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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Social Worker Clinical (1041C0700X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A social worker who holds a master's or doctoral degree in social work from an accredited school of social work in addition to at least two years of post-master's supervised experience in a clinical setting. The social worker must be licensed, certified, or registered at the clinical level in the jurisdiction of practice. A clinical social worker provides direct services, including interventions focused on interpersonal interactions, intrapsychic dynamics, and life management issues. Clinical social work services are based on bio-psychosocial perspectives. Services consist of assessment, diagnosis, treatment (including psychotherapy and counseling), client-centered advocacy, consultation, evaluation, and prevention of mental illness, emotional, or behavioral disturbances.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jill A Lauer INSocial Worker Clinical1790787588
Megan Dewitt NYSocial Worker Clinical1154323947
Chester B. Howard CASocial Worker Clinical1386646271
Norris F Laurence ALSocial Worker Clinical1285636183
Sharen Leigh Pyne-weissman NJSocial Worker Clinical1215939111
Richard J Healy MASocial Worker Clinical1033111935
Catherine N. Kahl MASocial Worker Clinical1679575575
Sara Nancy Futran NMSocial Worker Clinical1417959222
Virna Little NYSocial Worker Clinical1134121924
John Michael Wiley WASocial Worker Clinical1093717829
Bonni Raab NYSocial Worker Clinical1275535023
Karen L Mcneely INSocial Worker Clinical1932101797
Gabriel Valenzuela INSocial Worker Clinical1083616858
Thomas N Havill INSocial Worker Clinical1093717878
Mary J Morois INSocial Worker Clinical1457353245
Linda B Heller MESocial Worker Clinical1821090499
Bonnie Lea Lancaster COSocial Worker Clinical1851393425
Ruth E Rubin VTSocial Worker Clinical1184626657
Diana M Walker INSocial Worker Clinical1821090580
Joann M Lynn VASocial Worker Clinical1386646982
Holly Jo Mccleskey ALSocial Worker Clinical1518969120
Kristine Stratton Burns CTSocial Worker Clinical1922000645
Andrea Kroop NJSocial Worker Clinical1992707624
Pamela R Anderson KSSocial Worker Clinical1861494510
Robert L Ferguson ALSocial Worker Clinical1841292596
John M Boget ILSocial Worker Clinical1770585416
Vincent A. Caruso FLSocial Worker Clinical1467454140
Christine Barbara Herman FLSocial Worker Clinical1538161211
Susan Kaye Quinn MDSocial Worker Clinical1790787471
Carrie Joan Peitzmeier IASocial Worker Clinical1275535890
Sarah A.e. Currie ALSocial Worker Clinical1457353187
Jessica Penson-heyder NCSocial Worker Clinical1952303612
Patricia L Fisher INSocial Worker Clinical1255333837
Susan Marie Liljegren WYSocial Worker Clinical1497757090
Laura Havard MDSocial Worker Clinical1083616684
Carol Stolz SDSocial Worker Clinical1548262157
Patricia Ann Miller TNSocial Worker Clinical1043212699
Patricia Jean Petersen IASocial Worker Clinical1356343834
Tammera S. Alexander COSocial Worker Clinical1063414563
Glenda S. Clark FLSocial Worker Clinical1144212374
James Joseph Stockus MDSocial Worker Clinical1801898267
Mary Kay Leuschke OHSocial Worker Clinical1700888161
Laura Lynn Moseng INSocial Worker Clinical1356333587
Robert F Scheiblhofer NESocial Worker Clinical1215929450
Angelia Marie Erb INSocial Worker Clinical1093707234
Ruth Ann Dekker INSocial Worker Clinical1245222488
Janis L Fiske-genest CASocial Worker Clinical1780676924
Patricia Abbarno TNSocial Worker Clinical1609878198
Kolleen L Simons MOSocial Worker Clinical1265434666
Betty Cobb-dalton AZSocial Worker Clinical1609878016
Brenda Kay Dennis TNSocial Worker Clinical1750383253
Birdie Margaret Martinka-breiner MNSocial Worker Clinical1316949845
Paul D Zak CASocial Worker Clinical1689676199
Richard A. Kasper OHSocial Worker Clinical1003818519
Cheryl Victoria Paulaha MNSocial Worker Clinical1780686204
Scott Allen Winker MNSocial Worker Clinical1407858921
Patricia Mullin Ahrens MNSocial Worker Clinical1295737716
Edward Jon Froehlich MNSocial Worker Clinical1285636746
Cindy K Bashaw OHSocial Worker Clinical1356343818
Rachel Rogers Whipple FLSocial Worker Clinical1790787257
Christilou Ann Saufley NESocial Worker Clinical1912999053
Regina Lynne Schulze NESocial Worker Clinical1275525313
Heather Leah Bird NESocial Worker Clinical1184616229
Linda Jean Halbleib NESocial Worker Clinical1609868751
Jacqueline J Egan NESocial Worker Clinical1275525339
Donna J. Mahnen COSocial Worker Clinical1215929385
Peter C Wolf MISocial Worker Clinical1124010137
Mena Helen Abrams VASocial Worker Clinical1013909035
Don Anthony INSocial Worker Clinical1568454585
Joanne Gale Eekhoff NMSocial Worker Clinical1982696902
Cynthia Marie Ward CASocial Worker Clinical1609868629
Kim Clarissa Dallas NYSocial Worker Clinical1851383889
Jeanne Marie Eckles NYSocial Worker Clinical1295727220
Lucille Gechtman CASocial Worker Clinical1417949454
Bartley J Ettori NYSocial Worker Clinical1053303099
Mary M. Bourn COSocial Worker Clinical1649262601
Rita Scallon INSocial Worker Clinical1720070782
Charlotte E Wilkins CTSocial Worker Clinical1518959592
Eileen Nancy Frankland FLSocial Worker Clinical1861484941
Hollis Kay Karcher IASocial Worker Clinical1003808189
Lynn Smith INSocial Worker Clinical1043202229
Betty Anthony INSocial Worker Clinical1598757502
Elsie Marie Moore DCSocial Worker Clinical1649262767
Kendra Kay Mccallie NESocial Worker Clinical1528050663
Margo Biuso NYSocial Worker Clinical1366434458
Kristi W. Mock COSocial Worker Clinical1790777886
Karen Laquidara Howe NYSocial Worker Clinical1043202260
Martha Welty Skrocky NESocial Worker Clinical1538151675
Katherine Ann Nicolarsen NESocial Worker Clinical1508858648
Mary Lucille Kuehl NESocial Worker Clinical1871585919
Barbara Lynn Maxwell IASocial Worker Clinical1780676825
Belinda Turner Ottoson NESocial Worker Clinical1508858655
Christina Marie Bernhard NYSocial Worker Clinical1417949561
Georgeann Mitchell TXSocial Worker Clinical1659363604
Diane Elizabeth Ciafullo MOSocial Worker Clinical1184616385
Robin Peritz NYSocial Worker Clinical1740272699
Timothy John Rodier Social Worker Clinical1730171687
Priscilla Ballsun DCSocial Worker Clinical1699767558
M. Kathleen Mcbride AZSocial Worker Clinical1407848369
Kathleen Ann Voss NYSocial Worker Clinical1568454429
Gina Cappo NYSocial Worker Clinical1598757460
Sandra S. Lash NYSocial Worker Clinical1801888789
Rita L Ovens NYSocial Worker Clinical1811989700
Carol Sokol NYSocial Worker Clinical1871585760
Avarilla A. Akers NYSocial Worker Clinical1134111024
Melody Hall Pyle INSocial Worker Clinical1396737284
Linda Rae Towry LASocial Worker Clinical1225020209
Nancy Kanetzky NYSocial Worker Clinical1225020126
Carol A. Colby NYSocial Worker Clinical1275525180
Emily A Heineke INSocial Worker Clinical1356333264
Maureen Rist Marchessault NYSocial Worker Clinical1962494872
Jean L Moffatt NYSocial Worker Clinical1487646303
Mary Anne Ruane NJSocial Worker Clinical1972595817
Robert Lucas INSocial Worker Clinical1598757437
Gloria Borer MDSocial Worker Clinical1821080763
Janet R Reed-massman CASocial Worker Clinical1407848229
Jacqueline Denise Brewer GASocial Worker Clinical1285626085
Lindsey Tayer Markel NYSocial Worker Clinical1881686673
Amy C. Jacobson NYSocial Worker Clinical1780676577
Jane E. Amsden NYSocial Worker Clinical1851383640
Jeanne Francis Asma NYSocial Worker Clinical1306838107
Evelia Margarita Santiago-gomez NYSocial Worker Clinical1922090760
Janet Ellen Giudice NYSocial Worker Clinical1447242201
Constance M Kash NYSocial Worker Clinical1306838057
Casimer Richard Wichlacz VASocial Worker Clinical1487646204
Paula Wells-primer MISocial Worker Clinical1255323077
Natalie Freney Guernsey NYSocial Worker Clinical1649262486
Mark L. Henderson NYSocial Worker Clinical1083606826
Susan Deane-miller NYSocial Worker Clinical1538151386
David W. Mccready NYSocial Worker Clinical1437141280
Jennifer Anderson Mason KYSocial Worker Clinical1407848260
Karen Penick IASocial Worker Clinical1225020092
Stuart Philip Rothman PASocial Worker Clinical1366434045
Vicky Marie Burgh-harris NYSocial Worker Clinical1750373510
Frank Romano NYSocial Worker Clinical1003808866
Jane H Mendelsohn MISocial Worker Clinical1497747174
Linda Cochran NCSocial Worker Clinical1043202732
Linda Nancy Merkle MISocial Worker Clinical1952393647
Hope Grande DCSocial Worker Clinical1376535088
Barbara Rice NYSocial Worker Clinical1457343121
Carey Franklin MISocial Worker Clinical1962494534
Allaventris L Webb MISocial Worker Clinical1861484438
Paul J Scoglio MASocial Worker Clinical1619969284
Amy Barkin MASocial Worker Clinical1275525867
Ellen Diane Thomas CTSocial Worker Clinical1447242037
Jo Lynn Coles NESocial Worker Clinical1336131978
Dennis Paul Kirchoff COSocial Worker Clinical1033101589
Carmelle Johnson MISocial Worker Clinical1811989429
Suzanne W Jones MISocial Worker Clinical1548252158
Joan Faye Cummings NYSocial Worker Clinical1013909639
Elizabeth Ann Kebschull CASocial Worker Clinical1184616674
Lisa Pirnie Fiola COSocial Worker Clinical1114919560
Albert Tobias Noelle INSocial Worker Clinical1609868256
Laurel Virginia Stanley NYSocial Worker Clinical1760474324
John Brainerd Thomas CTSocial Worker Clinical1861484354
Steven Wayne Cappiello CASocial Worker Clinical1386636819
Howard Laurence Brockman ORSocial Worker Clinical1508858952
Diane Joyce Kehn NJSocial Worker Clinical1124010574
John R. Mazurek ILSocial Worker Clinical1194717553
Charles Arthur Gildrie TNSocial Worker Clinical1053303438
Pamela Jean Oehmke MISocial Worker Clinical1871585257
Mary Ellen Tomac MISocial Worker Clinical1982696258
Eileen Gustafson FLSocial Worker Clinical1477545846
Helen R Dilmore Jones TXSocial Worker Clinical1164414553
Mark Mullen PASocial Worker Clinical1295727691
Jennifer Ann Jones ILSocial Worker Clinical1780676106
Tamra L Coldren ILSocial Worker Clinical1114919545
Linda P Johnson VASocial Worker Clinical1962494351
Genevieve Regina Branigan IASocial Worker Clinical1427040849
Nancy Elizabeth Toole NYSocial Worker Clinical1801888144
Elizabeth Ann Tickle FLSocial Worker Clinical1124010467
Donna M. Tatnall NCSocial Worker Clinical1427040773
Deme Silpa Reddy MISocial Worker Clinical1497747752
Judy Ann Mcnish MISocial Worker Clinical1972595239
Karen L Harrison MISocial Worker Clinical1265424535
Laurel Shaw NYSocial Worker Clinical1427040716
Michel Philippe Olivier MASocial Worker Clinical1487646782
Sarah Cooper Stranak COSocial Worker Clinical1457343774
June Kay Groth KSSocial Worker Clinical1881686103
Sheila Teresa Mckinnie Social Worker Clinical1699767913
Laurie D Regan IDSocial Worker Clinical1104819325
Wayne E. Tasker TNSocial Worker Clinical1275526436
Henry J Palmer NYSocial Worker Clinical1952394256
Randall K Krehbiel KSSocial Worker Clinical1902899123
Fraine Thomas Fledderman HISocial Worker Clinical1457344749
John Avallone-serra NYSocial Worker Clinical1659364982
J Richard Morgan NYSocial Worker Clinical1457344798
Susan Carol Friedmann TXSocial Worker Clinical1083607337
Loren Berdequez VASocial Worker Clinical1134112402
Dawn Michelle Conley NESocial Worker Clinical1194718460
Susan Coon Howard CTSocial Worker Clinical1598758872
Thea Dake TXSocial Worker Clinical1326031592
Aileen S Pargament OHSocial Worker Clinical1598758740
Sandra Joyce Billings FLSocial Worker Clinical1821081084
Sally Mccune MOSocial Worker Clinical1255324414
Lillie Vergel MISocial Worker Clinical1962494286
Susan Tabashnik MISocial Worker Clinical1497747711
Patricia Sherman NJSocial Worker Clinical1760475719
Marilyn Faye Bass MOSocial Worker Clinical1497748578
Lorrayne K Johnson MISocial Worker Clinical1700879806


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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