Providers with Taxonomy: Registered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation (163WC3500X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Registered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation (163WC3500X):

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Darcy Ann Humphrey IDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1528058427
Susan Mary Bates IDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1417947318
Vicki Lee Wilson OHRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1154311066
Mary B Roberts CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1992795744
Marguerite Annette Morrison MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1689664443
Joan D. Twigg MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1104816974
Marlene A. Brannen ORRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1528058302
Mary Wesley Sanders VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1780674697
Debra Lynn Falvo UTRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1497745301
Lorna K Boland CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1053301689
Stefani Johnston INRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1831189554
Jacqueline Denise Liberati PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1902896632
Kathryn A Cerkoney CORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1669462248
Darlene S Noble INRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1124018858
Patriciann F Brady SDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1790775468
Lesia Kim Hutcheson VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1730179219
Virginia Bastian WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1609866045
Lydia Dunaway Shelton VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1154311520
Connie Green WVRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1083604441
Mary Leanora Mallernee NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1407846801
Teresa Malley Fernandez VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1760472179
Barbara Blount MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1699765016
Kimberly N Sommer KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1902896327
Karen Renee Grines VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1811987233
Susann Ravessoud NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1477543759
Rebecca Joleen Cornett KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1679563191
Vicki Lynn Grossman CORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1407846934
Betsey K Kim PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1649260175
Joan Beatrice Tudini NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1215927751
Garrick S Karns PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1568452068
Dimmit Regional Hospital District Registered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1285624676
Alice H Pandolfi FLRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1326038621
Susan Ball TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1013907278
Ahia No Middle Name Shabaaz TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1841280054
Anne Deleo PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1306836572
Lisa M Campbell CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1417947607
Meredith Pierce TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1457341612
Gloria Jean Chapman VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1497745780
Autumn Renee Davis VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1578553780
Julie H. Hill IARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1730179912
Judy A Lohrer MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1285624346
Stephen Rymers KYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1346230406
Diep N. T Nguyen VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1851381974
Chunhui J Kim MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1558351684
Daniel B Albert LARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1255322327
Sonia Lynn Rich TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1689664732
April Marie Lopez VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1578554655
Maureen B. Doyle NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1033100136
Mary Jane Foos OHRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1326039389
Samara Williams Walker VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1154312064
Stacy White ALRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1346231461
Marilyn Gaye Maggioncalda MIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1497746424
Cathleen Elizabeth Murphy WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1861483802
Daniel Moore KYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1639160674
Susan Zajonc WARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1861483836
Christopher Treon OHRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1730170762
Kathleen Krieg NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1104817196
Heather Elizabeth Taylor VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1396736302
Lois A Greene FLRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1811988629
Frances K Meyer WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1427049246
Jan Andrews WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1972594679
Young M Son VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1891786521
James Albert Lalonde VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1255322921
Kim M Hutchinson NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1730170408
Elaine Sue Glickman MARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1659362440
Robert Springer FLRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1295726974
Betty Alyne Kerr VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1457342016
Mary E Fazio WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1073504593
Walter Kerry Viers NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1356332852
Cynthia J Mcgreevy MARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1962493320
Mary Michael Klimt MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1477544856
Susan Miskovich Mehta NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1295726602
Kathleen J Wiltsie WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1861483273
Irene Ann Holland ORRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1730170085
Elizabeth Mary Katomski UTRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1053302406
Erika Lange Bergmann ORRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1295726545
Barbara Lynne Gundrum ORRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1710978069
Lori A Foster VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1871584102
Carolyn D L'heureux VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1477544708
Minea Ann Readye MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1548251804
Melissa Jo Mang NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1871584136
Valerie K. Sommer MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1699766956
Beverly Ann Britton MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1801887187
Dennis L Quillen MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1518958891
Ronald E Gonzales MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1427049709
Pamela Young ORRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1215928486
Pamela Ann Terreri MARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1932190162
Amanda Joy Locke ALRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1275514481
Lon Andrew Jenkins OHRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1194706366
Nancy Strahan ILRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1093796237
Carrie Dawn Justice OHRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1720069966
Mary Lou D. Bremser PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1932180197
Greta Lynn Krapohl MIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1346221504
Reva Saxena NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1316928476
Muriel Forte NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1457332462
Terri Lynn Lahti WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1598746505
Randal Dean Martin OHRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1093796120
Inez Ida Shanks GARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1093796153
James Albert Adamec WARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1518948710
Gail Marie Crow AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1770564981
Cristina W Trout VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1669453734
Monica Grace Richardson VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1750362851
Theresa Elaine Schmitz AKRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1073594149
Connie Nikolaidis AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1285615377
Anya Cabron TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1528049574
Gloria R Dean VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1316928302
Marian Margaret Mesojedic NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1336120245
Bridget Nicole Light NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1962483875
Joe Parker Tait TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1629059548
Sheila S. Wilson VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1750362687
Suzanne Marie Csop PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1841271871
West Michigan Heart Registered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1174504021
Joyce Evet Squires NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1760463715
Kim Anne Lockart AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1700867603
Providence Musomandera Botne NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1326029240
Sharilyn J Kidder IDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1881675742
Susan Elizabeth De Gruchy MARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1861473662
Kelly Correll NJRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1225019060
Krista A Killins NJRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1134100977
Carla Laurie Sawyer NJRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1144201963
Maritza Vega PRRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1093796831
Marjorie Helen Buck NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1851372635
Linda Ann Taylor ORRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1396726154
Gracie May Million TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1144201864
Pamela Beamer NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1619958287
Debra Lakin KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1730160482
Martha Sepulvado KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1437130192
Lethia Annette Collins INRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1053392712
Andrea Yvonne Sutphin NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1538140330
Miriam Maxwell Sanders MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1073594875
Sylvia Cena Arvizu KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1184605909
Sharron Mckinney Jackson VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1184605925
Sandra Sue Foley-smith KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1285615997
Linda Irene Nobach VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1932180692
Rina Mary Kim KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1487635975
Lena Jean Carrasco NMRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1649251190
Mary Halverson AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1578544052
Eileen M Timmins CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1780665281
Ann Louise Shah CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1386625887
Mary Warner Brown TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1912988494
Warren Gill Brewster TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1972584563
Nancy Vanbeek VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1144201617
Jeanne L Whalen MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1285615658
Oswaldo Martinez MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1386625978
Alina Reynolds PARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1003897695
Stanley C. Pitts TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1053392647
Darren Bradley Drennon TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1306827902
Theresa Bourg Vicknair LARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1134100746
Janet Logan NJRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1972584399
Robin Nadine Diviney KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1689655011
Gary D Clark MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1063493468
Linda Kathryn Medford TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1699756098
William Joseph Moran MDRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1134100555
Linda Cheri Greve CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1457333734
Ruth Barretta CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1932180262
Dillie M Zilafro MIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1952382236
Carrie L Krohn WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1205817582
Penny Lee Ryan TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1780666016
Judy Lynn Hayes AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1508848862
Rhonda Kyanko AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1326020686
Shelli A. Jenkins INRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1174505432
Carmelita O Preclaro CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1891777157
Nancy Palazzi AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1316929680
Mary Anita Arnold KYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1841272119
Cristina Ann Custer WIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1548241821
North Hawaii Medical Group HIRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1528049814
Kevin Doyll Larkin CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1912989245
Pamela A Iava CTRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1952383036
Sally C. Klein CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1972585164
Linda Timmes Ross VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1801878012
Vickie Jona' Mclendon ALRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1275515389
Lee Petrarca CARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1669454872
Elizabeth Ann Mittelstaedt WARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1033191192
Andrea Zullo NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1275515421
Lila Lee Kinser TXRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1841272002
John Volpe NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1902888167
Lisa Rubenbauer AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1114909256
Veronica A. Griffith KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1194707232
Theresa Maureen Atmore VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1366424400
Laurel Freeman AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1053393173
Beth Ann Steveson AZRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1225010341
Connie Tallman MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1457333585
Patricia K Flanagan KSRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1992787022
Theresa Marie Swift FLRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1669454740
Nancy Elizabeth Matthews NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1932181021
Shelley Sallee Thompson NCRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1841272937
Arlin Calvin Guess INRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1598747453
Anne Dreyer NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1316929391
Gulf Bend Mental Health Mental Retardation Center Registered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1467434399
Ellen Amelia Stewart TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1760464556
Ashley Dyan Sisson VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1679555460
Janet Patricia Webb CTRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1912989914
Rachel Barras MORegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1316929326
Belkys Fiame VARegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1558343590
Rebecca L Williams ALRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1366424301
Ann Bunnell Judkins NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1790767606
Sidney Baker KYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1295717148
Jean M Edwards FLRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1477535359
Eda M. Malenky NYRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1538141312
Donna D Gregoric TNRegistered Nurse Cardiac Rehabilitation1609858489


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