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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometrist (152W00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Doctors of optometry (ODs) are the primary health care professionals for the eye. Optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, the eye, and associated structures as well as identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye. An optometrist has completed pre-professional undergraduate education in a college or university and four years of professional education at a college of optometry, leading to the doctor of optometry (O.D.) degree. Some optometrists complete an optional residency in a specific area of practice. Optometrists are eye health care professionals state-licensed to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the eye and visual system.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Douglas E Egbert OHOptometrist1073517611
Jack B Bridge OHOptometrist1447254099
Richard L Roenfeldt KSOptometrist1255335808
Ian James Middleton CAOptometrist1144224791
Lee Edward Guertin MAOptometrist1326042995
Freddie Lamont Mitchell NCOptometrist1932103553
Lawrence D. Siegel MAOptometrist1699779520
Jeetandra M. Athelli VAOptometrist1902808181
Joseph B Studebaker OHOptometrist1124022090
Daryl Francis Mann TNOptometrist1477557148
Alice S. Oh VAOptometrist1851395461
Lanny Shulman TXOptometrist1114929387
Eye Vision Care Pllc TXOptometrist1619428919
Julie B. Hendricks ILOptometrist1760486096
Chris D Thon KYOptometrist1871595025
James J Hess MNOptometrist1689678633
Gregory Greer WAOptometrist1184626301
Alison Anne Bailey NCOptometrist1043214844
Andrea Washington TXOptometrist1205830577
Lisa Valentine Keltner CAOptometrist1629072533
Daniel J Behn FLOptometrist1093719775
Southeast Eye Specialists Pllc Optometrist1518961176
Adam David Mark NJOptometrist1275537961
Mona Younes TXOptometrist1801890777
Gordon R Boyd INOptometrist1427052216
Theodore K. Sullivan MOOptometrist1437153772
Matthew E Honson MOOptometrist1508868795
Terry W Ellington NCOptometrist1093719080
Eric Scott Batiste PAOptometrist1720080781
Thomas E Boulden WIOptometrist1427052182
Curtiss R Johnson NVOptometrist1245234921
Bradley Ross Meltzer NYOptometrist1558363861
Gwenda Renee' Gnadt NYOptometrist1689676728
Dean L Hartwig MIOptometrist1457355067
Craig M Match PAOptometrist1437153186
Richard Salvatore Grifasi DEOptometrist1881698116
Roger Moore CTOptometrist1669476214
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. Optometrist1003810557
John T. Danielson MAOptometrist1629072178
Craig E Newland KSOptometrist1881698330
Patricia Helen Simpson ILOptometrist1649274366
Jeremy Kyle Marcuson WAOptometrist1356345078
Jay W Bosco MIOptometrist1649274101
Steve & Beth Inc. NJOptometrist1104820836
Wayne R Gilmore KSOptometrist1467456194
Jason C Clopton TNOptometrist1972507614
David L Bejot OHOptometrist1588668222
David Yip NYOptometrist1336143890
Elzie C. Chan-englender NYOptometrist1508860065
Barry Robert Moss COOptometrist1316941875
Alesia Lee Higgins MEOptometrist1154325637
Ronald E Monacelli NYOptometrist1063416543
Monica Anne Fenton MIOptometrist1427052919
David Michael Den Braber MIOptometrist1336143825
Gregory Leon Patera MIOptometrist1245234731
Mieu D. Vo MAOptometrist1962406454
John E. Gaetani MEOptometrist1497759989
Brenda Kaye Thornhill MSOptometrist1982608477
Gregory J Bruchs OHOptometrist1245234749
Kimberley Dawn Walters NCOptometrist1598769093
Dennis O Roark OHOptometrist1588668081
Jamie J Casper NCOptometrist1932103439
Shelly R Hayes VAOptometrist1275537771
David Lelonek NYOptometrist1447254941
Teresa Brewer Lutz TXOptometrist1962406496
Donald D Kim NYOptometrist1881698322
Carl David Sasser NCOptometrist1932103470
Daniel Phillips MIOptometrist1477557817
Robert Everett Woodruff OHOptometrist1194729533
Tami Ra Ross OKOptometrist1285638627
Tommie Russell Bowman NCOptometrist1336143775
Joshua W Baker NCOptometrist1679577027
Suzanne Wickum TXOptometrist1386648731
Thomas Paul Dunning MIOptometrist1558365908
Stanley Woo TXOptometrist1265436612
Angel Madera PROptometrist1871597229
Anne Marie Hall MEOptometrist1912901372
Matthew R Durkin NYOptometrist1417951872
Lynn G Mcwilliams WIOptometrist1710981287
Thomas M Mcwilliams WIOptometrist1538163001
Louis M Schlesinger GAOptometrist1477557957
Mark E Bernthal MIOptometrist1811991391
Lee Anne Collins TXOptometrist1629072103
David M Skettini PAOptometrist1720082191
Richard M Hoffman INOptometrist1629072095
Christopher C Wehrle INOptometrist1518961994
Toni R Eller IAOptometrist1306840715
Chris M Scholz IAOptometrist1649274051
Alexander M Bonakdar CAOptometrist1588668917
Frank H. Yoon CAOptometrist1629073051
Matthew Edward Hoffman AROptometrist1255335675
Ronald R Reynolds HIOptometrist1174527568
Benjamin Scott Chudner WAOptometrist1063416485
James V Mascoli PAOptometrist1235133604
Mark E Mather IAOptometrist1750385159
Brian J Davis IAOptometrist1275537672
Christine A Singson INOptometrist1689678062
Michael Ray INOptometrist1528062908
Patrick R Dawson OHOptometrist1437153814
Charles Joseph Hornberger NYOptometrist1376548735
Melanie Metsa NYOptometrist1447255807
Jennifer Demott-camp PAOptometrist1851396170
Jeffrey Charles Krohn CAOptometrist1609871961
Chris A Smiley OHOptometrist1689679946
Kaleel James Shaheen OHOptometrist1215932652
Jean S. Heisman NJOptometrist1104821545
Christopher W Colvin OHOptometrist1528063963
Michael Gettelfinger INOptometrist1790780138
Alan R. Julien CAOptometrist1366447633
Jeffery P Hamel CAOptometrist1700881083
John Steven Yaney AROptometrist1306841762
Michael J Krieger NYOptometrist1902801376
Charles Rick Gilliam NCOptometrist1720083199
Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates, Pa Optometrist1548265895
Patrick J Kiella MIOptometrist1588669857
Gering Vision Center, P.c. NEOptometrist1437154705
Garry M Deo MIOptometrist1295730687
Bernard K Feinman PAOptometrist1639174022
Kimberly Swan MOOptometrist1548265937
Todd A Verdon WIOptometrist1770588170
Albert Fonticoba PAOptometrist1093710402
Colleen Chew Tashiro CAOptometrist1700881117
Mcray Eyecare Pllc OKOptometrist1215932629
Timothy D. Lischwe MOOptometrist1730184151
Greg Alan Ketcher OKOptometrist1710982160
Gerald Scott Bell PAOptometrist1053316406
Kevin Kyle Edward Carl MOOptometrist1326043787
James M Kernodle NCOptometrist1154326528
Patricia L Orzech NYOptometrist1508861972
Debora Lynn Wright OHOptometrist1013912401
Shelia Arlene Fuller MIOptometrist1134124555
Daniel J Brothers MOOptometrist1851396279
Olga M Womer PAOptometrist1205831625
Dino J Costa OHOptometrist1659376978
Lisa J Kott PAOptometrist1447255765
Your Eyes, Inc PAOptometrist1174528491
Paul P Cote MEOptometrist1144225475
Melissa Y Brown MOOptometrist1316942642
Criag K Carson IAOptometrist1548265861
Linnea M Robbins-winters INOptometrist1730184060
Carol J German OHOptometrist1093710337
Robert V Daddario FLOptometrist1437154788
Jay K Berry CAOptometrist1710982095
James D Reynolds NCOptometrist1285639526
Dana Lydell Day WYOptometrist1780689067
Nat Jay Finkel CAOptometrist1689679961
Charles H Fitzpatrick NJOptometrist1265437560
Lawrence Z Levy NYOptometrist1386649697
Thomas M Abruzzi OHOptometrist1588669790
Kevin Lin Gee TXOptometrist1932104171
Walter Craig Mccormick NEOptometrist1992700140
Bruce Allen Krawiecki TXOptometrist1821093014
Paul Michael Mann TXOptometrist1366447559
Debra Currie TXOptometrist1255336442
Dana Marie Ondrias TXOptometrist1871598060
Bill M Park ILOptometrist1912902115
Ann M Hickson MNOptometrist1851396147
Stephan A Vancleve INOptometrist1588669873
Karl Jurgen Kleinau NCOptometrist1598760894
Richard David Jones CAOptometrist1295730406
Gary L Renier NDOptometrist1205831427
Michael G Howard NYOptometrist1306841531
Gail H. Mcpeak KSOptometrist1801891106
Bruce William Pierson PAOptometrist1255336467
Jenifer W Ambler VTOptometrist1306841507
Esther Y Yu PAOptometrist1295730398
Wayne Eugene Quincy NEOptometrist1386649531
Holdrege Family Vision Clinic Pc NEOptometrist1700881968
Desmon Paige Carl MOOptometrist1073518247
Carder Robert Burns MIOptometrist1609871870
Stephen Peter Bochnak MAOptometrist1881699056
J. Sklar Computers NYOptometrist1780689950
Kevin Rehak PAOptometrist1063417202
Stephanie T Whitacre NCOptometrist1609871854
Amy Sanderson ALOptometrist1669477824
John A. Guzzetti PAOptometrist1114922234
Robert Craig Wheatall PAOptometrist1003811126
Jay S Zimmerman NYOptometrist1912902180
Heidi Marie Mccullah MIOptometrist1538164728
Laura A. Toepfer WAOptometrist1619972809
Nancy Prevost TXOptometrist1770588964
William A Stuever OKOptometrist1659376853
Robert John Kish CTOptometrist1578568770
Randall R Hieber OHOptometrist1114922218
Keitha Ann Covalla NCOptometrist1124023221
Barbara Joan Tarbell NJOptometrist1861497984
Marlene J. Inverso WAOptometrist1295730307
Ronald Lee Scaman WAOptometrist1821093741
Douglas Alan Huff OHOptometrist1730184656
Janet Lee Perkins NCOptometrist1851396782
Jerry L Sherer MTOptometrist1568467496
Brian J Snyder MNOptometrist1609871557
Randy Scott U'ren MIOptometrist1962407817
Richard L Kant NEOptometrist1295730141
Thomas A Stout WVOptometrist1336144294
Stephanie L Younger SCOptometrist1417952375
Dawn Schad Chivers NYOptometrist1477558344
Shannon L Steinhauser AZOptometrist1447255310
Gary R. Pabalis IDOptometrist1396740262
Malissa T Mathis SCOptometrist1487659256


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