Providers with Taxonomy: Marriage Family Therapist (106H00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Marriage Family Therapist (106H00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A marriage and family therapist is a person with a master's degree in marriage and family therapy, or a master's or doctoral degree in a related mental health field with substantially equivalent coursework in marriage and family therapy, who receives supervised clinical experience, or a person who meets the state requirements to practice as a marriage and family therapist. A marriage and family therapist treats mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage and family systems. A marriage and family therapist provides mental health and counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jerry Lee Vadnais KSMarriage Family Therapist1932194057
Amy Meek KSMarriage Family Therapist1144215278
James Thayer KSMarriage Family Therapist1235124371
Jean A Oser INMarriage Family Therapist1063407286
Thelma Jeanne Bolley OKMarriage Family Therapist1720073844
Richard H Conant MEMarriage Family Therapist1841285053
Karen L Mckinley VAMarriage Family Therapist1043205073
Rosemary B Nichols TXMarriage Family Therapist1336134410
Judi E Bloom TXMarriage Family Therapist1962497750
Barbara F Rysdon SDMarriage Family Therapist1447245287
Larry W Corrigan CAMarriage Family Therapist1396730024
Dorothy Deborah Diehl CAMarriage Family Therapist1942295688
Charlotte Moore Maull VAMarriage Family Therapist1629063292
Judith Ann Villa CAMarriage Family Therapist1285629873
James Robert David MDMarriage Family Therapist1811983497
Christina Marie Weber KSMarriage Family Therapist1003802620
Linda M Richnofsky MNMarriage Family Therapist1205822822
Bruce A Oleary MNMarriage Family Therapist1336135896
Ellen P Nelson WAMarriage Family Therapist1588650089
Marsha A Childs VAMarriage Family Therapist1588650923
Ned Wilson CAMarriage Family Therapist1366438749
James Kenneth Long MOMarriage Family Therapist1336135722
South Central Mental Health Counseling Center, Inc. KSMarriage Family Therapist1538155882
Mark Ramirez ILMarriage Family Therapist1356337612
Brenda R Berg INMarriage Family Therapist1124014451
Mark Allen Kaupp CAMarriage Family Therapist1346236445
Brooke Sherman-bailey MIMarriage Family Therapist1902892029
Jose Javier Sierra FLMarriage Family Therapist1396731378
South Shore Center Inc Marriage Family Therapist1255327391
Conni Beth Mattingly CAMarriage Family Therapist1790771798
Russell Ambrose Collins CAMarriage Family Therapist1033105911
Carolyn F Roths SDMarriage Family Therapist1467448365
Gloria Arenson CAMarriage Family Therapist1134115140
Yolanda Maria Yturralde CAMarriage Family Therapist1851387740
Clayton C. Maguire VAMarriage Family Therapist1174519938
Pat Collinsworth Huish CAMarriage Family Therapist1285620930
Pamela M Vaught MIMarriage Family Therapist1154318806
Rhonda R Frank VAMarriage Family Therapist1487641833
Gary R Sandwick WAMarriage Family Therapist1184611477
Jean P Whitinger TNMarriage Family Therapist1568459741
Karen R Vandiver TXMarriage Family Therapist1982691150
Beverly E Rogers KSMarriage Family Therapist1952398091
Michelle Rowlison MNMarriage Family Therapist1811984826
Charles Berke CTMarriage Family Therapist1235126152
Kathleen Graziano CTMarriage Family Therapist1972590800
Cornelia Luzzi CTMarriage Family Therapist1366439291
Rhonda Loft CTMarriage Family Therapist1760479604
Cynthia Pledger Palmaz VAMarriage Family Therapist1952398745
Laura Lee Townsend VAMarriage Family Therapist1174510903
Renee Rogers COMarriage Family Therapist1407844152
E. Clifton Davis, Ed.d., & Associates, P.c. TXMarriage Family Therapist1538157318
Timothy David Stein CAMarriage Family Therapist1376531012
Tyler Reed Troyer COMarriage Family Therapist1285622860
Jaclyn Joann Sullivan Marriage Family Therapist1285985325
Nadene Reichert AKMarriage Family Therapist1386020626
Jonathan Beauregard CAMarriage Family Therapist1275907115
Stephanie Gallagher CTMarriage Family Therapist1578550497
Kristin Koberstein NYMarriage Family Therapist1467817346
Raymond Christopher Power TXMarriage Family Therapist1811984156
Davis Companies Llc KSMarriage Family Therapist1255877130
Christine Elizabeth Webster ILMarriage Family Therapist1457890667
Jai Dames GAMarriage Family Therapist1346698594
Linda C Smith INMarriage Family Therapist1568457737
Elaine Almeida CTMarriage Family Therapist1427551209
Victoria J Haag KSMarriage Family Therapist1265426472
Kenneth Kuhn ILMarriage Family Therapist1487640454
Stephanie Grace Daniels HIMarriage Family Therapist1679066732
Megan E Atwood FLMarriage Family Therapist1144711730
Jenny J Lee Marriage Family Therapist1356576748
Nate Hinerman CAMarriage Family Therapist1841777257
Edna Fabiola Parada CAMarriage Family Therapist1154602688
Andrea Louise Lambert CAMarriage Family Therapist1912992009
Diahann Suchan FLMarriage Family Therapist1932194073
Tricia Ilene Colcord CAMarriage Family Therapist1477931939
Elizabeth Beck KYMarriage Family Therapist1134695620
Greg E Kaplan CAMarriage Family Therapist1023588217
Insight Counseling Of La Marriage Family Therapist1497210033
Therapeutic Services Agency Inc MNMarriage Family Therapist1497741607
Todd David Burley FLMarriage Family Therapist1518955046
Meryl Harmon Halem NYMarriage Family Therapist1265420863
Jeri Ann Karlsberg CAMarriage Family Therapist1346238946
Judith R Ward VAMarriage Family Therapist1578551974
Ann Mcdonald Rice CAMarriage Family Therapist1629066063
Bethanie J Drake ILMarriage Family Therapist1063400489
Irv Loev TXMarriage Family Therapist1548258932
Sheri L. Whitt CAMarriage Family Therapist1962490383
Jacqueline Cagney FLMarriage Family Therapist1225026644
Emily S Rosenthal FLMarriage Family Therapist1104814565
Bennett Dennis Portnoy CAMarriage Family Therapist1407844863
Patricia A Cotton TXMarriage Family Therapist1881682060
Ronda Lois Tamerlane CAMarriage Family Therapist1467440677
Bart Anthony Pc MIMarriage Family Therapist1174511372
Sandra Bunch Walton NCMarriage Family Therapist1093703324
Dianne Arman MIMarriage Family Therapist1497743629
Ruth R Molin MAMarriage Family Therapist1023006251
Joseph John Scalise GAMarriage Family Therapist1104814334
Mary A Marchant MAMarriage Family Therapist1699763839
Stephen James Pratt CAMarriage Family Therapist1245228337
Center For Children, Inc MDMarriage Family Therapist1619965597
Anne Hart Hinckle CAMarriage Family Therapist1467441360
Susan C Howseman WAMarriage Family Therapist1346239183
Richard Leon Newman TXMarriage Family Therapist1013906825
Patricia A. Sartini, Inc. MOMarriage Family Therapist1922097732
Robin Jane Marie Teoli OHMarriage Family Therapist1174512800
Sandra R Carlson INMarriage Family Therapist1609865351
Brenda N Susman NMMarriage Family Therapist1891784476
Esther Johnson IAMarriage Family Therapist1487643185
Washington County Psychotherapy Associates, Pa MEMarriage Family Therapist1538158159
Jack Joseph Hupert FLMarriage Family Therapist1396734984
Eric Flores CAMarriage Family Therapist1801885405
Family Psychology Associates, P.c. Marriage Family Therapist1740279355
Susan Cohn CAMarriage Family Therapist1023007572
Susan Haradon CAMarriage Family Therapist1841289246
Tara Haley FLMarriage Family Therapist1528057916
Karen C. Barton CAMarriage Family Therapist1881683290
Gregory S Creed COMarriage Family Therapist1134118490
Linda M. Rio CAMarriage Family Therapist1992794242
Edwin R Ailes FLMarriage Family Therapist1639168958
Mary K Moriarty MNMarriage Family Therapist1669461901
Tima C. Priess AKMarriage Family Therapist1104815448
Philip Yucht NJMarriage Family Therapist1497744650
James T Davenport ILMarriage Family Therapist1881683969
John Pratt Bingham CAMarriage Family Therapist1871582965
Tim Johnson MNMarriage Family Therapist1154310126
Anthony Sommars MNMarriage Family Therapist1154310134
Stusrt S Moskowitz MAMarriage Family Therapist1912996992
Gary Landis KYMarriage Family Therapist1659360642
Elizabeth Marie Still CAMarriage Family Therapist1780674713
Laurie Hamilton CAMarriage Family Therapist1114917184
Michele Katharine Martin ORMarriage Family Therapist1396734323
Beverly June Hicks NCMarriage Family Therapist1336139302
Carol Sheppard Leimbach CAMarriage Family Therapist1174513154
Lorretta Glass FLMarriage Family Therapist1336139344
Julie Kitzerow FLMarriage Family Therapist1043200058
Bobbi -- Stoll CAMarriage Family Therapist1770573784
Dann Grindeman CAMarriage Family Therapist1639168610
Joy A Hanson MNMarriage Family Therapist1225028145
Neal R. Mcmann AZMarriage Family Therapist1518957455
Shirley Helen Smith CAMarriage Family Therapist1366432221
Ken Sharp TXMarriage Family Therapist1841280732
Myrna Loy Ashby TXMarriage Family Therapist1992795801
John Lucas CAMarriage Family Therapist1316937154
Dree Knack Miller CAMarriage Family Therapist1366432163
Gary D Hanson MNMarriage Family Therapist1215927066
Gerard Pasquale Delisio HIMarriage Family Therapist1639169402
Sylvia Ybarra CAMarriage Family Therapist1053301804
Marsie Campbell CAMarriage Family Therapist1174513741
Sharon F Harris VAMarriage Family Therapist1922098649
Steven James Harrison CAMarriage Family Therapist1023008760
Mary Sue Scott VAMarriage Family Therapist1093705758
Gregory Ladue CAMarriage Family Therapist1902896673
Raymond L Grubbs NCMarriage Family Therapist1265422539
Jeffrey M. Brandler NJMarriage Family Therapist1205826740
Daniel Joseph Kugler CAMarriage Family Therapist1306836838
Patricia Williamson PAMarriage Family Therapist1578553996
William G Morice INMarriage Family Therapist1780674077
Heather Eckerman KSMarriage Family Therapist1154311454
Mary Diane Way TXMarriage Family Therapist1508857608
Heather Turey CAMarriage Family Therapist1346231321
Robin Berman NMMarriage Family Therapist1982695995
Marjorie Skwara NCMarriage Family Therapist1962493825
Margaret Thurman CAMarriage Family Therapist1417948332
Stuart Jay Cohen GAMarriage Family Therapist1780675785
Irene Bockelman KSMarriage Family Therapist1811988306
Paul E Douthit TXMarriage Family Therapist1306837992
Charles Anthony Long CAMarriage Family Therapist1740271337
Marguerite Flemming CAMarriage Family Therapist1265423511
Laura D Morrison ARMarriage Family Therapist1760473979
Valerie A Macleod FLMarriage Family Therapist1528049756
Jake D Thiessen PAMarriage Family Therapist1023099264
Jean Rosengarten Davidson INMarriage Family Therapist1528049715
Jerry A Morris MOMarriage Family Therapist1831170034
Steven Lyle Kadel CAMarriage Family Therapist1144201153
John Knight Hill SCMarriage Family Therapist1508847724
Rebecca Ann Phillips INMarriage Family Therapist1225019441
Sandra A Altobello MNMarriage Family Therapist1013998053
Mary Thomas Bryant FLMarriage Family Therapist1134100027
Jami Lee Holler CAMarriage Family Therapist1093796013
Omega Jodean Galliano NVMarriage Family Therapist1780665687
Alice H Esbenshade CAMarriage Family Therapist1720069685
Evergreen Counseling Center TXMarriage Family Therapist1073594776
Claudia S Gimenez Marriage Family Therapist1316928906
James Franklin Jacobs VAMarriage Family Therapist1972584662
Timothy Ray Thomas GAMarriage Family Therapist1427039171
Beverley Duke-young ORMarriage Family Therapist1972584548
Mauricio Cruz Y Celis CAMarriage Family Therapist1811978612
Shelton N Woodard NCMarriage Family Therapist1891776654
Jennifer L Glock FLMarriage Family Therapist1225019680
Terry Varney Freerks ILMarriage Family Therapist1568443067
Resource Guidance Services Inc Marriage Family Therapist1306827852
Carol Sue Dyer MOMarriage Family Therapist1548241144
James Wilson Smith FLMarriage Family Therapist1588645907
Virginia L. White DCMarriage Family Therapist1841271285
Sandra Marie Lehner CAMarriage Family Therapist1750363024
Ellen Walters CAMarriage Family Therapist1053393371
North Hawaii Medical Group HIMarriage Family Therapist1528049814
Janet Mccullough Grim FLMarriage Family Therapist1023090388
Darlene A Palmer TXMarriage Family Therapist1710969936
Kimberly Piche Montgomery VAMarriage Family Therapist1578545786
Open Paths Counseling Center Marriage Family Therapist1437131554


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