Providers with Taxonomy: Nutritionist Nutrition Education (133NN1002X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nutritionist Nutrition Education (133NN1002X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Definition to come...

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary D Wiersma MNNutritionist Nutrition Education1457543464
Cynthia G Boynton ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1881886653
Jacinda B. Roach MSNutritionist Nutrition Education1316139181
Kristin Marie Bulkley ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1710179544
Arleen Temer-wittcoff ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1417149162
Jennifer Taveras NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1497947063
Jennifer Anne Duke TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1821281130
Isn Sleep Center Of Syosset. Llc Nutritionist Nutrition Education1548453988
Debbie M Silva Mestre PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1548453921
Kara Ahlberg PANutritionist Nutrition Education1659564169
Candice Terlaje NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1235322579
Rebecca D Milora PANutritionist Nutrition Education1952594871
Jann Lynn Richards-hardy CONutritionist Nutrition Education1841483518
Marion Flores DCNutritionist Nutrition Education1265626741
Brazos Tech Management TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1679767248
Sharon Evette Hawks MDNutritionist Nutrition Education1417141557
Monica Mcvicker NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1871787705
Evelyn Delvalle PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1932393733
Denise Jeffery PANutritionist Nutrition Education1811181530
Winner Wellness Center GANutritionist Nutrition Education1184819880
Bonnie Carol Minsky ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1740475243
Kent E Sharian CTNutritionist Nutrition Education1912192295
Mary Claire Wyble MNNutritionist Nutrition Education1801081815
Lavinia Davila-zavala FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1750576708
Robin S James NVNutritionist Nutrition Education1659566578
Kasie Lynn Sanderson Nutritionist Nutrition Education1548456171
Heidi W Roberts Nutritionist Nutrition Education1396931515
Donna J Lewis NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1235325481
Caren Baltasi ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1346436508
Nutrition Addiction Inc FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1528254679
Steven Bradley Rosenthal CANutritionist Nutrition Education1083800957
Rachel M. Olivier Nutritionist Nutrition Education1285821009
Marizela De La Torre Nutritionist Nutrition Education1376730101
Sarah L Barnes NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1679760326
Wu Chiropractic Inc CANutritionist Nutrition Education1093902736
Anne Manion MANutritionist Nutrition Education1033306790
Miles Edward Everett CTNutritionist Nutrition Education1316134992
Hermise M Yorke NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1639366073
Tiffani L Grant MSNutritionist Nutrition Education1770770117
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc. Nutritionist Nutrition Education1891983797
Natasha L Taylor TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1164610804
Bimc Faculty Practice Gerald J Friedman Diabetes Inst. Nutritionist Nutrition Education1417145145
Sandra Vinson ALNutritionist Nutrition Education1215125810
Melinda J Osborne KYNutritionist Nutrition Education1316135783
Bryon J Catalano ORNutritionist Nutrition Education1841488228
Monroe Chiropractic Pc Nutritionist Nutrition Education1619166352
Elizabeth Enagonio MDNutritionist Nutrition Education1275722803
Sandra Kay Jordan SCNutritionist Nutrition Education1982893137
Capitol Health Management Services, Llc DCNutritionist Nutrition Education1285823542
Dana Lee Snook NJNutritionist Nutrition Education1033398052
Watertown Regional Medical Center, Inc WINutritionist Nutrition Education1720267792
Marivilla Evans FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1518146372
Robin Cheryl Clifton Nutritionist Nutrition Education1811177108
Lakeshore Integrative Healthcare, Ltd ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1568642791
Michael O Dixon MDNutritionist Nutrition Education1124208210
Elizabeth Healy Marques FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1811177876
Joanne L. Csaplar MANutritionist Nutrition Education1093996159
Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center CANutritionist Nutrition Education1235310350
Emily J Porterfield Nutritionist Nutrition Education1578744660
Yaditza Rosario NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1972784965
Gail Sandra Starr FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1093996910
Stacie R. Ortmeier NENutritionist Nutrition Education1780865303
Grace W Robuck PANutritionist Nutrition Education1639351083
Thomas Lawrence Halton MANutritionist Nutrition Education1730361932
Rebecca Louise Titchner PANutritionist Nutrition Education1346422003
Marjorie Dale Sobil MANutritionist Nutrition Education1013199652
Judeth A Brown-sandusky ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1053593673
Elizabeth Wagner Nutritionist Nutrition Education1134302565
Mary Elizabeth Grazen-browne MANutritionist Nutrition Education1790968170
Lisa Singer CONutritionist Nutrition Education1902089907
Wlf char VANutritionist Nutrition Education1932382009
Lisa Ann Ovey Nutritionist Nutrition Education1528241403
Joseph Leonard Barletto FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1700069655
Rachelle Sofia Bradley NENutritionist Nutrition Education1730362682
Sarita Clements Nutritionist Nutrition Education1457534281
Wholebody Solutions, Inc MANutritionist Nutrition Education1427231174
Lauren Nicole Schmitt CANutritionist Nutrition Education1912181546
Ingrid Doris Shaginoff AKNutritionist Nutrition Education1558545707
Wendy A Marshall NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1255515243
Smirna Suarez De Leon NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1659555753
Linda Ann Buchanan Fischtrom CTNutritionist Nutrition Education1700060696
Iris T Pilgrim Nutritionist Nutrition Education1730364514
Judy Ann Harvey ORNutritionist Nutrition Education1801071386
Jennifer M Farnham Nutritionist Nutrition Education1992980981
Melissa Anne Martel Nutritionist Nutrition Education1649455593
Cynthia A Pittman Nutritionist Nutrition Education1881870483
Rx fit Inc Nutritionist Nutrition Education1619153269
Cynthia Dalton Nutritionist Nutrition Education1538345913
Mildred Bright WANutritionist Nutrition Education1235315508
Mary A Reyes Nutritionist Nutrition Education1104002427
Audrey Elaine Hall Nutritionist Nutrition Education1871779116
Elizabeth Capo FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1346426699
A Healthier Way, L.l.c. Nutritionist Nutrition Education1205012317
Elizabeth Charlotte Shanaman WANutritionist Nutrition Education1336326925
Nicole Marie Patton Nutritionist Nutrition Education1578740262
Fiona C Wolf WANutritionist Nutrition Education1588841985
Lev L Barats Md Pllc NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1871770925
Charlotte Elizabeth Roberts CANutritionist Nutrition Education1740468420
Marjorie Reid Nutritionist Nutrition Education1689852964
Shelley Anne Ruch ORNutritionist Nutrition Education1942488135
Monica Kristine Vanwinkle WANutritionist Nutrition Education1144498320
Buehler Food Markets Incorporated Nutritionist Nutrition Education1801074018
Global Balance Acupuncture Ltd ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1245408145
Erin R Cox WANutritionist Nutrition Education1497923460
Georgiana Bradshaw TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1770751687
American Telecommuntions Group, Inc. SCNutritionist Nutrition Education1508034406
Lori Jenner Linke WANutritionist Nutrition Education1114195781
Lori Angela Graham ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1386812956
Michael J Guidry Nutritionist Nutrition Education1871761536
Linda Barth Nutritionist Nutrition Education1235307786
Dasia Julisa Canales LANutritionist Nutrition Education1962670414
Rita M Rose NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1356519698
Cecile Adkins PANutritionist Nutrition Education1942478243
Washington County Hospital NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1417125725
Ying Yu WANutritionist Nutrition Education1689842981
Jennifer Zartarian NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1972771269
Rebecca M Welsh TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1710156963
Nutritional Medicine Of Idaho IDNutritionist Nutrition Education1467621383
Advanced Medical Weight Nutritionist Nutrition Education1881863538
Paola Ida Lancho FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1700055324
Doris Dip FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1154590594
Constance M Mannke TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1730358292
Edna Carmen Maldonado PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1164691796
Belle Schwarzenbach UTNutritionist Nutrition Education1295905032
Fana Gebrehiwet Sebhatu Nutritionist Nutrition Education1902076631
Mary E Ortwein GANutritionist Nutrition Education1508037854
Salina S Butler TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1063683167
Susan L Donohue NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1003087180
Kara Mcconnell Nutritionist Nutrition Education1336310200
Melody Oaks AZNutritionist Nutrition Education1396916029
Susan Marie Wehrenberg MNNutritionist Nutrition Education1134390883
Lauren King Kanzler Nutritionist Nutrition Education1093987588
Susan Freiman Cdn NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1396917704
Trudy Bernice Ekstrom NVNutritionist Nutrition Education1952573453
Zehava S Zell NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1821260316
Michael Eugene Seckinger Nutritionist Nutrition Education1922270321
Cheryl Crance WANutritionist Nutrition Education1265604169
Cathryn M Lopez Nutritionist Nutrition Education1710159678
Arturo M. Molina FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1457523227
Victoria Shanta Retelny ILNutritionist Nutrition Education1780856526
Phillips Chiropractic ,pllc OKNutritionist Nutrition Education1902079692
Vesta Johnson Batchelder LANutritionist Nutrition Education1407029994
Mary Rader Nutritionist Nutrition Education1023281359
Julie M. Schaeffer MANutritionist Nutrition Education1245403450
Pamela J Rock NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1669646352
Joyce Morrison MANutritionist Nutrition Education1154595429
Tina D Gruner DCNutritionist Nutrition Education1801060991
Yona Shechter Nutritionist Nutrition Education1932373982
Tristin Noelle Mead-rodrigues CONutritionist Nutrition Education1184898116
Mary Collins PANutritionist Nutrition Education1972777985
Lynn Susan Muller-guiser Nutritionist Nutrition Education1255506986
Balanced Heart Healing Center, Inc. Nutritionist Nutrition Education1992970404
Jennifer Louise Koslo Nutritionist Nutrition Education1275708505
Unimed Center NJNutritionist Nutrition Education1295900587
Dawn M Mineo Nutritionist Nutrition Education1639345366
Linda Howes Nutritionist Nutrition Education1487820981
Accion Social Comunitaria / Hispanic Latino Community Social Nutritionist Nutrition Education1861668212
Tessa Nichole Roberts MTNutritionist Nutrition Education1902072333
Mary Jones TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1881861961
Joanne Sue Keeler-roberts CONutritionist Nutrition Education1871760769
Custom Wellness Solutions Nutritionist Nutrition Education1073780581
Priscilla Victoria Tuft CANutritionist Nutrition Education1326215500
New York Endocrine Associates Pllc NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1104093442
Maria Zambrana PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1750548780
Chantelle Jones LANutritionist Nutrition Education1639336209
Pan American Medical Center,inc. NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1477710184
Optimum Nutrition Center, Inc GANutritionist Nutrition Education1770740201
Tilly K Keung TXNutritionist Nutrition Education1790942167
Yazmin Yadira Roman Perez PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1356508832
Edith L. Thompson ORNutritionist Nutrition Education1457519704
Soed Figueroa PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1689832503
Mirta Yaris Rodriguez PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1396903290
Alexandra Reyes PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1689832073
Gabriela Gonzalez PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1649438037
Maria Dello NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1730348186
Marcia K Radloff WINutritionist Nutrition Education1396904454
St Joseph Health Services Of Rhode Island RINutritionist Nutrition Education1114186715
Mennonite Diabetes Foundation Inc PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1366601809
Maryann Sarah Smith ORNutritionist Nutrition Education1447410667
Sheryl Williams Nutritionist Nutrition Education1881854016
World Integrated Systems In Health, Llc AZNutritionist Nutrition Education1629238589
Nicolaas Ep Deutz Nutritionist Nutrition Education1932369766
Elyn D. Zimmerman NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1467613869
Patricia Louise Lawler MNNutritionist Nutrition Education1528220183
Camelot Llc Nutritionist Nutrition Education1356503908
Christina Gimbel Rutheiser Nutritionist Nutrition Education1154583797
Lisa Ann Lakeman Nutritionist Nutrition Education1679735203
Lulline H Phillips GANutritionist Nutrition Education1881856284
Cindy Sandor Nutritionist Nutrition Education1770745101
Love Natural Health, Llc Nutritionist Nutrition Education1831351832
Eva L Velez Torres PRNutritionist Nutrition Education1134381247
Priya Advani CANutritionist Nutrition Education1558524165
Teresa Sue Hellings FLNutritionist Nutrition Education1881857571
Peggy Joann Bush-thomas MDNutritionist Nutrition Education1740443993
Anne Wrenn NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1134382179
Patricia Ellis NCNutritionist Nutrition Education1154584191
Lisa Ann Licari NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1144484098
J. Elizabeth Smythe NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1477717122
Alla Geller NYNutritionist Nutrition Education1841454451
Luisa Siniscalchi MANutritionist Nutrition Education1821252248


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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