Providers with Taxonomy: Thoracic Surgery in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Thoracic Surgery
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Hector A Dox 39705, GAThoracic Surgery1154324895
Jeremy E London 31419, GAThoracic Surgery1699770446
David Andrew Dean 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1851391403
Francis N Herrbold 31701, GAThoracic Surgery1356342281
Russell Robert Kraeger 63118, GAThoracic Surgery1396746210
Edward T Robbins 38120, GAThoracic Surgery1255330957
Daniel N Gwan-nulla 31904, GAThoracic Surgery1194725762
Peter Ali Seirafi 31901, GAThoracic Surgery1578564837
Steven Sorrells Scott 30606, GAThoracic Surgery1306839444
Saeid Khansarinia 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1710974555
Eric N Mendeloff 75230, GAThoracic Surgery1588652010
Michael Barry Stubbs 30033, GAThoracic Surgery1073500898
Sudhir Prem Srivastava 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1598755811
Ernest Louis Itkin 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1336121359
James D Fonger 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1497736797
Robert E. Jones 31405, GAThoracic Surgery1952391864
Peter Walter Barrett 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1043291826
Anthony V Hoots 31701, GAThoracic Surgery1699747824
Francisco J Negri 30096, GAThoracic Surgery1932174216
James Cunningham 31901, GAThoracic Surgery1023084068
Andrew James Sherman 33607, GAThoracic Surgery1992777551
Liberato Chapa 33756, GAThoracic Surgery1831163880
John C Ofenloch 33756, GAThoracic Surgery1457325268
Joshua David Rovin 33756, GAThoracic Surgery1780658054
James H Shoptaw Jr. 41701, GAThoracic Surgery1710951942
Carole Lynette Parrish 29303, GAThoracic Surgery1831168079
Jeffery Scott Martin 29203, GAThoracic Surgery1578531125
Scott James Petit 29203, GAThoracic Surgery1932168580
Reid Warren Tribble 29203, GAThoracic Surgery1669440699
John Parker Gott 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1558326918
James R. Kauten 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1336104744
Douglas A Murphy 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1417912395
Steven K Macheers 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1760447783
William Morris Brown 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1780649616
Jeffrey S Miller 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1740246586
Averel B Snyder 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1154387074
Catawba Piedmont Cardiothoracic Surgery Llc 29732, GAThoracic Surgery1093765398
Gregory L Erdelyan 30281, GAThoracic Surgery1295786234
Vandana Ramaswamy 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1043262595
James Saloman Blanc 30328, GAThoracic Surgery1124071204
Thomas Walter Lawhorne 31904, GAThoracic Surgery1386693620
Louis G Prevosti 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1063477222
Lawrence Edward Deese 38655, GAThoracic Surgery1265480156
William Clifford Kitchens 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1609815729
Larry J Hogan 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1518906189
Dariush Heidary 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1720028517
Mark A Corbitt 31602, GAThoracic Surgery1780624445
Kathy Murphy 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1962444034
Joe H Johnson 31602, GAThoracic Surgery1326082033
Randall B Brown 31201, GAThoracic Surgery1124062831
Palmetto Health 29203, GAThoracic Surgery1679519144
Michael O Sanusi 30281, GAThoracic Surgery1720019102
Jerry Burton Gooch 38120, GAThoracic Surgery1558305557
Bradley A Wolf 38120, GAThoracic Surgery1366486821
Robert G Matheny 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1336167535
Connie C Hutton 77304, GAThoracic Surgery1760402598
Cullen D Morris 30606, GAThoracic Surgery1417964818
Chris Edward Malone 30677, GAThoracic Surgery1679581474
Brian Marcus Bailey 31405, GAThoracic Surgery1609801810
Mppg, Inc. 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1033131172
Anastasios C. Polimenakos 30912, GAThoracic Surgery1649283516
St Francis Physician Services Inc 29607, GAThoracic Surgery1295769438
Albert S. Chang 27607, GAThoracic Surgery1619991353
Philip William Catalano 30909, GAThoracic Surgery1134228885
William Brent Keeling 30303, GAThoracic Surgery1275632705
Edward P Chen 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1801985882
John David Vega 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1063501633
Robert A Guyton 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1124117924
John D Puskas 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1457440018
Thomas A Vassiliades 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1437248010
Omar M Lattouf 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1730278490
Seth D Force 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1184713984
Daniel L Miller 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1831288430
R Alan Hall 31405, GAThoracic Surgery1831209147
Joseph Irvin Miller 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1174612717
Onkar Vohra Khullar 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1194991703
Timothy J Hunter 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1538268487
Lourens J Willekes 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1255422267
Richard Lee 30912, GAThoracic Surgery1134238728
Cardio Thoracic Vascular & Pediatric Surgery Assoc Pc 31201, GAThoracic Surgery1366516338
Michael A Watts 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1477613917
William R Kitchens 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1932269479
Mppg, Inc. 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1770644841
M Vinayak Kamath 30912, GAThoracic Surgery1669535522
Cardiothoracic Surgery Of Savannah Pc 31419, GAThoracic Surgery1124183926
Congenital Heart Surgery Center Pllc 75230, GAThoracic Surgery1386700565
Bradley Graham Leshnower 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1235286170
Federico Milla 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1346393238
Atlanta Thoracic And Cardiovascular Surgery 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1295872935
Georgia Heart And Lung Associates Pc 30312, GAThoracic Surgery1598805707
Wellstar Thoracic Surgery Associates, Llc 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1588794937
Steve O Odeh 30110, GAThoracic Surgery1801940200
Dhru Scott Girard 30165, GAThoracic Surgery1851452270
Daniel Michael Goldfaden 30165, GAThoracic Surgery1619038080
John A Shallal 31405, GAThoracic Surgery1598886277
Gregory L. Erdelyan Md Pc 30281, GAThoracic Surgery1669595526
Chalam Mahadevan 30024, GAThoracic Surgery1447463609
Carsten Schroeder 30912, GAThoracic Surgery1700088143
Felix Wang Tsai 23507, GAThoracic Surgery1972703015
James Earl Chapman 30120, GAThoracic Surgery1346431137
Northeast Georgia Specialty Group Llc 30501, GAThoracic Surgery1447443387
Dr. Mark A. Corbiit M.d. P.c. 31602, GAThoracic Surgery1053591008
Mohammed Kamel Sbeih 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1609048149
Subhadra Shashidharan 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1942323258
Michael Ward Bradner 33607, GAThoracic Surgery1598957318
John Michael Craig 38120, GAThoracic Surgery1245459403
Christopher J Mutrie 38120, GAThoracic Surgery1679757157
Charles Shieh 30033, GAThoracic Surgery1861651739
Chadwick William Stouffer 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1073737656
Cyrus J Parsa 30165, GAThoracic Surgery1235396110
Mani Ali Daneshmand 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1962676700
Provident Health Surgical Associates, Inc. 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1316195373
Jonathan Gerard Mcguiness 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1760629216
Tarek Mohamed Kandeel 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1144463738
Michael B Stubbs Md Pc 30030, GAThoracic Surgery1164751012
Chandrabhanu Parija 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1952624033
Suncoast Surgical Llc 34613, GAThoracic Surgery1477878197
University Health Care Physicians Llc 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1073834131
Peachtree Cardiovascular Surgeons At Saint Joseph's Llc 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1093021172
Upward Surgical, Llc 31021, GAThoracic Surgery1841595428
Wellstar Medical Group, Llc 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1760788814
Umesh Nareppa 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1912205964
University Cardiology Associates Llc 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1316239346
Robert A Hall Md Llc 31410, GAThoracic Surgery1134407075
Manu Suraj Sancheti 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1770803199
Savannah Vascular Institute, Llc 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1184873390
Tai Iwamura 30338, GAThoracic Surgery1437514239
Moses Cone Physician Services, Inc. 27401, GAThoracic Surgery1093953127
Kendra Janel Grubb 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1265688006
Palmetto Health University Of South Carolina Medical Group 29203, GAThoracic Surgery1649761792
Tamer Sayed Mahmoud Aly Attia 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1164659892
Zachary Forrest Solomon 30165, GAThoracic Surgery1992097166
Mppg, Inc. 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1497006910
Chris Malone, Md 30606, GAThoracic Surgery1376894709
Agewell Men's Institute 30005, GAThoracic Surgery1376894683
Senior Wellness Solution 33139, GAThoracic Surgery1053658740
Holland Victor Moore 30909, GAThoracic Surgery1295075703
Brook Cardiothoracic Surgery Llc 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1609117357
Icu Specialists, Llc 31210, GAThoracic Surgery1437594132
Phil Botha 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1295174902
Wellstar Medical Group, Llc 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1467885863
St. Francis Cardiovascular Institute, Llc 31904, GAThoracic Surgery1598109852
Martin J Lynch Md Pc 30165, GAThoracic Surgery1689059412
Maria Traverso 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1619340965
Adil Sadiq 30033, GAThoracic Surgery1174754246
Jeffery Chad Johnson 31904, GAThoracic Surgery1255488144
St Francis Physician Practices Llc 31904, GAThoracic Surgery1336514777
Michael Dory Horowitz 30080, GAThoracic Surgery1821330663
Umg Cardiothoracic Surgery Llc 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1104258359
William Wallen 40536, GAThoracic Surgery1164827945
Jessica Forcillo 30308, GAThoracic Surgery1154704195
Advanced Vascular Resources Of Atlanta Llc 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1881035061
Memorial Physicians Group Inc 31404, GAThoracic Surgery1013377530
Tarek Malas 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1356703227
Eric Louis Sceusi 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1114256435
Arthur Melvin James 30363, GAThoracic Surgery1073523205
Giovanni Piovesana 31701, GAThoracic Surgery1770713943
Dominic Gallo 30909, GAThoracic Surgery1891803821
Premier Cardiothoracic Surgery, Llc 31201, GAThoracic Surgery1902337637
Joseph Vandewater 31210, GAThoracic Surgery1366978678
Hossein Ramadan 30062, GAThoracic Surgery1215453055
Veer Chahwala 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1801114335
University Cardiology Associates Llc 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1699067629
John James Kelly 19104, GAThoracic Surgery1235633470
University Cardiology Associates Llc 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1902198369
Redmond Specialty Services, Llc 30165, GAThoracic Surgery1952870164
John Salvatore Anastasi 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1285691113
Christopher Ellington 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1154579605
Columbus Ambulatory Healthcare Services, Inc. 31901, GAThoracic Surgery1790733244
Gaetano Paone 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1275630741
Mark M Suzuki 30901, GAThoracic Surgery1851373351
St Francis Physicians Services Inc 29601, GAThoracic Surgery1023193521
Alison Folger Ward 30912, GAThoracic Surgery1083930812
Josue Chery 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1619273786
Preston Jeremy Sparks 78234, GAThoracic Surgery1609187889
Bryan E. Mcdonnell 47403, GAThoracic Surgery1780682781
William Rodger Mayfield 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1780666719
Theolyn N Price 30076, GAThoracic Surgery1265402317
Robert Douglas Rice 30905, GAThoracic Surgery1841461027
Ki Wan Kim 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1356490734
Vinod H Thourani 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1851480412
St. Joseph's Medical Group, Llc 31419, GAThoracic Surgery1750635579
Spartanburg Medical Center 29303, GAThoracic Surgery1043307887
Eltayeb Mohamed Ahmed 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1164067112
Joseph Mcginn 33176, GAThoracic Surgery1730163643
Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, Inc. 30501, GAThoracic Surgery1891745212
Richard J. Myung 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1922282474
Theresa D. Luu 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1831377092
Joshua Charles Appelstein 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1508029612
Jess Schwartz 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1912913518
Luis Arturo Ramirez Valdivia 30322, GAThoracic Surgery1336774702
Leo M Gazoni 23225, GAThoracic Surgery1285841288
James Ryan Burke 29203, GAThoracic Surgery1215071527
Andrew H Maloney 30309, GAThoracic Surgery1356602056
James D St. Louis 30912, GAThoracic Surgery1942311436
John E Moore 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1639197833
John W Gouldman 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1871511071
Gerald Andrew Helms 30060, GAThoracic Surgery1346282928
Yuda Liu 30342, GAThoracic Surgery1629311451
Columbus Ambulatory Healthcare Services, Inc. 31901, GAThoracic Surgery1750349635


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