveditha Mohan PARheumatology1154422780
Sanford Mayer Wolfe OHRheumatology1255390233
Ulker Tok AZRheumatology1073580924
Mikael D Lagwinski IDRheumatology1679540363
Rita M Egan KYRheumatology1871567263
John Paul Huff TXRheumatology1912978933
David I Dryland ORRheumatology1205896115
William H Jackson AZRheumatology1063472926
Anupam Mathur MARheumatology1720048424
Tatiana P. Nagibina FLRheumatology1003876756
Carolyn Ann Bowles MNRheumatology1356301790
Akavaram N Reddy IDRheumatology1407816986
Julio C Marin CARheumatology1487614996
Akgun Ince MORheumatology1053372334
Luis M. Vila-perez PRRheumatology1962463232
Benjamin Samuel Frank ILRheumatology1871554097
Jyothsna R Rayadurg MNRheumatology1881655975
Franklin Kozin CARheumatology1356302541
Stelios Viennas NYRheumatology1508827502
Dean T Noritake CARheumatology1477514495
Gilbert Neil Ross CARheumatology1952362915
Annette Martinez PRRheumatology1932160819
Thomas John Lang MDRheumatology1457312332
Vanessa E. Rodriguez-gonzalez PRRheumatology1649231432
Benjamin Levine NYRheumatology1871554329
Marc Craig Hochberg MDRheumatology1992766794
Moumina Airood NJRheumatology1831150671
Richard Allman PARheumatology1316908015
William Surbeck OKRheumatology1154382711
David P Lurie TNRheumatology1083675706
Stephen Craig Ross MORheumatology1891756516
Terry David Weiss MORheumatology1255392999
Nehad Soloman AZRheumatology1356302962
Charles J Huebner MIRheumatology1225090731
John J Morley GARheumatology1851353387
Alec D. Steele TXRheumatology1487616710
Albert R Katz CARheumatology1699737932
Jill Ritter NJRheumatology1043272479
Kent A Huston MORheumatology1215999412
Dianne Margaret Cooper TXRheumatology1649232810
James Yost TXRheumatology1255393468
Faye C. Cohen MORheumatology1306808548
Jason G. Taylor TXRheumatology1194787184
Leo P Bidula PARheumatology1225090244
Martha E Grandits MNRheumatology1548222425
Lee Kaufman NJRheumatology1528020591
John Barker Harley OHRheumatology1619939295
James H. Esther MORheumatology1609838309
Ann E Warner MORheumatology1750343455
Thomas E Scott MORheumatology1205898913
Gordon Alan Starkebaum WARheumatology1942262662
Harchetan Singh Sandhu CARheumatology1740243328
Patricia J Lee MORheumatology1720040363
Abby M Abelson OHRheumatology1417919143
David Dai Dang CARheumatology1932162385
Anthony Decotis FLRheumatology1669435038
Jane Marie Derrig VARheumatology1265495758
Angelique Nicole Collamer VARheumatology1396708673
Nicole C Bundy OHRheumatology1679536775
Patrick Kevin Timms CORheumatology1861455099
George Karpouzas CARheumatology1154384303
Stuart Posner AZRheumatology1679536676
Diana Yens TXRheumatology1255394375
Chad L Deal OHRheumatology1598728446
Miguel Cima NMRheumatology1053374868
Rahul K Patel TXRheumatology1194788844
John J. Carey OHRheumatology1619930369
Jeanine Connolly ILRheumatology1346203064
Walter Morse Bonner SCRheumatology1700849627
Terrence J Forster PARheumatology1639132483
Peter F. Pepe PARheumatology1023071875
Kristin Marie Gowin NCRheumatology1033172895
Miroslawa Nowak PARheumatology1700849601
Jill Scott Vargo NCRheumatology1205899143
Raymond M Pertusi MARheumatology1679536312
Christine M Matijasic NYRheumatology1164485868
Leonard H. Calabrese OHRheumatology1467415265
Irene S Kazmers MIRheumatology1437113032
Sirimas Sirisuth MIRheumatology1407810047
Aryeh Fischer CORheumatology1669436259
M Elaine Husni OHRheumatology1548224272
Joel David Taurog TXRheumatology1174587802
Matthew P Bunyard OHRheumatology1558325209
John D. Clough OHRheumatology1801850557
Rose S Fife INRheumatology1164486874
Rafael G Grau INRheumatology1689638397
Ken D. Pischel CARheumatology1124082847


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