Providers with Taxonomy: Urology in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Urology
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas J Maatman 49546, MIUrology1376501502
John Harrison Kopchick 49546, MIUrology1467497495
Richard Anthony Santucci 48201, MIUrology1669412565
Jeffrey Alan Triest 48124, MIUrology1730126228
Shirley Ann Harding 48823, MIUrology1679500425
Donald P Bartkowski 48823, MIUrology1619911690
Jonathan D Herschman 49221, MIUrology1154353076
John Thomas Wei 48116, MIUrology1205928678
Paul Russell Womble 29401, MIUrology1740301654
Joseph J Pariser 55455, MIUrology1437445087
Mazen Abdelhady 48235, MIUrology1669771507
Frederick Ian Berg 49007, MIUrology1972815348
Richard Alan Blatter 83404, MIUrology1154682565
Ryan M Swearingen 46410, MIUrology1598026684
Eric W Mcqueary 65065, MIUrology1609215003
Arya Khatiwoda 48823, MIUrology1609213636
David Louis Weatherly 49503, MIUrology1558672998
Munson Medical Center 49770, MIUrology1396235610
Midmichigan Physicians Group 48670, MIUrology1689623506
Nivedita Dhar 48124, MIUrology1346440526
Edward W Sparrow Hospital Association 48912, MIUrology1124502851
Dinesh John Telang 48081, MIUrology1265498117
Haider Rahbar 48060, MIUrology1154749232
Spencer Charles Hiller 48109, MIUrology1659784460
Jason Bailey 65807, MIUrology1568887255
Deborah Rebecca Kaye 27710, MIUrology1225353295
Naveed Naeem 49503, MIUrology1255537056
John L Damiani 48162, MIUrology1578534384
Kristin Lynn Chrouser 48109, MIUrology1023095130
Alanee Md Pllc 48509, MIUrology1245881374
Msu Health Care Inc 48864, MIUrology1003441171
Harpreet Singh Wadhwa 85206, MIUrology1386943801
Daniela Kaefer 90095, MIUrology1295145571
Richard A Mills 48603, MIUrology1790713949
Philip Wong 43606, MIUrology1003208026
Tony E Pinson 36117, MIUrology1497764104
Min Suk Jun 94904, MIUrology1093056574
David Fumo 43606, MIUrology1114314556
Serge Peter Marinkovic 60936, MIUrology1093705501
Sanjeev A Kaul 48603, MIUrology1447469242
Jason Michael Sandberg 48084, MIUrology1386064939
David P Wood 48073, MIUrology1386736759
Louis Clarence Remynse 62864, MIUrology1649280793
James D Relle 48322, MIUrology1215919048
Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital 49720, MIUrology1609477488
Howard Michael Topley 49720, MIUrology1669586871
Jonathan N Warner 91741, MIUrology1437360757
Altin Miraka 46845, MIUrology1518133792
Jonathan P Sykes 49201, MIUrology1689762916
Daniel Groves 02139, MIUrology1124445168
Gregory Joseph Diorio 29425, MIUrology1427369867
Diane Begg Young 49684, MIUrology1366643587
Aram Benjamin Loeb 48201, MIUrology1598015125
Kripa Kavasseri 98004, MIUrology1720246267
Sity Milad Girgis 48723, MIUrology1467482711
Safi Mohammed 60901, MIUrology1891100889
Matthew S Lee 60142, MIUrology1427457480
Jack Matthew Zuckerman 23606, MIUrology1508093428
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48081, MIUrology1427027416
Thunder Bay Clinic Management Inc 49707, MIUrology1790746964
Rochester Urology Pc 48307, MIUrology1689630568
Sherwood Medical Center, Inc 48221, MIUrology1477510188
Grosse Pointe Urologic Surgeons 48066, MIUrology1558319921
Mhsn Mercy Family Medicine 49738, MIUrology1356394563
Sosale Berkuchel Md 48471, MIUrology1215982269
Urological Services, P.c. 48507, MIUrology1780631325
Healthcare Midwest Pc 49008, MIUrology1841238854
Mecosta Health Services, Inc 49307, MIUrology1528007952
Michigan Urological Clinic 49546, MIUrology1376586164
Urology Health Center Pllc 48708, MIUrology1821032798
West Shore Urology Plc 49444, MIUrology1013952209
Mahmood S Hasan Md P C 48763, MIUrology1538198650
Urology Associates Of Battle Creek Pc 49015, MIUrology1982644795
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48109, MIUrology1437184884
Metropolitan Hospital 49548, MIUrology1114947538
Urology Assoc Of Port Huron, P.c. 48060, MIUrology1790705572
Urology Associates Pc Of Grand Rapids 49503, MIUrology1073536272
Chelsea Professional Services 48197, MIUrology1750395075
Lakeside Urology Pc 49085, MIUrology1770696171
Pinson Urology Center Pc 49201, MIUrology1417966037
Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital 49735, MIUrology1427064054
Northern Michigan Urology P.c. 49770, MIUrology1215049887
Hector Y Rodriguez Pc 48154, MIUrology1972606275
Eric Stockall, Md, Pllc 48864, MIUrology1922106103
Urological Surgeons, Pc 48314, MIUrology1003907213
Lansing Institute Of Urology , P.c. 48823, MIUrology1376638429
Western Michigan Urological Associates Plc 49423, MIUrology1194812891
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48317, MIUrology1326138033
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48346, MIUrology1275623068
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48382, MIUrology1053401752
Michigan United Physicians Pc 48309, MIUrology1447330642
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48124, MIUrology1871673962
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48323, MIUrology1801978309
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48084, MIUrology1295817799
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48341, MIUrology1881776383
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48322, MIUrology1194807693
Michigan State University 48864, MIUrology1326121179
Huron Memorial Hospital Employed Physicians 48413, MIUrology1275629917
Big Rapids Urology Center Pc 49307, MIUrology1427128065
Lake Country Urology Clinic, Pllc 49091, MIUrology1972677870
Wa Foote Memorial Hospital 49201, MIUrology1962579227
Ramarao Kaza Md Pc 48201, MIUrology1871661348
Central Michigan Urology Center Pc 48858, MIUrology1558420240
Richard J Milligan Md Pc 48750, MIUrology1841350816
Washtenaw Urology Clinic Pc 49201, MIUrology1134283633
Midmichigan Medical Center Gratiot 48801, MIUrology1265596126
Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital, Inc 49783, MIUrology1699832279
Sam Rosemberg Md Pc 48377, MIUrology1609926856
Michigan Urological Institute 48075, MIUrology1558411512
Urologic Clinic Of Southeastern Michigan Plc 48154, MIUrology1982756433
Comprehensive Medical Center, Pllc 48073, MIUrology1629117072
Ashwin H Shah Md Pc 48162, MIUrology1407995822
Lake Country Urology Clinic, Pllc 49093, MIUrology1952433732
Lake Country Urology Clinic, Pllc 49036, MIUrology1154453926
Lake Country Urology Clinic, Pllc 49047, MIUrology1528190303
Steven R Papp Do Pc 48183, MIUrology1003933714
Mclaren Medical Group 48446, MIUrology1922145606
Andrew M Agosta Md Pc 48315, MIUrology1134240880
Healthcare Midwest Pc 49007, MIUrology1215158191
Preferred Urology Consultants, P.c 48034, MIUrology1063625382
Henry Ford Health System 48202, MIUrology1770793325
Surendra M Kumar M D Pc 48186, MIUrology1912118175
The Urology Center Pc 48313, MIUrology1114125531
Dr Daniel G Reum Do Pc 49431, MIUrology1669672549
Babiano M. S. Kim, M. D., P.c. 48180, MIUrology1982894424
Midwest Health Center Pc 48126, MIUrology1417149428
Marquette General Hospital, Inc. 49855, MIUrology1285829168
Tewodros Fesseha, M.d., P.c. 48075, MIUrology1578750006
Stephen B Reznicek M.d. P.c. 49601, MIUrology1982891180
Brian R Drabik D.o. P.c. 49601, MIUrology1992992192
Monroe Urology Associates Pllc 48162, MIUrology1730376955
Jeffrey L & Charles J Weingarten Md Pc 48307, MIUrology1093903643
Ausable Urology, P.c. 49738, MIUrology1598954331
Terrence R Frank Do Pc 48910, MIUrology1760663512
Dr Richard A Mills Md Pc 48640, MIUrology1952583288
Midwest Health Center Pc 48126, MIUrology1609052885
Konda Bc Mouli, Md Pc 49221, MIUrology1376721035
Pediatric Urology Of Mi 48083, MIUrology1356519920
Vhs Physicians Of Michigan 48377, MIUrology1043489784
David W Law Do Pc 48183, MIUrology1891964557
Phadej Keopunna Md Pc 48638, MIUrology1023289659
Michigan Institute Of Urology Pc 48084, MIUrology1962674499
Michigan Medical Patient Care 49546, MIUrology1124290341
George A Lightbourn Md Pc 48034, MIUrology1083887822
Metropolitan Urology, P.c. 48101, MIUrology1043485816
Marc S Arnkoff M D And Gregory L. Weigler D O P C 48034, MIUrology1538334768
Sity M Girgis, M.d.pc 48723, MIUrology1346416211
Michigan Medical Patient Care 49426, MIUrology1124295126
Dindigalla V Ramana Md Pc 48446, MIUrology1609043371
Michigan Medical Patient Care 49315, MIUrology1639337868
Edward E Barton Md Pc 48374, MIUrology1346409679
Michigan Institute Of Urology, Pc 48307, MIUrology1326208745
Chelsea Professional Services 48118, MIUrology1700048360
Michigan Medical Patient Care 49503, MIUrology1376707158
Holland Community Hospital 49423, MIUrology1952507444
Elkhart Clinic, Llc 49107, MIUrology1467603746
Tri county Urologists P.c 48154, MIUrology1154573442
South West Michigan Urology Pllc 49010, MIUrology1144475831
Michigan Institute Of Urology, Pc 48089, MIUrology1144469883
Tri county Urologisits Pc 48071, MIUrology1780823427
Michigan Institute Of Urology, Pc 48044, MIUrology1598904237
Michigan Institute Of Urology, Pc 48375, MIUrology1225277965
Advanced Urology Of Grand Rapids 49546, MIUrology1376771717
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48109, MIUrology1720312382
Abdul Tabbaa Md Pc 48509, MIUrology1629305057
Dynamic Urocare Pc 48124, MIUrology1114257540
Sjmhs Specialty Physicians 48197, MIUrology1740500594
Spectrum Health Primary Care Partners 49546, MIUrology1992016505
Spectrum Health Primary Care Partners 49503, MIUrology1487966412
Okemos Urology Consultants Plc 48864, MIUrology1043527005
Spectrum Health Primary Care Partners 49546, MIUrology1699084871
Lakeland Medical Practices 49120, MIUrology1932493863
Michigan Healthcare Professionals Pc 48060, MIUrology1801176235
Willard P Debraber Do Pc 49442, MIUrology1356663413
Lakeland Medical Practices 49085, MIUrology1588941066
Phoenix Medical Group, P.c. 48034, MIUrology1306075551
Mclaren Macomb 48043, MIUrology1396014601
Dickinson County Healthcare System 49837, MIUrology1821345646
Dlp Marquette Physician Practices Inc 49855, MIUrology1588911192
Lakeshore Urology Plc 49417, MIUrology1275872509
Bronson Healthcare Midwest 49007, MIUrology1164762118
Iha Health Services Corporation 48197, MIUrology1932440310
Aspirus Keweenaw 49913, MIUrology1790127454
Compass Healthcare Plc 48864, MIUrology1407281678
Lansing Institute Of Urolgoy 48823, MIUrology1235565151
Bell Physician Practices Inc 49849, MIUrology1578992491
Boston Medical Group, P.c. 48075, MIUrology1912324211
Munson Medical Center 49684, MIUrology1427466499
Hurley Medical Center 48503, MIUrology1760865364
Samir Basata Md 48509, MIUrology1093171191
Family Urology Associates, Plc 49546, MIUrology1780801456
Molina Medical Group Of Michigan, Pc 48126, MIUrology1407204134
Covenant Medical Center, Inc 48602, MIUrology1619412376
W.a. Foote Memorial Hospital, Inc 49201, MIUrology1073051199
Michigan Prostate And Urological Institute, P.c. 48638, MIUrology1487183828
Bellin Health Iron Mountain Inc 49801, MIUrology1770072498
Ascension Providence Hosptial 48075, MIUrology1912962978
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48640, MIUrology1255728606
Better Sex Institute Pllc 48009, MIUrology1013472000
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital Corporation 48038, MIUrology1528113032


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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