Providers with Taxonomy: Rheumatology in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Rheumatology
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John W. Griffin 97216, ORRheumatology1316940075
Clifford Joe Anderson 97209, ORRheumatology1013913409
Kip L Kemple 97210, ORRheumatology1295732261
Howard I Gandler 97210, ORRheumatology1164429130
Gerald Stanley Schoepflin 97216, ORRheumatology1801894894
Cody Keith Wasner 97401, ORRheumatology1245222322
H. Walter Emori 97502, ORRheumatology1982699930
Polly M Sepulvado 97470, ORRheumatology1366433781
Gary E Wheeler 97471, ORRheumatology1790767234
William H Treuhaft 97062, ORRheumatology1033192075
Pascale M Schwab 97239, ORRheumatology1174509897
John Stephen Thompson 97330, ORRheumatology1972581502
George R. Mount 98431, ORRheumatology1740254200
David I Dryland 97504, ORRheumatology1205896115
John R Ladd 97330, ORRheumatology1164471967
William Paul Maier 97401, ORRheumatology1790735561
James Todd Rosenbaum 97239, ORRheumatology1962454280
Willamette Valley Clinics Llc 97128, ORRheumatology1790740520
Cong-qiu Chu 97239, ORRheumatology1780625780
David Lawrence Chamberland 97504, ORRheumatology1447293311
Raymond Charles Hausch 97302, ORRheumatology1639114358
David Lloyd Smith 97239, ORRheumatology1295763563
Stephen M Campbell 97213, ORRheumatology1295771459
Andre Barkhuizen 97219, ORRheumatology1982639480
Physicians Building Group 97302, ORRheumatology1801800149
David Chamberland Md Inc 97504, ORRheumatology1285649988
Atulya Achyut Deodhar 97239, ORRheumatology1558376053
Sarah Cassell 97401, ORRheumatology1093724247
William Lee Melcher 97227, ORRheumatology1609889070
Jennifer Dale Simpson 97227, ORRheumatology1255445425
Joji Kappes 97227, ORRheumatology1386758035
Lauren Hyunhee Kim 97225, ORRheumatology1578579066
Leslie E Kahl 97239, ORRheumatology1467479923
Norman Paul Hudson 97401, ORRheumatology1053427666
Ann Marie Macasa 97132, ORRheumatology1417068198
Mollie E Thompson 97225, ORRheumatology1215035449
Gary L Sultany 97225, ORRheumatology1053411660
Ronald C Fraback 97225, ORRheumatology1639279250
Kenneth John Scalapino 97239, ORRheumatology1003907601
Leslie W Jackson 97814, ORRheumatology1972690774
Drs Cassell & Boren Pc 97401, ORRheumatology1316035728
Daniel E Fohrman 97701, ORRheumatology1780795625
Mary K Derlacki 97401, ORRheumatology1609947431
Sidney L I Cassell 97401, ORRheumatology1376614107
Simona S Braun 97401, ORRheumatology1972677045
Charles Douglas Lain 97227, ORRheumatology1215098678
Kevin Khaw 97216, ORRheumatology1477617512
Portland Rheumatology Clinic Llc 97219, ORRheumatology1801945084
Bend Memorial Clinic Pc 97701, ORRheumatology1699827477
Stephen Ray Stewart 97301, ORRheumatology1588717680
Anne Amelia Vetto 97204, ORRheumatology1962532499
Arlene Patrice Spertus 97527, ORRheumatology1275690182
Lee Anna Jones 97227, ORRheumatology1063532422
Cailin Henderson Sibley 97239, ORRheumatology1760606479
Christine Ann Osterholzer Mcburney 97227, ORRheumatology1326230889
N. Paul Hudson Md, Pc 97401, ORRheumatology1962690768
Lawrence Levin Md Inc 97504, ORRheumatology1336320522
William Allen Hinz 97477, ORRheumatology1538345145
Shirley Blaine Ingram 97239, ORRheumatology1700062353
Jennifer Lynn Barton 97239, ORRheumatology1306015995
Elena Daniela Ghetie 97239, ORRheumatology1396926093
Diman Raj Lamichhane 97401, ORRheumatology1700067360
Shawn Gonda Macalester 97123, ORRheumatology1871706218
Dominik Grzegorz Sokalski 97504, ORRheumatology1104016278
Deschutes Rheumatology, Llc 97701, ORRheumatology1316189624
Willamette Valley Rheumatolgy Pc 97132, ORRheumatology1831324847
Elizabeth Ann Tindall 97124, ORRheumatology1457589236
Bend Memorial Clinic Pc 97756, ORRheumatology1174847719
Salem Rheumatology, Llc 97302, ORRheumatology1215218789
Good Samaritan Hospital Corvallis 97330, ORRheumatology1982970828
Amy T Madison 97701, ORRheumatology1699904912
Dane H Dougherty 97477, ORRheumatology1518251370
Christine Konya 97504, ORRheumatology1679704241
Rheumatology Clinic Llc 97504, ORRheumatology1164746756
Marcia Alwina Friedman 97239, ORRheumatology1255607545
Ajay Wanchu 97239, ORRheumatology1528295557
Julianna Desmarais 97239, ORRheumatology1194014530
River Valley Rheumatology & Infusions, Inc 97302, ORRheumatology1063823508
Theodore Alexander Tsoukas 97239, ORRheumatology1902200462
Oregon Rheumatology Clinics, Llc 97123, ORRheumatology1376086694
David Dryland, Pc 97504, ORRheumatology1467971739
Saint Alphonsus Medical Center baker City, Inc. 97814, ORRheumatology1437432044
Milena Cavalcante 97504, ORRheumatology1225453467
David I Daikh 97239, ORRheumatology1740363654
Brian Le 97239, ORRheumatology1487069795
Salem Rheumatology & Infusions Llc 97302, ORRheumatology1063053015
Tianna L Welch 97701, ORRheumatology1376689059
Portland Adventist Medical Center 97216, ORRheumatology1215910302
Heather L Hansen-dispenza 97701, ORRheumatology1245283605
Amitha Gona 97301, ORRheumatology1053611566
Daniel Eduardo Mendez-allwood 97301, ORRheumatology1821239310
William Clay Mccord 97603, ORRheumatology1891866786
Arthritis And Osteoporsis Clinic Llc 97701, ORRheumatology1053442855
William P Maier Md Pc 97401, ORRheumatology1710107016
Rosario P Bonafede 97213, ORRheumatology1730125667
Katja F Daoud 97225, ORRheumatology1316977309
Suzanne L. Delea 97213, ORRheumatology1841339868
Sarah Jan Lipton 97213, ORRheumatology1023229812
Daniel Swink Sager 97031, ORRheumatology1114906815
Sonam Ravindra Kiwalkar 98664, ORRheumatology1609215987
Jack Chen 97330, ORRheumatology1821400367
Michelle Marie Ryan 97330, ORRheumatology1912019217
Jonathan David Jones 97330, ORRheumatology1003868720
Kelly Ann Portnoff 97205, ORRheumatology1255422481
Laura Gregg 97477, ORRheumatology1134289390
Yasmin Renee Maldonado-stitt 97205, ORRheumatology1013335173
Christina Margaret Bright 97701, ORRheumatology1063684934
Neha Rich-garg 97225, ORRheumatology1679862759
Kathryn Beth Baker 97225, ORRheumatology1245327295
Rashmi Chandekar Shah 97225, ORRheumatology1053501742
Anita A Goel 97225, ORRheumatology1578663100
Laura H Davies 97225, ORRheumatology1982670006
Wai L Lee 97225, ORRheumatology1881623254
Anthony M Kahr 97701, ORRheumatology1558686352
Jowairiyya Sarfraz Ahmad 98503, ORRheumatology1447539408
Rudy R Greene 97520, ORRheumatology1992793111
James K Smith 30082, ORRheumatology1295832004
Jenna Spencer Mcgoldrick 53715, ORRheumatology1821415894
Theerapol Prasertsuntarasai 79424, ORRheumatology1245373380


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