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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Behavior Analyst (103K00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A behavior analyst is qualified by at least a master's degree and Behavior Analyst Certification Board certification and/or a state-issued credential (such as a license) to practice behavior analysis independently. Behavior analysts provide the required supervision to assistant behavior analysts and behavior technicians. A behavior analyst delivers services consistent with the dimensions of applied behavior analysis. Common services may include, but are not limited to, conducting behavioral assessments, analyzing data, writing and revising behavior-analytic treatment plans, training others to implement components of treatment plans, and overseeing implementation of treatment plans.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Katelyn Rose Decoste Behavior Analyst1477928851
Lauren Castro Behavior Analyst1073988457
Sara Elizabeth Rochester NYBehavior Analyst1659746048
Elina Cruz FLBehavior Analyst1467827857
Tera Elizabeth Uppstad Behavior Analyst1730554502
Chrysalis nevada Inc Behavior Analyst1609241124
Exceptional Learners Behavioral Services COBehavior Analyst1366817793
Niki Ann Kiku Gibo HIBehavior Analyst1821463324
Pennington Group Full Spectrum Services VABehavior Analyst1235504671
Anastasia Feola Behavior Analyst1487029682
Natalie Vandezande Behavior Analyst1336504570
Aymee Florencia Prieto FLBehavior Analyst1023490463
Carol Hernandez FLBehavior Analyst1174904916
Elisa Newport ORBehavior Analyst1710342563
Sharon Fevrier Behavior Analyst1548625122
Angelique Moseley Behavior Analyst1962868034
Vanilda Swift Behavior Analyst1861858755
Nikia Rae Dower VABehavior Analyst1194843631
Eric John Lund WIBehavior Analyst1801954474
Emily Paige Wilton Behavior Analyst1760849871
Elena Labissiere FLBehavior Analyst1841657475
Allison B Gaines PABehavior Analyst1720117567
Nicole Vanegas SCBehavior Analyst1912365883
Eric Kane CABehavior Analyst1205294014
Marissa Leininger Behavior Analyst1952760597
Kristine Ellen Owens Behavior Analyst1043679806
Carol Anne Diaz CABehavior Analyst1407215288
Possibilities Northeast, Llc. Behavior Analyst1881734697
Bridget Nichols MABehavior Analyst1487036323
Jodie Elizabeth Deming-douglas Behavior Analyst1205296332
Sofia Konvitz Behavior Analyst1528428307
Vivian Bao-en Leung Behavior Analyst1811358104
Chicago Behavior & Learning Group Inc. ILBehavior Analyst1205219136
Angie Ponce CABehavior Analyst1689037913
Darlene Magito-mclaughlin NYBehavior Analyst1609994110
Jacqueline Orozco HIBehavior Analyst1083077101
Laurie Singer CABehavior Analyst1649634163
Guadalupe D Castaneda TXBehavior Analyst1578600383
Brendan Ryan KYBehavior Analyst1063542173
Susan Bradley Behavior Analyst1194170712
Natalie Odio Behavior Analyst1730534264
Jolahiny Martinez Behavior Analyst1447606447
Shamyra Shana Kennedy-jones Behavior Analyst1760838221
Jackie Espinoza Behavior Analyst1639526791
Jeffrey Thomas Davis Behavior Analyst1861516379
Kier Flicker CABehavior Analyst1235586173
Yoandra Garcia Gonzalez FLBehavior Analyst1376999284
Christine Honsberger FLBehavior Analyst1265564124
Kalowtie Narmala Persaud Behavior Analyst1750731766
Lauren Neff VABehavior Analyst1568826600
Holly Mccarthy ILBehavior Analyst1124266309
Erick R Martinez Behavior Analyst1831565225
Kristyn Matovich Behavior Analyst1578915096
Square Peg Foundation CABehavior Analyst1609228840
Thomas Gerard Browne CABehavior Analyst1275650780
Caring Family Community Services NJBehavior Analyst1558407528
Emily Rose Behavior Analyst1780138966
Brandon Conerly Behavior Analyst1952858284
Peter Paul Gorgoglione NYBehavior Analyst1609324482
Danielle Leigh Dupuis Behavior Analyst1750830915
Marci Jo Ramsay KSBehavior Analyst1063543726
Lindsey E Cole Behavior Analyst1275082224
Shawnna Sundberg INBehavior Analyst1528518735
Lillian Joan Biarnesen TXBehavior Analyst1013467224
Linda Arenas Behavior Analyst1437601416
Kayla Adams Behavior Analyst1356893358
Dominique Banks CABehavior Analyst1720520372
Applied Behavioral Assoc Llc Behavior Analyst1205908696
Alison Sanfacon Parent NYBehavior Analyst1316481476
Devin Cassidy Behavior Analyst1902341464
Kristin Wheatley CABehavior Analyst1780128322
Muriel Ann Baldwin Behavior Analyst1518402825
Karla Lopez-lee Behavior Analyst1275078685
Leah Larson CABehavior Analyst1346785532
Shannon Farley Leveille FLBehavior Analyst1558422659
Dianne Marie Wilson Behavior Analyst1255495628
Amy Jo Silsbe Behavior Analyst1407392392
Samantha Lynn Edwards Behavior Analyst1285758797
Eligio Hinojosa Behavior Analyst1164969523
Julie Karyn Paley LABehavior Analyst1780715490
Ray Eugene Langston Behavior Analyst1942749866
Hongchau T Tang CABehavior Analyst1942459235
Candace Ennis Behavior Analyst1770036188
Monique Alexander Behavior Analyst1023558129
Emily Catherine Helmboldt VABehavior Analyst1629118997
Jasmine Ayala CABehavior Analyst1194225672
Heidi Snowball CABehavior Analyst1104327048
Kady Lynne Hazard CABehavior Analyst1912409202
Meghan E Arfsten NYBehavior Analyst1568964351
Perspective Llc GABehavior Analyst1881197275
Yevgeniy Gavryush CABehavior Analyst1235632621
Erick Elhard Behavior Analyst1851419899
Stevi J Barrio WABehavior Analyst1720401060
Candies Bishop Behavior Analyst1427472679
Vanessa Victor Behavior Analyst1376916312
Ella Gorgan Behavior Analyst1851752851
Jesse James Vang CABehavior Analyst1639688971
Laree C Kelly-warner COBehavior Analyst1841336971
Sarah Siering NJBehavior Analyst1891978243
Jennifer Lynn Blanchette Behavior Analyst1083147649
April Bryant OKBehavior Analyst1093248643
William Chong CABehavior Analyst1285168104
Kaatri Lynne Jones WABehavior Analyst1689731150
Mariela Vargas MABehavior Analyst1255480596
Behavior Intervention Services Behavior Analyst1689732620
Julian Anthony Maietta Behavior Analyst1508394321
May Vang CABehavior Analyst1265558274
Kimber Hirsch Behavior Analyst1306367909
Kimberly Rachel Dabel NYBehavior Analyst1750803276
Kiley O'connell Behavior Analyst1912420274
Deanna Alina Arline FLBehavior Analyst1891210571
The Nemours Foundation Behavior Analyst1265585806
Elizabeth Gaither Behavior Analyst1205353406
Victoria Gabriella Lobatos CABehavior Analyst1508385949
Lindsey Thomas CABehavior Analyst1477928802
Janice Gaboury Pulcini Behavior Analyst1316077399
Life Bridges, Inc TNBehavior Analyst1700928876
Ashley Shaw Behavior Analyst1508316860
Aprendamos Intervention Team, P.a. Behavior Analyst1881729796
Anthony Porreca NJBehavior Analyst1316451362
Chloe Dawson Behavior Analyst1487178752
Linda Elizabeth Copeland CABehavior Analyst1801960406
Krishonna Payne ALBehavior Analyst1649787425
Living Soul, Llc Behavior Analyst1407363203
Ashley B Thompson Behavior Analyst1700954872
Caitlin Garcia Behavior Analyst1285141747
Therapy Ba Group Inc FLBehavior Analyst1245747591
Joan St. Marie Lyder Behavior Analyst1558744979
Kendra Scanlon Behavior Analyst1386769834
Wendell Jones Behavior Analyst1861990590
4kids Behavior Therapy Center Inc Behavior Analyst1063910362
Holly Steinkamp GABehavior Analyst1447685938
Susan Louise Humphrey VABehavior Analyst1417456922
Carla Jean Ellett Behavior Analyst1437659661
Breanna Canciamilla CABehavior Analyst1740784461
Andrea Duffy Behavior Analyst1689178261
Aimee Elazegui Behavior Analyst1942704523
Emily Bruce Behavior Analyst1568967859
Alternatives Aba, Inc. Behavior Analyst1083084883
Catherine M Bladow Behavior Analyst1881732964
Elizabeth Dayton Behavior Analyst1992202642
Theresa E Taylor MABehavior Analyst1013083641
Rhonda Glaze CABehavior Analyst1720577034
Denise Mendez Behavior Analyst1194214601
Paul Duncil MTBehavior Analyst1326538869
Katie Lauren Mcauliffe Behavior Analyst1841781747
Jeremiah Ryan Smith Behavior Analyst1740771468
Alexey Concepcion Behavior Analyst1477904373
Tatiana Rivas-ventura Behavior Analyst1700378411
Angela W. Ritter MOBehavior Analyst1114434396
Leeza Ann Davis CABehavior Analyst1427540541
Darishea Rollins Behavior Analyst1932692092
Erik Michael Hughes CABehavior Analyst1902390859
Nancy Esquivel Behavior Analyst1821593260
Kamonkarn Noi Karnchanaboon Behavior Analyst1770077489
Judith A Molina FLBehavior Analyst1568990422
Alexander Barber CABehavior Analyst1114436433
Ciara Shanice Taylor MABehavior Analyst1962996579
Meaningful Behavioral Consulting, Llc Behavior Analyst1881188456
Katie Jenkins Behavior Analyst1003300567
Lee Center For Change Behavior Analyst1871087908
Ronald Davis Behavior Analyst1811361900
Orlando Wright MDBehavior Analyst1487783049
Alcides E Fuentes Behavior Analyst1922584895
Marcus Lofty Behavior Analyst1417433103
Diane Lopez Behavior Analyst1487039434
Yuleisy Diaz Sanchez Behavior Analyst1164962650
Joslyn Mason Mccoy LABehavior Analyst1619049178
Ernest Chimeziem Durunna CABehavior Analyst1194202846
Carlos E Melgar Behavior Analyst1659858314
Patricia Burton Behavior Analyst1932687068
Rhonda Lesa Stewart NYBehavior Analyst1639657711
Jon Joseph Dunkerley Behavior Analyst1407982499
Arterria B Mccutcheon Behavior Analyst1346728110
Jared A Bacon NMBehavior Analyst1760960314
Quality Life Concepts Inc. Behavior Analyst1437223518
Alicen C Knoblich WABehavior Analyst1275014342
Amanda Rose Thorndike Behavior Analyst1689156713
Jill C. Rudman WIBehavior Analyst1912041096
A Great Life Services Inc FLBehavior Analyst1144367418
Estefani Dennice Cuyuch Robles Behavior Analyst1225512510
Jessica Napoli Behavior Analyst1972087286
Marieanne Stockton NYBehavior Analyst1952784555
Ahmed Washik CABehavior Analyst1629552898
Brett Dinovi & Associates California Behavior Analyst1649754755
Allaina Douglas MIBehavior Analyst1154806909
Amy Lee Spurling Behavior Analyst1528543055
Kelly Creasman NCBehavior Analyst1033630272
Barbara Garcia Behavior Analyst1366501611
Ana Rubio Behavior Analyst1104391143
Clarissa Marie Rendon TXBehavior Analyst1649746777
Alina Lerman Behavior Analyst1356602262
Chana Gehrman Behavior Analyst1730564311
Shanee Noble Myers COBehavior Analyst1326514969
Lachanner Rhodes Behavior Analyst1124595566
Darrika Diamond Ransey Behavior Analyst1801363296
Julie Nieberding OHBehavior Analyst1144797382
Christina Hesselbrock Behavior Analyst1427189232
Spencer Campbell Behavior Analyst1235607391
Kelsey Gundestrup CABehavior Analyst1841709490


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