Providers with Taxonomy: Rheumatology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Rheumatology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rajiv Kumar Dixit 94598, CARheumatology1396748158
Rashmi B Dixit 94598, CARheumatology1811990666
Umesh Kumar Sabharwal 94062, CARheumatology1831192160
Eileen S Breyde 91505, CARheumatology1770585887
David S Hallegua 90211, CARheumatology1063416964
Daniel J Wallace 90211, CARheumatology1982608717
Allan Lawrence Metzger 90048, CARheumatology1194720326
Robin K Dore 92780, CARheumatology1619972510
Bruce J Dreyfuss 95112, CARheumatology1558366047
Alan Raymond Peter 93003, CARheumatology1881690089
Raul Romea 95758, CARheumatology1962408112
Raymond L Malamet 94116, CARheumatology1760488415
Gerald Y. Ho 90623, CARheumatology1205833662
David W Wu 94598, CARheumatology1023015484
John M Loeb 94598, CARheumatology1932106390
Zuzana U Foster 94598, CARheumatology1184621542
Susie Suh 93901, CARheumatology1467459602
Neha S Shah 94304, CARheumatology1144227182
Lakeside Medical Associates, A Medical Group, Inc. 91505, CARheumatology1861499535
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc 95403, CARheumatology1093713778
South Bay Medical Associates, Inc 94087, CARheumatology1558852731
Jack Waxman 95403, CARheumatology1104824994
Wesley T Mizutani 90815, CARheumatology1699774919
Gary Harry Cooper 96150, CARheumatology1487653663
Andrew Concoff 92835, CARheumatology1366442998
Arash A. Horizon 90048, CARheumatology1881694131
Marilyn A Solsky Md A Medical Corp 90211, CARheumatology1407857964
Anthony Bohan 92663, CARheumatology1235131384
Nancy Godfrey 90815, CARheumatology1790777449
Neal Sheldon Birnbaum 94115, CARheumatology1437142882
Charles H Boniske 93291, CARheumatology1598759615
Alan R Schenk 92637, CARheumatology1265426183
Margaret Ellen Blanton 92262, CARheumatology1982698460
Timothy M Spiegel 93101, CARheumatology1700870243
Robert L Dobrow 94118, CARheumatology1356336051
Michael Sugarman 92835, CARheumatology1922094028
Michael Fabricant 92835, CARheumatology1790771616
In Chang Kim 91105, CARheumatology1083601710
Jay H. Kim 92835, CARheumatology1811984123
Alan Weinberger 90048, CARheumatology1124015011
Elaine Rima Gecht 94112, CARheumatology1457349086
Primal P Kaur 91342, CARheumatology1851380786
George V Lawry 92868, CARheumatology1043208994
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CARheumatology1063401826
Michael Popkin Stevens 94401, CARheumatology1932198793
Paul H Brion 92083, CARheumatology1295724326
Steven Richard Weiner 91367, CARheumatology1063402956
Jennifer Kuen-ling King 90095, CARheumatology1942290564
Ronald L Kaufman 92707, CARheumatology1053302000
Karen S Kolba 93454, CARheumatology1710978713
Stanley Masaji Naguwa 95616, CARheumatology1447231873
Charles Ernest Weidmann 91405, CARheumatology1851372288
Steven Michael Simons 90211, CARheumatology1346222486
Shirin Ahmad 95630, CARheumatology1932182318
Dick L. Robbins 95616, CARheumatology1972586352
Merrill E Gershwin 95616, CARheumatology1881677268
Gurtej Cheema 95616, CARheumatology1578546578
Yi Yi Stephanie Gu 94609, CARheumatology1932183472
Mark Mansour 95682, CARheumatology1073597241
Dana Miller-blair 95823, CARheumatology1134103120
Douglas Roberts 95825, CARheumatology1083698062
Behnam Khaleghi 92868, CARheumatology1154306678
Gerlie L Papillion 95020, CARheumatology1598740953
E Michael Thelen 95628, CARheumatology1205811098
Peter Rim 94589, CARheumatology1730165044
Jennifer Lee 95119, CARheumatology1275519092
Willilam C Shiel 92691, CARheumatology1699752683
Elaine Elizabeth Batchlor 90222, CARheumatology1992214837
Paul A Wehrle 92691, CARheumatology1033197835
Kathryn Lea Sewell 94115, CARheumatology1689652612
Samuel William Mcalpine 95655, CARheumatology1881673804
Lorilee Smith Sutter 95350, CARheumatology1114906435
Tanaz A Kermani 90404, CARheumatology1720068448
Alfred Petrocelli 95062, CARheumatology1588644025
Andre Babajanians 92506, CARheumatology1255311676
Mahmood Pazirandeh 92108, CARheumatology1134109390
Suzanne Ellen Enloe-whitaker 92404, CARheumatology1720058415
Joanna Marie Davies 90017, CARheumatology1699746958
Ronald Peter Reichman 93534, CARheumatology1487625562
Peter James Weis 92037, CARheumatology1639140296
Shauna Frances O'sullivan 92134, CARheumatology1033181490
Diane Carol Narhi 93030, CARheumatology1366413718
Thomas Martin Bush 95128, CARheumatology1821061334
Hyman Arthur Silverman 92037, CARheumatology1588637946
Edward V.h. Skol 92037, CARheumatology1255304630
Nicole Louise-tramontini Gunn 92037, CARheumatology1447223631
Anthony S Padula 94598, CARheumatology1235103813
Gregory David Middleton 92037, CARheumatology1104891290
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group 94110, CARheumatology1336114487
Samy S Farag 90027, CARheumatology1518932474
Joseph John Martin 92134, CARheumatology1801862438
Brigid Maura Freyne 92563, CARheumatology1689640856
Lorinda Chung 94304, CARheumatology1427026442
Katherine H.y. Nguyen 92103, CARheumatology1356319875
Uc Regents 90095, CARheumatology1235107566
Jaffar Abbas Tremazi 91767, CARheumatology1649248782
Maria Susan Afable Buhay-maglunog 91790, CARheumatology1699744524
Uc Regents Ucla Department Of Medicine Professional Group 90095, CARheumatology1285603902
Sanjay Chabra 92835, CARheumatology1316916125
Michael H Weisman 90048, CARheumatology1093784670
Julio C Marin 91790, CARheumatology1487614996
Franklin Kozin 92037, CARheumatology1356302541
Dean T Noritake 91107, CARheumatology1477514495
Gilbert Neil Ross 91505, CARheumatology1952362915
Associated Internal Medicine Med Grp Inc 94609, CARheumatology1215998935
Albert R Katz 91356, CARheumatology1699737932
Jerry H Ginsburg 93901, CARheumatology1447212691
Chaparral Medical Group, Inc. 91767, CARheumatology1437111028
Chaparral Medical Group Inc 91786, CARheumatology1144282732
Barry Shibuya Md Inc 94538, CARheumatology1023070786
Harchetan Singh Sandhu 95926, CARheumatology1740243328
David Dai Dang 92843, CARheumatology1932162385
George Karpouzas 90502, CARheumatology1154384303
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Century City 90035, CARheumatology1760446371
Ken D. Pischel 92037, CARheumatology1124082847
Raymond I Press 92103, CARheumatology1215991302
Joseph Morris Isaacson 95032, CARheumatology1356305551
Mehrdad Matloubian 94143, CARheumatology1881658698
Mary Karin Connolly 94115, CARheumatology1942265772
Arthur Weiss 94143, CARheumatology1194780817
John C. Davis 94143, CARheumatology1912962705
Maria C Dall'era 94143, CARheumatology1467417980
Lindsey A Criswell 94143, CARheumatology1881659290
Edward J. Goetzl 94143, CARheumatology1255396594
David Wofsy 94143, CARheumatology1619932886
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Monica Hematology/oncology 90404, CARheumatology1396700340
Terry E Podell 90211, CARheumatology1649236001
Terry E Podell Md A Professional Corporation 91436, CARheumatology1366408577
Stacey J. Schulman 92037, CARheumatology1861458911
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Monica Cardiology 90404, CARheumatology1063479038
Elvira Lindwall, M.d., A Medical Corporation 91360, CARheumatology1639690001
Jim C Kim 93301, CARheumatology1992762769
Martin H Berry 93312, CARheumatology1801853676
Natasha Siddiqui Conley 92109, CARheumatology1639136344
Thomas R Powell 92868, CARheumatology1790742054
Harry Bluestein 92103, CARheumatology1295793024
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CARheumatology1417915760
Mary Corr 92103, CARheumatology1255389417
Robert Terkeltaub 92103, CARheumatology1841258050
Regents Of The University Of California 92868, CARheumatology1003864182
Uc Regents Ucla Dept Of Med Pr 90403, CARheumatology1295783355
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Malibu 90265, CARheumatology1619925740
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Clarita 91355, CARheumatology1497703532
Massoud Soleimani 91006, CARheumatology1831147156
Boris M. Peterlin 94143, CARheumatology1992753214
Martin Berry Md Inc 93301, CARheumatology1336197656
Gharoon Panahi 92708, CARheumatology1912956053
Stanley J Naides 92675, CARheumatology1891744520
Usc Internal Medicine, Inc. 90033, CARheumatology1356390009
Stanford Hospital And Clinics 94305, CARheumatology1205886652
Bradley T. Andersen 92507, CARheumatology1528018470
Arthritis Associates Of Redding, A Medical Group 96001, CARheumatology1457302762
William Henry Harrison Reeder 96001, CARheumatology1134171564
Timothy Douglas Peters 96001, CARheumatology1417909847
Mariko Ishimori 90048, CARheumatology1487606695
Randall Curtis Gilbert 90230, CARheumatology1790737526
Gerson Charles Bernhard 94109, CARheumatology1710930052
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CARheumatology1235182569
Caremore Medical Group Inc 90703, CARheumatology1760435705
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CARheumatology1356394175
Joo-hyung Lee 92868, CARheumatology1306891346
Gilbert J Putnoky 92373, CARheumatology1306892906
Michael R. Liebling 90502, CARheumatology1386691376
Thitinan Srikulmontree 95765, CARheumatology1699722603
Behzad Burt Rahavi 92660, CARheumatology1811944069
Mark James Borigini 90242, CARheumatology1043257082
Gilbert F. Gelfand 90602, CARheumatology1942247580
Stephen H. Nimelstein 94143, CARheumatology1326086661
Paul Hyoun Kim 90505, CARheumatology1083652283
Fernando Ravessoud, M.d. Inc. 90807, CARheumatology1295773257
Ramesh C. Kesavalu 91204, CARheumatology1932147626
Molly Detgen Magnano 94705, CARheumatology1992743579
Gary W. Williams 92037, CARheumatology1982643441
Azadeh Lisa Majlessi 92648, CARheumatology1871533679
Mehrnaz Hojjati 95816, CARheumatology1720029135
Paul H. Kim M.d., Inc., A Professional Corporation 90505, CARheumatology1699716068
Fremont Medical Group, Inc. 94536, CARheumatology1528009396
Wagdy William Kades 90057, CARheumatology1326080060
Amir Moldovan 92321, CARheumatology1295777837
Barry Eibschutz 93405, CARheumatology1164464566
Sabiha Rasheed 94536, CARheumatology1134161524
Lisa B Kremer 95405, CARheumatology1144262213
James Davis Wallace 90806, CARheumatology1043252919
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CARheumatology1972546091
Beaver Medical Group, Lp 92373, CARheumatology1831133768
Joseph Alan Chiapella 95926, CARheumatology1255374252
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CARheumatology1760425862
Orrin M Troum 90404, CARheumatology1821032608
John Michael Finley 92324, CARheumatology1922042076
John Paul Hoying 90503, CARheumatology1417991662
Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation 94563, CARheumatology1871538769
East Bay Physicians Medical Group 94563, CARheumatology1477598894
Stanford Lee-yu Peng 94080, CARheumatology1174568489
Siba Prasad Raychaudhuri 94306, CARheumatology1821033275
Ali Ashrafzadeh 90045, CARheumatology1962447060
Lakeside Medical Associates, A Medical Group, Inc. 91502, CARheumatology1043256027
Lakeside Medical Associates, A Medical Group, Inc. 91345, CARheumatology1215973292
Mauro Kwek Leyba Jr 93720, CARheumatology1730125105
Rodanthi Kitridou 90033, CARheumatology1366478489
Richard S Panush 90033, CARheumatology1164458188


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