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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey S Borders INVascular Surgery1861479941
Jeffrey Alan Hertz FLVascular Surgery1033194535
Moutaa Benmaamer FLVascular Surgery1285612143
Jon Christian Allmon FLVascular Surgery1831174044
Patricio Rosa Sierra FLVascular Surgery1629055868
Aaron Michael Wagner FLVascular Surgery1770719445
James Benjamin Tribble SCVascular Surgery1245218700
Harris Hartwell Parker SCVascular Surgery1831177377
Vincent L Grant MSVascular Surgery1073597092
Steven Levin LAVascular Surgery1720064207
Robert Dh Lee VAVascular Surgery1184608903
Robert W Vorhies MAVascular Surgery1730163452
William D Clouse VAVascular Surgery1841279825
Manju Kalra MNVascular Surgery1710957931
M. Mohamed Meeran PAVascular Surgery1073583191
William M Stone AZVascular Surgery1942285598
Charles Abe Andersen UTVascular Surgery1639149479
Benjamin Ware Starnes WAVascular Surgery1114997707
John H Cooper NJVascular Surgery1528038130
Thomas A Shuster MIVascular Surgery1295705812
Thoracic & Vascular Associates Of Kinston Pa Vascular Surgery1578533261
Richard Lawrence Sadler IAVascular Surgery1740250026
Matthew Jay Sideman TXVascular Surgery1386614774
Chest & Vascular Surgery Pc IAVascular Surgery1164492450
Christiana Care Health Services Inc Vascular Surgery1922078476
Christian De Virgilio CAVascular Surgery1609846955
Charles W Tattersall INVascular Surgery1629048913
Steven Kang FLVascular Surgery1154391456
Raymond Michael Shaheen CAVascular Surgery1114997434
Suffolk Vascular Associates, Pllc Vascular Surgery1720059926
Robert E Breving ARVascular Surgery1003887217
James Willoughby Campbell ARVascular Surgery1982675195
Maria Fodera NYVascular Surgery1023089141
Midwest Vascular & General Surgery, Inc MOVascular Surgery1366413429
Daniel Hafenrichter MOVascular Surgery1063483139
Rowansom Vascular Lab Vascular Surgery1831160985
Hollis Tidmore MOVascular Surgery1962473975
Joseph M Anain NYVascular Surgery1235100041
Paul M Anain NYVascular Surgery1003887811
Merlin Kelsick ILVascular Surgery1740251669
Thomas E. Arnold NYVascular Surgery1356312334
Robert M Pollina NYVascular Surgery1013988088
Ricardo Rao MOVascular Surgery1427029362
Michael J Zugarek VAVascular Surgery1013988781
Hugo Vincent Hart FLVascular Surgery1730150509
Wayne K Kinning MIVascular Surgery1598736365
Carlo A Dall'olmo MIVascular Surgery1235100926
David Reed Knighton MNVascular Surgery1518938067
John M Mcilduff MIVascular Surgery1548231004
Robert G Molnar MIVascular Surgery1770554248
Allan L Ippolito MIVascular Surgery1700857273
Thomas S Siegel MIVascular Surgery1821069303
Marc H Glickman VAVascular Surgery1104897560
Richard James Demasi VAVascular Surgery1619948072
Vascular Surgery Assoc Pc Vascular Surgery1710959150
Carlton L Wells VAVascular Surgery1548232994
John Owne Colonna VAVascular Surgery1457323800
Richard S Nitzberg NJVascular Surgery1306818778
Gordon K Stokes VAVascular Surgery1447222815
Rasesh M Shah VAVascular Surgery1639140056
Todd W Gensler VAVascular Surgery1922070309
Michael John Marcinczyk VAVascular Surgery1841261245
Paul L Vaughn AZVascular Surgery1336111798
Hudson Surgical Group Pc Vascular Surgery1285605667
John Anthony Kutz PAVascular Surgery1174594683
Comprehensive Wound Care Pllc Vascular Surgery1861463374
Robert G Gayle VAVascular Surgery1750352126
Martin A Fogle VAVascular Surgery1972574358
Vascular & Transplant Specialists Pc Vascular Surgery1104897636
Jean M Panneton VAVascular Surgery1003887449
F Noel Parent VAVascular Surgery1609847045
Gregory J Fortin MIVascular Surgery1295707487
Sheikh Altaf Latif CAVascular Surgery1144292251
Michael Anthony Ricci MEVascular Surgery1326010695
Anthony V Hoots GAVascular Surgery1699747824
Scott A Garner MIVascular Surgery1750353934
Charles Scott Mcenroe VAVascular Surgery1255303293
Peter M Moy VAVascular Surgery1427020403
Neal T Foley M.d Pa TXVascular Surgery1568434462
Surgical Associates Of Columbus Pc GAVascular Surgery1679545768
Bruce Howard Brennaman GAVascular Surgery1578535563
Timothy Michael Sullivan MNVascular Surgery1063484061
Charles J. Mallo TNVascular Surgery1558333492
William C Beckett FLVascular Surgery1548232333
New York Surgical Assoc Pc Vascular Surgery1275505042
Vero Vascular Surgery Pa Vascular Surgery1235101700
Tamil Anban CTVascular Surgery1639141286
Arizona Heart Institute Ltd Vascular Surgery1114999604
Hazari Muduli NJVascular Surgery1558333047
William Kennard Rundell OHVascular Surgery1174595748
Yasir Suliman TXVascular Surgery1811969348
James Chadwick Tober SCVascular Surgery1538132931
Alberto M Bartoli NYVascular Surgery1851364087
David C Dreyfuss NYVascular Surgery1053384297
Vascular Surgery Nw Ps Vascular Surgery1780657924
Pauline Velez CAVascular Surgery1134192305
Cardiology Consultants Of Westchester Vascular Surgery1689647034
Christian R Zwick ILVascular Surgery1801869060
Cardiology Consultants Of Westchester Vascular Surgery1760455026
Michael A Bogdasarian NYVascular Surgery1588637888
Michael Robert Israel MIVascular Surgery1245203454
Andrew H Schulick FLVascular Surgery1043283468
Armaghan A Mostafavi FLVascular Surgery1396718722
Robert Joseph Dabal ALVascular Surgery1497728547
James Williard Dennis FLVascular Surgery1760455828
Mcleod Physician Associates Ii Vascular Surgery1104899145
Surgical Associates Of Valdosta, P.c. GAVascular Surgery1891768917
Regional General & Vascular Surgeons, S. C. Vascular Surgery1679546584
Craig C. Powell WIVascular Surgery1275506073
Eric Scott Frost VTVascular Surgery1902879729
Dale M Geiss ILVascular Surgery1912970617
Dallas Mark Miller GAVascular Surgery1184697815
David P Blake MNVascular Surgery1548233125
Mallik A Piduru FLVascular Surgery1265405997
William S Evans WYVascular Surgery1306819974
Navyash Gupta ILVascular Surgery1235103888
Keith Raymond Durante NYVascular Surgery1710951397
George Elliott Barnes LAVascular Surgery1932173465
Lawrence Nathan Sampson PAVascular Surgery1053385583
Thomas Clement Howard NEVascular Surgery1255305744
Mark Aaron Schwartz NYVascular Surgery1881668192
Philip Copelain Williams OHVascular Surgery1023082401
Michael P Buchness MDVascular Surgery1619941986
Nicholas Lee Ogburn MDVascular Surgery1326012691
Cv Surgical Associates Pa Vascular Surgery1710951082
Jesse Stephens Julian MDVascular Surgery1134193428
Paul Jorgen Nordness TNVascular Surgery1760456941
Bernadette Aulivola ILVascular Surgery1780658872
Paul Bruce Friedman MIVascular Surgery1366416430
Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals Foundation Inc Vascular Surgery1770557712
Charles J Lewinstein GAVascular Surgery1669446605
Mark J. Mittenthal GAVascular Surgery1598739559
James Randolph Lulek MIVascular Surgery1316911498
Howard Greisler ILVascular Surgery1124092218
Peter Kalman ILVascular Surgery1679547772
Stanley A Hirsch PAVascular Surgery1730153867
Michael S Makaroun PAVascular Surgery1689648792
Kenneth Wayne Post MIVascular Surgery1376517441
Robert B Swersky NYVascular Surgery1407820285
Randy Shafritz NJVascular Surgery1962476663
Stephen F Konigsberg NJVascular Surgery1104891803
James J Arbaugh OHVascular Surgery1265406995
J. Mark Rheudasil GAVascular Surgery1033184767
Louis R Roedersheimer OHVascular Surgery1528033206
Sasidhar P Kilaru OHVascular Surgery1235104985
Gary A. Gelbfish NYVascular Surgery1275508954
Vascular Associates Of The Merrimack Valley Pc Vascular Surgery1881669398
Henry S Tarlian AZVascular Surgery1346215589
Mitar Vranic AZVascular Surgery1043285299
Clifford E Howell OKVascular Surgery1295700458
Narendra Prasad Myneni AZVascular Surgery1437124732
Todd P Smith TXVascular Surgery1215902598
Peter Thompson NJVascular Surgery1326013509
John Hughes AZVascular Surgery1821063140
Steven Ian Curtiss NJVascular Surgery1144295486
Scott Farrell Rosen NJVascular Surgery1265407514
Henry A. Pretus, M.d., Phd, Apmc Vascular Surgery1497720379
Luis Gutierrez-perry TXVascular Surgery1023083862
Agustin Antonio Rodriguez Gonzalez PRVascular Surgery1205801297
Samuel J. Campbell TXVascular Surgery1528033446
Edward Henry Klopp MDVascular Surgery1295700136
William R Fry SCVascular Surgery1568437408
John J Vignati NHVascular Surgery1245205244
Sharif Ellozy NYVascular Surgery1689640476
Kent P Webb TXVascular Surgery1104892926
James Cecil Todd MDVascular Surgery1831165570
Affiliated Vascular Laboratories Vascular Surgery1992771646
Charles Clover Huston PAVascular Surgery1962478602
Victoria J Teodorescu NYVascular Surgery1558337345
Christopher Scott Woodworth NMVascular Surgery1902872799
Health Services Of Clarion, Inc. Vascular Surgery1144295957
Kevin J Geary NYVascular Surgery1760458517
Scott Andrew Seidel TXVascular Surgery1497721005
Surgical Specialists, P.c. Vascular Surgery1780650465
Ralph B. Dilley CAVascular Surgery1659347169
Patrick Riggs NYVascular Surgery1962478586
Seth Harlon Fritcher TXVascular Surgery1720054232
Susan M Briggs MAVascular Surgery1205802501
Surgical Associates Of Houston, P.a. Vascular Surgery1316913478
Peter C Podore OHVascular Surgery1245206580
Edith Tzeng PAVascular Surgery1972579282
Baltej S Maini MAVascular Surgery1538135611
Vascular Surgery Associates Of Cincinnati Inc Vascular Surgery1316913643
Daniel R Gorin MAVascular Surgery1457328304
Robert Young Rhee NYVascular Surgery1669448528
Alexander Demetre Nicoloff ORVascular Surgery1386610277
Stephanie E. Dunkle-blatter OHVascular Surgery1942276944
John Lindsay Happel PAVascular Surgery1063489938
Pines Health Services Vascular Surgery1942277819
Cristobal G Alvarado MEVascular Surgery1578530333
Amarillo Heart Group, Llp Vascular Surgery1649247396
Heron Rodriguez ILVascular Surgery1003883778
William H Davis GAVascular Surgery1497722193
William J Kaiser GAVascular Surgery1003883612
Cardiothoracic Surgery Group Sc Vascular Surgery1053388553
Junaid Hussain Mudaliar GAVascular Surgery1215904834
James R. Elmore PAVascular Surgery1477520971
Charles W Wyble GAVascular Surgery1932176377
Michael Marin NYVascular Surgery1588631949
Vascular Diagnostic Center Pc Vascular Surgery1255308441


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