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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometrist (152W00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Doctors of optometry (ODs) are the primary health care professionals for the eye. Optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, the eye, and associated structures as well as identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye. An optometrist has completed pre-professional undergraduate education in a college or university and four years of professional education at a college of optometry, leading to the doctor of optometry (O.D.) degree. Some optometrists complete an optional residency in a specific area of practice. Optometrists are eye health care professionals state-licensed to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the eye and visual system.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tyler Joseph Wright PAOptometrist1730184508
Rebecca R Matchok FLOptometrist1740285659
Todd A Hershner OHOptometrist1528063229
Lynda Marie Burr IAOptometrist1144225194
Dennis W Bezold MOOptometrist1558366880
Philip A Sarikey NYOptometrist1841295292
John W. Marohn MIOptometrist1548265879
Duane Allen Tolsma MIOptometrist1306841630
Duane Lewis Zink WAOptometrist1205831476
Kent D Summerfield WIOptometrist1609871839
Jon M Williamson WIOptometrist1932104114
Robert P Chelberg WIOptometrist1225033137
Lopasteeda Derosa Stephens TNOptometrist1972507317
Mark Glenn Mitchell CAOptometrist1134124308
Michael Robert Schroedl NYOptometrist1740285840
Happy Hong NYOptometrist1427052984
Mark E German WIOptometrist1912902388
Van Anh Thi Nguyen PAOptometrist1922003748
Mark L Bryant GAOptometrist1508860099
Carl Maschauer VIOptometrist1831194927
John Clayton Urey CAOptometrist1770588485
Andrea S Becker MIOptometrist1710982715
Charles Allyn Hildebrand TNOptometrist1194729624
Daniel C Horton TNOptometrist1659375186
Retina Associates, Psc KYOptometrist1285639666
Mid Michigan Eye Care Center, Pc Optometrist1649275041
Jimmy S Gandy LAOptometrist1366447310
William Keene Ramsay FLOptometrist1821093873
Joshua Forest Shows VAOptometrist1750386785
Kelly F Grosdidier KSOptometrist1568466985
Chris A Smiley OHOptometrist1689679946
David G Evans TNOptometrist1063417863
Matthew Patrick Hughes TNOptometrist1740285527
Steven L. Follansbee PAOptometrist1346245123
Chelise Firmin PAOptometrist1245235035
Edward Mekel PAOptometrist1154326940
Kevin J Green VAOptometrist1699770495
Dana Mignogna PAOptometrist1942205745
Vincent Oscar Rachal LAOptometrist1699770404
Gary Itzenson PAOptometrist1508861311
Karen French PAOptometrist1912902727
Zeest Pervaiz PAOptometrist1699770420
Steven H Schwartz FLOptometrist1023013851
Brian S Armitage FLOptometrist1437154283
Chad W. Lewick NYOptometrist1215932959
Kenneth L. Vanarsdall INOptometrist1942205687
Patricia Mary Hollingsworth-cecconi KYOptometrist1851396592
Susan C Danberg CTOptometrist1588669220
Johnson Vision Care, Inc. NJOptometrist1568467207
John L Volpe NJOptometrist1467457119
William B Hutcheson VAOptometrist1376548024
Kara S Hampton OHOptometrist1285639930
David Sarason NYOptometrist1184629834
Linda M. Kleinhenz NYOptometrist1790780443
Kathleen M Rivera - Kunz ILOptometrist1235134982
Stanley John Hallock FLOptometrist1588669238
Joseph J Mueller NYOptometrist1093710642
Tracey C Boss MDOptometrist1801891403
Jay William Henry OHOptometrist1437154044
David Thomas Turtle NYOptometrist1134124704
Howard A Ossen VAOptometrist1801891478
John Eugene Bateman NEOptometrist1790780369
Mark H Stines NEOptometrist1588669121
Joseph D Schwallie OHOptometrist1386649820
Erica S. Burton MOOptometrist1518962059
John Earl Kaminski MIOptometrist1003811605
Trajan Joaquin Soares CAOptometrist1982609590
Gytta Ehrman NYOptometrist1558366161
Gerald R Starchvick OROptometrist1972508596
Martin B Gresak WVOptometrist1417952037
Ronald L Fiegel KSOptometrist1053316679
Gerald B. Swearingen MOOptometrist1760487201
Christopher David Zehnder MIOptometrist1679578124
Stuart S Cohn PAOptometrist1386649838
Richard K Bunger NEOptometrist1184629636
Jessica L Reiniger PAOptometrist1174528624
Janet C Whelan MEOptometrist1457356024
Scott Mason Buckingham MIOptometrist1467457051
James W. Herman WVOptometrist1376548974
Yuliya Leyzerzon PAOptometrist1376548909
Joel B. Goldberg NYOptometrist1184629719
Robert C Huizenga MIOptometrist1447255914
Ilaxi Rana NJOptometrist1790780260
Janice Bianchi Frederickson PAOptometrist1124023619
Raymond A Skelton PAOptometrist1033114525
Jill A Schneider NEOptometrist1679578165
Jon M Darnell NEOptometrist1265437750
James A Dickey OHOptometrist1508861006
Stacy Michele Friedman NYOptometrist1407851900
David Steven England OROptometrist1942205448
Richard S. Wurzel NYOptometrist1669477162
Marc Randolph Gilbert OHOptometrist1659377190
Clifford Douglas Brown MTOptometrist1649276106
Jeffrey David Varney NYOptometrist1093711558
Richard L Powell NEOptometrist1538165097
Glen C Vandenberge NEOptometrist1982600441
Sandra Rose Pelfrey-jones ILOptometrist1770589244
Steve C Mitchell KSOptometrist1225034713
Geoffrey Christopher Calaway TXOptometrist1497751986
Gary Lewis Buettner TXOptometrist1922004415
Nicholas Leo Koshuta AZOptometrist1992701494
Mark R Barker IDOptometrist1265438766
Carl W. Sydnor KYOptometrist1619973112
Michael Jude Sowa NCOptometrist1366448870
Kara Cook Ritchey PAOptometrist1891791307
Lebanon Eyecare Associates PAOptometrist1417953928
John Eder PAOptometrist1144226655
Lynn Anne Finnegan NYOptometrist1679579189
George D Bertherman RIOptometrist1629074141
Scott I Morrison NYOptometrist1720083231
Mark N Dobin FLOptometrist1457356966
David W Weiss VAOptometrist1366447872
Jeffrey C Marshall INOptometrist1194720607
Michael R Schmit OHOptometrist1376548891
Charles Stephen Mcquaig GAOptometrist1457356974
Robert W Leitner GAOptometrist1841295367
Benjamin Stout MNOptometrist1265437792
Erin Carlson MNOptometrist1174528608
George M Taylor MEOptometrist1073518502
Margaret S. Brya GAOptometrist1609871136
Lindsay M Swearingen INOptometrist1699770123
Louise Colletti NJOptometrist1407851934
Ami C Ranani NYOptometrist1306841838
Javen Delano Holm MNOptometrist1285630632
William David Sullins TNOptometrist1306842729
Martin M Matus ILOptometrist1609872076
Timothy E. Underhill FLOptometrist1629074067
Dennis W Goodman WAOptometrist1639175011
Robert Johnson MAOptometrist1104822428
Eric N Rodriguez-benitez PROptometrist1013913334
Ronald Myron Gilbert OHOptometrist1811993124
Norman L Elliott TNOptometrist1841296183
Kenneth Crawford O.d. Inc. OHOptometrist1295731552
Brian J Mcneel IDOptometrist1821094152
Jessica Haney NJOptometrist1497751754
John M Muellerleile MNOptometrist1851397095
Matthew C Snyder TXOptometrist1487650628
Dr Zieger IAOptometrist1700882966
Robert S Greenbaum NYOptometrist1750387973
Jack Stephens Tonge GAOptometrist1336145572
Mark Andrew Spering PAOptometrist1164428314
Shuk-bing Susie Mehta TXOptometrist1518963792
Michael Davis NMOptometrist1689670861
Roxann L Robinson VAOptometrist1851397244
Edwin Frank Adams LAOptometrist1437155793
Jeffrey F Desimone PAOptometrist1982600243
Frederick Young NJOptometrist1457357717
B Faye Andrews ALOptometrist1245236637
Linda L Heisey PAOptometrist1518963842
Kevin Thomas Coolbaugh VAOptometrist1306842695
Tami Cordt Friske AZOptometrist1003812256
Oliver Wendell Whitney LAOptometrist1912903162
Stephen Leonard Sinoway NJOptometrist1578569737
Lora Jane Smith PAOptometrist1376549535
Stacy Rebecca Conrad TNOptometrist1902802176
Rocio C Pasion PAOptometrist1538165840
William Doyle Marks OHOptometrist1982600268
Mitchell Horowitz NYOptometrist1437155728
Jerry Dean West OKOptometrist1669478962
Brenda K Byrd TXOptometrist1376549600
Henry Bickoff NYOptometrist1336145507
Williamson Eye Center LAOptometrist1972509156
Harvey I Estren NYOptometrist1407852684
Stephen J Fine NYOptometrist1003812223
Christine Shrack KSOptometrist1538165758
Steven R Levy NYOptometrist1891791018
Daniel P Gray VAOptometrist1194721449
Michael David Schall SCOptometrist1639175987
Lisa Sanford Howard KYOptometrist1124024302
Robert L Owens PAOptometrist1871599068
Joe D Cope OKOptometrist1760488951
Micheal T Wingard TXOptometrist1932105020
Carl L Vinson TNOptometrist1316943525
Jason Lewis Schwartz FLOptometrist1982600078
Zoe K. Lazarou MDOptometrist1609872738
Edward John Wasloski MDOptometrist1952307084
Rodney G Fleming ILOptometrist1841296985
Todd E Bellamy MOOptometrist1093711137
Barbara L Reiss NYOptometrist1972509057
Jeanine Dalton MOOptometrist1780680868
Margaret Deltergo -wachter MOOptometrist1770589855
Jeffrey Scott Klein NEOptometrist1902802994
Emily Ann Frank MDOptometrist1700882800
Taras Walter Spivak NJOptometrist1770589889
Jennifer Klinger MOOptometrist1114923109
Brian G Lojka MOOptometrist1912903907
Faye E. Siegel MAOptometrist1508862616
Christa H Sullins TNOptometrist1861498917
Jennifer Sakura Gannon AKOptometrist1194721241
Timothy Buydos MOOptometrist1184620239
Norman Lee Smith TXOptometrist1720084882
John Michael Cook PAOptometrist1396741450
Raymond Fada MOOptometrist1013913094
Dana L Getz NYOptometrist1669478699
Dennis A. Reddig PAOptometrist1477559573
Sean Christopher Healey TXOptometrist1437155462
Michael C Parks MEOptometrist1598761595
Kathryn Reynolds MOOptometrist1689670689
Michael Rohde MOOptometrist1023014024
Leon Romaine MOOptometrist1922004928


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