Providers with Taxonomy: Urology in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Urology
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cooper Roth Benson 70112, LAUrology1760781645
Jason Bourque 70508, LAUrology1205060175
Gpn leesville, Llc 71446, LAUrology1366929432
Omer Raheem 70115, LAUrology1336436252
Joshua Holstead 71301, LAUrology1629396460
Lester J Prats 70121, LAUrology1538115886
Stephen Parker Carriere 70115, LAUrology1942628086
James E Pilkington 33853, LAUrology1871913905
Ross Cockrell 70808, LAUrology1982996617
Gary Tan 43952, LAUrology1366734717
Nrmc Physician Ipa Inc 71457, LAUrology1144881459
Steven Patrick Thoma 50401, LAUrology1598021131
Kenneth L Perego 71457, LAUrology1790758829
John Michael Cage 71201, LAUrology1891737284
Wk Advanced Urology 71111, LAUrology1922692813
Kenneth A Ewane 78520, LAUrology1992056048
Joshua Pierce Sleeper 70433, LAUrology1285834234
Ayman Soubra 55455, LAUrology1689053993
Byrd Medical Clinic Inc 71446, LAUrology1801895495
Vallee Physicians, Llc 70570, LAUrology1043214513
Regional Urology Llc. 71106, LAUrology1245237742
St Francis Medical Center, Inc 71201, LAUrology1437149168
Wk Signature Urology Clinic 71103, LAUrology1225093610
Lafourche Parish Hospital Service District 1 70345, LAUrology1164464095
Urology Health Center Llc 70360, LAUrology1396761755
New Orleans Urology Specialists, Apmc 70072, LAUrology1740200229
Urology Clinic Of New Orleans 70130, LAUrology1396769923
Louisiana Urology, Llc 70810, LAUrology1225149677
Neusetzer Medical Corporation 70503, LAUrology1528148111
Urology Associates Of Lafayette Llc 70503, LAUrology1679654925
Jay Busby Md A Professional Corporation 71295, LAUrology1083795611
Ronald Swartz Md Ltd Pmc 70115, LAUrology1841360617
Louisiana Healthcare Associates, Llc 70433, LAUrology1063596922
Crescent City Physicians, Inc. 70115, LAUrology1689722340
Ark La Tex Urology & Prostate Cancer Institute, A Professional Medical 71111, LAUrology1679615207
Medical Arts Adult And Pediatric Urology, Llc 70403, LAUrology1841325206
Cenla Urology Clinic Llc 71301, LAUrology1487879094
W. Ross Cazayoux, M.d., Llc 70433, LAUrology1780802942
Vicksburg Clinic Llc 71282, LAUrology1831308816
Vicksburg Clinic Llc 71232, LAUrology1629279054
Acadiana Urology Llc 70503, LAUrology1720288046
David Price Md Llc 71101, LAUrology1255521498
Childrens Hospital 70118, LAUrology1225213754
Louisiana Urology Center 70508, LAUrology1306021357
Serge Marinkovic, Md 70508, LAUrology1023295391
Jens F Graversen Md Apm Llc 70403, LAUrology1457529679
Urology Clinic Of Tangipahoa 70403, LAUrology1568634863
Urology Clinic Of Tangipahoa 70403, LAUrology1356514129
James Leonard Md Llc 70301, LAUrology1538326657
Edward F. Breaux Md A Professional Corporation 70503, LAUrology1326209628
Southern Urology, Llc 70508, LAUrology1740441955
Wk Arklatex Urology And Prostate Cancer Institute 71111, LAUrology1881857035
Affinity Health Group, Llc 71201, LAUrology1023291226
Serge P Marinkovic Md Female Reconstructive Surgery Llc 70508, LAUrology1871782581
Lsumc University Medical Center 70506, LAUrology1033368857
Our Lady Of The Lake Ascension, Llc 70737, LAUrology1144468422
Caulfield Urology Centers 70068, LAUrology1144469792
Bolivar Physician Practices Llc 38732, LAUrology1043454655
Matthew W. Loughlin, M.d., L.l.c. 70380, LAUrology1952538696
Southern Urology Llc 70503, LAUrology1760612865
Southern Urology Llc 70586, LAUrology1346471174
P. Truett Ray, Jr.,m.d.l.l.c. 70301, LAUrology1285969410
Chester F. Weimer,m.d.,a.p.m.c. 70301, LAUrology1831424068
Robert B. Kidd Md Apmc 70403, LAUrology1528397023
Harold R Neitzschman Iii Md Apmc 70458, LAUrology1568785160
Spyrie D Mays Md Apmc 70806, LAUrology1497072508
Robert D. Marx, M.d. Amc 71291, LAUrology1649586850
West Jefferson Specialty Physician Services 70072, LAUrology1649575952
Don F Marx Md A Medical Corporation 71203, LAUrology1891094843
Jay Heintz M.d. A Professional Medical Llc 70403, LAUrology1619232774
Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Service District 70663, LAUrology1942552310
Wkp Arklatex Urology Clinic 71115, LAUrology1801137906
Progressive Acute Care Physician Services , Llc 70563, LAUrology1396088464
Sulphur Urology Llc 70663, LAUrology1013356245
Community Medical Group st Charles Inc 70070, LAUrology1407281546
Ross Hogan M.d., Llc 70433, LAUrology1295141596
Urology Center 70601, LAUrology1326449430
Tp aco, L.l.c. 70706, LAUrology1801293816
St James Parish Hosp Serv Dist 70071, LAUrology1790183820
Wk Urologic Cancer Care 71115, LAUrology1992194500
Affinity Health Group, Llc 71201, LAUrology1003297227
Wk Urology At Pierremont 71115, LAUrology1164776290
Beauregard Urology Center, Llc 70634, LAUrology1891124384
New Orleans Physician Services Inc 70072, LAUrology1396169678
Urology Clinic Of Northeast Louisiana A Medical Corporation 71201, LAUrology1760418396
Urology Center Of Southwest Louisiana Inc 70601, LAUrology1619993672
Bridges Urology 70808, LAUrology1417308354
Wk Pelvic & Reconstructive Surgery 71115, LAUrology1598290249
South Louisiana Medical Associates 70363, LAUrology1710944012
Thibodaux Regional Network Development Corporation 70301, LAUrology1043834260
Red Envelope Apmc 70403, LAUrology1063030005
Ralph Sagrear,md & Baptiste W. Brunner, Md, Apmc 70043, LAUrology1942205927
Southpark Community Hospital 70508, LAUrology1275513798
Neil Baum Md 70115, LAUrology1528038254
Urologic Institute Of New Orleans 70072, LAUrology1881660553
Thomas L. Ewing Md, Apmc 70737, LAUrology1083683692
The Urology Center 70458, LAUrology1538115050
Simoneaux Urology Llc 70301, LAUrology1225064348
Robert Pelfrey Md And Willis knighton Medical Center 71103, LAUrology1285666057
Wk Bossier Urology Clinic 71111, LAUrology1548291735
John W Melton Md & Reed A Fontenot Jr Md Apmc 70601, LAUrology1457453722
Brian N. Brogle, M.d, Llc 70068, LAUrology1659461689
The Urology Clinic 70563, LAUrology1881754851
Affinity Health Group Llc 71201, LAUrology1477159333
Thibodaux Regional Network Development Corporation 70394, LAUrology1497348379
Baton Rouge Clinic, A Medical Corporation 70808, LAUrology1871546911
Affinity Health Group, Llc 71201, LAUrology1558793109
Affinity Health Group Llc 71201, LAUrology1609366053
Lake Charles Medical Services Urology Llc 70601, LAUrology1558491803
Baton Rouge Urology Group Apmc 70808, LAUrology1760449052
Lsu Health Sciences Center Shreveport Faculty Group Practice 71103, LAUrology1013374222
Aaron D Martin 70118, LAUrology1104858406
Adam Christopher Stage 75751, LAUrology1780651489
Alexander Gomelsky 71103, LAUrology1730105818
Alexander Ingerman 70808, LAUrology1588617021
Alison Smith Spann 71106, LAUrology1184867533
Alvin Simon Merlin 70002, LAUrology1508181421
Andre Raoul Bezou 70448, LAUrology1992836571
Andre Paul Broussard 71103, LAUrology1407147291
Andrew Zaruski 70808, LAUrology1902859648
Angelo Annaloro 70808, LAUrology1932169976
Anna Robichaux Smither 70810, LAUrology1437186459
Arthur E Liles 71201, LAUrology1619903572
Ashley Sittig Baker 71106, LAUrology1396974382
Ayad Abed Yousif 70112, LAUrology1144875956
Ayme Veron Schmeeckle 70808, LAUrology1376754689
Baptiste William Brunner 70433, LAUrology1528063732
Bonadelvert C Suarez 70403, LAUrology1871597443
Brad M Lake 70403, LAUrology1922205160
Brian Neil Brogle 70068, LAUrology1316922131
Carrie Aline Stewart 70112, LAUrology1003251778
Charles Harold Bowie 70535, LAUrology1750460374
Charles W Tanner 71270, LAUrology1740251016
Charles Bruce Williams 70503, LAUrology1093973984
Charlie Haywood Bridges 70808, LAUrology1457386310
Chester Frank Weimer 70301, LAUrology1801841564
Christian Freund 71446, LAUrology1881693497
Christopher Anthony Cefalu 71106, LAUrology1861717662
Christopher Charles Roth 70118, LAUrology1194920462
Christopher M. Wilson 71111, LAUrology1760691752
Chuen K Kwok 70634, LAUrology1851369920
Clay Nelson Boyd 70071, LAUrology1346249729
Clyde R Roy 70563, LAUrology1720085699
Colin M Goudelocke 70121, LAUrology1164631149
Colin Stewart Linke 70112, LAUrology1417318304
David C Benson 70560, LAUrology1093703035
David Neal Hastings 70810, LAUrology1306887369
Dennis Dale Venable 71103, LAUrology1174541429
Don F Marx 71203, LAUrology1669474128
Donald P Bell 70006, LAUrology1962571398
Donald Alan Elmajian 71115, LAUrology1427076777
Eduardo R Randrup 70433, LAUrology1740235746
Edward F Breaux 70503, LAUrology1659469542
Edward Hampton Rutland 71291, LAUrology1124051248
Edwin Otis Edgerton 71291, LAUrology1164624961
Elena M Campbell 70737, LAUrology1932376332
Elizabeth C Harrel 71111, LAUrology1326257304
Elizabeth Kay Peacock 70115, LAUrology1275793275
Elizabeth Rourke 78229, LAUrology1609296649
Eric Lanning Laborde 70121, LAUrology1720278237
Erik Peter Castle 70112, LAUrology1235221078
Esteban O. Romano 70461, LAUrology1386643682
Farjaad Siddiq 70601, LAUrology1346231065
Francis Alouysious Fraser 71446, LAUrology1164457198
Frank R Cerniglia 70121, LAUrology1326046020
Frederick G. Rodosta 70570, LAUrology1609859156
Fredric T Siskron 71103, LAUrology1437114824
Gabriel Leinwand 70112, LAUrology1467815837
Gerard Dayle Henry 71111, LAUrology1508862905
Gillian Wolff 06032, LAUrology1578883559
Glenn R Landry 70072, LAUrology1609874205
Gregory Lamont Lacy 70363, LAUrology1073564829
Gregory Paul Larsen 70072, LAUrology1548497860
Harold A Fuselier 70115, LAUrology1023066107
Harold David Wexler 70810, LAUrology1083659916
Helen G Pence 70808, LAUrology1467650812
Henry Andrew Hollier 70808, LAUrology1568498368
Howard Woo 70363, LAUrology1033140850
Jack R Goodman 70118, LAUrology1922110105
Jack Christian Winters 70006, LAUrology1194756999
James Dudley Atkinson 70809, LAUrology1487844668
James Jeffery Jancuska 70601, LAUrology1043201569
James M. Meek 71301, LAUrology1427021534
James Selser Morris 70808, LAUrology1043271497
James Lundy Moss 71106, LAUrology1497750970
James Robert Noble 71106, LAUrology1902801467
James Oyetunde Oyekan 78253, LAUrology1053499368
James Wesley Richey 71301, LAUrology1649243767
Jared L Moss 71106, LAUrology1548571185
Jason Peary Bridges 70808, LAUrology1003129651
Jason Chiang 70403, LAUrology1326433756
Jay Busby 71295, LAUrology1184745010
Jeannette M Chassaignac 70503, LAUrology1467540344
Jed Robinson 71295, LAUrology1164730917
Jeffrey J Thibodeaux 70508, LAUrology1275634107
Jennifer C Chamberlain 70461, LAUrology1265669295
Jennifer E. Reifsnyder 11042, LAUrology1114219656
Jeremy Scott Norwood 71106, LAUrology1801010921
Jeremy S Speeg 70503, LAUrology1881885937
Jerry H. Rosenberg 70006, LAUrology1801855655


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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