Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Neuropsychologist (103G00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Neuropsychologist (103G00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An individual with a doctorate degree, licensure in clinical psychology and specialized training or board certification in neuropsychology who practices or adheres to the principles of neuropsychology; a specialty within the field of psychology focusing primarily on neurobehavioral functioning.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kerri J Lamberty MNClinical Neuropsychologist1558377283
Karen Jean Conti Lindem MAClinical Neuropsychologist1467469726
Thomas Edward Beniak MNClinical Neuropsychologist1043227515
Linda K Hornbostel CAClinical Neuropsychologist1780691998
Steven J. Hirsch RIClinical Neuropsychologist1578570735
Thomas C Knee CTClinical Neuropsychologist1114934270
Jon Kimpton RIClinical Neuropsychologist1134136963
Bruce A Crosson FLClinical Neuropsychologist1366459398
Melody N Dilk INClinical Neuropsychologist1912915422
Jamie Rae Champion IDClinical Neuropsychologist1952319394
Linda F Collins IAClinical Neuropsychologist1215945837
Mary Ellen Haines OHClinical Neuropsychologist1790792315
Hui Xu NVClinical Neuropsychologist1942218805
Robert C Doss MNClinical Neuropsychologist1669480521
Wendy Marquardt CAClinical Neuropsychologist1144238262
John D. Corrigan OHClinical Neuropsychologist1568470292
Christopher A Pierce COClinical Neuropsychologist1538177266
Richard Daniel Fuller AKClinical Neuropsychologist1578572947
Lydia Prass PAClinical Neuropsychologist1104834829
Shanan Lea Roth TXClinical Neuropsychologist1144238874
Jeffrey Madden OHClinical Neuropsychologist1356350037
Philip Gerard Gasquoine TXClinical Neuropsychologist1275542995
Katherine Stewart Quie MNClinical Neuropsychologist1982613543
Michael Graham Eppinger TXClinical Neuropsychologist1639188576
Victoria Marie Barnett FLClinical Neuropsychologist1205845211
Kathleen York Haaland NMClinical Neuropsychologist1598774416
Jill Ramsey Edgar CTClinical Neuropsychologist1003825191
William Willard Pace MNClinical Neuropsychologist1093724049
I. Barry Bell PAClinical Neuropsychologist1932118809
Linda J Bernardin WIClinical Neuropsychologist1790795128
Charles Tracy Cleveland TXClinical Neuropsychologist1821008665
Bradford John Eaton INClinical Neuropsychologist1427068030
James R Lamott MDClinical Neuropsychologist1154331247
Kimberly K. Bares MNClinical Neuropsychologist1578573671
Robert Riley MEClinical Neuropsychologist1275543100
Terry Glen Shaw OKClinical Neuropsychologist1063423994
John Thomas Kenny OHClinical Neuropsychologist1659382570
George Steven Serna OHClinical Neuropsychologist1295746014
Jeff W Kayes OHClinical Neuropsychologist1609887249
Sharon Kaye Hagen FLClinical Neuropsychologist1114938362
Karen Michele Dorfman OKClinical Neuropsychologist1447261755
Gregg D'angelo TXClinical Neuropsychologist1598776593
Andrea Judith Cohen TXClinical Neuropsychologist1316958598
Jack B. Schaffer MNClinical Neuropsychologist1568473569
John Nicholson Leavitt ILClinical Neuropsychologist1174534259
Harold Dale Patterson NCClinical Neuropsychologist1962414631
Janet S Cain CAClinical Neuropsychologist1548272404
Margaret Zellinger MEClinical Neuropsychologist1942212816
Tanya Pospisil MEClinical Neuropsychologist1912919887
Nancy Powers SDClinical Neuropsychologist1285646059
Joel J. Epstein FLClinical Neuropsychologist1366454019
Neil Howard Pliskin ILClinical Neuropsychologist1255343596
Stephen Kelly Martin TXClinical Neuropsychologist1144233297
David N Bellas CTClinical Neuropsychologist1407869480
William Curtis Cheney NYClinical Neuropsychologist1891708723
Arlene I. Rattan PAClinical Neuropsychologist1407869357
Paul D Blanton ALClinical Neuropsychologist1194738864
Gregory Scott Sowles INClinical Neuropsychologist1639182694
Jorge A Montijo Colon PRClinical Neuropsychologist1720091218
Yvette Tazeau CAClinical Neuropsychologist1376556639
Michael James Mcgrath SDClinical Neuropsychologist1508879867
Bradley Neal Axelrod MIClinical Neuropsychologist1316950678
Joseph Barrash IAClinical Neuropsychologist1750394953
Roberta Frances Stahnke ILClinical Neuropsychologist1023021243
Edward M. Kendjelic PAClinical Neuropsychologist1942313119
Michael Louis Drexler CAClinical Neuropsychologist1659484830
Jerry Lee Brittain VAClinical Neuropsychologist1972516367
John Andrew Schinka FLClinical Neuropsychologist1649383860
Patrick Thomas Swift NYClinical Neuropsychologist1447363569
John Adrian Sweeney TXClinical Neuropsychologist1790898856
Lisa D. Stanford ILClinical Neuropsychologist1194838268
Louise Kurdys Jeffrey NEClinical Neuropsychologist1710090568
Cynthia Farkas Levinson MAClinical Neuropsychologist1528171527
Monna Wier WAClinical Neuropsychologist1316050271
Jeremy T Alden MNClinical Neuropsychologist1376656991
Julie Ann Robinson MNClinical Neuropsychologist1184737710
Steve M Shindell GAClinical Neuropsychologist1225141591
Howard J Oakes CTClinical Neuropsychologist1013021393
Joseph F Kulas CTClinical Neuropsychologist1104930494
Valerie Lanae Hartman OKClinical Neuropsychologist1124131537
Robert A. Catanese TNClinical Neuropsychologist1417061623
Michael Don Shore CAClinical Neuropsychologist1063526192
Alan M Gladsden Clinical Neuropsychologist1134233232
Deann Nerem IAClinical Neuropsychologist1902910680
Catherine Monaco NHClinical Neuropsychologist1780798488
Richard Douglas Welser NCClinical Neuropsychologist1891809331
Terrie Lynn Price MOClinical Neuropsychologist1952415309
Kenneth Raymond Mills IAClinical Neuropsychologist1548374945
George P Prigatano AZClinical Neuropsychologist1437264868
Debra D Brown WAClinical Neuropsychologist1225143654
David Lewis Slack FLClinical Neuropsychologist1558476861
Rosalyn Roesel GAClinical Neuropsychologist1588779722
Rebecca Ellen Fanton MAClinical Neuropsychologist1205941291
Rex Michael Swanda NMClinical Neuropsychologist1033224050
Shanna Marie Kurth ILClinical Neuropsychologist1891800603
Christopher Martin Bauer CAClinical Neuropsychologist1821103524
John W Ehrfurth WIClinical Neuropsychologist1053426585
Robin Henderson-logan NCClinical Neuropsychologist1366557878
Mark Mapstone NYClinical Neuropsychologist1760597223
Lori Catania NJClinical Neuropsychologist1083720486
Stuart J Waltonen WIClinical Neuropsychologist1821104357
Donna Palumbo NYClinical Neuropsychologist1124134556
Margaret Allison Cato Jackson FLClinical Neuropsychologist1720194640
Fiona C Kehoe CTClinical Neuropsychologist1245347707
Joseph Thomas Marcantuono NJClinical Neuropsychologist1801902523
Stanford Martin Singer NYClinical Neuropsychologist1790892289
Jan L. Holtz MNClinical Neuropsychologist1699882217
Jennifer Bogner OHClinical Neuropsychologist1700896461
James M Fuendeling ARClinical Neuropsychologist1700802485
David Roger Dubord WIClinical Neuropsychologist1639191513
Leon Ashley Peek TXClinical Neuropsychologist1255351177
Kathy A Lawler PAClinical Neuropsychologist1023040359
Charles Kodimer CAClinical Neuropsychologist1023040599
Nancy Adams Leslie TXClinical Neuropsychologist1225046055
Sarah K Small INClinical Neuropsychologist1467477554
Joan Patricia Scanlon NHClinical Neuropsychologist1467465856
Marsha Jeanne Fields MNClinical Neuropsychologist1396859310
Robert D Annett MSClinical Neuropsychologist1053327759
Alison W Krawiecki WVClinical Neuropsychologist1255364428
Teresa Ellen Thomas CAClinical Neuropsychologist1952325169
Jamie Eileen Lee Pardini AZClinical Neuropsychologist1568479962
Sarah E Bullard CTClinical Neuropsychologist1417963596
Michael E Schwartz NYClinical Neuropsychologist1134137631
Melinda Anne Shaver KSClinical Neuropsychologist1427061209
Stoyka T Meyer ILClinical Neuropsychologist1811922883
Jody Alan Rubenstein TXClinical Neuropsychologist1114030558
David Mednick NJClinical Neuropsychologist1417976820
Jacquelyn J. Graven KYClinical Neuropsychologist1396763249
Mark William Bondi CAClinical Neuropsychologist1922030253
Joshua I Breier TXClinical Neuropsychologist1437177219
Patricia L Gross CAClinical Neuropsychologist1245240183
Katherine A Loveland TXClinical Neuropsychologist1982622106
Joseph E Conroy NJClinical Neuropsychologist1952325730
Elizabeth Cook OHClinical Neuropsychologist1023029758
Colleen Maria Dorfman Saar NJClinical Neuropsychologist1063526333
Leah B Schock ORClinical Neuropsychologist1932110038
Jay Daniel Duhon TXClinical Neuropsychologist1417989724
Melissa Ortiz-becher FLClinical Neuropsychologist1952324253
Jeanne Newton Langston TXClinical Neuropsychologist1386651636
Harvey E Chambers ARClinical Neuropsychologist1871527267
Rhea Ellen Steinpreis WIClinical Neuropsychologist1871512822
Firoza B Van Horn MIClinical Neuropsychologist1982639472
Donna Rosemary Marks MAClinical Neuropsychologist1376566919
Shaun Oneal FLClinical Neuropsychologist1285644070
Isabel Lynn Stevens MAClinical Neuropsychologist1922032457
Anne Ward Stevens ARClinical Neuropsychologist1649205006
Susan R Andrews LAClinical Neuropsychologist1649203514
Po-haong Lu CAClinical Neuropsychologist1912922238
Ellen Coman NMClinical Neuropsychologist1821003351
Robert Alan Coben NYClinical Neuropsychologist1851305445
Roxanne Angela Lewis WAClinical Neuropsychologist1124049556
Robert Alan Bornstein OHClinical Neuropsychologist1144249988
Matthew M Zarantonello MIClinical Neuropsychologist1497774368
Betsy E Nacim TXClinical Neuropsychologist1114931987
William Henry Hartwig NYClinical Neuropsychologist1770502346
Rebecca Richards MEClinical Neuropsychologist1033666359
Robert John Zagar ILClinical Neuropsychologist1053320473
Christopher Charles Cranston MDClinical Neuropsychologist1447638952
Kevin J Reilly COClinical Neuropsychologist1528087244
Michael James Mccann NYClinical Neuropsychologist1639286206
Robert Fucetola MOClinical Neuropsychologist1023035656
Nicole J Werner MOClinical Neuropsychologist1700802022
Shelia Renee Cassidy FLClinical Neuropsychologist1386658037
Rebecca Kummer Lehman SCClinical Neuropsychologist1831105659
Earl Clare Thorndyke CAClinical Neuropsychologist1184154726
Bradley Allen Schuyler CAClinical Neuropsychologist1588688519
Stephanie Pennington CTClinical Neuropsychologist1609039544
Margaret Ann Dicarlo RIClinical Neuropsychologist1407874878
Virginia Catherine Persinger MSClinical Neuropsychologist1073093894
Michael Stuart Kaye WIClinical Neuropsychologist1295767424
Kimberly Alfano CAClinical Neuropsychologist1326068115
Ann Bryan Sollinger GAClinical Neuropsychologist1144230483
John T Beetar NCClinical Neuropsychologist1912920943
Daryaneh Badaly NYClinical Neuropsychologist1376990093
Cynthia Cavazos-gonzalez TXClinical Neuropsychologist1003825340
Christopher James Graver WAClinical Neuropsychologist1235153792
Barbara Orlowski NYClinical Neuropsychologist1902912553
Debra A. Stanley COClinical Neuropsychologist1487761813
David L Stewart CAClinical Neuropsychologist1699881201
Stephen D Sarfaty NYClinical Neuropsychologist1114033792
David Lee Hopper NVClinical Neuropsychologist1023125325
William R Leber OKClinical Neuropsychologist1891802195
Cynthia Luck Sullivan VAClinical Neuropsychologist1801903000
Chris Falzarano NJClinical Neuropsychologist1275640419
Louis F. Delia CAClinical Neuropsychologist1962519835
Carl Albert Bonacci AZClinical Neuropsychologist1659488583
Jeffrey Adam Wilken MDClinical Neuropsychologist1932216280
Heather Lee Bradley FLClinical Neuropsychologist1093822876
David M Lechuga CAClinical Neuropsychologist1982712386
Vincenza Piscitelli NJClinical Neuropsychologist1134237589
Bradford Ross NJClinical Neuropsychologist1902914294
Melissa Vaccari NJClinical Neuropsychologist1427166750
Alan L. Zohner IDClinical Neuropsychologist1104934249
George Stennis Watson WAClinical Neuropsychologist1275642050
Mark P Goldman TXClinical Neuropsychologist1740399328
Anita Fay Trowbridge TNClinical Neuropsychologist1215045158
Sandra Linn Hunt NYClinical Neuropsychologist1982712949
Michael Czarnota MIClinical Neuropsychologist1699884429
James Frederick Comer AZClinical Neuropsychologist1255440004
George Athey KSClinical Neuropsychologist1225147085


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