Providers with Taxonomy: Urology in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Urology
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carol Ann Graham 63017, MOUrology1669476370
Robert Prophete 63119, MOUrology1376547802
Taz Joseph Harmon 65201, MOUrology1629074950
Robert Clayton Scanlon 65807, MOUrology1013915792
Associated Urologists, P.c. 65201, MOUrology1831190768
Barry S Farber 65807, MOUrology1073515151
Thomas C Pearson 65807, MOUrology1689676579
Winston E Harrison 65201, MOUrology1669474516
Pedro C Padilla 63379, MOUrology1083608509
Thomas Ahmann 65265, MOUrology1881681385
Morris F Wise 64131, MOUrology1639167059
Southeast Missouri Urology Consultants Pc 63801, MOUrology1841289402
Linza Taylor Killion 63801, MOUrology1033108691
Timothy Wayne Crain 65473, MOUrology1942291000
Robert Mark Brenner 64111, MOUrology1477536241
Jeffrey Scott Glaser 63367, MOUrology1679556401
Neal Neuman 63664, MOUrology1598749954
Brad C White 63141, MOUrology1205810512
Demetrios A Katsikas 63141, MOUrology1457335762
Matthew J Spellman 63141, MOUrology1205810520
Courtney Shands 63141, MOUrology1902880362
Christopher L Vulin 63141, MOUrology1801870126
Jeffrey A Parres 63141, MOUrology1619951027
David W Keetch 63141, MOUrology1184608143
University Health Physicians 64108, MOUrology1669456257
Richard H Still 63122, MOUrology1225016066
John D Mitchell 64116, MOUrology1821076647
Sivaprasad D Madduri 63901, MOUrology1447238035
Steven N. Cockrell 63401, MOUrology1235118910
Robert Edward Remis 65201, MOUrology1528047974
Steven Martin Dresner 65201, MOUrology1598745481
James S Magera 66214, MOUrology1316927544
Charles M Gill 63090, MOUrology1265402879
Milton R Eichmann 63901, MOUrology1518939578
Salim I Hawatmeh 63128, MOUrology1184696627
Sameer A Siddiqui 63141, MOUrology1366414864
St Louis University 63110, MOUrology1992778237
Keith J. Abercrombie 64114, MOUrology1811962798
Bradley D. Connett 65065, MOUrology1750356663
Joseph A. Myers 64735, MOUrology1598731242
Daniel S Hoyt 65212, MOUrology1366403800
Luis J Anglo 63141, MOUrology1437112547
James Kelly 63118, MOUrology1053377333
Maureen Brown 65201, MOUrology1437115441
Steven W Bigg 63031, MOUrology1932166162
Laurence D Gelstein 63122, MOUrology1346208378
James Perry Lovinggood 63031, MOUrology1558328633
Saint Louis Connectcare 63112, MOUrology1396703278
Kent L Adkins 63141, MOUrology1962460238
William C Collyer 47713, MOUrology1225096621
Jayprakash V Patel 63122, MOUrology1124086541
Thomas Scully 63141, MOUrology1285692608
Michael Marcus 63122, MOUrology1588622773
Keith Steinbecker 63141, MOUrology1992763197
Leonard David Gaum 63141, MOUrology1245288760
John M Gatti 64108, MOUrology1689623845
Robert Feit 63122, MOUrology1861441982
Harold Calvin Lentz 64055, MOUrology1336198845
Kimberly Crawford Berni 63367, MOUrology1245289677
John Russell Moore 64055, MOUrology1114977550
Bradley Keith Stanley 64055, MOUrology1649220088
James A Bergant 64114, MOUrology1255380754
William Tad Wilson 64055, MOUrology1932158300
Robert Juan Biber 64055, MOUrology1720037195
David C Lewing 64055, MOUrology1972553378
Raj N Mohapatra 63125, MOUrology1376593277
Brian M Benway 63110, MOUrology1174573125
Gerald Y Park 64116, MOUrology1841241387
Thomas B Herrick 64116, MOUrology1487605275
David Ernest Butters 63501, MOUrology1760434922
Stephen H Weinstein 65212, MOUrology1912950098
George S Brehm 64804, MOUrology1427001460
State Of Missouri 63303, MOUrology1316991896
Thomas Harold Landon 63090, MOUrology1073568382
Mark Richard Wakefield 65212, MOUrology1649226291
James M Frogge 64804, MOUrology1023064235
Scott A Troxel 65212, MOUrology1366498859
Midwest Urology & Radiation Oncology, Inc, Pc. 64055, MOUrology1679529754
Donald L. Gentle 63703, MOUrology1205883022
Gilbert Ross 65212, MOUrology1457398182
Howard W Follis 65807, MOUrology1245278522
Richard John Hedden 65301, MOUrology1386683746
Patients First Health Care Llc 63090, MOUrology1962441386
James E. Outman 63703, MOUrology1922048040
John P. Hall 63703, MOUrology1609816719
John Russell Felker 63703, MOUrology1811937816
Gregg S. Hallman 63703, MOUrology1891735890
Paul D. Thomspon 63703, MOUrology1548200785
Jerry Samuel Givens 65616, MOUrology1164462412
David A Anderson 65807, MOUrology1477594505
Mercy Support Services 63141, MOUrology1417999723
Mark J Brodkey 64132, MOUrology1982647269
Francisco Osvaldo Fernandez 63105, MOUrology1295779791
Peter J Trinca 65807, MOUrology1801830369
James P Webb 65807, MOUrology1700820263
Michael G De La Paz 63122, MOUrology1952347312
Sunil M Apte 63090, MOUrology1598792269
Kenneth Patrick Collins 64116, MOUrology1679504906
Skaggs Community Health Center 65616, MOUrology1982635868
Ibrahim Salim Hawatmeh 63128, MOUrology1669407516
Frederick P Walters 63128, MOUrology1114952074
Roger Harold Schoenfeld 64804, MOUrology1528083003
Cathy K Naughton 63141, MOUrology1912923228
Douglas E Coplen 63110, MOUrology1972529295
Carl G Klutke 63141, MOUrology1003832221
Ramakrishna Venkatesh 63136, MOUrology1548286768
Sam B Bhayani 63110, MOUrology1376569509
Arnold D Bullock 63110, MOUrology1992721120
Gerald L Andriole 63110, MOUrology1295752723
Robert S Figenshau 63110, MOUrology1992723316
David A Hardy 63110, MOUrology1366460057
Eric P. Guilliams 65804, MOUrology1013936749
Douglas Alan West 65109, MOUrology1255352043
John Paul Koonce 65109, MOUrology1538180393
Amit Chakrabarty 63901, MOUrology1598786725
Mark J. Walterskirchen 65804, MOUrology1083637524
Michael Scott Severance 65109, MOUrology1790708907
Siobhan Mcgaughey Hyland 65201, MOUrology1376567982
Michael Cupp 65201, MOUrology1003820150
Jerrold Schermer 65212, MOUrology1851305916
Philip M. Newhall 63028, MOUrology1376558866
South County Urological, Inc. 63128, MOUrology1003824350
Cape Girardeau Urology Associates, Inc. 63703, MOUrology1194734582
Urology Consultants Of Central Missouri 65201, MOUrology1760590376
Robert M Maloney 63110, MOUrology1639288236
Richard A Blath 63136, MOUrology1770691685
David E Bryan 63017, MOUrology1578671418
Anthony E Fathman 63017, MOUrology1194834887
Ronald K Deguerre 63017, MOUrology1720197593
Carlos J. Deleste 63028, MOUrology1720196637
John F Mccarthy 63017, MOUrology1477662179
Asim Razzaq 63136, MOUrology1164531877
Ronan Y Lev 63376, MOUrology1871602573
Enrique P Perinetti 63136, MOUrology1457460164
Ralph J Torrence 63110, MOUrology1861501579
Urology Associates Pa 64111, MOUrology1306956511
Cecil T Bromfield 64128, MOUrology1033221114
Nitai C Saha 63122, MOUrology1023111028
Metropolitan Urological Specialists Pc 63122, MOUrology1578667051
John A Boullier 65613, MOUrology1841394459
Kendall A Itoku 63376, MOUrology1699870162
Joseph Levy 63376, MOUrology1497850937
Urologic Surgery Associates Pa 64111, MOUrology1578669776
Ajay Kumar Nangia 64108, MOUrology1164528667
St Louis Hills Urological Associates, Inc 63128, MOUrology1811093438
Christopher Thomas Arett 63141, MOUrology1972600559
Christopher D Gran 64804, MOUrology1942307467
Walter R Holloway 65775, MOUrology1336247899
Mike Kozminski 64506, MOUrology1093816316
Mark J Milne 65807, MOUrology1538251889
Paul F Austin 63110, MOUrology1669567509
Jennifer A Malossi 65807, MOUrology1003903550
Animesh Sahai 63801, MOUrology1538258629
Lester E Cox Medical Centers 65807, MOUrology1548350200
Alana C Desai 63110, MOUrology1578643375
Russell E Tackett 64132, MOUrology1821172768
John Mark Mcmurtry 65201, MOUrology1740365857
Michael J. Chehval 63110, MOUrology1518046119
Jitendra Pranlal Shah 63128, MOUrology1639258858
Regional Services 65807, MOUrology1619041829
Urologic Clinics Of North Alabama P C 63901, MOUrology1326116468
Karl John Kurtz 64111, MOUrology1306905591
Urology Center Of West Plains 65775, MOUrology1124188172
Jeffrey S Glaser Md Facs Llc 63367, MOUrology1992865026
St Louis Urological Surgeons Inc 63376, MOUrology1972665461
Kevin T Enger 63028, MOUrology1376607564
Lester E Cox Medical Centers 65708, MOUrology1952468241
Regional Services 65708, MOUrology1679630966
Mid america Urology, Pa 64114, MOUrology1699823310
Vincenzo Galati 63703, MOUrology1376693754
Andrew Schultz 65807, MOUrology1528110582
Ramarao Kaza 63125, MOUrology1699812990
Jeffrey R Johnson 65804, MOUrology1750427399
Urology Care, Inc. 65109, MOUrology1780723205
Russell E Tackett Mdpc 64132, MOUrology1043359722
Robert D. Johnson 65804, MOUrology1841330412
Geoffrey A. Lloyd-smith 65401, MOUrology1619017084
Fairview Heights Medical Group Sc 62002, MOUrology1689717621
Edward S Rader 63141, MOUrology1760526065
Travis L Bullock 63141, MOUrology1699810507
Erica J Traxel 63110, MOUrology1235266024
Mercy Clinic Urology Llc 63090, MOUrology1669502274
Kirksville Academic Medicine Llc 63501, MOUrology1396876355
Robert Stephen Foster 65301, MOUrology1659403764
H Henry Lai 63110, MOUrology1376676734
James Sanford Mcintosh 64055, MOUrology1083738116
Gregory James Horwitz 64116, MOUrology1689798613
Advanced Urology Associates, Llc 63122, MOUrology1932226107
Elizabeth Reichert Williams 63141, MOUrology1790802429
Angela Leigh Alt 63017, MOUrology1801915038
C.j. Deleste, Inc. 63028, MOUrology1396864864
Samuel Kuykendall 64132, MOUrology1194948778
Joshua David Holyoak 65270, MOUrology1407071665
Paul Richard Bowlin 64108, MOUrology1063637577
Matthew C Kincade 63141, MOUrology1396963658
Urology Midwest Lc 65301, MOUrology1275751380
Saint Louis University 63110, MOUrology1265652515
Brandan Kramer 64116, MOUrology1639391055
Mobile Medical Services, Inc 64506, MOUrology1740497825
Michael Harry Mastromichalis 63026, MOUrology1346444700


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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