Providers with Taxonomy: Vascular Surgery in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Vascular Surgery
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas (tomas) Carrasquillo 33990, FLVascular Surgery1801899786
Romualdo Jose Segurola 33166, FLVascular Surgery1649273186
Ignacio Rua 33176, FLVascular Surgery1235132549
Athanassios I Tsoukas 33176, FLVascular Surgery1982607289
Abilio Armando Coello 33176, FLVascular Surgery1720081037
Howard E Katzman 33176, FLVascular Surgery1306849724
Alfred D Harding 32204, FLVascular Surgery1083616254
Michael Paul Harrington 32117, FLVascular Surgery1720083678
Thomas A. Castillenti 33542, FLVascular Surgery1053315440
Gary A Wilson 32114, FLVascular Surgery1215933056
Douglas A Dorsay 34232, FLVascular Surgery1790780229
Richard A Lynn 33401, FLVascular Surgery1083611545
Samuel Scott Tapper 34996, FLVascular Surgery1255339685
Vascular Center Of Orlando, P.a. 32804, FLVascular Surgery1255331666
Samuel Preston Martin 32804, FLVascular Surgery1124028436
Nowokere Esemuede 32935, FLVascular Surgery1184624041
Erin M Moore 32207, FLVascular Surgery1033119037
Henry C Veldenz 34748, FLVascular Surgery1649279431
Robert F Hoyne 32308, FLVascular Surgery1912909532
Hani M Agrama 32955, FLVascular Surgery1285627380
Hani M Agrama, Md, Pa 32955, FLVascular Surgery1659364628
Gordon D Burtch 33912, FLVascular Surgery1457344277
Anthony J D'angelo 33912, FLVascular Surgery1447243134
Dwayne K Badgett 32940, FLVascular Surgery1497748404
David Paul Showalter 34232, FLVascular Surgery1215938618
Russell Howard Samson 34232, FLVascular Surgery1205837416
Alan L. Keller 34761, FLVascular Surgery1720071764
Michael R. Lepore 34232, FLVascular Surgery1780685172
Daniel Louis Arnold 32827, FLVascular Surgery1649271446
Florida Heart & Vascular Multi Specialty Group Pa 34748, FLVascular Surgery1699769042
Surgical Specialists Of Southwest Florida P.a. 33912, FLVascular Surgery1033103437
Ajay Kalra 33912, FLVascular Surgery1942294343
Michael Lee Novotney 33907, FLVascular Surgery1659365435
Peter Muller 27870, FLVascular Surgery1023002979
Kenneth G Bridges 34950, FLVascular Surgery1437144870
Christian L Birkedal 32117, FLVascular Surgery1043205404
John Neal 32308, FLVascular Surgery1063407104
Eugene A Murphy 33705, FLVascular Surgery1013903244
Thomas M. Kerr Md Pa 33614, FLVascular Surgery1790771970
Bradenton Surgical Group Pa 34205, FLVascular Surgery1164418182
Thomas Kerr 33614, FLVascular Surgery1467448480
Kevin S Hart 34228, FLVascular Surgery1720075385
Marlene Valentin 33614, FLVascular Surgery1164419875
David M Shevitz 33431, FLVascular Surgery1548257058
Edmund Alan Geller 33027, FLVascular Surgery1215924709
Paul Steven Collins 33705, FLVascular Surgery1962499715
David Michael Feldbaum 33024, FLVascular Surgery1558359364
Juan C Fleites Vazquez 33133, FLVascular Surgery1174511729
David M Feldbaum Md Pa 33024, FLVascular Surgery1851389480
Ravindra R Patel 33614, FLVascular Surgery1427044064
Fred Silvestri 33458, FLVascular Surgery1497740484
Kevin Marcell Hoddinott 34471, FLVascular Surgery1003801333
Jack Zeltzer 33462, FLVascular Surgery1033104625
John A Tucker 32514, FLVascular Surgery1063407567
Jose Ignacio Almeida 33129, FLVascular Surgery1710975909
Marwan Riad Tabbara 33313, FLVascular Surgery1396734869
Robert J Anderson 33458, FLVascular Surgery1881685022
Stephen Schreiber 32789, FLVascular Surgery1205827417
James P Bartek 33952, FLVascular Surgery1669453270
Fuad M Ramadan 32901, FLVascular Surgery1730178641
William Harold Dickhoner 45013, FLVascular Surgery1992793947
Mark S Rosenbloom 32901, FLVascular Surgery1245215888
Robert P Winter 32751, FLVascular Surgery1689652547
James W. Battaglini 32901, FLVascular Surgery1689652729
Douglas H Joyce 33950, FLVascular Surgery1255310579
Charles S. Thompson 32806, FLVascular Surgery1396724571
Adam B Levitt 32806, FLVascular Surgery1881673077
Vascular Specialists Of Central Florida Inc 32806, FLVascular Surgery1811976004
Hamlet Hma Physician Management, Llc 28345, FLVascular Surgery1902886013
Michael J Cohen 32806, FLVascular Surgery1477533370
Jon M. Wesley 32806, FLVascular Surgery1538149331
Marek Zalewski 33324, FLVascular Surgery1316927684
Mario Martinasevic 33324, FLVascular Surgery1942287966
Janak Hirabhai Bhavsar 32763, FLVascular Surgery1013995406
Brian Daniel Kurland 33912, FLVascular Surgery1528045747
Patricio Rosa Sierra 33028, FLVascular Surgery1629055868
Steven Kang 33143, FLVascular Surgery1154391456
Hugo Vincent Hart 32804, FLVascular Surgery1730150509
William C Beckett 32960, FLVascular Surgery1548232333
Vero Vascular Surgery Pa 32960, FLVascular Surgery1235101700
Armaghan A Mostafavi 33426, FLVascular Surgery1396718722
James Williard Dennis 32209, FLVascular Surgery1760455828
Mallik A Piduru 34613, FLVascular Surgery1265405997
Laura Ann Gruneiro 33948, FLVascular Surgery1295704252
Michael Lee Miller 32547, FLVascular Surgery1154390730
Ralph Angelo Dematteis 33713, FLVascular Surgery1346219698
John David Horowitz 34761, FLVascular Surgery1497729214
Luis Anibal Queral 33016, FLVascular Surgery1780652727
David K Speyerer 33881, FLVascular Surgery1336118686
Aziz A Alkhafaji 34652, FLVascular Surgery1922074830
Rozales Antonio Swanson 33613, FLVascular Surgery1932174349
Paul A Armstrong 33613, FLVascular Surgery1639143506
Jeffrey Scott Wilson 33637, FLVascular Surgery1841251055
Ravi Chandra 34471, FLVascular Surgery1528020146
Joseph Dean Stillword 32177, FLVascular Surgery1538122361
David L Sustarsic 34748, FLVascular Surgery1134183130
Ron Arison 33308, FLVascular Surgery1366406563
Vascular Associates Of Sarasota 34232, FLVascular Surgery1073578563
Carl C Gill 33316, FLVascular Surgery1346205465
Pranay T. Ramdev 32960, FLVascular Surgery1588629620
Vincent J Belcastro 33907, FLVascular Surgery1619932753
Philip W Tally 34205, FLVascular Surgery1982660049
Michael A King 34205, FLVascular Surgery1457318305
Alexander Jaewook Rim 32605, FLVascular Surgery1760448765
James A Tiesi 34205, FLVascular Surgery1427015031
Kenneth J Wright 33614, FLVascular Surgery1568410579
Stephen Schreiber, Md 32789, FLVascular Surgery1275581589
Okaloosa Cardiology P A 32539, FLVascular Surgery1144270240
Delos Clift Md Pa 32804, FLVascular Surgery1548210180
Terry A King 34119, FLVascular Surgery1861443707
F Michael Alea 32177, FLVascular Surgery1932153525
Thad Kammerlocher 33912, FLVascular Surgery1326003997
Elmer Elsworth Croushore 32605, FLVascular Surgery1740243518
Joseph A Wasselle 32901, FLVascular Surgery1245295898
Marco Teodoro Bologna 33324, FLVascular Surgery1316992365
Mpm Specialists Llc 33759, FLVascular Surgery1851346829
Sebring Hma Physician Management Llc 33870, FLVascular Surgery1316993421
Scott A Berceli 32610, FLVascular Surgery1639118532
John Louis Porcaro 34952, FLVascular Surgery1982645461
Thomas S Huber 32610, FLVascular Surgery1154362176
W Anthony Lee 33431, FLVascular Surgery1659312700
Thomas I Lawhorn 32308, FLVascular Surgery1073555728
West Boca Vascular Surgery P A 33442, FLVascular Surgery1023050416
Stewart Allen Skipper 33872, FLVascular Surgery1427091073
Sebring Hma Physician Management, Llc 33870, FLVascular Surgery1851334098
Ing sei Hwang Md Pa 33321, FLVascular Surgery1568405678
Mamoon Jarrah 33952, FLVascular Surgery1699719468
Evanescence Inc 33165, FLVascular Surgery1780628107
All Vein Clinic Inc 33952, FLVascular Surgery1487698700
Steven Jay Smith 33050, FLVascular Surgery1073558300
Mario H Avila 33321, FLVascular Surgery1477599108
Omaida C Velazquez 33136, FLVascular Surgery1447287735
Timothy C Flynn 32610, FLVascular Surgery1972530822
Michael J Costello 34950, FLVascular Surgery1366470403
George K James 33603, FLVascular Surgery1942238837
Jose R Lamas 33012, FLVascular Surgery1679502967
Francisco J. Estevez 33133, FLVascular Surgery1427087295
Victor L Dragon 34689, FLVascular Surgery1760412316
St Vincents Ambulatory Care Inc 32204, FLVascular Surgery1417987124
Ormond C Mendes 32901, FLVascular Surgery1245262039
Ramon Vazquez 33410, FLVascular Surgery1952357626
Abdul Jabbar Barhoush 34474, FLVascular Surgery1093746331
Christopher Glenn Meyer 32792, FLVascular Surgery1134176571
Lawrence D Kaelin 32308, FLVascular Surgery1073540282
Jeremy Don Steinbaum 32763, FLVascular Surgery1518913292
Karl Armistead Illig 33606, FLVascular Surgery1023053303
Woodrow W Yeaney 34210, FLVascular Surgery1740217116
Slobodan Jazarevic 32114, FLVascular Surgery1982641494
Susan B Fox 33312, FLVascular Surgery1629024377
University Medical Service Association Inc 33606, FLVascular Surgery1497795306
University Medical Service Association Inc 33606, FLVascular Surgery1154361053
Irfan Riaz Imami 32901, FLVascular Surgery1902844699
Robert Joseph Reese 55435, FLVascular Surgery1134152085
Florida Phlebology Inc 33409, FLVascular Surgery1689608846
George Lester Mueller 32435, FLVascular Surgery1912932153
Sunshine State Surgical Specialists Pa 32778, FLVascular Surgery1437184090
Michael Jos Donohoe 32720, FLVascular Surgery1740215193
General & Vascular Surgery Specialists Inc 33435, FLVascular Surgery1023035649
Joseph G Magnant 33919, FLVascular Surgery1588682728
Robert G Ellison 32207, FLVascular Surgery1477571008
Thomas Kartis 33952, FLVascular Surgery1265451652
Edward J Scheel 34952, FLVascular Surgery1063433555
A. Frederick Schild 33136, FLVascular Surgery1700808615
Estevez & Associates Pa 33133, FLVascular Surgery1962416933
Florida Vascular Consultants Pa 32751, FLVascular Surgery1770590804
Julio Sanguily 34994, FLVascular Surgery1699783241
Bassam Sayegh 33458, FLVascular Surgery1285643296
John A. King 33138, FLVascular Surgery1336159771
William Maurice Blackshear 33702, FLVascular Surgery1619080793
Cham A Jayanetti 33143, FLVascular Surgery1316052228
Paul Citrin 33542, FLVascular Surgery1043325582
Thomas Marc Corbyons 32720, FLVascular Surgery1184658932
Dennis Francis Bandyk 33606, FLVascular Surgery1649282039
Martin Back 33612, FLVascular Surgery1962414342
Steven Roy Kanter 33176, FLVascular Surgery1174548713
Danny H Vo 32216, FLVascular Surgery1922028026
Alan R Wladis 32804, FLVascular Surgery1568578631
Gary Steven Janko 33744, FLVascular Surgery1407963101
Peter Samo Dovgan 32901, FLVascular Surgery1396857611
Ian A Concilio 34952, FLVascular Surgery1386746063
Manuel Sivina 33140, FLVascular Surgery1619071818
Brian Peyton 33027, FLVascular Surgery1467558072
Hiranya Rajasinghe 34103, FLVascular Surgery1720186430
Surgical Specialists Of Central Florida Inc 34761, FLVascular Surgery1396842753
Marvin F Ewy 33027, FLVascular Surgery1225136286
Charles Lee Byrd 33316, FLVascular Surgery1710087424
James P Bartek Md Pl 33952, FLVascular Surgery1255424255
Chris J Wehr 34761, FLVascular Surgery1407940893
Robert Joseph Feezor 32610, FLVascular Surgery1104913110
David Arthur D'alessandro 33064, FLVascular Surgery1477642544
Bartow Hma Physician Management, Llc 33812, FLVascular Surgery1275622995
Robert S Brumberg 32308, FLVascular Surgery1417037193
John Anthony Manubay 34613, FLVascular Surgery1679654313
Nature Coast Surgical Associates, Pa 34613, FLVascular Surgery1619058336
Arun K Penukonda 33990, FLVascular Surgery1215018627
Charles S. Garnette 32819, FLVascular Surgery1396826707
John Lewis Driscoll 33740, FLVascular Surgery1700960945
Vijay Narasimha 33511, FLVascular Surgery1790861532
Samer Koussayer 33511, FLVascular Surgery1235215062
Rashmi Sharma 34114, FLVascular Surgery1629156476


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