Providers with Taxonomy: Vascular Surgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Vascular Surgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sheela Thakor Patel 94117, CAVascular Surgery1073516860
Mohammad Jamshidi-nezhad 92056, CAVascular Surgery1891797023
Bernard J Urlaub 92120, CAVascular Surgery1639173974
Eric Ladenheim 93710, CAVascular Surgery1467454686
Murali Dharan 94526, CAVascular Surgery1336143882
Andrew R Deemer 92056, CAVascular Surgery1578568432
Eileen S Natuzzi 92056, CAVascular Surgery1740285618
Jeffry D Cardneau 94903, CAVascular Surgery1174528889
John M Kroener 92056, CAVascular Surgery1932104890
Charles Vincent Phillips 93301, CAVascular Surgery1891791299
Emil A. Anaya 95128, CAVascular Surgery1811994445
Marius Saines 90301, CAVascular Surgery1316944978
Roy Masami Fujitani 92868, CAVascular Surgery1164429015
Aaryan Nath Koura 95823, CAVascular Surgery1922007152
Miguel Puig Palomar 95926, CAVascular Surgery1558361139
Kranthi Kumar Achanta 94538, CAVascular Surgery1114927241
Jeffrey Lawrence Ballard 92868, CAVascular Surgery1205837200
John Kenneth Conrad 91505, CAVascular Surgery1467452268
Richard Allen Myles 91203, CAVascular Surgery1952302077
Eswar Appa Nyamathi 91325, CAVascular Surgery1528050960
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAVascular Surgery1609869627
David Edward Smith 93908, CAVascular Surgery1740282250
Ramesh Sai Veeragandham 94526, CAVascular Surgery1710972427
Curtis Clayton Horton 92123, CAVascular Surgery1184619892
Ihab Naim Aziz 91406, CAVascular Surgery1700873593
John Porteous 95350, CAVascular Surgery1669460630
Laura K. Pak 94904, CAVascular Surgery1194715912
Desert Medical Group mirage Outpatient Center 92270, CAVascular Surgery1760463863
Emmett Lee Tetz 94574, CAVascular Surgery1457332777
Misty Dawn Humphries 95817, CAVascular Surgery1528040870
Subbu Nagappan 92506, CAVascular Surgery1285616185
Nicholas Valerios Zekos 92506, CAVascular Surgery1407838303
James Holcroft 95817, CAVascular Surgery1235112525
Sam A Ebrahimi 91356, CAVascular Surgery1114916376
Walter Kwass 94015, CAVascular Surgery1972585008
Hidehisa Thomas Takei 92506, CAVascular Surgery1407839327
William Charles Pevec 95817, CAVascular Surgery1831172659
Ralph G Dreier 92543, CAVascular Surgery1174506661
David Lee Dawson 95817, CAVascular Surgery1104802503
Pervaiz Akhtar Chaudhry 93720, CAVascular Surgery1104804475
Maraya A. Altuwaijri 92673, CAVascular Surgery1316925761
Frederic Bongard 90502, CAVascular Surgery1902886393
Vipinkumar M Tandon 93065, CAVascular Surgery1619947637
Eugene S Lee 99352, CAVascular Surgery1518943265
Christian De Virgilio 90502, CAVascular Surgery1609846955
Raymond Michael Shaheen 94040, CAVascular Surgery1114997434
Pauline Velez 94553, CAVascular Surgery1134192305
Ralph B. Dilley 92037, CAVascular Surgery1659347169
Mohammad Ali Gharavi 91436, CAVascular Surgery1285602698
Joseph Hopkins Rapp 94121, CAVascular Surgery1770552432
Richard Bailey Doering 92663, CAVascular Surgery1699734897
Tirso Del Junco 91402, CAVascular Surgery1306811625
Adel F. Jabour 91325, CAVascular Surgery1154380301
John Patrick Loftus 94558, CAVascular Surgery1922074319
Anatoly J Bulkin 92025, CAVascular Surgery1275593154
Gilberto C. Russo 92270, CAVascular Surgery1346201811
Howard H Hayashi 93405, CAVascular Surgery1588626675
Edwin S. Hayashi 93405, CAVascular Surgery1295797397
Michael J. Sise 92103, CAVascular Surgery1487617627
Stanley R. Klein 90502, CAVascular Surgery1902869662
Donald Mathew Angotti 94590, CAVascular Surgery1336104793
Greer Savin Mds Inc 92025, CAVascular Surgery1780649954
Max Savin 92025, CAVascular Surgery1568427748
Jon C. Bowersox 95926, CAVascular Surgery1164488946
Duy Do Nguyen 92708, CAVascular Surgery1487610838
Timothy A Chuter 94143, CAVascular Surgery1023074283
David Garth Ellertson 95356, CAVascular Surgery1912964495
Khan Javed Hameed 91790, CAVascular Surgery1558329623
Valley Vascular Associates, Inc 91406, CAVascular Surgery1033177902
Wallace George Gosney 91786, CAVascular Surgery1417915778
Tomasz D Gutowski 95355, CAVascular Surgery1710935127
Nikhil Kansal 92103, CAVascular Surgery1144278805
Linda M Reilly 94143, CAVascular Surgery1477502425
James Lawrence Skydell 90404, CAVascular Surgery1255380606
Timothy A Davis 95355, CAVascular Surgery1114976594
Pacific Coast Cardiac & Vascular Surgeons 94062, CAVascular Surgery1205886108
James M. Brungardt 95355, CAVascular Surgery1386696805
Ghassan Simon Bachir 93637, CAVascular Surgery1225081789
Robert W Oblath 91356, CAVascular Surgery1467405852
Matthew William Mell 94305, CAVascular Surgery1730132978
Valley Radiology Consultants Medical Group, Inc. 92025, CAVascular Surgery1205897568
Sasan Najibi 91505, CAVascular Surgery1326000217
Massoud H. Agahi 90211, CAVascular Surgery1952367070
Joseph Famil Vardayo 90806, CAVascular Surgery1740233493
Jack C Yang 92103, CAVascular Surgery1952365025
Jack C Yang Md A Medical Corporation 92103, CAVascular Surgery1306801188
Kin Man Lai 94939, CAVascular Surgery1912968868
Surgical Associates Of San Diego Pc 92025, CAVascular Surgery1205897592
University Surgeons Of Orange A Medical Group 92868, CAVascular Surgery1407806904
Karthikeshwar Kasirajan 90024, CAVascular Surgery1528018777
Sydney Shuo-yi Guo 93003, CAVascular Surgery1619922291
Amir Kaviani 90505, CAVascular Surgery1144276262
Roman Andrew Litwinski 90505, CAVascular Surgery1558318022
John Patrick Mcnamara 90505, CAVascular Surgery1972550473
James C Macmillan 95350, CAVascular Surgery1366499584
Jafar Tay 95128, CAVascular Surgery1487691606
George Andros 91405, CAVascular Surgery1972540540
Hugh Mcnair Tobin 95356, CAVascular Surgery1316987373
Harry Kram 90505, CAVascular Surgery1811937436
Alan C Mintz 91360, CAVascular Surgery1396786497
Christopher D Owens 94143, CAVascular Surgery1366486938
Edward J Plecha 92120, CAVascular Surgery1669417598
General Vascular Surgery Medical Group, Inc. 94578, CAVascular Surgery1316982879
A. James Behrend Md Medical Corporation 92019, CAVascular Surgery1427084854
Peter J Schubart 95128, CAVascular Surgery1942238241
David J Newman 91362, CAVascular Surgery1396773115
Fereydoun Azadi 95355, CAVascular Surgery1790714541
Karl Reno Clayson 95608, CAVascular Surgery1255360178
Warner P Bundens 92103, CAVascular Surgery1336179027
Gabriel G. Carabello 90033, CAVascular Surgery1164453320
William E Hadcock 93720, CAVascular Surgery1154353795
Eugene D. Eddlemon 95973, CAVascular Surgery1871525477
David Vanburen 93710, CAVascular Surgery1093755027
Gregory K Albaugh 93036, CAVascular Surgery1811936982
James Alton Burks 91406, CAVascular Surgery1356378566
Oc Surgical Associates 92647, CAVascular Surgery1841726080
James Ho Lee 93720, CAVascular Surgery1083655534
Richard M Rau 92373, CAVascular Surgery1881640365
Ahmed Abou-zamzam 92354, CAVascular Surgery1558306795
Mahmoud Malas 92037, CAVascular Surgery1013953892
Michael Salvatore Conte 94143, CAVascular Surgery1417993247
Sam Seunghae Ahn 90024, CAVascular Surgery1497783831
Erik L Owens 92103, CAVascular Surgery1578506523
Roy Kohl 91105, CAVascular Surgery1871525998
Los Angeles Vascular Specialists A Professional Medical Corporation 91405, CAVascular Surgery1437182136
Mahfouz M. Michael,m.d.,inc. 91402, CAVascular Surgery1881627057
Simon B Rayhanabad 90720, CAVascular Surgery1710910047
Capital Vascular Surgeons Medical Group Inc 95816, CAVascular Surgery1053346189
Kim James Charney 92868, CAVascular Surgery1699790899
Norris Eugene Cleek 95926, CAVascular Surgery1831124320
Brian J. Acker 90806, CAVascular Surgery1003831447
Alan E. Williamson 92270, CAVascular Surgery1487670220
Wang Teng 92653, CAVascular Surgery1023034568
Dominic M Erba 95695, CAVascular Surgery1356367759
Robert O. Gingery 94578, CAVascular Surgery1417974460
Sharon B. Drager, Md, Professional Corporation 94806, CAVascular Surgery1821015512
Modesto Surgical Associates 95355, CAVascular Surgery1326067208
George Kafrouni 90033, CAVascular Surgery1497774376
Vascular Surgery Associates 90048, CAVascular Surgery1154341691
Simon M. Keushkerian 90033, CAVascular Surgery1306866850
David V. Cossman 90048, CAVascular Surgery1639199896
Lamont D Paxton 94578, CAVascular Surgery1033139043
Michael D. Ingegno 94578, CAVascular Surgery1447270459
Arnold W. Levine 94611, CAVascular Surgery1790705705
Douglas B Lurie 95695, CAVascular Surgery1922028141
Rajeev K. Rao 90048, CAVascular Surgery1891715041
Phillip M. Levin 90048, CAVascular Surgery1417977661
Robert Allyn Duensing 92653, CAVascular Surgery1366462756
Willis H. Wagner 90048, CAVascular Surgery1003836248
J. Louis Cohen 90048, CAVascular Surgery1720008964
Richard W Starrett 95124, CAVascular Surgery1104847656
Roger M Hayashi 95124, CAVascular Surgery1366463812
David W Chang 95124, CAVascular Surgery1265453724
John Gray Brawley 95128, CAVascular Surgery1861413320
Hazim Elmeligy 91307, CAVascular Surgery1720009855
Redwood Regional Medical Group Inc 95403, CAVascular Surgery1275556607
Luther F Cobb 95501, CAVascular Surgery1386668481
Steven R. Shackford 92103, CAVascular Surgery1144244419
Perry Michael Shoor 94070, CAVascular Surgery1073527198
South Orange County Surgical Medical Group, Inc. 92653, CAVascular Surgery1407860844
Tien Nguyen 93312, CAVascular Surgery1013923481
Denis Robert Westphal 95973, CAVascular Surgery1285640243
Andre E Maginot 90720, CAVascular Surgery1841206471
Wendell Warren Wenneker 94558, CAVascular Surgery1669480232
Sung K Kim 92505, CAVascular Surgery1366452245
Wenneker & Loftus Inc 94558, CAVascular Surgery1124039029
Ramineni V Rao 94538, CAVascular Surgery1215948997
Robert George Scribner 94015, CAVascular Surgery1336150572
Jason T Lee 94305, CAVascular Surgery1568475333
Riad Adoumie 90505, CAVascular Surgery1467465930
John Dennis Baker 90095, CAVascular Surgery1790898435
Douglas Albert Brownell 92868, CAVascular Surgery1013020411
Jehan Zeb Mir 90301, CAVascular Surgery1750495628
Mohsen Zabetian 92544, CAVascular Surgery1134234131
Terrence John Fitzgibbons 90017, CAVascular Surgery1285740464
Gordon Andrew Macbeth 95901, CAVascular Surgery1629185228
Richard Edward Ward 95819, CAVascular Surgery1841218690
Charles Thomas Brownridge 95816, CAVascular Surgery1295753036
Raveendra Nadaraja 94542, CAVascular Surgery1700894672
Kevin M Major 93036, CAVascular Surgery1457383366
Anibal Raul Gauto 92270, CAVascular Surgery1386667780
Bryce D Beseth 91786, CAVascular Surgery1811929243
Richard L Treiman 90210, CAVascular Surgery1386668614
Ted Yoshio Fisher 92227, CAVascular Surgery1538178355
Dennis Francis Bandyk 33606, CAVascular Surgery1649282039
Allan H. Goodman, Md Inc 92019, CAVascular Surgery1184649832
David J Weil 90638, CAVascular Surgery1972538353
Allen K Chan 92563, CAVascular Surgery1568486926
Andrew H. Ahn 91767, CAVascular Surgery1356363543
Steven Lyle Miller 92324, CAVascular Surgery1831114974
Cal Medphysicians And Surgeons, Inc. 92324, CAVascular Surgery1316054737
Appannagari Gnanadev 92324, CAVascular Surgery1104933985
Rakesh Safaya 94538, CAVascular Surgery1144337866
Fritz J Baumgartner 90720, CAVascular Surgery1134237761
Wayne Stuart Gradman 90067, CAVascular Surgery1104934199
Jatinder S Dhillon 94526, CAVascular Surgery1669581732
David W Cloyd 92025, CAVascular Surgery1356452650
Stephen Norfleet Etheredge 94609, CAVascular Surgery1770694101
Glenn A Pasternack 90232, CAVascular Surgery1356453518
East Bay Vascular Medical Group 94609, CAVascular Surgery1861503351


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