Providers with Taxonomy: Vascular Surgery in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Vascular Surgery
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bruce J. Brener 07039, NJVascular Surgery1053317636
Raymond J Holmes 07013, NJVascular Surgery1699771220
Fred Wolodiger 07631, NJVascular Surgery1073511085
Mark Kahn 07631, NJVascular Surgery1285632281
Jin P Kim Md 08079, NJVascular Surgery1538161377
Timothy Pilla 08096, NJVascular Surgery1023019312
Michael D Addis 07081, NJVascular Surgery1275525743
Jeffrey Hager 08050, NJVascular Surgery1992706030
Robert C Villare 08096, NJVascular Surgery1124012273
Barry Sussman 07631, NJVascular Surgery1801881487
James Steven Brock 07702, NJVascular Surgery1477549954
Matthew Nalbandian 07675, NJVascular Surgery1013901842
Advanced Vascular Associates, Pc 07960, NJVascular Surgery1497743819
Charles H Antinori 08360, NJVascular Surgery1831187780
Jerrold S Lozner 07922, NJVascular Surgery1194714451
Alexis C. Bobila 07013, NJVascular Surgery1245213271
Joseph Elmo Cauda 07702, NJVascular Surgery1891771358
Lourdes Medical Associates Pa 08035, NJVascular Surgery1568441541
Paul Mitchell Bauer 07753, NJVascular Surgery1083697874
Jonathan M Weiswasser 07702, NJVascular Surgery1285617308
Rowansom Vascular Lab 08084, NJVascular Surgery1831160985
Richard S Nitzberg 07922, NJVascular Surgery1306818778
Hudson Surgical Group Pc 07306, NJVascular Surgery1285605667
Hazari Muduli 07871, NJVascular Surgery1558333047
Randy Shafritz 08901, NJVascular Surgery1962476663
Stephen F Konigsberg 08904, NJVascular Surgery1104891803
Peter Thompson 08103, NJVascular Surgery1326013509
Steven Ian Curtiss 08904, NJVascular Surgery1144295486
Scott Farrell Rosen 08904, NJVascular Surgery1265407514
Affiliated Vascular Laboratories 08904, NJVascular Surgery1992771646
Paul L Odonnell 08210, NJVascular Surgery1407825433
Kurt Richard Wengerter 07631, NJVascular Surgery1265491880
Patrick J Mcgovern 07302, NJVascular Surgery1932174125
Michael Ombrellino 07960, NJVascular Surgery1114997426
Mark W Moritz 07960, NJVascular Surgery1346210648
Steven M. Hertz 07052, NJVascular Surgery1326009283
Florence Y Chan 07302, NJVascular Surgery1265497507
Rodolfo Colaco 07208, NJVascular Surgery1912964537
Rogen C Keys 07601, NJVascular Surgery1750349759
Gregory T Simonian 07601, NJVascular Surgery1528017944
Obi J Imegwu 08876, NJVascular Surgery1043261001
Edward Daniel Buch 08844, NJVascular Surgery1174575369
Steven Marc Elias 07631, NJVascular Surgery1275587024
Mark Lehman 07728, NJVascular Surgery1073567897
Kuchipudi Bapineedu 07410, NJVascular Surgery1801853031
Surgical Specialists Of New Jersey, Llc 08053, NJVascular Surgery1851345870
Galler & Feinberg Surgical Associates 08244, NJVascular Surgery1063467991
Mercer Surgical Group Pc 08690, NJVascular Surgery1811942337
Reza Ali Shah 08690, NJVascular Surgery1891740080
Englewood Surgical Associates, Pa 07631, NJVascular Surgery1033156948
Garden State Surgical Associates, P.a. 07080, NJVascular Surgery1881633790
Gary P Lengel 08050, NJVascular Surgery1770523938
Gary A. Drascher 08876, NJVascular Surgery1871536474
David M Richmand 07080, NJVascular Surgery1861435885
Joshua William Bernheim 07450, NJVascular Surgery1255375374
Thomas L Barnes 08036, NJVascular Surgery1629005798
H Stephen Fletcher 07039, NJVascular Surgery1356379648
Gary B Breitbart 07080, NJVascular Surgery1073553400
Theresa Marie Impeduglia 07601, NJVascular Surgery1336189786
Kevin V James 07960, NJVascular Surgery1700811353
Alec N Simpson 07080, NJVascular Surgery1891710356
Michael Resnikoff 07960, NJVascular Surgery1689690786
Thomas Y Lee 07960, NJVascular Surgery1528084621
Amit V Patel 07960, NJVascular Surgery1255357257
Frederick John Nahas 08244, NJVascular Surgery1659397297
Joseph V. Lombardi 08103, NJVascular Surgery1184644700
Salvador A. Cuadra 07090, NJVascular Surgery1851310015
Michael Soda 07803, NJVascular Surgery1811911340
Jung Tsung Tsai 07202, NJVascular Surgery1669496931
Joseph Manno 07601, NJVascular Surgery1578577425
Frank Thomas Padberg 07103, NJVascular Surgery1982612032
Kane Chang 08015, NJVascular Surgery1871503920
Sreedhar Kallakuri 11235, NJVascular Surgery1285645028
Eleftherios Zisis 07021, NJVascular Surgery1659384584
Michael A. Curi 07103, NJVascular Surgery1033222161
Raymond S Wojtalik 08033, NJVascular Surgery1144336892
Geoffrey Wong 07080, NJVascular Surgery1811916745
Subhash Chand Ramnauth 08753, NJVascular Surgery1043221310
Carlos A Tello 07502, NJVascular Surgery1518978063
Northern Valley Vascular Associates 07675, NJVascular Surgery1124035217
Charles L Dietzek 08043, NJVascular Surgery1639283344
Jeffrey Stuart Gosin 08244, NJVascular Surgery1386752012
Stephen Gosin 08244, NJVascular Surgery1437269016
Roxana G. Kline 07601, NJVascular Surgery1215037981
Mahmud Bangash 07410, NJVascular Surgery1073606109
Shahid N Haque 08755, NJVascular Surgery1811080310
Joseph Francis Popovich 07306, NJVascular Surgery1063592285
Peter Evan Kagan 07601, NJVascular Surgery1932281219
Norman Finkelstein, M.d., P.a. 08904, NJVascular Surgery1457435935
J. Gerard Crowley 08901, NJVascular Surgery1346319027
General And Vascular Surgical Associates Of North Jersey, P.a. 07012, NJVascular Surgery1518037068
James B Alexander 08103, NJVascular Surgery1649366956
Jagbir S Beniwal 07470, NJVascular Surgery1134229172
Kumar Patel 07071, NJVascular Surgery1194800243
Hirak Guha 08820, NJVascular Surgery1194813410
Loki Skylizard 07740, NJVascular Surgery1326110081
Mahadevan G Krishnan, Md Pc 08701, NJVascular Surgery1407929185
Mahadevan G Krishnan 08701, NJVascular Surgery1699849620
Daniel Char 07450, NJVascular Surgery1366518128
Charles L Dietzek, Do, Facos, Pc 08043, NJVascular Surgery1306905658
Physician Interpretations Of New Jersey 08060, NJVascular Surgery1578622627
Kevin Lopyan 07724, NJVascular Surgery1114086527
Massimo Mark Napolitano 07601, NJVascular Surgery1316007743
Cumberland Medical Associates, P.a. 08360, NJVascular Surgery1598826646
Salah Taha 07306, NJVascular Surgery1659434595
Salvatore Thomas Tuzzeo 07026, NJVascular Surgery1275697682
Stephen Kolakowski 07764, NJVascular Surgery1003971102
Michael Jeffrey Wilderman 07601, NJVascular Surgery1497802938
Sarat Kumar Dash 07419, NJVascular Surgery1275680563
Jersey Shore Surgery And Vein Center, Llc 08753, NJVascular Surgery1841349230
Charles M Moss 07202, NJVascular Surgery1134274582
James William Geuder 07601, NJVascular Surgery1619022068
The Moss & Geuder Surgical Group, Pa 07601, NJVascular Surgery1336294594
Eli Curi 07039, NJVascular Surgery1477692598
Central Jersey Surgeons, Pa 08844, NJVascular Surgery1811038045
Marc Courtenay Watson 07009, NJVascular Surgery1578605929
David E. Cohen, Md, Llc 07079, NJVascular Surgery1730222761
Advanced Medical Laser Options Llc 07712, NJVascular Surgery1760857148
Carlos A Tello, Md Pa 07502, NJVascular Surgery1285765719
Medical Surgical Family Practice Of Paterson 07501, NJVascular Surgery1376674572
Medical & Surgical Family Practice Of Passaic P A 07055, NJVascular Surgery1457482614
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York 10032, NJVascular Surgery1265598783
General Vascular Surgical Associates Pa 07102, NJVascular Surgery1578620068
Zafar Jamil 07102, NJVascular Surgery1932276755
Matthew Samra 08050, NJVascular Surgery1225171382
Cosmetic Vein Center, Llc 07450, NJVascular Surgery1376662312
Tushar Tripathi 08831, NJVascular Surgery1417171992
Omer Junaid Riaz 07960, NJVascular Surgery1801006838
George Manis 07981, NJVascular Surgery1144431362
Sanjay Kumar 08360, NJVascular Surgery1295938496
New Jersey Endovascular Therapeutics Pc 07450, NJVascular Surgery1467655662
Thomas Lambert Heleotis 07740, NJVascular Surgery1437357035
Hazari Muduli, Md, Llc 07871, NJVascular Surgery1558555227
Norman M. Finkelstein 08904, NJVascular Surgery1639367014
Scott Adam Sundick 07090, NJVascular Surgery1649449687
Lourdes Medical Associates, Pa 08103, NJVascular Surgery1104096668
Cardiothoracic Surgical Specialist Of Cherry Hill P A 08034, NJVascular Surgery1730351164
Pier Luigi Pieroni 08755, NJVascular Surgery1417120619
Vascular Disease Center Pc 08618, NJVascular Surgery1033384938
Dimitrios John Fotiadis 07013, NJVascular Surgery1336314889
Alissa Brotman-o'neill 08690, NJVascular Surgery1649438540
Honesto M Poblete 08619, NJVascular Surgery1972761799
Combiz Rezayat 07013, NJVascular Surgery1891954947
Carlos Alberto Neves 19958, NJVascular Surgery1558521567
Jose Trani 08103, NJVascular Surgery1750544599
Kristin Cook 07601, NJVascular Surgery1093976466
Haralabos Zacharatos 08820, NJVascular Surgery1639345333
Vijay Kamath 08015, NJVascular Surgery1467616995
Anjali Ratnathicam 07601, NJVascular Surgery1922257252
Saum Amir Rahimi 08901, NJVascular Surgery1366693830
Elliot Brett Sambol 08536, NJVascular Surgery1336391499
Cardiovascular Associates, P.a 07410, NJVascular Surgery1295988616
Vascular Epicenter Llc 07093, NJVascular Surgery1548415250
Hudson Vascular Group Llc 07030, NJVascular Surgery1508011909
Farouk Marzouk 08043, NJVascular Surgery1740428929
Andrew Kagan 07601, NJVascular Surgery1215175112
Comprehensive Vascular Care, Pa 08831, NJVascular Surgery1629217393
Owano M Pennycooke 07764, NJVascular Surgery1013150267
Aesthetic Vascular Association Llc 07702, NJVascular Surgery1972737864
Vascular And Endovascular Associates Of Nj Llc 07450, NJVascular Surgery1689808974
Mohammad Usman Nasir Khan 07753, NJVascular Surgery1619102662
Ajay Dhadwal 07103, NJVascular Surgery1629206032
Vein And Laser Center Of Nj 07419, NJVascular Surgery1922236249
Rwj Hamilton Diabetes & Endocrinology Group Pa 08619, NJVascular Surgery1730318981
Richard Kevin Spence 08003, NJVascular Surgery1801122205
Eli Curi, M.d. Pa 07039, NJVascular Surgery1689901654
James W. Geuder, M.d. Llc 07649, NJVascular Surgery1295065464
Mitul Suresh Patel 07677, NJVascular Surgery1093045197
North East Laser Vein Institute Llc 07450, NJVascular Surgery1376875310
Cindy Sturt 07039, NJVascular Surgery1073838173
Skylands Vascular Specialists, Llc 07840, NJVascular Surgery1720303316
Florence Chan M.d.,pc 07302, NJVascular Surgery1659691327
New York University 07631, NJVascular Surgery1831405000
Asclepius Vascular Services Pc 07102, NJVascular Surgery1689984940
Vein Treatment Center 07652, NJVascular Surgery1154622801
Comprehensive Vascular Center, Llc 08857, NJVascular Surgery1962704791
Vinayak .sabnis,md, Pa, Inc. 08210, NJVascular Surgery1487957882
Wellcomecare Medical Professionals Pc 07026, NJVascular Surgery1689970170
Hudson Thoracic & Vascular Surgical Associates 07047, NJVascular Surgery1437449873
Bakir Mohammed Altai 10031, NJVascular Surgery1154613214
Imran Ul Haq,m.d., Llc 08062, NJVascular Surgery1316230642
Cooper Surgical Associates, Pa 08103, NJVascular Surgery1336435957
North Jersey Vein Laser Center,pa 07047, NJVascular Surgery1528349701
Kenneth Fried Md Pa 07631, NJVascular Surgery1811273485
Surgical Specialties Of New Jersey, Llc 08619, NJVascular Surgery1124304258
Vascular Research Institute, Inc. 07960, NJVascular Surgery1821366295
Kennedy Medical Group Practice, P.c. 08080, NJVascular Surgery1629343421
David J O'connor 07601, NJVascular Surgery1063736510
Habib Khan 07753, NJVascular Surgery1437393063
Kennedy Medical Group Practice, P.c. 08043, NJVascular Surgery1073884847
Usa Vein Clinics Of Toms River, Llc 60062, NJVascular Surgery1194180315
Nadia Amal Awad 08103, NJVascular Surgery1205065695
Miguel Angel Villalobos 39216, NJVascular Surgery1598071987
Arthelma Chenee Tyson 08234, NJVascular Surgery1992023410
Kennedy Medical Group Practice P.c. 08012, NJVascular Surgery1881987337
Philip M Batista 08103, NJVascular Surgery1811216419
Satishkiran Reddy Kedika 11355, NJVascular Surgery1225321250
John Michael Danks 07652, NJVascular Surgery1023308772
Complete Vascular Inc 07631, NJVascular Surgery1861748444
John Edoga 07960, NJVascular Surgery1962759126


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