Providers with Taxonomy: Vascular Surgery in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Vascular Surgery
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dyersburg Clinic Corp 38024, TNVascular Surgery1093710568
Terry R. Allen 37203, TNVascular Surgery1245238971
Joseph L Mulherin 37205, TNVascular Surgery1922006691
Roger A Bonau 37205, TNVascular Surgery1588662225
Shahin Assadnia 37814, TNVascular Surgery1639178932
Grayson H Wheatley 37203, TNVascular Surgery1083615934
Chad R Swan 37075, TNVascular Surgery1235121179
Anthony Katras 37604, TNVascular Surgery1124012109
Joel B Clements 37404, TNVascular Surgery1548254261
Michael S Greer 37404, TNVascular Surgery1215921945
William Lee Russell 37160, TNVascular Surgery1700876158
Michael J Rohrer 38104, TNVascular Surgery1881675882
James Robert Evans 37604, TNVascular Surgery1295724284
Steven Paul Hopkins 37604, TNVascular Surgery1760471056
David Granville Stanley 37830, TNVascular Surgery1265418032
Jeffery Bartholomeau Dattilo 37205, TNVascular Surgery1326022039
Charles J. Mallo 37830, TNVascular Surgery1558333492
Keith E. Campbell 37701, TNVascular Surgery1659331742
Russell J Gross 38019, TNVascular Surgery1548228588
Patricio A Ilabaca 38120, TNVascular Surgery1255381406
Scott Lawrence Stevens 37920, TNVascular Surgery1154374262
Mark Wayne Shelton 37211, TNVascular Surgery1174574214
Yakima Hma Physician Management Llc 98902, TNVascular Surgery1730139510
Larimore C Warren 37087, TNVascular Surgery1255383766
Robert C. Allen 29732, TNVascular Surgery1659321115
Sebring Hma Physician Management Llc 33870, TNVascular Surgery1316993421
Harvey Edward Garrett 38120, TNVascular Surgery1508800905
Cary W Pulliam 37067, TNVascular Surgery1750327052
East Tennessee Medical Group, Pc 37701, TNVascular Surgery1942238902
Mitchell H. Goldman 37920, TNVascular Surgery1588694913
Jeffrey R Kappa 37660, TNVascular Surgery1285665968
Surgical Associates Of Kingsport, Inc 37660, TNVascular Surgery1609806389
Granite City Clinic Corp 62040, TNVascular Surgery1255387957
Wellmont Cardiology Services 37660, TNVascular Surgery1376575035
Blount Memorial Physician Group, Inc. 37804, TNVascular Surgery1699710194
Terry Lee Adams 37923, TNVascular Surgery1730105610
Andrew Hayward Lundberg 38242, TNVascular Surgery1770509705
Paris Surgical Specialists, P.l.l.c. 38242, TNVascular Surgery1790701654
George Daniel Gonzalez 37660, TNVascular Surgery1588683585
Dhsc Llc 44646, TNVascular Surgery1386665149
Michael Benton Freeman 37920, TNVascular Surgery1396769717
Shelbyville Clinic Corp 37160, TNVascular Surgery1366458754
Morristown Clinic Corp 37813, TNVascular Surgery1700990959
Jonathan J Ellichman 38119, TNVascular Surgery1073538823
Charles S. Drummond 37388, TNVascular Surgery1609891803
Tennessee Phlebology Pc 37027, TNVascular Surgery1780618942
Christopher Scott Callicutt 37919, TNVascular Surgery1902827728
Charles Scott Joels 37404, TNVascular Surgery1497770283
Keith Sean Campbell 37919, TNVascular Surgery1518074939
Randal Oliver Graham 37916, TNVascular Surgery1710094180
Richard Allan Brinner 37916, TNVascular Surgery1326155755
Hugh Crockett Hyatt 37919, TNVascular Surgery1992812010
Michael David Kropilak 37916, TNVascular Surgery1700993839
P. Kevin Zirkle 37916, TNVascular Surgery1811004732
Larry Dale Burke 38120, TNVascular Surgery1992813158
Oscar H Grandas Md Pllc 37920, TNVascular Surgery1083722201
Bridget Flavin Ostrow 38104, TNVascular Surgery1225140734
Marvin Haber Vickers 37922, TNVascular Surgery1649381864
Dickson Medical Associates, Pc 37055, TNVascular Surgery1689777922
Patricio A. Ilabaca, Md, Pc 38120, TNVascular Surgery1386744514
John Byrne 37232, TNVascular Surgery1952498073
Lock Haven Clinic Company, Llc 17745, TNVascular Surgery1356430847
Robert Christopher Jones 37203, TNVascular Surgery1144309121
Richard Michael Young 37919, TNVascular Surgery1134236052
Oscar H. Grandas 37920, TNVascular Surgery1366550014
John R Reisser 37919, TNVascular Surgery1104904028
Patrick W Meacham 37075, TNVascular Surgery1164598876
Tennessee Surgical Specialists, Pc 37923, TNVascular Surgery1093877557
Mayda Vascular, Inc. 46902, TNVascular Surgery1881737724
Paul S. Fleser 37067, TNVascular Surgery1346397130
Daniel Franklin Fisher 37404, TNVascular Surgery1053305789
Joshua David Arnold 37920, TNVascular Surgery1417070103
Pulliam Middle Tennessee Surgical Associates Pllc 37067, TNVascular Surgery1104036722
Billy John Kim 37076, TNVascular Surgery1942404728
Michael Morgan Mcnally 37920, TNVascular Surgery1063612323
James Eric Gardner, Md 38017, TNVascular Surgery1588857148
Mohamad Jamil Akbik, M.d., P.c. 38133, TNVascular Surgery1356510838
Vcp Nashville, Llc 37203, TNVascular Surgery1720255532
James Eric Gardner 38104, TNVascular Surgery1801009089
Jeffrey S Horn 37404, TNVascular Surgery1487864666
Anton Surath Nisetus Dias Perera 38120, TNVascular Surgery1336313170
Deanna L Nelson 37919, TNVascular Surgery1386816833
John Michael Craig 38120, TNVascular Surgery1245459403
John Brian Kendrick 38401, TNVascular Surgery1265621635
Marcus A. Barber 64116, TNVascular Surgery1346467420
Tif Siragusa 37076, TNVascular Surgery1215152236
Sunrise Mountainview Multispecialty Clinics, Llc 89109, TNVascular Surgery1043402522
Heesuk Richard Yoon 37604, TNVascular Surgery1841499191
Shaun Michael Stickley 38104, TNVascular Surgery1528289808
Vcp Nashville, Llc 37027, TNVascular Surgery1467603399
Vascular And Endovascular Specialists, Llc 37076, TNVascular Surgery1669627105
H2u Wellness Centers, Llc 37203, TNVascular Surgery1649406687
Hamlet Hma Ppm Llc 28379, TNVascular Surgery1164653499
Wellmont Cardiology Services 37660, TNVascular Surgery1356669568
Middle Tennessee Vascular Associates, Plc 38401, TNVascular Surgery1700198793
Rockledge Hma Medical Group, Llc 32953, TNVascular Surgery1386959484
James Eric Gardner, Md, Pc 38104, TNVascular Surgery1881901163
Tif W Siragusa 37076, TNVascular Surgery1346515897
Swan Surgical, Pllc 37075, TNVascular Surgery1811121015
Shardul Bal Nagre 37660, TNVascular Surgery1467771899
Michael Ryan Buckley 37920, TNVascular Surgery1801038716
Tristar Cardiovascular Surgery Llc 37203, TNVascular Surgery1770851552
Dlp Frye Medical Group Llc 28601, TNVascular Surgery1588103220
Prateek Kumar Gupta 38104, TNVascular Surgery1952555666
Robert Charles Allen 37660, TNVascular Surgery1578791307
Afshin Andrew Skibba 37919, TNVascular Surgery1598057861
University Vascular Surgeons, Pllc 37920, TNVascular Surgery1548524184
Vcp Memphis, Llc 30809, TNVascular Surgery1194079962
Frances L. Cross, Md, Pllc 37830, TNVascular Surgery1427394220
Mark A Benak Md Nashville Pc 37203, TNVascular Surgery1548600877
Doctors Hospital Physician Services Llc 44646, TNVascular Surgery1801858501
Colleen Brophy 37232, TNVascular Surgery1619998606
Chandler Long 37232, TNVascular Surgery1568666055
Sharon Clinic Company Llc 16146, TNVascular Surgery1609291939
Blue Ridge Medical Management 37604, TNVascular Surgery1114340445
Dlp Maria Parham Physician Practices Llc 27536, TNVascular Surgery1083197818
East Tennessee Vascular Center, Pllc 37814, TNVascular Surgery1508879719
Dlp Frye Medical Group Llc 28601, TNVascular Surgery1851830541
Megan Stewart 38138, TNVascular Surgery1598236309
University Surgical Associates, Llc 37403, TNVascular Surgery1972520963
Blue Ridge Medical Mangement Corporation 37604, TNVascular Surgery1043739881
Luke Stephan Erdoes 37604, TNVascular Surgery1558355511
Dlp Maria Parham Physician Practices, Llc 27536, TNVascular Surgery1932485943
Ecm Health Group Llc 35630, TNVascular Surgery1346588852
Willard B. Campbell 37923, TNVascular Surgery1306954490
Christopher W. Pollock 37919, TNVascular Surgery1306953260
Timothy Joseph Weatherall 38138, TNVascular Surgery1255692224
Karen Parks Rudolph 37404, TNVascular Surgery1578838629
Key West Hma Physician Management, Llc 33042, TNVascular Surgery1871548651
Daniel S. Krcelic 37421, TNVascular Surgery1114289774
Premier Surgical Associates, Pllc 37919, TNVascular Surgery1750449443
Clayton Allen Kaiser 37205, TNVascular Surgery1003077728
Mary Caroline Nally 37205, TNVascular Surgery1750645750
Vascular And Vein Institute Of The South, Pllc 38138, TNVascular Surgery1275016941
Carissa A Webster-lake 38104, TNVascular Surgery1134448269
Mark D Nowell 38570, TNVascular Surgery1295765964
Evan Robert Brownie 84107, TNVascular Surgery1346507456
Pinelake Physician Practice, Llc 42050, TNVascular Surgery1861563439
Sumner Physicians Practices Llc 37066, TNVascular Surgery1427318716
Michael Alexander Sywak 38501, TNVascular Surgery1003104639
Ramesh C Narayanagowda 37130, TNVascular Surgery1578551917
Grand Strand Surgical Specialists, Llc 29572, TNVascular Surgery1841465804
Patrick C Ryan 37203, TNVascular Surgery1194724864
Nashville Vascular And Vein Institute, Pllc 37203, TNVascular Surgery1730501677
Christopher J Lesar 37421, TNVascular Surgery1285628917
Daniel Kim 37804, TNVascular Surgery1174792154
Dlp Conemaugh Physician Practices Llc 15905, TNVascular Surgery1205242609
Mark W. Fugate 37404, TNVascular Surgery1124227459
University Health System, Inc 37920, TNVascular Surgery1891002523
Jeffrey Thomas Johnston 38103, TNVascular Surgery1679969729
Eric Whittington 53792, TNVascular Surgery1053792457
Patrick Yu 38401, TNVascular Surgery1811330830
Harvey Andrew Poret 37923, TNVascular Surgery1760459747
William Vinh Ngo 37862, TNVascular Surgery1962700070
Rodney Paul Bensley 37129, TNVascular Surgery1720233075
David Maurice Chatman 37129, TNVascular Surgery1053309492
W. John Abadier 37772, TNVascular Surgery1144391657
William C Hall 37920, TNVascular Surgery1073597423
Michael L Maggart 37920, TNVascular Surgery1770566176
Larry Richard Sprouse 37404, TNVascular Surgery1730173634
Sachin Vijaykumar Phade 37404, TNVascular Surgery1477744035
David Dale Long 37830, TNVascular Surgery1881670669
William S Dallas 37830, TNVascular Surgery1326024308
Jacqueline Anne Majors 38138, TNVascular Surgery1255690871
Center For Vein Restoration Tn Pllc 38119, TNVascular Surgery1215548375
Stephen A. Tonks 37919, TNVascular Surgery1689937989
Springfield Surgery Pc 37172, TNVascular Surgery1861496242
Cardiopulmonary Surgical Consultants Pc 37604, TNVascular Surgery1154381713
Cardiovascular Specialist , P.c. 38104, TNVascular Surgery1730142795
Middle Tennessee Vascular 37067, TNVascular Surgery1649211152
Vascular Associates, Pc 37404, TNVascular Surgery1154421428
Vascular Wellness Center Inc 38555, TNVascular Surgery1437356482
Mark W. Shelton M.d. Pllc 37211, TNVascular Surgery1902003775
Larry Burke, Md, Pc 38120, TNVascular Surgery1770789349
George O'neal Vinsant 37766, TNVascular Surgery1336230465
William A Walker 37934, TNVascular Surgery1770551368
Christopher J Lucas 37040, TNVascular Surgery1982632337
Alissa Christine Hart 38138, TNVascular Surgery1417342015
Jorge Luis Weber Guzman 38120, TNVascular Surgery1306112487
Greater Tampa Bay Physician Specialists, Llc 33609, TNVascular Surgery1528492287
Ashish Shah 37232, TNVascular Surgery1154350759
Patrick A Stone 37232, TNVascular Surgery1851472682
Clifford Louis Garrard 37232, TNVascular Surgery1891792602
John A Curci 37232, TNVascular Surgery1235157652
Thomas Naslund 37232, TNVascular Surgery1295834620
Lori A Rolando 37212, TNVascular Surgery1699945568
Christine Jeanette (j.) Deyholos 37232, TNVascular Surgery1992196463
Matthew Dominic Bacchetta 37232, TNVascular Surgery1598866840
Bryan Tole Fisher 37203, TNVascular Surgery1376752980
Julia Michelle Boll 37205, TNVascular Surgery1629393004
Jimbob Faulk 37205, TNVascular Surgery1245237148
John E Keyser 37205, TNVascular Surgery1336146042
Allen Philip Lee 37203, TNVascular Surgery1326242199
Adam Alston Richter 37207, TNVascular Surgery1063671832
Todd Henry Wilkens 37167, TNVascular Surgery1356434856
Lakeview Internal Medicine, Llc 84025, TNVascular Surgery1518293323
Healthone Clinic Services surgical Specialties Llc 80220, TNVascular Surgery1417553843
Randall William Franz 38104, TNVascular Surgery1053300319
Aadi, Llc 37421, TNVascular Surgery1972129534
Sumner Physician Practices Llc 37066, TNVascular Surgery1871002055


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