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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist (103T00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A psychologist is an individual who is licensed to practice psychology which is defined as the observation, description, evaluation, interpretation, and modification of human behavior by the application of psychological principles, methods, and procedures, for the purpose of preventing or eliminating symptomatic, maladaptive, or undesired behavior and of enhancing interpersonal relationships, work and life adjustment, personal effectiveness, behavioral health, and mental health. The practice of psychology includes, but is not limited to, psychological testing and the evaluation or assessment of personal characteristics, such as intelligence, personality, abilities, interests, aptitudes, and neuropsychological functioning; counseling, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, hypnosis, biofeedback, and behavior analysis and therapy; diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorder or disability, alcoholism and substance abuse, disorders of habit or conduct, as well as of the psychological aspects of physical illness, accident, injury, or disability; and psycheducational evaluation, therapy, remediation, and consultation. Psychological services may be rendered to individuals, families, groups and the public.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Theodore L Baldick TNPsychologist1497755979
Paul F Dell VAPsychologist1104826635
Leanne Carlson INPsychologist1295735744
Lucinda Mermin NYPsychologist1639179187
Beth R Pinals MAPsychologist1508866070
Suzanne Brumer CAPsychologist1346240884
Hollie Hurewitz VTPsychologist1356341804
David M Deason TNPsychologist1285634758
Pediatric & Family Psychology Center Pa COPsychologist1104826510
Ellen Frances Price FLPsychologist1235139650
Israel Benjamin Rosales CAPsychologist1548260888
Jodi Howell Nagy WAPsychologist1962402206
Josephine Ann Fultz MNPsychologist1285634691
Eric E. Mueller ORPsychologist1386644755
Elizabeth Earle Green CAPsychologist1013917368
Paul A Nelson WAPsychologist1477553733
Robert Chupella PAPsychologist1720088172
Jennifer E. Gistrak MAPsychologist1205836673
Janis Dawn Buffaloe FLPsychologist1396745667
Vincent Schroder FLPsychologist1487654760
Stephen A Klein WAPsychologist1700886082
Philip J. Frank WAPsychologist1174523435
Richard Rowlett Psychologist1336149699
Comer Larue WAPsychologist1679573935
Joel Edward Fick CAPsychologist1366442527
Barry R. Brink PAPsychologist1053311217
James W. Rosen ARPsychologist1871593038
Karen Simmons-faber VAPsychologist1134129422
Maria Teresa Alonso DEPsychologist1639179922
Anne R Wolfe ILPsychologist1619977907
Jo Ann L Cook FLPsychologist1720088990
Kenneth Michael Rothman FLPsychologist1134129307
David V Daleo CAPsychologist1508866781
Deborah Ann Brock TXPsychologist1750381067
Norah Alice Johnson MOPsychologist1841290236
Thomas Patrick Demaria NYPsychologist1578563961
Victoria Maria Valdesuso FLPsychologist1194725499
James B Smith WVPsychologist1306846597
Charles Johannes Most NJPsychologist1619977808
Robert P Sprafkin NYPsychologist1336149541
Joseph A. Greenberg PAPsychologist1306846514
Carl Eugene Frey PAPsychologist1033119243
Pamela Joy Henderson MNPsychologist1538169628
Adult, Child & Family Services, Llc MNPsychologist1902806045
Brent E Stenberg TNPsychologist1427058494
James Bradley Teague INPsychologist1821098922
Kelly Paulk Ray LAPsychologist1437159639
James Lewis Davidson FLPsychologist1205836277
David C Mathis TNPsychologist1538169743
Miriam H Abrams CAPsychologist1831199892
Linda S. Raasch MNPsychologist1326048422
Barry W Bullard TXPsychologist1215937313
Dafna Brook CAPsychologist1518967553
Randi Most FLPsychologist1255331237
Donald J. Brix TXPsychologist1154321149
Michele Yvette Oster CAPsychologist1295735280
Leah Pendarvis ILPsychologist1093715088
Bruce L Karp CAPsychologist1295735298
Joseph J Zielinski NJPsychologist1619977634
Douglas J Hart TNPsychologist1790785723
Robert Edward Rajewski INPsychologist1124028154
John Michael Zivich INPsychologist1760482798
Scott P Sherman CAPsychologist1144220146
Psychotherapy Resources Of Norfolk Ltd VAPsychologist1316947328
Michael Chester Buonomo PAPsychologist1992705917
Pamela Joy Ruggieri INPsychologist1871593806
Leonard Goldberg NYPsychologist1043210040
Abraham G. Haklay PAPsychologist1427058437
Robert Alan Mantell MNPsychologist1750381760
Paul J Neal TNPsychologist1265433296
Michael A Forman OHPsychologist1194726133
Paul Eggerman IAPsychologist1821099862
Richard J Socwell IAPsychologist1558362590
Betty K Davis ALPsychologist1881695831
David Wayne Gately NYPsychologist1417958471
Stephen C Mcconnell OHPsychologist1427059492
John R Rudisill OHPsychologist1871594853
James C. Kneff PAPsychologist1417958406
Jerrell Lee Driver MOPsychologist1912908963
Teresa L Rudisill OHPsychologist1114928181
Joseph B Sheris PAPsychologist1639170624
Dehryl Mason ALPsychologist1821099821
Rhonda Reinholtz WIPsychologist1720089667
Joseph J Colletti WIPsychologist1164423000
Jack Darbyshire MAPsychologist1295736288
Patricia M Brownmiller PAPsychologist1740281732
Theresa Ann Mckenna NYPsychologist1568463560
Edwin C Fancher NYPsychologist1598766578
Christina Clark OHPsychologist1003817081
Paul Frederick Needle PAPsychologist1730180712
Wayne Satten AZPsychologist1447251384
Christian Psychological Center, Inc. TNPsychologist1184625006
Harvey Allen Rosenstock TXPsychologist1043211972
Benjamin Baldwin NCPsychologist1497756332
Thomas J Krajacich MTPsychologist1518968486
Daniel Owens VAPsychologist1609877513
Micky M Sharma OHPsychologist1679574586
Arthur Frank Selden VAPsychologist1164423976
Gina Patalano NYPsychologist1558362426
Leon D Vandecreek OHPsychologist1235130139
Heartland Psychological Services SDPsychologist1679574578
Miranda Breit VAPsychologist1669473567
Leah Dick OKPsychologist1225039035
Harry Fitch Klinefelter TXPsychologist1700887528
Nancy Lynne Namka AZPsychologist1285635037
William Marrin NYPsychologist1861493629
John M Robertson KSPsychologist1013918796
Srrc Psychology NCPsychologist1083615777
Patricia Jane Micklos TXPsychologist1033110812
Laura Robin Lipkin PAPsychologist1396746178
Accesscny, Inc Psychologist1750381968
Bradford Anthony Czochara ILPsychologist1447631551
Lapearl Logan Winfrey OHPsychologist1730180647
Susan Carol Baisden WVPsychologist1558361527
Jerry Linn Denton NEPsychologist1134120041
Suzanne Stubblefield CAPsychologist1881750693
Brian Eugene Wilhoit TNPsychologist1306845250
James Thomas Davis KYPsychologist1124028543
Christopher Awosika GAPsychologist1386016301
Susan Ann Dwyer INPsychologist1508865650
Tonia L Long TNPsychologist1396745329
Karen Mae Snaufer Psychologist1376917336
Terryl Raddatz MNPsychologist1881693158
Lisa Korman NYPsychologist1225402498
Barry Eben WAPsychologist1619977766
Lisa Backus COPsychologist1558679555
Elizabeth M. Studwell NYPsychologist1225493018
Leanna Elaine Manuel OHPsychologist1003816091
Scott Anderson FLPsychologist1588664973
Peter J. Behrens PAPsychologist1003817834
Terrence J Neary ILPsychologist1477552685
Ann Logan WVPsychologist1568461168
Miriam S. Deriso PAPsychologist1659371201
Deborah Kidd Leporowski FLPsychologist1073513750
Marguerite Deborah Malone ALPsychologist1912906801
Cherokee Health Systems Psychologist1134128820
Stephanie Ann Binter PAPsychologist1902805047
Ariella Lipkin MDPsychologist1538611942
Nicolas Prat WYPsychologist1699776401
David Armstrong TNPsychologist1326048703
Julia Ann Stone PAPsychologist1114926177
Cary Jordan OHPsychologist1548606940
Allegheny Clinic Psychologist1760482152
Michael Franzen Psychologist1760482079
Chase Wellness Llc ILPsychologist1679019418
Jeffrey T Reiter WAPsychologist1083614861
Brewer Counseling And Wellness WIPsychologist1649784638
Holly Wortman-sheehan KYPsychologist1356340590
David M. Presnall MOPsychologist1205835055
Fradi Spilberg MOPsychologist1184623787
Cathy Lynn Caruthers WVPsychologist1932109899
Psych Strategies Inc A Psychological Corp CAPsychologist1699775411
Douglas L Anderson SDPsychologist1750381851
Macomb Family Services, Inc. MIPsychologist1831190701
Clarity, Inc. Psychologist1003866047
Nancy Wise-vanderlee SDPsychologist1982604401
Adair Allen TNPsychologist1720087216
William Bruce Allen TNPsychologist1326047408
John Andrew Neece TNPsychologist1568463552
Laura Gustafson Porter TNPsychologist1720087901
William Allan Richards TNPsychologist1639178684
Parinda Khatri TNPsychologist1831199595
Via Christi Hospital Manhattan, Inc KSPsychologist1144220153
Jean Marie Schaid TNPsychologist1306845532
Rebecca Clarke Psychologist1104323229
Nancy Elizabeth Kunsak PAPsychologist1689673543
Rennae I Johnson MTPsychologist1841291705
Amy T Corey NEPsychologist1114926029
Ozark Guidance Center, Inc ARPsychologist1609875186
Elaine Hartman Mcgann VAPsychologist1679574446
Robert A Rando OHPsychologist1972504744
Del A Hudson OKPsychologist1548261241
Rhonda Joy Polakoff TXPsychologist1235130964
Monica L Jeter Johnson TXPsychologist1851392583
Victoria Azrin Besalel FLPsychologist1376544007
Norman L Kelley NYPsychologist1366443095
Waymon Ray Hinson TXPsychologist1952302671
Desiree Wilmetta Kilcrease-fleming TXPsychologist1043211774
Greta L Kerwin TXPsychologist1871594523
Lee Rubin Chase VAPsychologist1861493520
J Lawrence Jamieson VAPsychologist1881695518
Lara A Hastings TXPsychologist1760483416
Thomas Elmer Preston NYPsychologist1649271396
Susan C Reeder FLPsychologist1992706642
Gary A. Sibcy VAPsychologist1568463230
Kenneth Dick OKPsychologist1891796488
Michelle L. Imber MAPsychologist1346241932
Harold Alan Kaplan VAPsychologist1679574271
Georgia C Smith GAPsychologist1760483309
Roger A Russell TXPsychologist1396746947
Ronald Jay Karpf PAPsychologist1184625709
Gregory L. Duncan NCPsychologist1750382388
David Duane Wood CAPsychologist1386645919
Sharon M Berliner Phd Pc TXPsychologist1194726729
Barbara J Inman TXPsychologist1003817669
Eugene T Buckner UTPsychologist1730180399
Marie U Caparso MAPsychologist1386645612
Debra K Smith NYPsychologist1720089972
Alan M Katz VAPsychologist1952302127
Suzan B Simmons IAPsychologist1588665095


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