Providers with Taxonomy: Social Worker (104100000X) in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Social Worker (104100000X)
in the state of Maryland:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A social worker is a person who is qualified by a Social Work degree, and licensed, certified or registered by the state as a social worker to practice within the scope of that license. A social worker provides assistance and counseling to clients and their families who are dealing with social, emotional and environmental problems. Social work services may be rendered to individuals, families, groups, and the public.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lindsay Ann Crawford 21804, MDSocial Worker1417474925
Denise Corrado 26525, MDSocial Worker1407840358
Stephanie Michell Rothenberger 21701, MDSocial Worker1043739147
Stephen Mellott 21740, MDSocial Worker1083680359
Teresa Marie Kingfield 20850, MDSocial Worker1114986643
Sherryl Lynn Silberman 21146, MDSocial Worker1336101351
Lisa Mccrohan 21701, MDSocial Worker1518465426
Gratia Johns-boehme 21742, MDSocial Worker1386672202
Rose M Edwards 21093, MDSocial Worker1548214661
Julia Hayman Hamilton 21204, MDSocial Worker1790242964
Rose Bleiweis 20832, MDSocial Worker1700254950
Anne Holman 21204, MDSocial Worker1164455325
Arundel Psychotherapy Associates 21146, MDSocial Worker1326144130
Sarah M Hofsommer 21201, MDSocial Worker1841396041
Psych Arts Llc 65189, MDSocial Worker1043718026
Amy Kemp Wellmeier 36112, MDSocial Worker1144318932
Erin Michelle Weiss 21403, MDSocial Worker1053495572
Nicole A Jackson 21286, MDSocial Worker1528544251
Mari Pat Mcguire 21093, MDSocial Worker1720103476
Anne Sullivan Hynes 21043, MDSocial Worker1487781720
Mary Remy 20735, MDSocial Worker1639684624
Orlando Wright 21046, MDSocial Worker1487783049
Sharon Peterson 30188, MDSocial Worker1841324324
Gina Mirarchi Psenicska 19711, MDSocial Worker1295862167
Karen Harvey Ramey 21046, MDSocial Worker1164596631
Marilyn Lawson 19709, MDSocial Worker1831242478
Richard M Eckardt 21601, MDSocial Worker1508918921
Jesse Jarman 21811, MDSocial Worker1235354937
Carroll Stewart Canipe 21108, MDSocial Worker1720289028
Annette Rickert Callahan 21224, MDSocial Worker1104020874
Suhair Ghanim 21742, MDSocial Worker1124218557
Roseline Mordi 20706, MDSocial Worker1265643514
Craig Edward Wisner 21853, MDSocial Worker1902071798
Rachel E Rentch 21044, MDSocial Worker1114198918
Thinh Nguyen 21211, MDSocial Worker1881856698
Mina Kirkova 21131, MDSocial Worker1114118387
Watta D Bundor 21201, MDSocial Worker1255840823
Rawnie James Martin 21286, MDSocial Worker1629269436
Lisa May 21632, MDSocial Worker1699897884
Jessica Soussana 20854, MDSocial Worker1780186585
Victoria Lynn Ringo 21146, MDSocial Worker1831359322
Loretta Clarise Pettiford 21502, MDSocial Worker1578764981
Marquita D. Wilson 21208, MDSocial Worker1093916264
Angela Nichelle Minix 21202, MDSocial Worker1811107758
Lawanda Williams 21206, MDSocial Worker1497046528
Natalie Nikole Hughes 20774, MDSocial Worker1376795492
Paul J Washo 21601, MDSocial Worker1003043563
Adrian G Gayle 21224, MDSocial Worker1013217173
Lauren Coleman 02120, MDSocial Worker1699911743
Peggy Jo Proudfoot Harman 25703, MDSocial Worker1194047548
Janet Louise Hughes 21224, MDSocial Worker1003130139
Heather Moatz 21742, MDSocial Worker1922311869
John Alan Laur 21228, MDSocial Worker1386940377
Heather Lynn Mcquay 21014, MDSocial Worker1164661682
Kelli Ann Manzano 25401, MDSocial Worker1003146978
Jennifer E Voorhaar 20650, MDSocial Worker1013291962
Jacqueline Corpuz 21286, MDSocial Worker1962888974
Marjorie R Sharkey 21740, MDSocial Worker1295063899
Shannon Marie Flanagan 21228, MDSocial Worker1467724385
Sarah V Packard 01890, MDSocial Worker1962736751
Jonathan Keng 20850, MDSocial Worker1174049415
Marilyn Serino 21629, MDSocial Worker1518423060
Wayne Aggrey Beckles 20745, MDSocial Worker1770812612
Antoinette Yvonne Moon 20721, MDSocial Worker1730387408
Tasa Harris 76543, MDSocial Worker1740539998
Laurence Neil Letich 21703, MDSocial Worker1578891644
Lisa Luse 20817, MDSocial Worker1548512437
Julie Ann Mizak 21236, MDSocial Worker1609113844
Lisa Gordon 20774, MDSocial Worker1639591548
Elizabeth Riitano 21742, MDSocial Worker1437523560
Susan Brown 21209, MDSocial Worker1144629189
Janelle L Johnson 20904, MDSocial Worker1295125664
Tara Elizabeth Miller 21215, MDSocial Worker1689174096
Laurieann Duarte 20895, MDSocial Worker1366849242
Jacqueline Lee Whalen 21701, MDSocial Worker1871961441
Kimberly Beth Koerner 21215, MDSocial Worker1497245609
Desiree N. Robinson 21228, MDSocial Worker1396185310
Tasha Marie Jeffrey 21234, MDSocial Worker1235481953
Donna Jurney 21122, MDSocial Worker1801389101
Axis Healthcare Group 21044, MDSocial Worker1891047726
Behavioral Counseling Services Of Washington County, Inc. 21701, MDSocial Worker1144647561
Jennifer Barry 22030, MDSocial Worker1760863021
Katherine Marie Judge 02021, MDSocial Worker1407073174
Jennifer Johnson 21221, MDSocial Worker1124436399
Jennifer Corcoran 23692, MDSocial Worker1790183713
Monica R Berger 33433, MDSocial Worker1134328727
Arthur Linn Zoller Wagner 21061, MDSocial Worker1659712875
Lauren Mason 21401, MDSocial Worker1336611466
Shanika La'tia Burke 21136, MDSocial Worker1114260262
Katherine Ann Forrest 21740, MDSocial Worker1033554340
Freedom Healthcare, Llc 21202, MDSocial Worker1184057481
Shatiea Blount 20781, MDSocial Worker1811364920
Nathanaelle Kareen Cantave 21204, MDSocial Worker1770845976
Jocelyn Spriggs Malone 21208, MDSocial Worker1750631941
Ashley Fenton 21201, MDSocial Worker1972873750
Rodney Orders 20852, MDSocial Worker1063730729
Sarah Poandl Young 21001, MDSocial Worker1245545417
Jennifer Lynn Jones 21210, MDSocial Worker1174872923
Tanya Wagner 21114, MDSocial Worker1336432749
Marianna Rayner Taylor 21042, MDSocial Worker1932455250
Renewing Me Counseling & Consulting Solutions, Llc 21234, MDSocial Worker1962822734
Nancy Wikes 21108, MDSocial Worker1528456977
Marcia Johnson-reinhart 17201, MDSocial Worker1750772265
Rashida Riley Anderson 21224, MDSocial Worker1639556202
Susan Bearns 20653, MDSocial Worker1124539630
Kelly Mackenzie Hayes 21208, MDSocial Worker1346752458
Bentley Stephens 21153, MDSocial Worker1841609252
Alexa Julius 21209, MDSocial Worker1801294632
Heather Ann Sand 21224, MDSocial Worker1588193437
Marja Lindsey Reed 20774, MDSocial Worker1437670072
Jacqueline Fonseca 22030, MDSocial Worker1881078046
Kaitlin Elizabeth Carlson 21740, MDSocial Worker1932653086
Lindsay H Tiell 20015, MDSocial Worker1669827796
Shannon Marie Reilley 21804, MDSocial Worker1184171324
Mallory Allyce Bare 21804, MDSocial Worker1134676372
Shelley Searfoss 21224, MDSocial Worker1073036224
Catherine J Sawyer 21014, MDSocial Worker1942730411
Lauren Leigh Barris 20814, MDSocial Worker1093224024
Meage Clements 20877, MDSocial Worker1851817506
Alexandra Marie Sheraw 20878, MDSocial Worker1740793884
Patricia Lucille Thompson 21244, MDSocial Worker1184660854
Casey Dressel 21617, MDSocial Worker1891237855
Penny Miller 29209, MDSocial Worker1437505195
Keyera Simon 21218, MDSocial Worker1942710835
Jessica Mckinnie 20832, MDSocial Worker1316442619
Hyeshin Park 21030, MDSocial Worker1598287492
Latasha Wilson 21214, MDSocial Worker1386145779
Dana A Payes 20879, MDSocial Worker1932606332
Narcedalia Pratt 22060, MDSocial Worker1134594971
Susanna Shapiro 20906, MDSocial Worker1538540265
Denyse Michelle Phillip-blue 21215, MDSocial Worker1649760661
Cynthia J Crown 21204, MDSocial Worker1699210526
Anthony Allen Trader 21804, MDSocial Worker1588156285
Paul Bashea Williams 20877, MDSocial Worker1366857237
Darling St Louis 20874, MDSocial Worker1396119210
Kate Mcspadden Leinweber 20816, MDSocial Worker1669965539
Nubian Sun 37211, MDSocial Worker1619154663
Kimberly R Charles 20706, MDSocial Worker1821588831
Alan Kutner 21236, MDSocial Worker1306213095
Kimberly Lynn Cook 37409, MDSocial Worker1235188491
Elizabeth C Krueger 20903, MDSocial Worker1700363223
Brook Lane Behavioral Services, Inc. 21742, MDSocial Worker1538647748
Jessica Leigh Jones 21234, MDSocial Worker1164900296
Shannon Karyn Epps 21218, MDSocial Worker1639657687
Lindsey Gonzales 21046, MDSocial Worker1720260938
Lindsay Waxler 21045, MDSocial Worker1548582869
Erica Monique Cook 21201, MDSocial Worker1730545773
Jessica P Mott 21784, MDSocial Worker1255813960
Jayme Elizabeth Fund 21286, MDSocial Worker1518459718
Toresa Wilson 21742, MDSocial Worker1154858595
Erica Jeneen Dizard 21244, MDSocial Worker1225534456
Caitlin Marie Hancock 21234, MDSocial Worker1306387865
Jennifer Hart Deboy 21401, MDSocial Worker1912448549
Kally Sullivan 17201, MDSocial Worker1235619453
Kara Marie Keicher 21202, MDSocial Worker1720490733
Laura Coulter 21157, MDSocial Worker1710362926
Mary Kane Vinograd 20814, MDSocial Worker1861969693
Kendall Klein Reed 21201, MDSocial Worker1073080701
Anna Adele Thomasson 20876, MDSocial Worker1760843148
Tiffany Renee Hardy 20002, MDSocial Worker1013484948
Raymond Thomas Giunta 33928, MDSocial Worker1356732945
Rebecca Sheeler Duncan 21215, MDSocial Worker1740759307
Candace Amanda Johnson 21009, MDSocial Worker1871062315
Kathryn Saya 19801, MDSocial Worker1871915686
Gina Maria Cinquegrani 21136, MDSocial Worker1730658691
Ginger Weber 21215, MDSocial Worker1053882472
Siphosenkosi Knick-ndlovu 21222, MDSocial Worker1518315753
Maria Kagin 20850, MDSocial Worker1154892214
Maria Baez 21401, MDSocial Worker1114498292
Rebecca J. Raygor 21804, MDSocial Worker1487125415
Jenna Moenius 21740, MDSocial Worker1407139470
Gillian O Shea Brown 10010, MDSocial Worker1467806943
Myra Sturgis Glover 21863, MDSocial Worker1720550759
Corey Pisula 21502, MDSocial Worker1811435076
Atkinson Mental Health Llc 21211, MDSocial Worker1629549340
Erin Nichole Atkinson 21211, MDSocial Worker1629415211
Joseph Delonte Snider 20613, MDSocial Worker1689176018
Latoya Avis Stewart 21214, MDSocial Worker1720543655
Katie Besche 21794, MDSocial Worker1639647779
Pamela Powell 21207, MDSocial Worker1811453368
Kimberly C Wheeler 21224, MDSocial Worker1447717988
Donnell Noni Phillips 21244, MDSocial Worker1861959330
Dena Marie Shuster 21204, MDSocial Worker1104383777
Mindfulness Therapy Llc 26525, MDSocial Worker1801368055
Nikiya Ford-jackson 20745, MDSocial Worker1881152981
Rachel Genevieve Avery Zubek 21237, MDSocial Worker1518425453
Tatiana Aviles Lcsw c Llc Bilingual Counseling Services 20874, MDSocial Worker1669998506
Barbara Levin Abrams 20016, MDSocial Worker1588123756
Taylor Wellness Center, Inc. 21208, MDSocial Worker1326507237
Amanda Younger 21204, MDSocial Worker1306261862
Mera C Yunger 20850, MDSocial Worker1720550635
Amy C Froiland-parada 55107, MDSocial Worker1538432547
Desiree Hall 21202, MDSocial Worker1043598873
Yazmin Beeks 20735, MDSocial Worker1780146217
Jennifer Barbara Novak 20657, MDSocial Worker1437612058
Naryah Miles 21202, MDSocial Worker1437612686
Kimberly Bonsiero 21218, MDSocial Worker1639545635
Jessica Marie Tuel 21629, MDSocial Worker1821652934
Therafit Enterprises, Inc. 21286, MDSocial Worker1497133953
Shenika Keyera Sledge 21218, MDSocial Worker1063876753


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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