Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical (103TC0700X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical (103TC0700X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Definition to come...

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Coville Counseling And Assessment Psychologist Clinical1376103036
Allison Leigh Stevens MIPsychologist Clinical1932321593
Amy Hubbard MIPsychologist Clinical1790039378
Billy Joe Boyd OKPsychologist Clinical1063405769
Catherine Roring OKPsychologist Clinical1174061550
Cynthia Joyce Kok MIPsychologist Clinical1407392129
Dane Vermerris MIPsychologist Clinical1639235989
Daniel Keith Ehnis MIPsychologist Clinical1679602361
Daniel Rosen MIPsychologist Clinical1083719090
Diane M Lown MIPsychologist Clinical1598016693
Frank Stanley Renberg MIPsychologist Clinical1699904193
Heather Hoppe OHPsychologist Clinical1578956033
Jenifer Pastyrnak MIPsychologist Clinical1326168238
Jerry N. Duncan OKPsychologist Clinical1174623789
Julia A Mohr MIPsychologist Clinical1548393283
Karen Feaster MIPsychologist Clinical1083091037
Kathleen Jandernoa Cramer MIPsychologist Clinical1083765812
Kirk L Brink MIPsychologist Clinical1285884080
Mandi Withey Psychologist Clinical1518280056
Michael Cole Ryan MIPsychologist Clinical1215058953
Michelle Lynn Stinnett Psychologist Clinical1508200494
Mylinda Fox Psychologist Clinical1639406119
Rebecca Adair Collins OKPsychologist Clinical1902986706
Richard Raleigh Raubolt MIPsychologist Clinical1568608230
Rick J D'arca OHPsychologist Clinical1255476743
Robert Labadie Funaro MIPsychologist Clinical1568714863
Sheila R. Mccormack MIPsychologist Clinical1770739997
Stephanie Elizabeth Karek MIPsychologist Clinical1760995146
Steven Anthony Roring OKPsychologist Clinical1750513008
Thomas E. Laberteaux MIPsychologist Clinical1568585255
Thomas Richard Stewart MIPsychologist Clinical1043423890
William B Henders MIPsychologist Clinical1750597621
Lorraine K Clodfelter VTPsychologist Clinical1255475554
Bruce D. Dumouchel MAPsychologist Clinical1326050014
Morton H Broch Psychologist Clinical1548483175
Mary E Halpin Phd Pc ILPsychologist Clinical1639274715
Nancy S Molitor Phd Pc ILPsychologist Clinical1154426237
Stephanie Wright Phd Pc Psychologist Clinical1699871210
Lisa A Pinto Psyd Pc Psychologist Clinical1871699819
Julie G Wrenn Psyd & Associates Pc Psychologist Clinical1033216221
Davenport Diagnostic And Treatment Center, Inc TXPsychologist Clinical1255578191
Lambert Psychology, Pllc TXPsychologist Clinical1902176415
Trish Borman Phd Pllc Psychologist Clinical1427207901
Counseling And Diagnostic Center, Llc TXPsychologist Clinical1356754527
Great Life Counseling Psychologist Clinical1285032375
Ipc Pac Healthcare Services Of Texas Pllc Psychologist Clinical1194174201
Ngwg Psychological Services, Pllc Psychologist Clinical1639632920
Brighter Paths Wellness And Counseling Center Psychologist Clinical1881258424
Anna Matyja ILPsychologist Clinical1255789285
Ashton Steele TXPsychologist Clinical1699289769
B David Das ILPsychologist Clinical1184059404
Bethany Russell Hampton TXPsychologist Clinical1649374752
Chelsea E Fiduccia TXPsychologist Clinical1578083655
Christina Gabriela Mena Psychologist Clinical1306278395
Deborah Galindo Psychologist Clinical1891249298
Dolores Kraft TXPsychologist Clinical1568524346
Elizabeth Blair Kenney TXPsychologist Clinical1578961595
Francesca D Skowronski ILPsychologist Clinical1841407822
Frank J Macchitelli ILPsychologist Clinical1295868834
Gail Ihnen ILPsychologist Clinical1871865121
Garica Sanford TXPsychologist Clinical1548463375
Jantel Jordan Psychologist Clinical1891281275
Jennifer Boothe Brobst ILPsychologist Clinical1104064443
Jerry Balcom Wolfe ILPsychologist Clinical1093235327
John Paul Sorrels TXPsychologist Clinical1831667385
Julie G Wrenn ILPsychologist Clinical1134229719
Justin D Resnick ILPsychologist Clinical1912004714
Kevin C. Lambert TXPsychologist Clinical1184944340
Lalita Batra ILPsychologist Clinical1649377342
Lisa A Pinto ILPsychologist Clinical1053417097
Marilyn J Monteiro Psychologist Clinical1962618512
Mary E Halpin ILPsychologist Clinical1093810178
Michele Oreilly Studl ILPsychologist Clinical1528163078
Mohammad Hamid ILPsychologist Clinical1679908743
Monica A Schmitt ILPsychologist Clinical1194706879
Nancy S Molitor ILPsychologist Clinical1073618153
Nicole Stillo TXPsychologist Clinical1962888958
Shakesha Montina Evans TXPsychologist Clinical1174841910
Sheila Dowd ILPsychologist Clinical1013946896
Stephanie Wright ILPsychologist Clinical1164528782
Zhawantae Griffin-maliti Psychologist Clinical1639577356
Psychology Services, Pllc IAPsychologist Clinical1548587918
Tift County Hospital Authority GAPsychologist Clinical1508287210
Deborah Sue Mcdermott IAPsychologist Clinical1588993448
Douglas Owen Cacialli CAPsychologist Clinical1467897413
Eu Ro Choo CAPsychologist Clinical1588158638
Joseph Dominick Muto Psychologist Clinical1871858159
Kathleen Moraff MDPsychologist Clinical1104398916
Teresa Grant DCPsychologist Clinical1619129822
Caleff Garcia PRPsychologist Clinical1134491970
Coral M Davila PRPsychologist Clinical1790082196
Francisco Emanuel Ramos PRPsychologist Clinical1134607872
Javier Portalatin PRPsychologist Clinical1174761746
Jennifer Mercado PRPsychologist Clinical1659870293
Jessica Serrano Berdiel PRPsychologist Clinical1336442623
Karen Rodriguez-vera PRPsychologist Clinical1508908252
Luis E. Saliceti PRPsychologist Clinical1306063151
Marian B. Alvarez Torres PRPsychologist Clinical1568733087
Nestor L Cuevas PRPsychologist Clinical1295242972
Pierre E Altieri PRPsychologist Clinical1881997179
Sydnia Rosado PRPsychologist Clinical1073775565
Zoe I Vera PRPsychologist Clinical1043582885
Warwick Associates Psychologist Clinical1760554208
Thomas W. Muldary, Ph.d. And Patricia M. Muldary, Ph.d. Pc MIPsychologist Clinical1083770804
Masterpeace Center For Counseling & Development Psychologist Clinical1780899286
Judith Roes Hammerle, Ph.d., Llc MIPsychologist Clinical1770714891
Herrick Medical Center Psychologist Clinical1568775708
Herrick Memorial Hospital Inc Psychologist Clinical1417900622
Abigail Baker MIPsychologist Clinical1053715383
Amy Marie Mansfield Psychologist Clinical1952745069
Brian Pearson MIPsychologist Clinical1962559872
Donna J Markham MIPsychologist Clinical1063638336
Greg Michael Johnson MIPsychologist Clinical1073886248
Gretchen Z. Warwick MIPsychologist Clinical1164519435
James Russel Sweigart MIPsychologist Clinical1437206364
Jeffrey Riggs MIPsychologist Clinical1326289265
John Douglas Berridge MIPsychologist Clinical1992946826
Joseph Rea MIPsychologist Clinical1548653066
Judith Roes Hammerle MIPsychologist Clinical1184618217
Loretta Lynn Rozdoske MIPsychologist Clinical1407086895
Louis Matthew D'alecy MIPsychologist Clinical1265582498
Melissa Saren MIPsychologist Clinical1487020939
Patricia Muldary MIPsychologist Clinical1902962756
Robert J. Warwick MIPsychologist Clinical1740363944
Sandra Taylor Paulsen MIPsychologist Clinical1508995630
Smita Nagpal MIPsychologist Clinical1548317464
Thomas Muldary MIPsychologist Clinical1144386996
Cornerstone Health Care, Pa Psychologist Clinical1265877955
Cornerstone Health Care, Pa Psychologist Clinical1407291107
Ben Lanpher MOPsychologist Clinical1063593499
Kristin Margaret Miserocchi ILPsychologist Clinical1356807010
Afton Public Schools Psychologist Clinical1366734121
Greeneville Evaluation Service TNPsychologist Clinical1801212741
Anna Suzanne Palmer TNPsychologist Clinical1134244536
G. Nohl Sandall WYPsychologist Clinical1851446124
Joyce A Daniels TNPsychologist Clinical1538372107
Terrel Backes MNPsychologist Clinical1104318526
David Paul Johnson HIPsychologist Clinical1881963700
Scott H Berry MDPsychologist Clinical1760461792
Laurie J Chabot Psychologist Clinical1124158886
Richard D. Schwartz MAPsychologist Clinical1639107691
Patricia Sacca Davies MAPsychologist Clinical1275540965
Dr. Sara Mangat Professional Psychological Corp. CAPsychologist Clinical1831584820
Brandie Boghosian CAPsychologist Clinical1821401787
Kristina Catherine Diener CAPsychologist Clinical1073761250
Sarabjit Mangat CAPsychologist Clinical1487787636
Sherry Marie Martyn CAPsychologist Clinical1154675023
Family Psychological Services CAPsychologist Clinical1881746733
Jaime E. Medvene Phd A Professional Psychological Corp. CAPsychologist Clinical1306084272
Agoura Psychological Services, Inc. CAPsychologist Clinical1144646423
Psychiatric Wellness Center Inc CAPsychologist Clinical1962819789
Agoura Neurofeedback Psychologist Clinical1457694747
George A. Cave, Ph.d., A Psychological Corporation CAPsychologist Clinical1942741475
Shannon Dobbs Psy.d Corp CAPsychologist Clinical1154669604
Laura Lapiana, Psy.d., A Prof. Corp. CAPsychologist Clinical1487098844
Ajay Malhotra CAPsychologist Clinical1710206420
Alexandra Edwards CAPsychologist Clinical1962632802
Alison Carlton Camhi CAPsychologist Clinical1891974473
Alison Jamie Lee CAPsychologist Clinical1205879574
Deena R Manion CAPsychologist Clinical1588894422
Denise M Jablonski-kaye CAPsychologist Clinical1881902054
Ellen Khamistos Weissman Psychologist Clinical1811013881
Eynav Elgavish Accortt CAPsychologist Clinical1245737154
Gary David Newquist CAPsychologist Clinical1669684627
Jeff L Appell CAPsychologist Clinical1740466291
Jill Torres CAPsychologist Clinical1508142472
Jody Futorian Saltzman CAPsychologist Clinical1629415450
Karin Salisbury Hart CAPsychologist Clinical1609969260
Kim B Barrus CAPsychologist Clinical1871606327
Kimberly Dewing Robbins CAPsychologist Clinical1447651294
Laura Lapiana CAPsychologist Clinical1033431655
Lisa Elaine Harris CAPsychologist Clinical1730205071
Marisa Ann Sisk Psychologist Clinical1538453576
Marvin Wade Altom CAPsychologist Clinical1457698359
Mary Elaine Chernoff CAPsychologist Clinical1346253929
Mary Elizabeth Large CAPsychologist Clinical1508983941
Melinda Judith Garabedian CAPsychologist Clinical1457384604
Monica Origer CAPsychologist Clinical1740633759
Norman Katz CAPsychologist Clinical1265735484
Pegeen Mary Cronin CAPsychologist Clinical1184731044
Ross Mcnutt CAPsychologist Clinical1346471901
Shannon M Dobbs CAPsychologist Clinical1205092046
Sybille Blickhan CAPsychologist Clinical1518187673
Tonya L Comstock Psychologist Clinical1497085518
Valerie G Cummings CAPsychologist Clinical1942300702
Yasaman Shamtoub CAPsychologist Clinical1568697852
Blanca A Correa Psychologist Clinical1558797589
Oficina De Ayuda Sicologica Y Servicios Integrados PRPsychologist Clinical1528197704
Capif, Inc. PRPsychologist Clinical1770073330
Abdin Padilla PRPsychologist Clinical1104122118
Ana Jessica Concepcion PRPsychologist Clinical1740592542
Brenda Janice Crespo PRPsychologist Clinical1720117997
Brendaliz Cortes Lopez PRPsychologist Clinical1922310036
Dolly Angellie Gonzalez PRPsychologist Clinical1871023838
Doris M Feliciano Vega PRPsychologist Clinical1033663224
Doris I Romero Lopez PRPsychologist Clinical1205163755
Edwin Javier Ramos Marrero PRPsychologist Clinical1497229009
Elizabeth Torres Millayes PRPsychologist Clinical1336152636
Freyda Zell PRPsychologist Clinical1396843744
Haydee L Lorenzo Ramirez PRPsychologist Clinical1891051975


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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