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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractor Nutrition (111NN1001X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Chiropractic Nutrition is that specialty within the chiropractic profession that deals with the overall factors that affect the patient's ability to maintain the manipulative correction and thus sustain better neurological integrity. The Chiropractic Nutrition Specialist will perform extensive research on the patient's previous health history, ethnicity, and any family history related to what the patient is being treated for. Patients fill out questionnaires concerning dietary and sleep patterns and previous or present symptomology. A nutrition examination would be performed to assess areas such as absorption rates, adrenal function, kidney health, lung health etc. The patient is often instructed on how to check the pH of their saliva and urine, test for the presence of Candida Albicans, etc., at home. Outside laboratory testing includes blood, urine, hair analysis, food allergy testing etc. The patient's prescription and over the counter medications are recorded and analyzed.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Larry John Pepper FLChiropractor Nutrition1073518387
Jeffrey R. Paul OHChiropractor Nutrition1063417376
Norma J Haar TXChiropractor Nutrition1871598086
Mark Kevin Scott KYChiropractor Nutrition1083619217
John Heiligenthal FLChiropractor Nutrition1528063757
Alan F. Meden PAChiropractor Nutrition1619972858
Timothy Thomas Bertsch MNChiropractor Nutrition1437154671
James H. Judevine CAChiropractor Nutrition1891790077
Andrew Tunstall ILChiropractor Nutrition1316942592
Charlie Gail Shelton KYChiropractor Nutrition1669477840
Tod D Thompson TNChiropractor Nutrition1366447674
Kelly Marie Pepper FLChiropractor Nutrition1770588089
Larry A Marklin TXChiropractor Nutrition1033114251
James Randall Glisson FLChiropractor Nutrition1396740528
Stephen Patrick Heney MAChiropractor Nutrition1710982012
Michael Carey Santipadri MAChiropractor Nutrition1962407262
Alfonso J Manforti NJChiropractor Nutrition1992700207
Mark R Pustaver NCChiropractor Nutrition1336144534
Craig A Benson WAChiropractor Nutrition1033114236
Joseph Thomas Guyton AZChiropractor Nutrition1578568671
Sharon M Seibert CAChiropractor Nutrition1659376754
Chris Scott Gibson CAChiropractor Nutrition1689679797
Donald Albert Peterson COChiropractor Nutrition1104821362
Matthew Bernard Germond NYChiropractor Nutrition1437154655
Bryan C Russell NJChiropractor Nutrition1558366781
Theodora Christine Caraway NJChiropractor Nutrition1558366799
Nicholas James Mcgregor MNChiropractor Nutrition1366447500
David Wayne Kuo CAChiropractor Nutrition1841295961
Brandi Lynn Zambelli PAChiropractor Nutrition1679578868
Leonard Franklin Vernon NJChiropractor Nutrition1598760696
Dennis Patrick Molloy ILChiropractor Nutrition1952306078
Joyce Karen Ivy Price KSChiropractor Nutrition1376548495
Michael B Back WAChiropractor Nutrition1962407080
Michael S Shore CAChiropractor Nutrition1598760621
Sharon E Dollase CAChiropractor Nutrition1861497992
Ronald Ray Weisel OHChiropractor Nutrition1750386884
Mark Somberg CAChiropractor Nutrition1578568606
Kurt Rice CAChiropractor Nutrition1013912146
William Christe Harris MAChiropractor Nutrition1720083660
Robert A Rice ILChiropractor Nutrition1457356396
Lawrence E Marrich NMChiropractor Nutrition1265437115
Donald Angus Mcpearson TXChiropractor Nutrition1285639146
Jeff Eulau SCChiropractor Nutrition1316942279
Mick L. Tiegs IDChiropractor Nutrition1497750350
Jay Douglas Mcfarlane AZChiropractor Nutrition1669477535
Earl Wilson Shaw CAChiropractor Nutrition1922003979
William R Mackenzie WAChiropractor Nutrition1457356404
Troy Christopher Bolen MNChiropractor Nutrition1013912195
Richard Donald Dorsett VAChiropractor Nutrition1508861519
Joseph D. Smith IAChiropractor Nutrition1235134255
Mark David Frideres IAChiropractor Nutrition1013912955
Sally Ann Dorsett VAChiropractor Nutrition1376548339
Garrell Keithe Jackson CAChiropractor Nutrition1326043399
Sidney D. Taylor OKChiropractor Nutrition1699770743
Richard Van Til ILChiropractor Nutrition1730184862
Terry Keith Wheeler TXChiropractor Nutrition1902801046
Sandra K Cunningham WVChiropractor Nutrition1912902065
Michael J Pace AZChiropractor Nutrition1437154598
Jeffrey G Cypher OHChiropractor Nutrition1699770750
Gerald Kent Peters KSChiropractor Nutrition1447255518
James P Ribley MIChiropractor Nutrition1679578710
Daniel Paul Bukofchan INChiropractor Nutrition1134124290
Roger I Van Riper SDChiropractor Nutrition1659376648
Steven W. Hauf ILChiropractor Nutrition1174528160
Patrick Balsier ILChiropractor Nutrition1376548388
Steven Barry Schargel FLChiropractor Nutrition1336144328
Brodheadsville Chiropractic PAChiropractor Nutrition1124023114
Charles W Lavalley KSChiropractor Nutrition1497750491
Robert D. Longan NEChiropractor Nutrition1336144336
Sean J Hayes PAChiropractor Nutrition1497750475
Brian Anthony Scolari MIChiropractor Nutrition1366447245
Gerard Edward Sullivan WAChiropractor Nutrition1942205828
Cindy Lu Poole MIChiropractor Nutrition1285639187
Scott Allen Ricciardi OHChiropractor Nutrition1912902974
Daniel J Knapp FLChiropractor Nutrition1447255419
Arlus J. Whitfield INChiropractor Nutrition1619972502
Charles Andrew Caughlin ORChiropractor Nutrition1356346381
James Monroe Cox INChiropractor Nutrition1487659389
William Charles Hollensed ILChiropractor Nutrition1992700892
Nicholas Freeman Mcginnis ILChiropractor Nutrition1871598771
Jeffrey Frank Cappuccio PAChiropractor Nutrition1275538183
Jon A Paul ILChiropractor Nutrition1407851264
Frederick B Phillips OKChiropractor Nutrition1598760258
William P Williamson TXChiropractor Nutrition1265437933
Angela R Gabel IAChiropractor Nutrition1861497547
Kevin Thomas Davis MIChiropractor Nutrition1871598680
Scott K. Romesburg WVChiropractor Nutrition1396740007
Thomas W. Brown MOChiropractor Nutrition1679578306
Kevin Michael Hunetr TXChiropractor Nutrition1902801640
Don M Hembree MSChiropractor Nutrition1528063260
Clifford Brendon Gibb AZChiropractor Nutrition1376548198
Chak Hyon Chong VAChiropractor Nutrition1538164371
Robert Samuel Fisher NJChiropractor Nutrition1699770438
William Dan Riley MIChiropractor Nutrition1295730034
Sean A. Horvath INChiropractor Nutrition1588669246
Paul Lattimer WVChiropractor Nutrition1851396527
Scott Joseph Kenny ILChiropractor Nutrition1679578348
Delilah Mae Parker ARChiropractor Nutrition1770588451
Mark William Gibson IDChiropractor Nutrition1720083439
Gerald N. Arndt OHChiropractor Nutrition1588669279
Mahmoud Ziashakeri MDChiropractor Nutrition1831194521
Christopher Joseph Blisko NYChiropractor Nutrition1992700686
Robert S Gellman MOChiropractor Nutrition1407851280
Blaise Mitchell Lavorgna MDChiropractor Nutrition1225033004
Aaron Edward Haley OHChiropractor Nutrition1245615103
Thomas J. Clayton PAChiropractor Nutrition1851396543
Jason N Kucma NCChiropractor Nutrition1205831989
Angel Santiago TXChiropractor Nutrition1568467926
Marco Antonio Castro TXChiropractor Nutrition1437154119
Douglas L Forgey WAChiropractor Nutrition1720083843
Kevin Dean Allen KSChiropractor Nutrition1972508166
Anthony Choi CAChiropractor Nutrition1417952672
Daniel Marc Vanderweit ILChiropractor Nutrition1588669618
Timothy Paul Hiner OHChiropractor Nutrition1457356354
Thomas John Kondner PAChiropractor Nutrition1306841184
Glenn P Chapman OHChiropractor Nutrition1154326346
Rebecca Brown MEChiropractor Nutrition1457355182
Bobby Vavla, Llc Chiropractor Nutrition1235674425
Jay M Cohen NJChiropractor Nutrition1982609830
Jeffrey S. Chivington OHChiropractor Nutrition1386649457
Higgins Wellness Center Llc Chiropractor Nutrition1932682820
Jeffrey Tyler Gregory FLChiropractor Nutrition1457837650
Portland Backsmith Chiropractic Llc Chiropractor Nutrition1174086565
Roland Joseph Chasse MEChiropractor Nutrition1205831088
Venus Crystal Smith ORChiropractor Nutrition1699770487
David M Kast TXChiropractor Nutrition1386649192
James Fernandes FLChiropractor Nutrition1154326981
Loisann Tomek Schaub NYChiropractor Nutrition1326043159
James Leo Shoemaker LAChiropractor Nutrition1316942147
Rodney Kevin Palmer ALChiropractor Nutrition1588669337
Mark Alan Shulman MDChiropractor Nutrition1144225889
Douglas Dean Bright INChiropractor Nutrition1841295581
Todd Marc Dwayne Sembaluk AZChiropractor Nutrition1871598524
James Lowell Alldredge ALChiropractor Nutrition1134124886
Kirk J Shilts MAChiropractor Nutrition1487659132
John Joseph Paciorek OHChiropractor Nutrition1578568127
Dennis Ray Harris PAChiropractor Nutrition1780689372
Michael Aaron Mills PAChiropractor Nutrition1750386348
Robert R Hoffmann ARChiropractor Nutrition1326043928
Jerome James Zortman IAChiropractor Nutrition1790780328
Kelly S Thompson AZChiropractor Nutrition1033114665
Harry Thomas Holmes MIChiropractor Nutrition1578568101
Calvin L. Hair KSChiropractor Nutrition1992700561
Stephanie Christine Lillis MNChiropractor Nutrition1982609525
Brian J. Kulbieda MIChiropractor Nutrition1962407403
Teresa M Stevens NCChiropractor Nutrition1134124670
Stephen Perlstein NMChiropractor Nutrition1467457077
Charlene R Stoddard IDChiropractor Nutrition1114922739
Ava L. Henderson-ronchetti MAChiropractor Nutrition1568467181
Michael Travis Petty TNChiropractor Nutrition1679578132
Russ F. Fasolino COChiropractor Nutrition1174528749
William J Ottersberg COChiropractor Nutrition1679578280
Robert Wright TXChiropractor Nutrition1326043951
David H Pierson VTChiropractor Nutrition1437154986
Richard Allen Doom OHChiropractor Nutrition1730184292
Donn Anthony Innaimo CTChiropractor Nutrition1720083298
Paul Joseph Schaffer CAChiropractor Nutrition1700881273
Joel J Osten NEChiropractor Nutrition1821093303
Imanuel Morenings VAChiropractor Nutrition1154326643
Derrick Bennet Eichstadt MOChiropractor Nutrition1144225640
Bruce D Hermann INChiropractor Nutrition1851396352
Gary D Wines CAChiropractor Nutrition1760487268
Jack K Holley ILChiropractor Nutrition1023013521
Mark H Wiegand PAChiropractor Nutrition1184629685
Sharine M Dymes NYChiropractor Nutrition1790781227
Warner Deleeuw MIChiropractor Nutrition1891791331
Tracy Lee Gabbert MTChiropractor Nutrition1518963057
Robert M Kustin FLChiropractor Nutrition1730185281
Gregory L Walter VAChiropractor Nutrition1902802457
Monica Jean Schugel MNChiropractor Nutrition1780680249
Michael A Martini PAChiropractor Nutrition1679579130
Andrew M Gorby AZChiropractor Nutrition1215933783
Shanley J Seybert PAChiropractor Nutrition1417953993
Ronda L Carson AZChiropractor Nutrition1306842885
Lisa Michelle Getas NVChiropractor Nutrition1124024609
Lyndon K Carson AZChiropractor Nutrition1568468049
Benjamin M. Bartolotto NYChiropractor Nutrition1790781284
Michael Joseph Teeple KSChiropractor Nutrition1588660088
Todd M Slattery IAChiropractor Nutrition1245236751
Leonard M Zaprowski GAChiropractor Nutrition1295731719
Michael V. Marvel ARChiropractor Nutrition1558367078
Simon Geoffrey Excoffon IAChiropractor Nutrition1538164041
John Scott Neuner NJChiropractor Nutrition1083619597
Kyle S Bowers MOChiropractor Nutrition1700881216
Patricia Petrie ILChiropractor Nutrition1255336764
Kathryn Mary Frances Meeker ILChiropractor Nutrition1477558989
Bernard M Nonte INChiropractor Nutrition1063417582
Daniel S Weber VTChiropractor Nutrition1669477188
Cynthia Diane Lacunza CAChiropractor Nutrition1245235779
Shawn T Finn PAChiropractor Nutrition1568468098
Steven A Noseworthy FLChiropractor Nutrition1144226663
Scott A Owens OHChiropractor Nutrition1598761017
Timothy Melton TXChiropractor Nutrition1407852924
Leann M Shea MNChiropractor Nutrition1043216492
Robert David Argyelan CAChiropractor Nutrition1215933668
Michael W Jarman ARChiropractor Nutrition1821094277
Lance Gregory Strovers IAChiropractor Nutrition1881690220
Charles Todd Uhler MNChiropractor Nutrition1053317495
Chad Alan Malwitz MNChiropractor Nutrition1841296290
Ricky Lee Hanks TXChiropractor Nutrition1528064979


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