Providers with Taxonomy: Thoracic Surgery in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Thoracic Surgery
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Mathai 17011, PAThoracic Surgery1346243292
Ron D. Nutting 19611, PAThoracic Surgery1205839693
Marshall M. Feaster 19611, PAThoracic Surgery1942203344
Bradley Howard Levin 17403, PAThoracic Surgery1629071360
Philip L Rice 16801, PAThoracic Surgery1902800501
Chet Phitayakorn 15025, PAThoracic Surgery1922003094
Savas Mavridis 17042, PAThoracic Surgery1013912070
Lemole & Spagna, P. C. 19006, PAThoracic Surgery1619974086
Pennsylvania Cardiothoracic Surgery Inc. 18702, PAThoracic Surgery1548268550
David John Cohen 17042, PAThoracic Surgery1861499337
Daniel H. Benckart 15212, PAThoracic Surgery1215937164
David Meir-levi 18360, PAThoracic Surgery1053311795
James Curtiss Jones 18510, PAThoracic Surgery1124028386
Richard S. Chang 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1942240619
Uday K. Dasika 19611, PAThoracic Surgery1437150307
Thomas David Maher Jr. 15212, PAThoracic Surgery1922009497
Hr Physician Services 19046, PAThoracic Surgery1952303976
Gary Charles Marrone 16146, PAThoracic Surgery1164414181
Gene W Manzetti 15236, PAThoracic Surgery1174515811
Antonio Panebianco 18062, PAThoracic Surgery1447243787
David A Gordon 18104, PAThoracic Surgery1801889944
Richard Hardy Maley Jr. 15243, PAThoracic Surgery1164423729
Richard Angelico 18042, PAThoracic Surgery1447243753
Clifford W Lynd, Jr. 17403, PAThoracic Surgery1477547479
Brian David Mott 18510, PAThoracic Surgery1639165111
Kourosh C Ghalili 19020, PAThoracic Surgery1053305490
Satoshi Furukawa 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1104814144
Farrokh S Sadr 18102, PAThoracic Surgery1700876349
Michael Dana Butler 16507, PAThoracic Surgery1649252024
Christopher T Strzalka 16544, PAThoracic Surgery1811979297
Richard A Sheppeck 16507, PAThoracic Surgery1588647689
Suzan Annette Mcgary 17701, PAThoracic Surgery1356322374
Maryann E Payne 16148, PAThoracic Surgery1770565285
Paul S Vanbemmelen 19140, PAThoracic Surgery1992793855
James B Mcclurken 18901, PAThoracic Surgery1730178484
Richard William Long 16507, PAThoracic Surgery1972586816
Stephen Donohoe Pett 16507, PAThoracic Surgery1831172782
Dennis Michael William Michalak 16507, PAThoracic Surgery1285617738
Charles Moss Geller 19013, PAThoracic Surgery1417932880
Martin L Blank 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1477538601
Michael H Culig 15146, PAThoracic Surgery1801872585
David B Lerberg 15224, PAThoracic Surgery1821074501
Temple Physicians Inc 19129, PAThoracic Surgery1982680526
Scott M Goldman 19096, PAThoracic Surgery1548230733
Sophia Sung Hom 15224, PAThoracic Surgery1053394676
Roberto Rodriguez 19096, PAThoracic Surgery1639154347
Francis P Sutter 19096, PAThoracic Surgery1396725966
Louis Edward Samuels 19107, PAThoracic Surgery1902886575
Hans M. Haupt 19460, PAThoracic Surgery1912983933
Hassan C Vakil 19063, PAThoracic Surgery1154391738
Percival Ofrecio Buenaventura 17403, PAThoracic Surgery1518939552
Robert L Kormos 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1457325615
Charles H. Benoit 17822, PAThoracic Surgery1356315006
Victor O Morell 15224, PAThoracic Surgery1275507931
Ronald V Pellegrini 15212, PAThoracic Surgery1841265006
David B. Herlan 18840, PAThoracic Surgery1265409577
Michael Carson Sinclair 18102, PAThoracic Surgery1003884586
Joseph S. Auteri 18901, PAThoracic Surgery1386613149
Bernard Vasseur 19611, PAThoracic Surgery1275593121
The Milton S Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group 17033, PAThoracic Surgery1457325474
Rajesh Makkenchery 17325, PAThoracic Surgery1104885748
Yoshiya Toyoda 19140, PAThoracic Surgery1609842244
Lester M. Dyke 78503, PAThoracic Surgery1528030426
Dean F Lomago 16001, PAThoracic Surgery1336117712
Nche Zama 18301, PAThoracic Surgery1063489524
Main Line Healthcare 19073, PAThoracic Surgery1922077643
Alicia Ann Mckelvey 19096, PAThoracic Surgery1306818497
Edward James Frick 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1972575637
Three Rivers Cardiac Institute Inc. 16001, PAThoracic Surgery1770555898
Rodney J Landreneau 16201, PAThoracic Surgery1124092432
David E. Collins 19111, PAThoracic Surgery1538120035
Flagship Cardiac Vascular And Thoracic Surgery Of Erie, Pc 16507, PAThoracic Surgery1053373746
Salvatore M. Ramondelli 16801, PAThoracic Surgery1225093107
Arthur Magno Santos 15022, PAThoracic Surgery1053377705
John Leslie Pennock 17011, PAThoracic Surgery1154389559
University Of Pittsburgh Physicians 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1306804729
University Of Pittsburgh Physicians 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1811955230
Mark L Marbey 16502, PAThoracic Surgery1114975984
John A. Heim 19114, PAThoracic Surgery1538117825
Capital Area Cardiovascular Surgical Institute 17011, PAThoracic Surgery1619926482
Stephen Anthony Olenchock 18015, PAThoracic Surgery1003866781
Specialty Physicians Of Lvhn Pc 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1932159688
Geisinger South Wilkes Barre 18765, PAThoracic Surgery1023068533
Michael Francis Szwerc 15642, PAThoracic Surgery1871544841
Guthrie Medical Group, P.c. 18840, PAThoracic Surgery1881646016
Einstein Practice Plan, Inc. 19141, PAThoracic Surgery1831141415
Terrill E. Theman 18301, PAThoracic Surgery1346292455
Geisinger Clinic 18711, PAThoracic Surgery1174575005
Pinnacle Health Medical & Surgical Associates 17109, PAThoracic Surgery1104878974
Edward L. Woods 17822, PAThoracic Surgery1891747523
Network Physicians Of New Jersey Pc 08043, PAThoracic Surgery1891748398
Daniel S Woolley 15801, PAThoracic Surgery1104879709
Geisinger Clinic 17822, PAThoracic Surgery1821042615
Sanjay M Mehta 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1760449128
Theodore George Phillips 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1710938725
Raymond L Singer 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1407807456
James K Wu 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1427009356
Alberto J Larrieu 19046, PAThoracic Surgery1447209614
Joseph Thomas Costic 19102, PAThoracic Surgery1770532228
Martin Leboutillier 17042, PAThoracic Surgery1831152651
Walter E Pae 17033, PAThoracic Surgery1841258522
Serrie C Lico 17011, PAThoracic Surgery1790746790
David B Campbell 17033, PAThoracic Surgery1467419051
Edward R Stephenson 17033, PAThoracic Surgery1306803127
St. Luke's Physician Group, Inc. 18015, PAThoracic Surgery1245283811
Christine Madeleine Mccarty 19611, PAThoracic Surgery1972561181
Dinesh Bhaskaran 15009, PAThoracic Surgery1326090549
Verdi J. Disesa 19140, PAThoracic Surgery1063475234
Thomas P Paxton 29801, PAThoracic Surgery1013975093
Richard T. Miller 17104, PAThoracic Surgery1194779876
Christopher Edward Mascio 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1629023510
Bornemann Health Corporation 19605, PAThoracic Surgery1417903097
Timothy Horsky 15537, PAThoracic Surgery1578519096
Joseph Bavaria 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1235186073
Edward F Lundy 17602, PAThoracic Surgery1144267386
Jaime Yun 10003, PAThoracic Surgery1073550232
Jeffrey T Cope 17602, PAThoracic Surgery1679510648
Robert L. Quigley 19114, PAThoracic Surgery1386682136
Karl Edward Grunewald 19013, PAThoracic Surgery1285672931
Union Hospital Of Cecil County 21921, PAThoracic Surgery1124067848
Vicente P. Grana 18711, PAThoracic Surgery1487694170
John Walter Entwistle 19107, PAThoracic Surgery1831132398
Andrew S Wechsler 19102, PAThoracic Surgery1013950583
Michael D Strong 19096, PAThoracic Surgery1689617037
Stephen D Lincoln 19380, PAThoracic Surgery1912940800
Gerald M Lemole 19006, PAThoracic Surgery1629013818
Thomas G Gleason 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1134164239
Joel D Cooper 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1770529729
Lawrence R Crist 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1639106263
Colleen Bernadette Gaughan 19001, PAThoracic Surgery1780611145
Mohammad A Shaikh 18711, PAThoracic Surgery1528098159
Phani B. Das 15146, PAThoracic Surgery1235169582
Jonathan Evans Rhoads 17403, PAThoracic Surgery1336179431
Walter Clark Hargrove 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1437180122
Robert C Gorman 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1235160920
Raj Ramanuj Kaushik 15801, PAThoracic Surgery1164464608
William Baldino 17745, PAThoracic Surgery1396787438
Howard Todd Massey 19107, PAThoracic Surgery1538196118
Rohinton J Morris 19001, PAThoracic Surgery1346271038
Robert S Boova 19140, PAThoracic Surgery1942244215
Mark W Burlingame 17403, PAThoracic Surgery1801833868
Mauricio Garrido 19001, PAThoracic Surgery1215970207
Larry Kaiser 19140, PAThoracic Surgery1043240153
Patrick Ross 19096, PAThoracic Surgery1992744783
Michael James Walker 19010, PAThoracic Surgery1871538611
Mohammad Bashar Yousuf 17042, PAThoracic Surgery1548204696
Pinnacle Health Medical Services 17104, PAThoracic Surgery1932143427
Michael A Acker 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1568494870
Joseph H Gorman 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1184656498
John C Kucharczuk 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1407888787
Robert Joseph Moraca 15212, PAThoracic Surgery1164455432
Mark Goldenberg 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1376568949
Good Samaritan Physician Services 17042, PAThoracic Surgery1326064460
Delaware Valley Cardiovascular Surgical Associates Pc 19047, PAThoracic Surgery1962429043
Jose March Maquilan 19047, PAThoracic Surgery1619994639
James T. Diehl 19107, PAThoracic Surgery1881614568
Suresh Chandra Ghosh 19124, PAThoracic Surgery1962424390
Coatesville Hospital Corporation 19320, PAThoracic Surgery1568484384
Patrick G Rosario 15108, PAThoracic Surgery1881609527
Reading Professional Services 19611, PAThoracic Surgery1205842424
Jay K Bhama 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1760491989
Manisha R. Shende 15213, PAThoracic Surgery1912910084
Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania 19087, PAThoracic Surgery1730293663
Frank W Horn 16915, PAThoracic Surgery1336253293
Alexander Vasilakis 15009, PAThoracic Surgery1902822752
Susquehanna Physician Services 17701, PAThoracic Surgery1992724041
Harry James Mckenzie 15558, PAThoracic Surgery1194890491
James Klena 18510, PAThoracic Surgery1285740662
Raphael Chun-sing Lui 19144, PAThoracic Surgery1114943644
Arthur Dwayne Santos 78045, PAThoracic Surgery1598787004
Anil S Deshpande 19047, PAThoracic Surgery1942220090
Todd E Nixon 19047, PAThoracic Surgery1457378473
Neil Bercow 11576, PAThoracic Surgery1457460289
Univ Of Penn cardiac Transplant 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1174625073
Health Services Of Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. 19111, PAThoracic Surgery1912009275
V R Machiraju 15232, PAThoracic Surgery1730282302
Francis G Duhay 18015, PAThoracic Surgery1346344652
Drexel University 19102, PAThoracic Surgery1154425254
Arwind G Koimattur 15146, PAThoracic Surgery1326130030
Northampton Clinic Company Llc 18020, PAThoracic Surgery1538254131
Saint Vincent Medical Education & Research Institute 16502, PAThoracic Surgery1184719320
James William Gaynor 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1346338746
Thomas L Spray 19104, PAThoracic Surgery1114009297
Professional Providers Inc 19380, PAThoracic Surgery1992887285
Steven W. Marra 18702, PAThoracic Surgery1306928056
William Richard Burfeind 18015, PAThoracic Surgery1619050853
Achintya Moulick 19134, PAThoracic Surgery1114000148
Children's Surgical Associates Of New Jersey Inc 08043, PAThoracic Surgery1396829883
Dubois Regional Medical Center 15801, PAThoracic Surgery1982780979
John Pym 19114, PAThoracic Surgery1669558748
Landreneau Thoracic Surgical Associates, Pc 16201, PAThoracic Surgery1447625736
Vincent E Lotano 18103, PAThoracic Surgery1932281664
David A Doud 17325, PAThoracic Surgery1609988039
Timothy R Mckee 17325, PAThoracic Surgery1275643843
Mark B Anderson 19141, PAThoracic Surgery1245309103
Roman V Petrov 19140, PAThoracic Surgery1437266822
Lear Von Koch 18510, PAThoracic Surgery1487725891
Kenneth Robert Wilcox 18510, PAThoracic Surgery1043381379
Lancaster Hma Physician Management, Llc 17601, PAThoracic Surgery1932272341
Scott W. Cowan 19107, PAThoracic Surgery1437219987


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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