Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical (103TC0700X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical (103TC0700X):

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Macomb Family Services, Inc. MIPsychologist Clinical1831190701
Clarity, Inc. Psychologist Clinical1003866047
Nancy Wise-vanderlee SDPsychologist Clinical1982604401
Adair Allen TNPsychologist Clinical1720087216
William Bruce Allen TNPsychologist Clinical1326047408
John Andrew Neece TNPsychologist Clinical1568463552
Laura Gustafson Porter TNPsychologist Clinical1720087901
William Allan Richards TNPsychologist Clinical1639178684
Parinda Khatri TNPsychologist Clinical1831199595
Via Christi Hospital Manhattan, Inc KSPsychologist Clinical1144220153
Jean Marie Schaid TNPsychologist Clinical1306845532
Rebecca Clarke Psychologist Clinical1104323229
Nancy Elizabeth Kunsak PAPsychologist Clinical1689673543
Rennae I Johnson MTPsychologist Clinical1841291705
Amy T Corey NEPsychologist Clinical1114926029
Ozark Guidance Center, Inc ARPsychologist Clinical1609875186
Kristen Davis john, Llc FLPsychologist Clinical1134613334
James Thomas Davis KYPsychologist Clinical1124028543
Cathy Lynn Caruthers WVPsychologist Clinical1932109899
Victoria Maria Valdesuso MTPsychologist Clinical1194725499
Elaine Hartman Mcgann VAPsychologist Clinical1679574446
Robert A Rando OHPsychologist Clinical1972504744
Del A Hudson OKPsychologist Clinical1548261241
Rhonda Joy Polakoff TXPsychologist Clinical1235130964
Monica L Jeter Johnson TXPsychologist Clinical1851392583
Victoria Azrin Besalel FLPsychologist Clinical1376544007
Norman L Kelley NYPsychologist Clinical1366443095
Waymon Ray Hinson TXPsychologist Clinical1952302671
Desiree Wilmetta Kilcrease-fleming TXPsychologist Clinical1043211774
Greta L Kerwin TXPsychologist Clinical1871594523
Lee Rubin Chase VAPsychologist Clinical1861493520
J Lawrence Jamieson VAPsychologist Clinical1881695518
Lara A Hastings TXPsychologist Clinical1760483416
Thomas Elmer Preston NYPsychologist Clinical1649271396
Susan C Reeder FLPsychologist Clinical1992706642
Gary A. Sibcy VAPsychologist Clinical1568463230
Kenneth Dick OKPsychologist Clinical1891796488
Michelle L. Imber MAPsychologist Clinical1346241932
Harold Alan Kaplan VAPsychologist Clinical1679574271
Georgia C Smith GAPsychologist Clinical1760483309
Roger A Russell TXPsychologist Clinical1396746947
Ronald Jay Karpf PAPsychologist Clinical1184625709
Gregory L. Duncan NCPsychologist Clinical1750382388
David Duane Wood CAPsychologist Clinical1386645919
Sharon M Berliner Phd Pc TXPsychologist Clinical1194726729
Barbara J Inman TXPsychologist Clinical1003817669
Marie U Caparso MAPsychologist Clinical1386645612
Debra K Smith NYPsychologist Clinical1720089972
Alan M Katz VAPsychologist Clinical1952302127
Suzan B Simmons IAPsychologist Clinical1588665095
Nancy D'abadie Lenton GAPsychologist Clinical1376544890
Muriel S Mcclellan AZPsychologist Clinical1750382214
Mary Mirro Psychologist Clinical1407857972
Anna Skytta-gurkanlar MNPsychologist Clinical1700887379
John Francis Grzebieniak OHPsychologist Clinical1437150968
Margaret Anne Ackley NCPsychologist Clinical1720089295
Mary Jane Niebauer PAPsychologist Clinical1790786374
Craig Whitney Jock ILPsychologist Clinical1407857873
Jeffrey B Allen OHPsychologist Clinical1578564951
Gregory M Martino PAPsychologist Clinical1740281138
Judith Ann Allen TXPsychologist Clinical1134120538
Mary R Talen OHPsychologist Clinical1669473062
William Mark Venable TXPsychologist Clinical1528069929
Gilfort, Atkinson & Associates NCPsychologist Clinical1407857816
F. Stanley Seifried CAPsychologist Clinical1477554806
Harriet M Sharlin PAPsychologist Clinical1558362988
Michael D. Colman MIPsychologist Clinical1932100369
Margaret Flaherty CTPsychologist Clinical1497756837
Raye Mcphillips Eyrich MNPsychologist Clinical1215938659
Karen Kay Allmacher MIPsychologist Clinical1033110473
Gloria Jean Templeton NCPsychologist Clinical1851392203
Robert C Cross MAPsychologist Clinical1104827559
Geoffrey Kanter FLPsychologist Clinical1780685057
Ruth Ann Tetz OHPsychologist Clinical1972504256
Michael Allan Church PAPsychologist Clinical1053312330
Ronald C Yarbrough FLPsychologist Clinical1376544684
Laura S Birholtz AZPsychologist Clinical1184625493
Alan P. Baehr AZPsychologist Clinical1538160841
Shalini Bhalla MAPsychologist Clinical1205837754
Robert B Dwight OHPsychologist Clinical1811998370
Jeanette Leone Mitchell MNPsychologist Clinical1679574990
David Michael Coe OHPsychologist Clinical1932100260
Tamara Lynn Martin FLPsychologist Clinical1699776070
Jackie Sue Niemand MNPsychologist Clinical1417958893
Gary Edward Donaldson MNPsychologist Clinical1346241551
Naomi Takemoto-chock HIPsychologist Clinical1013918291
Mark Rader NJPsychologist Clinical1881695013
Laura Smith-seemiller PAPsychologist Clinical1336140573
Elaine O Barnes TNPsychologist Clinical1205837440
Tony Farrenkopf ORPsychologist Clinical1629079835
Karin E Bleecker VTPsychologist Clinical1053312264
Bobbie H Lilly TXPsychologist Clinical1215938428
Robert Dean Morgan TXPsychologist Clinical1548261753
Clarice Louise Warren Weil IAPsychologist Clinical1063413284
Harris W Stern PAPsychologist Clinical1649271719
Stacey C. Felmlee VAPsychologist Clinical1225039316
Denise L Squire TNPsychologist Clinical1992706022
Linda G. Peltz NYPsychologist Clinical1629079785
Diane C Whitley Feldman MNPsychologist Clinical1144221243
Alan Jay Smith NEPsychologist Clinical1659372753
Gregory Ernest Koch CAPsychologist Clinical1730180852
Mark Edward Schneider NYPsychologist Clinical1710988837
Elizabeth E. Krafchuk MAPsychologist Clinical1083616015
Nancy L. Zoeller NYPsychologist Clinical1073515052
Paul M. Kopfer NYPsychologist Clinical1689676660
Rene J Mcgovern MOPsychologist Clinical1093717084
Cary S. Chugh NYPsychologist Clinical1457353427
Gregory Alan Nelson CAPsychologist Clinical1497757538
Susan Diane Fischer TXPsychologist Clinical1487655593
James R Hebda TNPsychologist Clinical1740282870
Margaret S Pennington AZPsychologist Clinical1063414068
Janet H Luedeker TXPsychologist Clinical1699777607
Betty Jane Devers TXPsychologist Clinical1962404970
Miles Linsky ILPsychologist Clinical1215938337
Joan A Roessler NYPsychologist Clinical1831191857
Thomas W Dohne OKPsychologist Clinical1649272667
Daniel Rachlin TNPsychologist Clinical1124029251
Kenneth Gregory Small PAPsychologist Clinical1689676413
Jerry Mock PAPsychologist Clinical1417959354
Christopher D Prater TNPsychologist Clinical1598767444
Mona H Villapiano MAPsychologist Clinical1215939194
Brian D Carpenter MOPsychologist Clinical1023010972
Philip H Bobrove NJPsychologist Clinical1437151206
Charles E Martin TNPsychologist Clinical1740282631
Frederick Lecompte Stevens FLPsychologist Clinical1629070438
Mark Steven Randall INPsychologist Clinical1538161351
Mark Kevin Harney CAPsychologist Clinical1598767386
Cheryl Roets WIPsychologist Clinical1609878453
Richard M Shapiro KSPsychologist Clinical1003818899
Kerry Paul Altman VAPsychologist Clinical1255333944
Steven Roger Guggenheim NYPsychologist Clinical1144222712
Jonathan Mark Lipson COPsychologist Clinical1023010691
Samuel Lee Graham IAPsychologist Clinical1730181447
Joel N Caldwell NYPsychologist Clinical1265434914
Darwin D Anderson KSPsychologist Clinical1891797544
Peggy E. Kolschefsky COPsychologist Clinical1982606596
Tamarack Center, Inc. VAPsychologist Clinical1649272352
Gregory Jon Nicosia PAPsychologist Clinical1942202650
Barbara K Wightman INPsychologist Clinical1770585499
Jill Marie Strunk MNPsychologist Clinical1093717753
Marie L Sweeney WAPsychologist Clinical1922000652
Lief Aaron Noll OHPsychologist Clinical1598767261
Karen Mallah COPsychologist Clinical1497757017
Kristin Vernon Helvig COPsychologist Clinical1285636936
David L Alexander INPsychologist Clinical1497757074
Louis Essers MDPsychologist Clinical1952303554
Timothy J Petersen MAPsychologist Clinical1295737898
Michael Lee Huston IAPsychologist Clinical1841292471
Steven Gordon Warner IAPsychologist Clinical1861494403
Gloria M Cochran AZPsychologist Clinical1376545921
Stephanie Anne Moergen MOPsychologist Clinical1124020789
Goldie Alfasi NYPsychologist Clinical1972505543
Jimmye Dell Angell-erickson WAPsychologist Clinical1932101581
Joseph W Shannon OHPsychologist Clinical1891797452
Robin Annette Ladue WAPsychologist Clinical1427050996
Integrative Health Psychology Pa FLPsychologist Clinical1457353930
William Casey NYPsychologist Clinical1508868977
Behavioral Health Consulting Group, Inc. OHPsychologist Clinical1134121510
Jennifer L Fee CAPsychologist Clinical1932101326
Kyle Lythgoe NEPsychologist Clinical1174525653
Scot W. Russell CAPsychologist Clinical1407858988
Catherine Cook-cottone NYPsychologist Clinical1942202312
Melissa F Brown PAPsychologist Clinical1881686012
David Michael Comp Rakofsky ILPsychologist Clinical1467444604
Kathleen S Ferguson OHPsychologist Clinical1679575104
David Steven Homorody MNPsychologist Clinical1225030778
Marcia Gadlin Gelman PAPsychologist Clinical1013919463
Eilene Jane Bauer PAPsychologist Clinical1740282193
Christina Caldwell NYPsychologist Clinical1437151925
Michael E Rutter NYPsychologist Clinical1942202445
Metropolitan Pediatrics, Llc Psychologist Clinical1235131632
Peter Mitchell Bradley CAPsychologist Clinical1902808405
James Robert Rudolph MNPsychologist Clinical1376545806
Nancy Carol Fox OHPsychologist Clinical1811999352
June Gayle Beck NYPsychologist Clinical1720080260
Timothy Darrell Vuagniaux MOPsychologist Clinical1477555936
Paula R Macmorran TNPsychologist Clinical1710989215
Kathryn Miller Krogh VAPsychologist Clinical1669474177
Kathleen M. Doyle NYPsychologist Clinical1235121401
Thomas Michael Mefford MOPsychologist Clinical1710989272
Michael James Tanguay MNPsychologist Clinical1962404426
Michael Allen Scott MNPsychologist Clinical1194727552
Jeffrey Bruce Elliott CAPsychologist Clinical1114919263
The Center For Autism PAPsychologist Clinical1003808106
Michael Gene Bowman TNPsychologist Clinical1770575789
Jeni-ann Kren CAPsychologist Clinical1952393902
Thomas M. Grant TXPsychologist Clinical1891787842
Wolfgang Zieher NYPsychologist Clinical1992797971
Stephen Mark Ulissi MDPsychologist Clinical1730171901
Kristin Cromwell Kim WIPsychologist Clinical1710979984
David H Silverman CAPsychologist Clinical1568454742
Geniene Michelle Gersh MIPsychologist Clinical1225020415
Robert John Hohenstein CAPsychologist Clinical1336131416
Psychotherapy Associates Of Winchester VAPsychologist Clinical1588656672
Tammie Lynn Smith WVPsychologist Clinical1427040526
Rosemary Wilson Patterson MDPsychologist Clinical1942292909
Rick Jacobs ORPsychologist Clinical1740272715
Darryl L Pure ILPsychologist Clinical1497747513
Mark D Moreland FLPsychologist Clinical1508858788
Richard Warren Borton WAPsychologist Clinical1881686087


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