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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles O Garrison IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1366441156
Pierre E Dionne NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1497754428
Roy E Monsour Md Professional Corporation Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1366442139
South Florida International Cardiology Consultants Inc FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1033119656
Robert J Lueken TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1649271677
Larry Steven Garsha WIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1003817925
Seng Kah Ooi TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1366443293
Michael J White GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1003815358
Louis John Neureuter PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1457350910
Dandrae Douse INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1609876531
Craig A Goldstein MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1437158391
Philip A Rettenmaier INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1871593418
Christopher C Shields IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1285633065
Roy E Monsour PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1477552883
Richard Hodgson WIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1932108354
Todd Sider INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1285635045
John S Suen FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1710987292
Jodie R Harper INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1003817297
Maria Julia Jocelyn Desai FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1558363572
Jayesh B Shah TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1962404830
David N Donnell TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1659373314
Jeffrey P Girkin MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1508868159
David W Dickerson MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1992707558
Robert M Johnston MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1982696928
Ameet Deshmukh MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1720070923
Brian Gillam Birdwell OKUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1013909605
Lawrence M Garges WAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1780677609
Marlon D. Padilla TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1649263518
Julianne M. Mazurek MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1184617656
Jeffrey Leigh Wallace ALUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1548262108
Steven M. Orr MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1437142965
Dennis W Block MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1235131897
Jonathan Arnold IAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1497747935
Michael J Nelson MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1659364164
Patrick James Kearney CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1972598480
Brian Fountain Mccrary AZUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1972597490
Salimi Achjadoe Wirjosemito PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1619962743
Eric Stewart Brittain SCUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1497740476
Avrohm William Faber FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1700871415
Mark Dumais MDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1982690327
Hyperbaric Medicine Consultants Pa TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1942296199
Chiedozie I Udeh OHUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1407842115
Marc Sune Robins UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1780671453
Jeanette Allan Harrington IAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1811984578
Sara Saltzstein CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1730176454
John Albert Davidson MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1306833801
Earl W Feurtado ARUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1154318152
Gary Martin Mailman TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1205822558
Frederick Lorenzo PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1306831169
Ravindra R Patel FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1427044064
Adam Ross Nortick ALUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1740277607
Peter J Jebson IAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1538157482
Lynn H Samuel VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1013906627
Alan Lawrence Moloff VTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1790766731
Penn North Centers For Advanced Wound Care Pc Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1003897307
Ryan Christopher Rockhill VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1780667964
Jorge B Pisarello GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1992795876
Christine D Desocarraz UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1447249966
James A. Watkins NCUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1023009321
Paul Anderson Thombs COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1174505952
Devin P. Beckstrand UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1497744478
Indiana Wound Care, P.c. INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1619950185
Robert W Leitch MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1629052857
Charles Kitchens CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1750365045
Harry E Kleiner MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467436691
Byron Kevin Beaver ARUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1982688800
Judy Ann Wesolowski NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1528042108
Evans Swann Smith TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1871578989
William Warner TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467437574
York Hospital MEUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1376528398
James R Holm WAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1225014988
Frank Lewis Ross NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1265418818
Peter Gael Woodson CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1952387417
Karen K Kinney OKUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1588640965
Alexandre F Migala TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1720064850
Daniel H Gervich IAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1316923311
Stephen W Cotlar COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1215913264
William Barnard Clem COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1700862505
Ricardo Cosme Aguilar TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467439265
Scott M Packer IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1275510661
Daniel J Schroeder IAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1780661108
Joseph M Anderson IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1326025396
Scott G Cross IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1932186939
Nicola Bugelli COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1760460695
Basit Ali TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1962480632
Aryeh Shander NJUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1578541942
Pesso Investments, Ltd Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1821076365
William Alexander Dix GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1669450953
James Shanni GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1518946235
John J Zelis FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1205815859
Dale Michael Mole VTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1972582211
William Beardsley Scheig MNUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1497735393
Michael J Oras INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1396725172
Edwin Thomas Long VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1659351260
Robert Wagner IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1578543989
James E Longstaff MEUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1366412488
Robert Newell Sawyer OHUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1881664969
John Gilbert Martinez UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1710957980
Joseph Paul Dervay TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467422402
Stanley Gunstream COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1063482982
Tamara Johnson-baack COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1588634448
Northern Colorado Hyperbaric Physicians, Llp Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1114997087
David Kindley Cobb COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1013987809
Carl J Kissling TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1699754846
Thomas Gardner Foreman SCUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1942284047
Charles B Smith ALUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1699750398
Ward Loomis Reed VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1558340513
Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Consultants Pc COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1619947579
Jacob Chua Liao Ong COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1700856671
Robert Lewis Peskind COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1225008196
Matthew T Pena CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1649257015
Phi-nga Jeannie Le TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1770568479
James Peter Bonar TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1871572123
Michael F Richards INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467435974
Richard A Hopkins KSUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1801871413
Maura Buete FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1477533552
Kimberly Bradley NEUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1841275153
Robert S Michaelson TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1649258971
Stephen M. Heinz COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1114900784
Waldo B Carlson MIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1356324214
Douglas A Wright AZUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1659358059
Christopher John Jankosky MDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1013988377
Ahmik Lytton Jones VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1790756682
Anne R Mcdonough INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1891766465
Stephen Ray Boster TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1649242975
Thomas M Bozzuto GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1164494720
Lon W Keim NEUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1881667574
Allyson C Larkin TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1184697708
Gina Rose Virgilio CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1730153289
Scott A Biasetti NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1124092994
James W Loewenherz FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1053387746
Shakeel Ahmad NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1043286602
Duane Allan Dietz NHUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1902872294
Tacoma Hyperbaric Billing, Llc WAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1831166354
John Howard Jones PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1215905146
Donald Walter Hess PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1043288939
Paul Scott NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1285602979
William Warnick Dodson FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1700854080
Paul D Osborne VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1063480465
Brett Binet Hart VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1962470419
Hyperbaric Physician Services Llc Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1689642027
Jason T Garrison VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1902875081
Stewart W Martin VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1992773006
Kathleen Hess Anderson VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1487622502
Charles S Graffeo VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1992774061
Terri A. Dejohn UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1598734386
Scott A. Gorenstein NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1144299686
Deanne Long UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1023087343
Tommy L Love UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1164491403
Anthony T Lagina MIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1245209410
Mark G. Flammer UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1730158957
Rachel W Hamil GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1124087077
Mark Edward Wert TNUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467411553
Robert L Sherwin MIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1740249531
Reena A Yonkosky GAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1437119666
Andrew J Applewhite TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1063472991
Timothy Hursh TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1952377236
Glen Douglas Macpherson INUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467429050
South Florida Center For Hope Inc. FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1184691578
Jeffrey P Keck MOUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467422113
David Lindsie Cone SCUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1134194293
James W Morgan PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1285602201
Michael Gerald Holland NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1376513143
Omar Louis Hamada TNUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1750358131
Christopher Kareores MAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1295795433
Ronald Shane Day IDUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1174599476
Hyperbaric Physician Services Llc Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1295703627
University Of North Texas Health Science Center At Fort Worth Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1033181078
Jon Robert Vanderweele VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1598737801
Robert Nelson Bertoldo UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1275509176
John Ligush VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1740253251
Lewis V. Owens VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1508839028
Edward Johnson CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1649244385
Timothy S Smith ILUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1144293929
Christopher J Motto PAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1710955638
Paula Pons NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1679533483
Matthew E. Feil UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1790745271
Cathey A Putnam UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1437110368
Enoch T Huang ORUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1265494751
Ronald P. Zinno NHUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1184686388
Cameron Alexander Gillespie VAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1790747889
Scott R Nelson TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1285696278
Joseph David Pendon TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1750344321
Jennifer Ross UTUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1982666574
Sayyed Tahir Hussain FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1295798759
Jonathan Lee Conard COUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1710940119
Richard Norman Horne AZUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1497718738
Hyperbaric And Wound Care Associates, Sc Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1710940465
Robert L Williams TXUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1760446561
Melissa D Mcguire WIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1215992979
John Arthur Bishop FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1962467159
Bradley William Hickey ARUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1366407439
Bindesh K. Patel MIUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1063478956
Luis A. Matos FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1407812761
Roger N Arumugam FLUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1184680332
Ivan Rosario PRUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1720044829
Harriet W Hopf CAUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1124084140
Luis E Marquez PRUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1184681827
Marquette General Hospital,inc. Undersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1467419069
Peter J Mariani NYUndersea And Hyperbaric Medicine1891752408


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