Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical (103TC0700X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical (103TC0700X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Definition to come...

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Matthew Edward Fearrington TNPsychologist Clinical1285632489
Truett Paul Mcanear TNPsychologist Clinical1639177835
Bonnie B Syfrett FLPsychologist Clinical1467450734
Jo Anne Harkins-craven MNPsychologist Clinical1104824234
Roy Richard Grinker ILPsychologist Clinical1669470803
Joel Mandel Kestenbaum OHPsychologist Clinical1942208210
Becky L. Porter Psychologist Clinical1255339461
Stephen J. Gaeng MDPsychologist Clinical1437157658
Brenda Miller Karns TNPsychologist Clinical1356349534
Joan Alfreda Lawrence OHPsychologist Clinical1306844584
Beverly Joanne Clontz TNPsychologist Clinical1689672883
William Edward Conklin TNPsychologist Clinical1720086937
David Albert Gold MDPsychologist Clinical1134127236
Richard S. Mitchell MAPsychologist Clinical1477551547
John Robert Gould TXPsychologist Clinical1588662621
Mary Casey Jacob CTPsychologist Clinical1083612246
Ralph Allen Hyman ARPsychologist Clinical1063410140
James D. Goodwin WAPsychologist Clinical1104824218
Jody Steele Williams DEPsychologist Clinical1962400093
Greg A Lobb PAPsychologist Clinical1275531329
David Allen Coffman TXPsychologist Clinical1336147495
Jacki Lynn Nesbitt FLPsychologist Clinical1326046335
Robert Phillip Tepley CTPsychologist Clinical1346248200
Robert Glen Kraft NEPsychologist Clinical1649278482
Marc Boyer Dielman OHPsychologist Clinical1093713844
Albert Wallace Deckel MAPsychologist Clinical1487652483
Gary Frances Meunier INPsychologist Clinical1144228123
Edith C Lawrence VAPsychologist Clinical1295733236
Karen Steinberg CTPsychologist Clinical1679571608
Ann B Loper VAPsychologist Clinical1932107968
Lisa Bess Christian WAPsychologist Clinical1588662530
Marcia L Turbiner PAPsychologist Clinical1669470613
Curators Of The University Of Missouri MOPsychologist Clinical1568460426
Norman Andrekus CTPsychologist Clinical1548268576
Ronald Kadden CTPsychologist Clinical1780682633
Elise Kabela-cormier CTPsychologist Clinical1225036171
Neal A Cohen GAPsychologist Clinical1043218993
Dewey G Cornell VAPsychologist Clinical1093713042
April Lynn House WVPsychologist Clinical1023016920
Jeffrey C Fracher VAPsychologist Clinical1952309015
Laura J. Ginther Braun CTPsychologist Clinical1083612972
William Charles Snoberger WVPsychologist Clinical1700884699
Linda J. Wright ILPsychologist Clinical1285631291
Leslie Elizabeth Barnes-young SCPsychologist Clinical1356349476
Dallas County Hospital District TXPsychologist Clinical1649278995
Thomas J Cullen PAPsychologist Clinical1285632802
O. M. Custer CAPsychologist Clinical1134598295
Ann-marie Stephenson CAPsychologist Clinical1073511069
Roy A Smith PAPsychologist Clinical1194722181
Ashlee Ann Turner WVPsychologist Clinical1376908186
Kathleen Marie Kralik ARPsychologist Clinical1639177025
Karen Hye WAPsychologist Clinical1710348511
Judy Ann Tyson MDPsychologist Clinical1720086564
Ferd And Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Childrens Svc Of Plm Bch FLPsychologist Clinical1841297926
R Jane Williams PAPsychologist Clinical1003814930
Richard Chadwick Blackford PAPsychologist Clinical1053318360
Western Neurological Associates Inc UTPsychologist Clinical1083611966
Nancy A Kennedy PAPsychologist Clinical1215935861
Dawn Gventer MIPsychologist Clinical1669470266
Melissa Chase Levesque NHPsychologist Clinical1912192899
Karina Michelle Stewart TNPsychologist Clinical1558369751
Andrew Howard Demick TNPsychologist Clinical1932107125
Peter A Dodzik INPsychologist Clinical1437156999
Joshua Earl Carter WVPsychologist Clinical1912411349
Thomas Ward Bishop MIPsychologist Clinical1760480966
Keila Anidxa Roman FLPsychologist Clinical1811410798
William C Falzett CAPsychologist Clinical1114925526
Jeanne Marie Bennett KYPsychologist Clinical1164429320
David Carter Holcomb NMPsychologist Clinical1790783868
Andrew Carter Miller TNPsychologist Clinical1326046509
Dennis S Freeman TNPsychologist Clinical1609874890
Kathleen Christensen MNPsychologist Clinical1932106606
Robert Krikorian OHPsychologist Clinical1063410405
William Berez TNPsychologist Clinical1649278847
Clifford Alan Hopewell TXPsychologist Clinical1508863036
Martin Kluger NJPsychologist Clinical1023016433
Juan F Madrazo Torres CAPsychologist Clinical1831353366
Lee A. Bowers PAPsychologist Clinical1184621930
Lindsey Machicote Psychologist Clinical1851769889
Ariel Chardon PRPsychologist Clinical1023592573
Paul E Rosete AZPsychologist Clinical1992702153
Joy Lisbeth Nachman MIPsychologist Clinical1649277526
Danae J. Lund MNPsychologist Clinical1366449639
David A Kahn RIPsychologist Clinical1679570311
Stephanie Parisien NDPsychologist Clinical1861831752
Redwood Coaching And Consulting Llc Psychologist Clinical1811465172
Latoya N Rembert Psychologist Clinical1114498581
Lee Mitchell Faver WAPsychologist Clinical1518964824
Lisa Lillard Oglesby TNPsychologist Clinical1518965730
George Schmidt PAPsychologist Clinical1053318758
Elizabeth Ann Kalb INPsychologist Clinical1265439012
Ester L Ruiz AZPsychologist Clinical1114924362
Carol Jean Orr MOPsychologist Clinical1093712606
Natalie Karen Fisher NYPsychologist Clinical1679571665
Irene D Hassett PAPsychologist Clinical1801894803
Howard Tennen CTPsychologist Clinical1225036254
Mark D Litt CTPsychologist Clinical1972501914
John A Cooper TNPsychologist Clinical1912905837
Melissa Mccreary Deines PAPsychologist Clinical1821096744
Richard Kaplan CTPsychologist Clinical1124026067
Kim Patricia Miller NYPsychologist Clinical1053319947
Antoinette R Thomas VAPsychologist Clinical1063410900
Carey E Laine CAPsychologist Clinical1205834058
James Warner Nettleton PAPsychologist Clinical1043219892
Leslie Web PAPsychologist Clinical1457350274
Rebecca Mary Timlin-scalera CTPsychologist Clinical1043219868
Ronald E Reeve VAPsychologist Clinical1285633040
Duncan E Anderson MNPsychologist Clinical1760480560
Lynda Harris-boscaino NYPsychologist Clinical1366441198
Fannie Elaine Loughridge WVPsychologist Clinical1831198662
Joseph Daus MOPsychologist Clinical1487653259
Meena Dhawan MOPsychologist Clinical1811996689
Noll Psychological Group, Inc MOPsychologist Clinical1083612865
Anthony W Arden TXPsychologist Clinical1508864398
Nicholas Noll MOPsychologist Clinical1407854292
Raquel Fernandez-earns MIPsychologist Clinical1912905704
Richard Robert Plut PAPsychologist Clinical1679572481
Gerald Robert Nathan NJPsychologist Clinical1417955238
Sharmistha Bose ILPsychologist Clinical1235137050
David Alan Boucher CAPsychologist Clinical1518966340
Deborah Perlman Welsh TNPsychologist Clinical1982603726
Richard C Baither VAPsychologist Clinical1346249026
Karen Rene Gannon TNPsychologist Clinical1548269236
David Eugene Miller Psychologist Clinical1801895594
Janis Lynn Neece TNPsychologist Clinical1649279332
Kate Boyle MNPsychologist Clinical1659370278
Cherie Norene Paige MOPsychologist Clinical1306845938
Allison Coleman Ballew NCPsychologist Clinical1972502508
Tara Wall Brown VAPsychologist Clinical1982603692
Virginia Annette Vogel MNPsychologist Clinical1790784403
Covenant Psychological Services, Inc OHPsychologist Clinical1417956038
Luanna E Devenis MAPsychologist Clinical1386643922
Robert H Spiro MAPsychologist Clinical1730188376
Good Samaritan Hospital INPsychologist Clinical1417956152
Wallace Douglas Oshell PAPsychologist Clinical1730188491
Patricia G Ditton CAPsychologist Clinical1376542985
The Center For Behavioral Health NJPsychologist Clinical1831198449
Paul Modesto, Ph.d.,p.a. FLPsychologist Clinical1780683409
Monica Grady MOPsychologist Clinical1023017753
Paul Robb MOPsychologist Clinical1992704621
Bonnie Schwender MOPsychologist Clinical1912906652
Thomas E Berger CAPsychologist Clinical1083613723
Mary Elizabeth Paul ILPsychologist Clinical1366441917
Troy Sherman Johnson MNPsychologist Clinical1669471108
Robert Castino VAPsychologist Clinical1659370112
James B. Quinn TXPsychologist Clinical1477552966
Vincent J Nerviano PAPsychologist Clinical1932108420
Karine Lea Suskin NYPsychologist Clinical1609875095
Vernell Kennedy Fogle SCPsychologist Clinical1063411452
Marcia M. Abbott TXPsychologist Clinical1558360958
Albert Zbik FLPsychologist Clinical1508865072
Paul Gronneberg MNPsychologist Clinical1639178049
Christopher L Huvos MAPsychologist Clinical1508865916
Sheryl Thau Bardin MAPsychologist Clinical1033118450
Barbara Joanne Francis CAPsychologist Clinical1487653812
Mark Anthony Goral PAPsychologist Clinical1629077136
Michele Ruffy MOPsychologist Clinical1174522759
James Richard Dolby COPsychologist Clinical1609875285
County Of Scott MNPsychologist Clinical1841299443
Kerry O'connor Descalzi PAPsychologist Clinical1225037724
Roger Dale Paige MOPsychologist Clinical1770582280
Robert Lynn Peterson MNPsychologist Clinical1942209481
Dan L. Rogers IAPsychologist Clinical1053310508
Neal Horen DCPsychologist Clinical1013916535
Stephen Michael Moyer NCPsychologist Clinical1457350977
Michael J. Gallagher NYPsychologist Clinical1154320679
Eve Judith Sprotzer CTPsychologist Clinical1033118567
Cynthia Susan Reichley OHPsychologist Clinical1689673063
Kathleen Doyle Hughes CTPsychologist Clinical1235138512
Dick D Jones MNPsychologist Clinical1912906215
Regina M Burkhart MNPsychologist Clinical1467451765
Patricia A Gaupp CTPsychologist Clinical1902805203
Nancy J. Arikian MNPsychologist Clinical1366441685
Terry Lee Rudolph MIPsychologist Clinical1154320489
Angela Elizabeth Steep TNPsychologist Clinical1639178965
Roger C Gronau ILPsychologist Clinical1992704225
Michael J Ratheal TXPsychologist Clinical1003815341
Joshua David Booher TNPsychologist Clinical1154320596
Edith Marie Mcintosh TXPsychologist Clinical1376542712
Carolyn Menta PAPsychologist Clinical1134128507
Family Service Of Winona MNPsychologist Clinical1710986989
Karen T Cimini OHPsychologist Clinical1699774968
Joan Carol Russo WIPsychologist Clinical1225037575
Catherine Dean ILPsychologist Clinical1356340616
Kristin Kai Mahoney TNPsychologist Clinical1316946585
Harry D Krop FLPsychologist Clinical1609875889
Ray H. Brown TXPsychologist Clinical1164421350
Shelby Cook DCPsychologist Clinical1104825397
David A Coleman ILPsychologist Clinical1548269764
Joelle Angela Floriana OHPsychologist Clinical1730188962
Kristine K Christenson MNPsychologist Clinical1932108289
Edward K Mcgarrigle ILPsychologist Clinical1841299013
Johnny Worley TXPsychologist Clinical1811996085
Richard G Kennel ILPsychologist Clinical1942209127
Loretta Marie Diez MNPsychologist Clinical1770582942
James Jenkins Theisen MNPsychologist Clinical1689673857
Amy B. Crockett COPsychologist Clinical1265431407
Lynley Sheryl Ebeling ALPsychologist Clinical1558360719
Steven P Johnson ILPsychologist Clinical1194724393
Ray S Kim ILPsychologist Clinical1912906116


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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