Providers with Taxonomy: Rheumatology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Rheumatology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Martin Morell 13413, NYRheumatology1811990997
Maria I Pasniciuc 13214, NYRheumatology1831192806
Daniel H Cohen 11557, NYRheumatology1104829779
Stuart D Kaplan 11557, NYRheumatology1316940984
Farah M Ashraf 12601, NYRheumatology1134123839
Stanley R Michalski 14221, NYRheumatology1386649721
James Craig Vandewall 14760, NYRheumatology1609872795
Anne Ruth Bass 10021, NYRheumatology1609872712
Jill Anne Silverman 10022, NYRheumatology1508862541
Jean Brookhart Case 10022, NYRheumatology1003812173
Robert S. Lesser Md Pc 11234, NYRheumatology1376549162
Craig David Gordon 10020, NYRheumatology1215934971
Oneida Medical Associates Pllc 13421, NYRheumatology1255338018
Donald H Bernstein 10011, NYRheumatology1588662092
David M Lans 10801, NYRheumatology1720086051
Douglas Jay Mund 11042, NYRheumatology1558369652
Walter B Schulman 11542, NYRheumatology1952300501
Brian D Golden 10016, NYRheumatology1376542977
Arthritis And Osteoporosis Medical Associates 11201, NYRheumatology1881693398
David H Goddard 11201, NYRheumatology1346249844
Efstanthia P Chiopelas 10016, NYRheumatology1629077003
Louis Stevens 14760, NYRheumatology1659370880
Betty Robin Fuchs 12110, NYRheumatology1447259437
Serina T Chung 11557, NYRheumatology1104825124
Jeffrey Kurt Weiss 10002, NYRheumatology1316946247
Goddard S Lainjo 10940, NYRheumatology1326048224
Nanette Laurie Alexander-thomas 11206, NYRheumatology1760483655
Gerald E Leff 10940, NYRheumatology1427059260
Mark J Bele 10941, NYRheumatology1982605614
Michael L Hoffman 11021, NYRheumatology1831190008
Howard Futerman 11021, NYRheumatology1730180167
Roberta F Rose 06851, NYRheumatology1336131085
Stuart N. Novack 06851, NYRheumatology1972595494
Martin S Farber 12302, NYRheumatology1912999244
Jacob Dimant 11229, NYRheumatology1831182708
Mario Spagnuolo 10706, NYRheumatology1932192606
James Yovanoff 12804, NYRheumatology1619961083
Allan M. Smiley 13413, NYRheumatology1649264862
Olga Dvorkina 11203, NYRheumatology1639163835
John Francis Assini 12308, NYRheumatology1255325106
Donna Acquafredda 10314, NYRheumatology1720072481
Rauno O. Joks 11203, NYRheumatology1770577447
Ellen M. Ginzler 11203, NYRheumatology1952395618
Mona Pervil-ulysse 11215, NYRheumatology1144215559
Mark Jarrett 10301, NYRheumatology1053306233
Mark Goldstein 10301, NYRheumatology1679568885
Nancy Soloman 11203, NYRheumatology1073508099
Abby Mccarville 14224, NYRheumatology1316932262
Catherine L Sullivan 11358, NYRheumatology1548256100
Bay Rheumatology, M.d., P.c. 11021, NYRheumatology1508852179
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. 11103, NYRheumatology1871589200
Howard B Blumstein 11787, NYRheumatology1598751471
Max I Hamburger 11747, NYRheumatology1023004876
Paul E Schulman 11787, NYRheumatology1639165541
Sara J Johnson 11787, NYRheumatology1043206964
Nazia Hussain 10019, NYRheumatology1346236288
Peter M Rumore 11787, NYRheumatology1245226109
Robert M Michaels 13903, NYRheumatology1851388417
Ute Dreiner 13413, NYRheumatology1114914421
Booth Medical Associates Pc 11355, NYRheumatology1912996703
Aitezaz Uddin Ahmed 14618, NYRheumatology1558351411
Sady Theodoro Ribeiro 11106, NYRheumatology1083604888
New York University Medical Center 10016, NYRheumatology1780674366
Lawrence L Faltz 10591, NYRheumatology1962492298
Stewart Greisman 10019, NYRheumatology1710978812
Paul Dura 13905, NYRheumatology1326039363
Roy Prashad 11901, NYRheumatology1760473573
Paula Rackoff 10003, NYRheumatology1386625275
Steven Carsons 11501, NYRheumatology1851372817
Elise Belilos 11501, NYRheumatology1639150550
Kristina Belostocki 11501, NYRheumatology1992786610
Gary Charles Rosenblum 11501, NYRheumatology1194706556
Joseph I Cohn 11570, NYRheumatology1467433870
Robert Morton Marcus 11758, NYRheumatology1619958931
Thomas Oven 13905, NYRheumatology1750363321
Harry D Fischer 10003, NYRheumatology1659354991
Yusuf Yazici 10016, NYRheumatology1669455085
Ya Ju Chang 10013, NYRheumatology1801879119
Daniel Douglas Ricciardi 11201, NYRheumatology1851374839
Allen Robert Radin 10028, NYRheumatology1154305969
Ariel Dan Teitel 10010, NYRheumatology1871578450
Yousaf Ali 10029, NYRheumatology1003891623
Jack Jicchak Berger 10577, NYRheumatology1770568719
Anne Liebling 12572, NYRheumatology1184600371
George Demetrios Yatrakis 10021, NYRheumatology1669450763
Robert G Fafalak 10010, NYRheumatology1982683041
Lorne A Runge 13202, NYRheumatology1124099718
James Franklin Hyla 13214, NYRheumatology1851362446
Maple Medical Llp 10601, NYRheumatology1396717526
Linda Warnowicz 13214, NYRheumatology1912979246
Mary Abdulky 13214, NYRheumatology1821060153
Patrick J Riccardi 13214, NYRheumatology1255303533
Arthritis Health Associates, Pllc 13214, NYRheumatology1740252618
Matthew Herbert Ornstein 10512, NYRheumatology1598737066
Hal Jeffrey Mitnick 10022, NYRheumatology1306819784
Stephen Joseph Di Martino 10021, NYRheumatology1184697518
Steven D Meed 10128, NYRheumatology1114990082
Steven D. Meed Md 10155, NYRheumatology1487627352
Jill P Buyon 10016, NYRheumatology1316910169
Howard M Belmont 10016, NYRheumatology1992779441
Stephen A Smiles 10016, NYRheumatology1154395671
Steven B Abramson 10016, NYRheumatology1144294687
The Mount Vernon Hospital 10550, NYRheumatology1538133939
Gary E Solomon 10016, NYRheumatology1134193451
Harry H Shen 10016, NYRheumatology1104890540
Soumya Reddy 10016, NYRheumatology1407820806
Sicy H Lee 10016, NYRheumatology1861466260
Natalie Azar 10016, NYRheumatology1033183181
Gary Zagon 10016, NYRheumatology1649244526
Bertha Anne Bauer 10002, NYRheumatology1982678710
Euna Lee 11355, NYRheumatology1114991882
George Mtanos 13214, NYRheumatology1457326126
Elinor Stockheim 10003, NYRheumatology1477527174
Christopher Jon Huyck 12180, NYRheumatology1033184585
Anca Askanase 10016, NYRheumatology1558336768
Michael Naarendorp 10026, NYRheumatology1740256908
Miriam Silverberg 14215, NYRheumatology1487620522
Louise Raminfard 11743, NYRheumatology1326015140
Hendricks H Whitman Iii 10021, NYRheumatology1114994712
Frederick Joseph Ast 10016, NYRheumatology1699742288
Phillip D Klahr 11559, NYRheumatology1821066432
Nadezhda Shagumova 11235, NYRheumatology1255309761
Chung-e Tseng 10003, NYRheumatology1033187463
John J Condemi 14618, NYRheumatology1881662039
Emmanuel A Quaidoo 14618, NYRheumatology1134197387
Peter M Deane 14618, NYRheumatology1811965098
Sandeep Gupta 10465, NYRheumatology1194794305
Richard Alan Wilmot 12203, NYRheumatology1831168277
Westchester Medical Group, P.c. 10577, NYRheumatology1881653822
Prachi Anand 11554, NYRheumatology1306805213
Katerina Teller 11418, NYRheumatology1275592727
Munazza Afzal 10552, NYRheumatology1447219795
Evan Calkins 14075, NYRheumatology1215998521
Stelios Viennas 11103, NYRheumatology1508827502
Hygeia Medical Group, P.c. 11103, NYRheumatology1114988136
Benjamin Levine 11557, NYRheumatology1871554329
Prohealth Care Associates Llp 11042, NYRheumatology1275596280
Anju Charalel 10956, NYRheumatology1811950850
Miguel Cima 11530, NYRheumatology1053374868
Christine M Matijasic 10017, NYRheumatology1164485868
John A Ippolito 11733, NYRheumatology1043275605
Beth Israel Medical Center 10003, NYRheumatology1861457202
Tammi Louise Shlotzhauer 14609, NYRheumatology1861457251
Keith Gerard Pryhuber 14609, NYRheumatology1942265343
Joan M Bathon 10032, NYRheumatology1699730143
David R Blumenthal 11209, NYRheumatology1235194416
Entela Pone 14211, NYRheumatology1508168535
Donald A Raddatz 13326, NYRheumatology1033175963
Hong Xu 11787, NYRheumatology1922064625
Charles S Schaeffer 13326, NYRheumatology1568428944
Walter A Franck 13326, NYRheumatology1982660361
Gerald D Groff 13326, NYRheumatology1053378950
Ralph Joseph Argen 14221, NYRheumatology1710944590
Jameel Youssef 84403, NYRheumatology1831477256
Sara Barbara Kramer 10016, NYRheumatology1760449060
Slr Fpp University Medical Practice Associates 10025, NYRheumatology1639127913
Jihad Hassan Abialmouna 14228, NYRheumatology1396793782
Mermaid Medical Pc 11214, NYRheumatology1124076682
Nina Bhambhani 11375, NYRheumatology1831147545
Ya Li Chen 14607, NYRheumatology1174572440
Eugenio M Capitle 11788, NYRheumatology1568411650
Douglas H Jones 14607, NYRheumatology1063461432
John A Ippolito, D.o.,p.c. 11733, NYRheumatology1801846076
Ernesto N Levy 14221, NYRheumatology1760431225
Laurie Glimcher 10065, NYRheumatology1952351488
Park Slope Medicine, P.c. 11215, NYRheumatology1770534984
Placido A Morano 11215, NYRheumatology1902858434
Giovanni Franchin 11030, NYRheumatology1942252127
Julie Syd Schwartzman-morris 11021, NYRheumatology1518919463
Victoria Katz 11229, NYRheumatology1508818212
Rheumatology Consultants, Llp 11557, NYRheumatology1851344782
Alan P Goldman 11235, NYRheumatology1427002153
Astoria Healthcare Associates Llp 11103, NYRheumatology1114971306
Arthritis Care, P.c. 12180, NYRheumatology1235183294
Deana Lazaro 11209, NYRheumatology1801841713
Richard A. Wilmot, Md,pllc 12203, NYRheumatology1134174816
Medical Research Associates,pc 10595, NYRheumatology1801841895
Ronen Marmur 10509, NYRheumatology1609821818
Mount Kisco Medical Group Pc 10598, NYRheumatology1407802481
University Physicians Group P C 10306, NYRheumatology1104872134
Department Of Medicine Medical Serv Grp At Suny Hlth Sci Ctr Syr In 13210, NYRheumatology1063468239
Marianna Gertsberg 11803, NYRheumatology1194771493
Regional Rheumatology Associates Llp 13905, NYRheumatology1164479903
Jhmc Diagnostic And Treatment Center 11433, NYRheumatology1821045485
Allergy Immunology Rheumatology Clinical Group 14642, NYRheumatology1497702286
University Physicians Of Brooklyn, Inc. 11203, NYRheumatology1568419000
Queens Long Island Medical Group, P.c. 10001, NYRheumatology1891732038
Milagros Hernandez 11103, NYRheumatology1295772812
Jitendra K Patel 11234, NYRheumatology1669410775
Jon Tyler Giles 10032, NYRheumatology1679511810
Ny Arthritis Pc 11229, NYRheumatology1346288255
Linda Anne Shookster 10458, NYRheumatology1073551537
Stephen Honig 10003, NYRheumatology1083653372
Margaret M Lenci 10549, NYRheumatology1114966876
Stony Brook Internists, University Faculty Practice Corporation 11794, NYRheumatology1659310241
David Engelbrecht 10535, NYRheumatology1942240155
Natalia E Veselova 12110, NYRheumatology1023058377
Prem C Chatpar 11803, NYRheumatology1093755050
Jonathan Samuels 10016, NYRheumatology1861436388
Albany Medical College 12208, NYRheumatology1386689248


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