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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Raymond C Brown TXThoracic Surgery1093782401
Leonard Octavius Barrett NYThoracic Surgery1427025832
Metropolitan Enterprises Inc. Thoracic Surgery1770550105
Kodem S Rao OHThoracic Surgery1912974221
David B. Herlan PAThoracic Surgery1265409577
Jon Baker CAThoracic Surgery1548237746
Elizabeth Ann Colaiuta ILThoracic Surgery1558338723
Daniel P Harley MDThoracic Surgery1497722532
Shamji K Shah NJThoracic Surgery1588631626
Ashby Carter Moncure MAThoracic Surgery1578531554
Paul G Burns NJThoracic Surgery1659348696
Gregory G Smaroff MAThoracic Surgery1073581898
John C Cardone VAThoracic Surgery1619945268
Michael Carson Sinclair PAThoracic Surgery1003884586
Timothy H Trotter OKThoracic Surgery1285602532
Ronald C Elkins OKThoracic Surgery1457329633
Olusola Oduntan MAThoracic Surgery1174592125
Saung Z Park MNThoracic Surgery1376512186
Joseph S. Auteri PAThoracic Surgery1386613149
Myles S Guber COThoracic Surgery1205805769
Edward A Lefrak VAThoracic Surgery1093784498
Lucas R Collazo VAThoracic Surgery1205805603
Alan M Speir VAThoracic Surgery1003885443
David H Young COThoracic Surgery1013976208
Nicholas Vito Augelli WIThoracic Surgery1174592414
Bradley O Hofer COThoracic Surgery1689633869
Nelson A Burton VAThoracic Surgery1881653061
Paul D Kiernan VAThoracic Surgery1245299445
Paul S Massimiano VAThoracic Surgery1629037833
John Richard Dein CAThoracic Surgery1124087838
Edward Raymond Zech WAThoracic Surgery1558320226
Marcos Fabian Barnatan ORThoracic Surgery1477512051
Lone Star Cardiovascular Surgery Thoracic Surgery1497714067
Kenneth Samuel Stone INThoracic Surgery1770542441
Allen S Morris CAThoracic Surgery1396704169
Joao Gabriel Ubatuba ILThoracic Surgery1114986676
Robert Warren Feldtman TXThoracic Surgery1851350227
Michael A O'shea MAThoracic Surgery1164481404
Robert F Hebeler TXThoracic Surgery1295794584
Robert F Hebeler Jr Md Pa Thoracic Surgery1821057118
John M Ransom ARThoracic Surgery1477513778
Rebecca Sue Wolfer WVThoracic Surgery1366401689
Albert Carl Henry TXThoracic Surgery1518927557
Bernard Vasseur PAThoracic Surgery1275593121
Michael Meyer WAThoracic Surgery1588624662
Jeffrey M Rosenburg CAThoracic Surgery1972576189
Robert H. Fleming KSThoracic Surgery1770542961
The Milton S Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group Thoracic Surgery1457325474
Gary Kimble Jett TXThoracic Surgery1184690810
Richard P. Laskowski MIThoracic Surgery1841260536
Gary Howard Dworkin FLThoracic Surgery1851365662
William J Fanning OHThoracic Surgery1861467102
James K. Condon FLThoracic Surgery1083683353
David G Cable ILThoracic Surgery1033183728
Paul S Koh ORThoracic Surgery1093784902
Randall S Fortuna AZThoracic Surgery1285607986
Curtis C Quinn SCThoracic Surgery1164497269
Michael M Zhadkevich SCThoracic Surgery1598724882
Andrew James Sherman FLThoracic Surgery1992777551
Liberato Chapa FLThoracic Surgery1831163880
John C Ofenloch FLThoracic Surgery1457325268
Joshua David Rovin FLThoracic Surgery1780658054
John Anthony Howington TNThoracic Surgery1073581922
Peter Drew Wearden FLThoracic Surgery1215903372
Brian R Boggs OKThoracic Surgery1487629556
Nathaniel Seth Laden WIThoracic Surgery1356316889
J David Richardson KYThoracic Surgery1619947496
Eric H Bronstein KYThoracic Surgery1265401566
Barry Charles Esrig NYThoracic Surgery1326019787
Richard K Parker COThoracic Surgery1174582357
Minnesota Oncology Hematology, Pa MNThoracic Surgery1528035995
Rajesh Makkenchery PAThoracic Surgery1104885748
Ann J Toran MAThoracic Surgery1700859816
Mark Dennis Widmann NJThoracic Surgery1982674248
Blaine Richard Heric FLThoracic Surgery1912971946
Heart Group, Pc Thoracic Surgery1487624102
Michael F Teodori AZThoracic Surgery1629037346
Nnamdi Azie OHThoracic Surgery1851366892
Ronald S Kober LAThoracic Surgery1861460453
Jared Gilmore LAThoracic Surgery1083685770
Allen Brian Wilcox TNThoracic Surgery1154394344
William Robert Wilson NHThoracic Surgery1245203629
Sandra Starnes OHThoracic Surgery1669440640
Philip Schuyler Mullenix INThoracic Surgery1336115716
Niv Ad VAThoracic Surgery1982673364
James A Quintessenza KYThoracic Surgery1962476648
Otto Lawayne Miller TXThoracic Surgery1326017195
Yoshiya Toyoda PAThoracic Surgery1609842244
Filiberto Rodriguez Salinas TXThoracic Surgery1750352456
Daniel Michael Cohen MAThoracic Surgery1497720163
Joelle Marie Coletta CAThoracic Surgery1447222377
Lester M. Dyke TXThoracic Surgery1528030426
Leland B. Housman CAThoracic Surgery1912974312
Flavian Mark Lupinetti NMThoracic Surgery1063486371
Rozales Antonio Swanson FLThoracic Surgery1932174349
David W Nelson AZThoracic Surgery1093789703
Goya V Raikar WIThoracic Surgery1376516229
Raj K Bose AZThoracic Surgery1093787749
Mark Richard Katlic PAThoracic Surgery1265492516
Dean F Lomago AZThoracic Surgery1336117712
Jack J Messina FLThoracic Surgery1124099338
Vitaly Piluiko FLThoracic Surgery1154398303
Nche Zama NYThoracic Surgery1063489524
Dominic C Cefali INThoracic Surgery1588638639
Christopher D Willms VAThoracic Surgery1093786329
Constance Kay Haan FLThoracic Surgery1790750305
Miguel F Alvelo-rivera MIThoracic Surgery1376514778
James H Shoptaw Jr. KYThoracic Surgery1710951942
Derlis Martino ARThoracic Surgery1811956410
Eric Lee Ceithaml FLThoracic Surgery1063485506
Harry Kourlis ARThoracic Surgery1902865678
Saeed Abedin Ally NDThoracic Surgery1609845460
Fayyaz Haider Hashmi MDThoracic Surgery1790757847
Alicia Ann Mckelvey CTThoracic Surgery1306818497
Edward James Frick PAThoracic Surgery1972575637
Three Rivers Cardiac Institute Inc. Thoracic Surgery1770555898
Steven D Herman NJThoracic Surgery1255390787
Athan Roumanas NVThoracic Surgery1477525376
Joseph P Brandl NVThoracic Surgery1083687347
Lee Douglass Roberson ALThoracic Surgery1790750065
Kevin A Linkus NVThoracic Surgery1871565747
Thoralf M Sundt MAThoracic Surgery1316910037
Edward M Leppard SCThoracic Surgery1891765392
Rodney J Landreneau PAThoracic Surgery1124092432
Jeffery Scott Martin SCThoracic Surgery1578531125
Scott James Petit SCThoracic Surgery1932168580
Reid Warren Tribble SCThoracic Surgery1669440699
William Anthony Mcgee TNThoracic Surgery1023087764
David Nathan Helman IAThoracic Surgery1609836519
Edward Warren ARThoracic Surgery1184684946
Michael Ford Gibson MOThoracic Surgery1689634313
Edward R Johnson NDThoracic Surgery1497715064
Ziv Gamliel MDThoracic Surgery1407816945
Suhas V. Pradhan NYThoracic Surgery1073573606
Jeffrey F Boskind ORThoracic Surgery1114987682
Mercedes K C Dullum FLThoracic Surgery1285694810
Texas Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, P.a. Thoracic Surgery1376503821
Wade L. Knight TXThoracic Surgery1710947189
John L Jay TXThoracic Surgery1033170196
Carl W Adams COThoracic Surgery1669433751
David C Kress WIThoracic Surgery1619938701
William G Jones TXThoracic Surgery1649231705
Hickory Heart, Lung & Vascular Associates, Pa NCThoracic Surgery1427019603
Joseph P Clabots WAThoracic Surgery1225099260
George P. Noon TXThoracic Surgery1518928472
Mark Howard Forman NJThoracic Surgery1235190190
Edson H Cheung TXThoracic Surgery1437110103
William Roy Smythe TXThoracic Surgery1942261649
Scott Ira Reznik TXThoracic Surgery1821059569
Charles J Dicorte LAThoracic Surgery1043271612
Richard Clarence Geis TXThoracic Surgery1891756532
Mark Steven Soberman MDThoracic Surgery1407817018
Mark Henry Hennington NCThoracic Surgery1093776619
Jose Mena LAThoracic Surgery1740241363
David E. Collins PAThoracic Surgery1538120035
Monica L Mcdonald WIThoracic Surgery1548222011
Manny E Christakos NJThoracic Surgery1255393740
James M Douglas WAThoracic Surgery1588626071
Gregory J Eckholdt LAThoracic Surgery1649232133
Mary Margaret Wollmering MOThoracic Surgery1063474484
Paul D Robison MOThoracic Surgery1427010735
Dale N Payne AZThoracic Surgery1790747947
Shauna Rae Roberts IAThoracic Surgery1255393310
Karl F Mech MDThoracic Surgery1811959919
Peter Philip Mckeown KYThoracic Surgery1699737494
Rami Akhrass OHThoracic Surgery1396707105
Steven Roy Leonard COThoracic Surgery1750343737
Richard D Kimmel Do Fccp Pa FLThoracic Surgery1316909278
Fernando Mora Jara MIThoracic Surgery1699737551
Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory Thoracic Surgery1598727331
Ahamed S Moideen NYThoracic Surgery1982667549
John C Opie AZThoracic Surgery1043272628
Thomas H Hoffmann ARThoracic Surgery1619939220
Ravi Chandra FLThoracic Surgery1528020146
A Carl Henry Md Pa Thoracic Surgery1982667523
Flagship Cardiac Vascular And Thoracic Surgery Of Erie, Pc Thoracic Surgery1053373746
Mckenzie Physician Services Llc Thoracic Surgery1316909054
James A Ameika ARThoracic Surgery1851354393
Charles Holmes Mccollum TXThoracic Surgery1225091689
Gerald L Early MOThoracic Surgery1295798528
Robert J Porter MIThoracic Surgery1023071321
Mark J Botham OHThoracic Surgery1003879024
Sekar Sangameswaran Bhavani OHThoracic Surgery1285697441
Charles Edmond Murphy NCThoracic Surgery1770546772
Thomas Hobbs Marsicano NCThoracic Surgery1457314460
Vibhu R Kshettry MNThoracic Surgery1427011352
James A Knight TXThoracic Surgery1730142688
William Steves Ring TXThoracic Surgery1689637357
Altagracia M. Chavez OHThoracic Surgery1871556761
Aaron Solante Estrera TXThoracic Surgery1194788802
Khosro Adib WIThoracic Surgery1932163581
Pradeep M Nambiar OHThoracic Surgery1629032230
David S Peterseim SCThoracic Surgery1821052556
Betty S Kim COThoracic Surgery1851355408
Richard F. Heitmiller MDThoracic Surgery1013970748
Ricardo E Aguirre CAThoracic Surgery1699739219
Bruce W Lytle OHThoracic Surgery1518921147
Carlton H Sheely LAThoracic Surgery1578527925
A Marc Gillinov OHThoracic Surgery1619931094
Tomas A. Salerno FLThoracic Surgery1437113743


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