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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Norman W Thoms KSVascular Surgery1053370965
Michel Khamis Stephan TXVascular Surgery1912966938
Surgical Specialists Of The North Shore,inc Vascular Surgery1619936531
James A Coffey PAVascular Surgery1316906407
Thomas A Clark TXVascular Surgery1437118536
Marcos Fabian Barnatan ORVascular Surgery1477512051
James H Balcom MAVascular Surgery1689633273
David E Collins Md KYVascular Surgery1588623136
Frank L Ferrier GAVascular Surgery1962461426
Desmond B Mcdonagh ILVascular Surgery1699734186
Alfonso Serrano MAVascular Surgery1558320929
Robert Warren Feldtman TXVascular Surgery1851350227
Donald M. Gibson TXVascular Surgery1902866296
Miguel A. Gomez TXVascular Surgery1639139926
Paul M Burke MAVascular Surgery1427018738
Peter Bemis H'doubler GAVascular Surgery1629038476
Keith E. Campbell TNVascular Surgery1659331742
Charles Franklin Martin ILVascular Surgery1083674170
Aaron Cohen ILVascular Surgery1679533764
Glen Coulomb ILVascular Surgery1396705489
David J Gatti SCVascular Surgery1700846839
Richard Jerome Wilkerson NMVascular Surgery1376519488
The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group Vascular Surgery1538134267
John David Horowitz FLVascular Surgery1497729214
Douglas John Carlon AZVascular Surgery1396704680
Jeromy Brink AZVascular Surgery1003876269
Vidal T Sheen MOVascular Surgery1083687859
Jonathan-hien Vu COVascular Surgery1356315139
Paul S Koh ORVascular Surgery1093784902
Randall S Fortuna AZVascular Surgery1285607986
Jeffrey M Apple TXVascular Surgery1750354924
Ellen D Dillavou PAVascular Surgery1932172442
Gerald M. Patton PAVascular Surgery1760442826
Sean V Ryan PAVascular Surgery1629037288
Tirso Del Junco CAVascular Surgery1306811625
Stuart A. Harlin FLVascular Surgery1568435618
Tarek Elshaarawy MIVascular Surgery1982676110
Chris Cribari COVascular Surgery1922077387
Richard K Murphy NHVascular Surgery1770552358
William P Kalchoff TXVascular Surgery1962471227
Alton Jay Burns TXVascular Surgery1316911613
Tarkten A Pharr NCVascular Surgery1629037445
Xavier Rene Mousset LAVascular Surgery1609848639
Sharon J Apperson MOVascular Surgery1669444741
Luis Anibal Queral FLVascular Surgery1780652727
Jason Richard Delatore OHVascular Surgery1649247529
David K Speyerer FLVascular Surgery1336118686
Heart Group, Pc Vascular Surgery1487624102
John Anthony Pietropaoli MDVascular Surgery1518938281
Abedel Karim Abushmaies MIVascular Surgery1003875840
Ghassan Samir Abu-hamad PAVascular Surgery1972575298
William Robert Wilson NHVascular Surgery1245203629
Kurt Richard Wengerter NJVascular Surgery1265491880
Patrick J Mcgovern NJVascular Surgery1932174125
William C Chambers COVascular Surgery1083689913
Joseph Giglia OHVascular Surgery1467420315
Cynthia A Pangallo WIVascular Surgery1710946132
Amy Reed PAVascular Surgery1285602805
Scott W Kujath MOVascular Surgery1306815873
Rafael A Justiniano PRVascular Surgery1073589792
Angelia C Kirkpatrick OKVascular Surgery1194793349
Aziz A Alkhafaji FLVascular Surgery1922074830
Leon G Josephs MAVascular Surgery1962471003
Tikva Jacobs NYVascular Surgery1396711040
Yariv Cohen AKVascular Surgery1154396034
Rozales Antonio Swanson FLVascular Surgery1932174349
Emily E Stoddard WIVascular Surgery1457311441
Bradley M Sweda MIVascular Surgery1700856275
Ronald L Nath MAVascular Surgery1316916489
Nanette Rahnee Reed MOVascular Surgery1962479758
Goya V Raikar WIVascular Surgery1376516229
Joann M Lohr OHVascular Surgery1205802808
Adel F. Jabour CAVascular Surgery1154380301
Venkata S. K. Kollipara OHVascular Surgery1497722375
Daniel Ihnat UTVascular Surgery1649245366
Mouhamad O. Annous MDVascular Surgery1154390953
Mark K Hirko NYVascular Surgery1023085107
Sean O'donnell FLVascular Surgery1871565010
Arthur E Palamara FLVascular Surgery1639145774
Greenwood Leflore Hospital Vascular Surgery1184683542
Gregory Adam Barber VAVascular Surgery1013988476
Osvaldo Jose Santiago Gonzalez PRVascular Surgery1346212453
Robert D Cranley OHVascular Surgery1770558058
Francisco J Martinez WIVascular Surgery1396710240
Fayyaz Haider Hashmi MDVascular Surgery1790757847
Glenn E Fusonie NCVascular Surgery1417928474
Lisa M. Alford MDVascular Surgery1497726079
John Ligush VAVascular Surgery1740253251
Lewis V. Owens VAVascular Surgery1508839028
Michael Ombrellino NJVascular Surgery1114997426
Mark W Moritz NJVascular Surgery1346210648
Bradley A Boone TXVascular Surgery1730151457
John Patrick Loftus CAVascular Surgery1922074319
Paul A Armstrong NCVascular Surgery1639143506
Frederick Swartzendruber VAVascular Surgery1699746677
Jeffery Scott Martin SCVascular Surgery1578531125
Scott James Petit SCVascular Surgery1932168580
Reid Warren Tribble SCVascular Surgery1669440699
Timothy S Smith ILVascular Surgery1144293929
Anatoly J Bulkin CAVascular Surgery1275593154
Rajabrata Sarkar CAVascular Surgery1619937539
Vascular Surgical Associates Inc Vascular Surgery1427018167
C Clay Craighead LAVascular Surgery1689634453
James C Watson WAVascular Surgery1083674683
Jeffrey F Boskind ORVascular Surgery1114987682
Wound Care Associates Of Akron, Inc Vascular Surgery1184684771
Sampath Ramasamy Kumar NYVascular Surgery1144280538
Michael Dean Clark GAVascular Surgery1528028925
Wesley E Rippey ORVascular Surgery1548221948
Sudhindra K Anegundi GAVascular Surgery1629039052
Milton C Mackett ORVascular Surgery1063473452
Normand Miller NHVascular Surgery1225099518
Michael Zammit WAVascular Surgery1841251188
Rachel P Baer ILVascular Surgery1437110707
Leo M Farbota ILVascular Surgery1982665196
Stephen R Crook ORVascular Surgery1841251832
Jeffrey Scott Wilson FLVascular Surgery1841251055
George P. Noon TXVascular Surgery1518928472
Steven M. Hertz NJVascular Surgery1326009283
South Georgia Surgical Clinic Pc GAVascular Surgery1770544694
Donald E Giles ORVascular Surgery1033170832
Gilberto C. Russo CAVascular Surgery1346201811
Kathryn A Collins MAVascular Surgery1952362568
George A Carty MIVascular Surgery1659332138
Edward K Pavillard PAVascular Surgery1548222979
Roger E Schneider MDVascular Surgery1295797769
Ronald D Gordon AZVascular Surgery1356303747
Mark D Gonze MDVascular Surgery1538121983
Peter J Mackrell MDVascular Surgery1124080585
Donald Mitts OHVascular Surgery1588626881
Carber C Huang WAVascular Surgery1831151968
Howard H Hayashi CAVascular Surgery1588626675
Edwin S. Hayashi CAVascular Surgery1295797397
Guy Lancellotti RIVascular Surgery1609838697
Joseph J Brady RIVascular Surgery1407818404
Wayne Reichman MDVascular Surgery1366404246
Najam Azmat, M. D., P. C. GAVascular Surgery1063474088
George E Anton OHVascular Surgery1417919465
George Patrick Clagett TXVascular Surgery1801858790
Craig V Mcbrayer MIVascular Surgery1881656643
Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory Vascular Surgery1598727331
Ahamed S Moideen NYVascular Surgery1982667549
Joshua Alan Morowitz VIVascular Surgery1336101088
Ravi Chandra FLVascular Surgery1528020146
Demar Austin Neal NCVascular Surgery1053373654
James M Malone AZVascular Surgery1811959554
Ramesh K Adiraju PAVascular Surgery1467415091
Luis J Torruella PRVascular Surgery1205899853
Robert J Lowe NMVascular Surgery1831151497
Charles Holmes Mccollum TXVascular Surgery1225091689
Thomas R Pellow WAVascular Surgery1649233032
Kenneth L Parish NCVascular Surgery1215990502
Leland James Cook NCVascular Surgery1235192261
Michael J. Sise CAVascular Surgery1487617627
Alik Farber MAVascular Surgery1629031893
Timothy A Diller MIVascular Surgery1205899481
Peter H Bradshaw NCVascular Surgery1295798155
Matthew I Foley ORVascular Surgery1982667630
Matthew Eagleton OHVascular Surgery1619930385
Carlos Hernando Timaran TXVascular Surgery1588627269
Park Surgical Associates Inc Vascular Surgery1295798122
Lawrence I Mallon MIVascular Surgery1194788943
Joseph Dean Stillword FLVascular Surgery1538122361
Audwin Joseph Pangilinan NYVascular Surgery1972566719
Stanley R. Klein CAVascular Surgery1902869662
Vicken N Pamoukian NYVascular Surgery1174587760
Khosro Adib WIVascular Surgery1932163581
Robert J Falconer TXVascular Surgery1235193848
Patrick A Dietz NYVascular Surgery1992769657
Paramjeet S Chopra WIVascular Surgery1952365504
General Vascular Surgery Of Green Bay Sc Vascular Surgery1043274715
Mary Kathleen Reilly WAVascular Surgery1154385847
Integrated Medical Group Vascular Surgery1417911819
Cardiovascular Thoracic Associates Of Lake County, P.c. Vascular Surgery1639133879
Anthony Rizzo OHVascular Surgery1245294248
David L Sustarsic FLVascular Surgery1134183130
Robert M Moglia NYVascular Surgery1316901564
Richard M Green NYVascular Surgery1639133762
Kriengkrai Kitiphongspattana WVVascular Surgery1790749737
Steven B Heird PAVascular Surgery1992769111
Jose R Parra PAVascular Surgery1932163169
Ron Arison FLVascular Surgery1366406563
Shelby S Cooper NYVascular Surgery1952365199
Gary Giangola NYVascular Surgery1801850920
Kenneth Ouriel OHVascular Surgery1043274194
Mark C Rummel MIVascular Surgery1285698134
Hassan Y. Tehrani WAVascular Surgery1770547572
Patrick J O'hara OHVascular Surgery1649234477
Steven Greg Friedman NYVascular Surgery1821052697
Paragon Health, Pc Vascular Surgery1487619136
Krishna Mohan Jain MIVascular Surgery1013972769
Deborah L Manjoney WIVascular Surgery1740245356
John S Munn MIVascular Surgery1700841459
David Campbell MAVascular Surgery1063477446
Florence Y Chan NJVascular Surgery1265497507
Donald Mathew Angotti CAVascular Surgery1336104793
Lee A Rea MIVascular Surgery1558326009
Vascular Associates Of Sarasota Vascular Surgery1073578563
Greer Savin Mds Inc CAVascular Surgery1780649954
Max Savin CAVascular Surgery1568427748


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