Providers with Taxonomy: Marriage Family Therapist (106H00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Marriage Family Therapist (106H00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A marriage and family therapist is a person with a master's degree in marriage and family therapy, or a master's or doctoral degree in a related mental health field with substantially equivalent coursework in marriage and family therapy, who receives supervised clinical experience, or a person who meets the state requirements to practice as a marriage and family therapist. A marriage and family therapist treats mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage and family systems. A marriage and family therapist provides mental health and counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Juan David Acevedo CAMarriage Family Therapist1689710436
Kanita Elizabeth Allen CAMarriage Family Therapist1972826790
Kelsey Nunziata CAMarriage Family Therapist1164856076
Lauren Rae Valentine CAMarriage Family Therapist1619443496
Mahdis Bormand CAMarriage Family Therapist1538788203
Mana Ekbatani CAMarriage Family Therapist1972981082
Mani Faez CAMarriage Family Therapist1871037739
Marisa Lepore CAMarriage Family Therapist1013313386
Marissa Defeo CAMarriage Family Therapist1831527217
Marissa Townley Zwetow CAMarriage Family Therapist1992845119
Mark Joseph Ala CAMarriage Family Therapist1215250964
Matthew Aaron Fleischman CAMarriage Family Therapist1891718334
Negar Doroudian Marriage Family Therapist1154626414
Peter Emerson Hilen CAMarriage Family Therapist1831378157
Rebekah Erin Radomski Marriage Family Therapist1841572682
Robin Schupp CAMarriage Family Therapist1225269558
Roni Portillo CAMarriage Family Therapist1538252143
Sara Rosa Mccalester Marriage Family Therapist1992937122
Shelby Lynn Ammann CAMarriage Family Therapist1578162111
Stephen Michael Guidi CAMarriage Family Therapist1336377183
Sue Shepard CAMarriage Family Therapist1780916858
Suzanne Renee Hamasaki CAMarriage Family Therapist1104095918
Victoria Young CAMarriage Family Therapist1952756785
Wayne Weiching Chan CAMarriage Family Therapist1053447383
William Michael Dellefield CAMarriage Family Therapist1689773061
Arbor Circle Corp Marriage Family Therapist1306397930
Lennis Watson NYMarriage Family Therapist1427705607
James T. Rockwood, Thm, Phd, P.c. TXMarriage Family Therapist1720202492
Center For Family Counseling And Play Therapy TXMarriage Family Therapist1487839767
Marriage Fully Alive Llc TXMarriage Family Therapist1891933222
Spirit Christian Counseling Centers, Inc. TXMarriage Family Therapist1760844195
Self And Other Counseling, Pllc Marriage Family Therapist1326502741
Aimee Ellenich Benfield TXMarriage Family Therapist1659989911
Brittiany Jefferson HIMarriage Family Therapist1083164628
Carol Elise Thompson TXMarriage Family Therapist1609994466
Dagmara Svetcov TXMarriage Family Therapist1114048097
Dana Lynn Saffell-harsch TXMarriage Family Therapist1396993150
Kaitlyn Milstead TXMarriage Family Therapist1467032078
Kyle Dan Sessums Marriage Family Therapist1326436833
Linda S Heard TXMarriage Family Therapist1235350679
Luis Leos TXMarriage Family Therapist1649419599
Mary F Lee TXMarriage Family Therapist1932257102
Michael Fincannon TXMarriage Family Therapist1689916033
Neha Asif Marriage Family Therapist1003485814
Sandra Jean Duncan TXMarriage Family Therapist1386856151
Susan Carol Henderson TXMarriage Family Therapist1386898849
Zeba Siddiqui TXMarriage Family Therapist1780328856
Tina M Gomez Marriage Family Therapist1801411590
Stone Ridge Counseling Center Marriage Family Therapist1043421456
Nj Family Therapy NJMarriage Family Therapist1750644274
Jill E Sieverts NJMarriage Family Therapist1457455883
Magdalena Gesiara-occhicone NJMarriage Family Therapist1003179367
Mary Ellen M Stiehl NYMarriage Family Therapist1366564601
Robert M. Gordon, Ph.d., Abpp, Pc PAMarriage Family Therapist1750523486
Community Psychological Services Consultant, Inc. PAMarriage Family Therapist1952360174
Ana Barco Wong Marriage Family Therapist1861995904
Carolyn H Gordon PAMarriage Family Therapist1689686420
Christopher N Hershman PAMarriage Family Therapist1639124829
Evelyn A. Stupp PAMarriage Family Therapist1508192600
Jamie Wagaman Marriage Family Therapist1033639166
John Carnahan PAMarriage Family Therapist1962547547
June Taylor Gordon PAMarriage Family Therapist1851357537
Laura Pengelly PAMarriage Family Therapist1043861859
Leigh Ann Ryan PAMarriage Family Therapist1265776934
Lorraine Nicole Baltz PAMarriage Family Therapist1184286569
Margaret Elizabeth Cole PAMarriage Family Therapist1932224375
Melanie Siegfried Marriage Family Therapist1972078079
Natalie A Glowacki PAMarriage Family Therapist1902833247
Patricia Terreros Marriage Family Therapist1750948154
Sara Cotto-fontanez PAMarriage Family Therapist1932557758
Susan Evatt Marriage Family Therapist1043762925
Tibor Baukal NJMarriage Family Therapist1952519167
Travis Albert Gray PAMarriage Family Therapist1316610025
First Steps Counseling Of Alliance Llc OHMarriage Family Therapist1851642151
Kennadi E Adams Marriage Family Therapist1467067710
Scott W Williams OHMarriage Family Therapist1629284963
Kimberly R Demor PAMarriage Family Therapist1124338454
Mary Jane Beatty PAMarriage Family Therapist1245268358
Matthew Pace PAMarriage Family Therapist1598263667
Jordan Conway Marriage Family Therapist1497156608
Steven Quintiliani MAMarriage Family Therapist1881724276
Gayle Renee Labissoniere WAMarriage Family Therapist1053448183
Edward J. Mike, Ph.d., P.c. MIMarriage Family Therapist1922042555
Family Health Psychiatric & Counseling Center, Pc Marriage Family Therapist1487703567
Aaron Michael Johnson WIMarriage Family Therapist1356727192
Jon Jay Steimel MIMarriage Family Therapist1013948884
Marcia Lee Royer MIMarriage Family Therapist1417165747
Roxann Leigh Reed ARMarriage Family Therapist1043546823
Mary Holcomb Valentine Marriage Family Therapist1699817148
North Point Counseling Services, Inc GAMarriage Family Therapist1649508995
Roy L. Dial Iii, Lmft, Ph.d., Pc GAMarriage Family Therapist1053650689
Alpharetta/johns Creek Counseling For Children And Adults GAMarriage Family Therapist1760927503
The Holistic Coalition, Llc GAMarriage Family Therapist1487154498
Comprehensive Health Associates, Llc GAMarriage Family Therapist1841706066
Jai Dames Llc GAMarriage Family Therapist1508360140
Psyched Inc Marriage Family Therapist1962977363
Adaptive Therapy Counseling Group, Llc Marriage Family Therapist1861057911
Moshe Manheim, Lcsw Marriage Family Therapist1821697475
Akamai Resource And Therapy, Llc Marriage Family Therapist1871241893
Adetope Alabi GAMarriage Family Therapist1780025262
Anita Mullins GAMarriage Family Therapist1538534276
Ashley Nicole Miller GAMarriage Family Therapist1669972469
Carlee Owens GAMarriage Family Therapist1992456594
Cheryl Ainbender Rhodes GAMarriage Family Therapist1649476961
David M Smith SCMarriage Family Therapist1144438300
Diann Chere Stuart Marriage Family Therapist1164087300
Eleanor Gaye Stevens GAMarriage Family Therapist1073613253
Elizabeth M. Leonard GAMarriage Family Therapist1063928018
Erin Williams GAMarriage Family Therapist1932797420
Georgia Ann Nickles GAMarriage Family Therapist1437366820
Hannah Simmons Marriage Family Therapist1821756776
Jai Dames GAMarriage Family Therapist1346698594
Jessica Bassett Marriage Family Therapist1639784747
Karen Williams GAMarriage Family Therapist1497342968
Kathleen Ellen Mckinney GAMarriage Family Therapist1518101591
Kathleen Shack GAMarriage Family Therapist1164567137
Kelley Dyanne Sproles Marriage Family Therapist1972090538
Krista Clark GAMarriage Family Therapist1609303312
Kristi M Sutter GAMarriage Family Therapist1346456472
La Tonya Dunn GAMarriage Family Therapist1952839938
Mark R. Zuccolo GAMarriage Family Therapist1144254319
Nelda F Yee GAMarriage Family Therapist1043432917
Nina M Laltrello GAMarriage Family Therapist1922213529
Olivia Kioni-hendrieth ALMarriage Family Therapist1124503339
Patrize J Smith MAMarriage Family Therapist1720130354
Roberto Montana GAMarriage Family Therapist1528200797
Samantha Elizabeth Heuwagen GAMarriage Family Therapist1093203341
Shirley Shani Ben Zvi GAMarriage Family Therapist1578234928
Sonja F Maxwell GAMarriage Family Therapist1609066059
Amber Elizabeth Stacks CAMarriage Family Therapist1669080925
Andee M Schuur CAMarriage Family Therapist1104577626
Bryan Zitzman UTMarriage Family Therapist1861858383
Carly Shaul Marriage Family Therapist1962171025
Carole Ann Ross CAMarriage Family Therapist1295899573
Caroline Moxley CAMarriage Family Therapist1710647193
Cindy Jones CAMarriage Family Therapist1801345178
Cristina Gabriela Zamora CAMarriage Family Therapist1174648836
Diane Eugenia Janssen CAMarriage Family Therapist1720100902
Elizabeth Hardeman-fikes CAMarriage Family Therapist1417617937
Holland Wilson WYMarriage Family Therapist1245471846
Ime Davis CAMarriage Family Therapist1144801010
Jared Moroni Casey UTMarriage Family Therapist1366789059
Jennifer Morgan Smith UTMarriage Family Therapist1912941527
Kathleen Grace Muir CAMarriage Family Therapist1093009334
Lauren Cardoso CAMarriage Family Therapist1871968636
Mathew Bean UTMarriage Family Therapist1144413402
Michael Tortosa CAMarriage Family Therapist1932211109
Molly Downs-stoller CAMarriage Family Therapist1023407210
Scott J Gregg CAMarriage Family Therapist1477970812
Steven Roy Jones UTMarriage Family Therapist1558391086
Sydney Stratford Marriage Family Therapist1902542079
Tami Mason CAMarriage Family Therapist1033650668
Tatiana Hughes CAMarriage Family Therapist1518634377
Timmy Ryan Thayne UTMarriage Family Therapist1124335641
Timothy Wade CAMarriage Family Therapist1083913321
Sarah Nicole Barbuto Marriage Family Therapist1750757944
Jamill Collins ILMarriage Family Therapist1801218664
William Twombly NHMarriage Family Therapist1568585008
Alva Ruth Stewart CAMarriage Family Therapist1265658736
Amanda Cazessus CAMarriage Family Therapist1821462169
Andrew Rudd Marriage Family Therapist1417414749
Astrid Topete Marriage Family Therapist1710344577
Betty Marie Stevens CAMarriage Family Therapist1760698666
Christiane S Diaz CAMarriage Family Therapist1316301849
Crystal Noelle Orabona CAMarriage Family Therapist1750890273
Crystal Ukpong Marriage Family Therapist1609336833
Emily Nielsen CAMarriage Family Therapist1568839017
Ericka Rivera CAMarriage Family Therapist1295877819
Gabrielle Mccloskey CAMarriage Family Therapist1184397648
Kathryn L Kawecki CAMarriage Family Therapist1528261021
Kristen Danielle Rawlings CAMarriage Family Therapist1457795221
Laurina Mendiones CAMarriage Family Therapist1881972156
Mary Tretola CAMarriage Family Therapist1629201793
Mylan Zonica Allen CAMarriage Family Therapist1942777354
Rachel Day CAMarriage Family Therapist1639660848
Rebecca Ann Deighan CAMarriage Family Therapist1295853075
Sandra Ruth Martin CAMarriage Family Therapist1396947255
Susan Lynn Pavone CAMarriage Family Therapist1407992456
Tamara Lee Johnstone CAMarriage Family Therapist1598998114
Tanya Lynne Youngblood CAMarriage Family Therapist1548486285
Tisha S Langley CAMarriage Family Therapist1942326012
Wendy Whitmore CAMarriage Family Therapist1841589777
Mary Alvin Nichols, Lmft Marriage Family Therapist1134764749
Hathaway sycamores Child And Family Services Marriage Family Therapist1801927363
Hathaway sycamores Child And Family Services Marriage Family Therapist1508301599
Aida Judith Enciso CAMarriage Family Therapist1053443291
Alejandra Torres Gagne CAMarriage Family Therapist1114314259
Arman Ter-grigoryan CAMarriage Family Therapist1285949511
Armond Boldi CAMarriage Family Therapist1932240116
Bianca Maia Garcia CAMarriage Family Therapist1306061759
Brooke Nisen CAMarriage Family Therapist1083746697
Carol Larkin Beecroft CAMarriage Family Therapist1699195578
Chanel Boutakidis CAMarriage Family Therapist1346362498
Christian Thompson CAMarriage Family Therapist1447691514
Claudia I. Rice CAMarriage Family Therapist1215067426
Craig William Glass CAMarriage Family Therapist1417088055
Crystal Yvonne Howard CAMarriage Family Therapist1225158462
Cynthia Boada- Doutt CAMarriage Family Therapist1730381476
Cynthia Ann Keith CAMarriage Family Therapist1184174518
Da'vette Cogshell Marriage Family Therapist1598325557


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