Providers with Taxonomy: Vascular Surgery in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Vascular Surgery
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Thomas Hassapis 98239, WAVascular Surgery1992709802
Paul Gregory Hayes 98122, WAVascular Surgery1295730018
James Gregory Roberts 98405, WAVascular Surgery1356346936
George S. Fortner 98632, WAVascular Surgery1154329324
Susan Laurie Morrison 98632, WAVascular Surgery1164420261
Peter Wolff 98223, WAVascular Surgery1447258801
George A Berni 98310, WAVascular Surgery1831190040
Lake Washington Vascular Pllc 98004, WAVascular Surgery1942292875
Mark C Adams 98310, WAVascular Surgery1043202450
Frederick Ian Field 99362, WAVascular Surgery1235124959
Nam Tran 98104, WAVascular Surgery1083604078
Connie L. Zastrow 98225, WAVascular Surgery1578547543
Robert D. Defrang 98201, WAVascular Surgery1649257692
George M Brennan 98506, WAVascular Surgery1902883002
James M. Cook 98201, WAVascular Surgery1255318317
William Burley Mcintyre 98201, WAVascular Surgery1720066616
Mark D. Papenhausen 98201, WAVascular Surgery1740268325
Thomas Kieran Curry 98372, WAVascular Surgery1811974652
Stephens Davis Taylor 99204, WAVascular Surgery1508841966
Eugene S Lee 99352, WAVascular Surgery1518943265
Benjamin Ware Starnes 98104, WAVascular Surgery1114997707
Vascular Surgery Nw Ps 98499, WAVascular Surgery1780657924
James C Watson 98122, WAVascular Surgery1083674683
Michael Zammit 98902, WAVascular Surgery1841251188
Carber C Huang 98686, WAVascular Surgery1831151968
Thomas R Pellow 99204, WAVascular Surgery1649233032
Mary Kathleen Reilly 99204, WAVascular Surgery1154385847
Hassan Y. Tehrani 99204, WAVascular Surgery1770547572
Bayside Vein & Laser Center, Pllc 98225, WAVascular Surgery1982653788
Roy Andrew Taylor 98226, WAVascular Surgery1720038086
Esteban Ambrad-chalela 99354, WAVascular Surgery1669424032
Joseph Anton Davis 99204, WAVascular Surgery1659334936
Luke Xiaoli Zhan 99204, WAVascular Surgery1043524481
Ryan D. Nachreiner 99204, WAVascular Surgery1104874569
Yakima Hma Physician Management Llc 98902, WAVascular Surgery1730139510
Nicholas D Garcia 98405, WAVascular Surgery1659336535
Stephen P Murray 99204, WAVascular Surgery1427011394
Thoracic & Vascular Center Of Kitsap County Inc Ps 98310, WAVascular Surgery1629016522
Public Hospital District #1 Of King County 98055, WAVascular Surgery1912947565
Edwin Chamberlayne Brockenbrough 98004, WAVascular Surgery1124063557
Daniel Pepper 98004, WAVascular Surgery1619906328
Jason Kwang-gu Lee 98122, WAVascular Surgery1114965332
Stephen Nicholls 98664, WAVascular Surgery1437187598
Angela Diamond 98383, WAVascular Surgery1023045101
Wayne W Zhang 98195, WAVascular Surgery1669404471
Mitchell David Cahn 98032, WAVascular Surgery1164461331
Brian L Ferris 98004, WAVascular Surgery1104859081
Kathleen Gibson 98004, WAVascular Surgery1295769727
Mark P. Ombrellaro 98004, WAVascular Surgery1699793968
Dudley T Moorhead 98004, WAVascular Surgery1306864673
James D Buttorff 98405, WAVascular Surgery1295755908
James Leonard Reus 98506, WAVascular Surgery1760404131
Chris Nolan Griffith 98506, WAVascular Surgery1922020296
Richard Tang Krug 98506, WAVascular Surgery1558383828
Kevin Dewey Robinson 98506, WAVascular Surgery1184646457
Richard Kremer 98122, WAVascular Surgery1356350003
Elina Quiroga 98104, WAVascular Surgery1841305638
Adnan Z Rizvi 99204, WAVascular Surgery1669482154
Robert Jason Thomas Perry 98431, WAVascular Surgery1508872540
John N Diaconou 98001, WAVascular Surgery1821105164
Sherene N Shalhub 98055, WAVascular Surgery1639288541
Thomas Hatsukami 98104, WAVascular Surgery1114038007
Ted Raney Kohler 98108, WAVascular Surgery1780786731
Leonard T Su 98034, WAVascular Surgery1841381704
Robert Eugene Zierler 98195, WAVascular Surgery1194800920
Mark H Meissner 98104, WAVascular Surgery1932285699
John S. Arthur Md Ps 98310, WAVascular Surgery1609952662
Marian F Mcnamara 98109, WAVascular Surgery1700969003
Tracy A Berg 99216, WAVascular Surgery1376637421
Ellen Lyman Thomason Derrick 98105, WAVascular Surgery1659480630
Rachel Sasha Lundgren 98801, WAVascular Surgery1881702967
Jimmy Y. Chung 98362, WAVascular Surgery1134298177
Roy Thomas Bergman 98801, WAVascular Surgery1891860979
Charles Roland Strub 98272, WAVascular Surgery1497816078
Kevin Au 98052, WAVascular Surgery1417014846
Michal Nawalany 98201, WAVascular Surgery1770631475
Edmond J Raker 98101, WAVascular Surgery1487703799
Anthony J. Roon 98201, WAVascular Surgery1396894879
George N. Beito 98052, WAVascular Surgery1447300389
Niten Singh 98104, WAVascular Surgery1528110400
Beejay Feliciano 99204, WAVascular Surgery1235273632
Eastside Vascular Llp 98004, WAVascular Surgery1356471833
Derek Phillip Nathan 98101, WAVascular Surgery1770630451
Harold Herman Randecker 98258, WAVascular Surgery1891914370
Dae Young Lee 99352, WAVascular Surgery1649491481
Renee Carole Minjarez 98004, WAVascular Surgery1639373277
Damon Scott Pierce 98101, WAVascular Surgery1912101742
Peter Bolek Brant-zawadzki 98201, WAVascular Surgery1215134697
Vascular Associates, Ps 98122, WAVascular Surgery1891986097
Michelle Eun-sun Sohn 98225, WAVascular Surgery1831380153
Franciscan Health System 98001, WAVascular Surgery1215128228
Franciscan Health System 98003, WAVascular Surgery1285825786
Franciscan Health System 98055, WAVascular Surgery1689865032
Surgical Associates Pllc 98506, WAVascular Surgery1447445424
John S Arthur 98310, WAVascular Surgery1013104165
Matthew P Sweet 98195, WAVascular Surgery1770766073
Yi Soo Robert Kim 98335, WAVascular Surgery1891978128
Omar K Dorzi 98001, WAVascular Surgery1811154537
Franciscan Medical Group 98001, WAVascular Surgery1659536449
Franciscan Medical Group 98003, WAVascular Surgery1801051404
Mun Jye Poi 99352, WAVascular Surgery1750574091
Yolanda Ligsay Vea 98683, WAVascular Surgery1588826176
Patrick Joshua O'brien 59802, WAVascular Surgery1942414040
Carlos Eduardo Pineda 98122, WAVascular Surgery1164684734
Leann A Chavez 87106, WAVascular Surgery1720286891
Gale Lynn Tang 98108, WAVascular Surgery1033375647
Franciscan Medical Group 98022, WAVascular Surgery1528216280
Wa spok Medical Care Llc 99204, WAVascular Surgery1649420019
Franciscan Medical Group 98310, WAVascular Surgery1336386473
Surgical Specialists Field & Newbold Pllc 99362, WAVascular Surgery1366689069
Memorial Physicians, Pllc 98926, WAVascular Surgery1487893707
Jordan Elliott Genut 98225, WAVascular Surgery1285861005
Dennis Lien-hsun Su 98055, WAVascular Surgery1649403866
Provascular Surgery Associates Pllc 98055, WAVascular Surgery1174851810
Valley Medical Group renton 98055, WAVascular Surgery1619209574
Franciscan Medical Group 98022, WAVascular Surgery1295056075
Franciscan Medical Group 98332, WAVascular Surgery1750602538
Providence Health & Services Mt 59802, WAVascular Surgery1972811768
Providence Physician Services Co 99204, WAVascular Surgery1356646202
Damon S Pierce Md Ps 98520, WAVascular Surgery1356622344
Franciscan Medical Group 98405, WAVascular Surgery1760768402
Coastal Specialty Imaging 98520, WAVascular Surgery1083990261
Providence Health & Services Wa 98201, WAVascular Surgery1225335425
Ramandeep Singh Sidhu 98027, WAVascular Surgery1083879340
Memorial Physicians, P.l.l.c. 98902, WAVascular Surgery1528390861
Lorena P De Marco Garcia 98902, WAVascular Surgery1265744577
The Polyclinic 98122, WAVascular Surgery1831411487
Lindsay Michelle Gates 99204, WAVascular Surgery1285952085
Sarah Elizabeth Koch 98405, WAVascular Surgery1578859575
Daiva Nevidomskyte 98122, WAVascular Surgery1164712931
Warren Bryan Chow 98108, WAVascular Surgery1457689283
Franciscan Medical Group 98310, WAVascular Surgery1154564649
Sara Jane Wasilenko 98506, WAVascular Surgery1528387941
Jonathan Scott Ratcliff 98405, WAVascular Surgery1598054413
Memorial Physicians, Pllc 98944, WAVascular Surgery1154602084
Franciscan Medical Group 98499, WAVascular Surgery1659628691
Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics, Pllc 98371, WAVascular Surgery1366785685
Usa Vein Clinics Of Kent, Pllc 98031, WAVascular Surgery1770971871
Usa Vein Cllinics Of Bellevue, Pllc 98004, WAVascular Surgery1316335417
Usa Vein Clinics Of Seattle, Pllc 98125, WAVascular Surgery1184020307
Esteban Ambrad chalela,md,pllc 99354, WAVascular Surgery1538347216
Usa Vascular Centers Of Bellevue, Pllc 98004, WAVascular Surgery1487035952
Anna Ohlsson 98104, WAVascular Surgery1750762415
Michael Sobel 98108, WAVascular Surgery1548342892
Johnathon Curtis Rollo 98133, WAVascular Surgery1104185644
Elena K Rinehardt 98004, WAVascular Surgery1053678326
Vivaa Pllc 98027, WAVascular Surgery1750759429
Sunnyside Community Hospital Association 98902, WAVascular Surgery1922525666
Sunnyside Community Hospital Association 98948, WAVascular Surgery1295252930
Boxbar Consulting Pllc 98105, WAVascular Surgery1841712072
Cindy Pham Ha 98405, WAVascular Surgery1417244252
Sunnyside Community Hospital Association 98902, WAVascular Surgery1710496922
Peter Bartline 98201, WAVascular Surgery1902121635
Kaj Johansen 98122, WAVascular Surgery1366491045
Brian C Lange 98122, WAVascular Surgery1811958465
Rolando I Celis Valdiviezo 98201, WAVascular Surgery1497975361
Gregory Skerrett 98431, WAVascular Surgery1407055569
Donald Gilbert Harris 98055, WAVascular Surgery1285958967
Dale G Wilson 99352, WAVascular Surgery1891051314
Justin Margolis 11794, WAVascular Surgery1083907836
Peter Kreishman 98431, WAVascular Surgery1528097797
Philip D. Feliciano 98206, WAVascular Surgery1457338451
Holmes Russell Troutman 98632, WAVascular Surgery1316935778
Usa Vascular Centers Of Kent Pllc 98032, WAVascular Surgery1356722938
Louise May 98506, WAVascular Surgery1982961173
Vascular & Surgical Care Northwest, Pllc 98104, WAVascular Surgery1427321405
Katherine Irene Warner 98902, WAVascular Surgery1003137506
Matthew Evans Bennett 98101, WAVascular Surgery1043579600
Sara Lauren Zettervall 98195, WAVascular Surgery1710270152
Swee Lian Tan 98104, WAVascular Surgery1568430908
Matthew C Smith 98133, WAVascular Surgery1942542212
Chatt Allan Johnson 98902, WAVascular Surgery1184605347
Inland Imaging Associates Ps 99202, WAVascular Surgery1770544512
Proliance Surgeons Inc., P.s. 98122, WAVascular Surgery1134169931
Ehs Medical Services Llc 99204, WAVascular Surgery1396839585
Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates Pc 99352, WAVascular Surgery1881756054
Cascade Vascular Associates Ps 98405, WAVascular Surgery1144346420
Charles Abe Andersen 98431, WAVascular Surgery1639149479
Xuan-binh D Pham 98122, WAVascular Surgery1003164112
Peacehealth 98225, WAVascular Surgery1356309553
George Henry Meier 98310, WAVascular Surgery1639141658
Allen D Rubin 98405, WAVascular Surgery1942422977
Kira N Long 98310, WAVascular Surgery1992022735
Ellis J Salloum 98310, WAVascular Surgery1871540088
Felix G Vladimir 98405, WAVascular Surgery1962472993
Hao Trong Vu 98405, WAVascular Surgery1104050814
Gabriel Abraham Wallace 60415, WAVascular Surgery1609142074
Sherry Lee Cavanagh 93701, WAVascular Surgery1255536090
Kevin Ryan Kniery 78234, WAVascular Surgery1881955029
David Seth Kauvar 78234, WAVascular Surgery1144210626


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